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  Carrying two persons on his back, Charcoal headed straight into a mountainous region dozens of li away. He eventually stopped by the side of a lake.

This place had such a prepossessed beauty to it; the lake was hidden within the mountain range, its waters clear and jade-like. One could sometimes see ripples appear when the fishes kissed the surface of the lake. It was indeed a breathtaking view.

"Damn fatso, where did you get these clothes from?" Miao Yi asked, as he looked around cautiously.

Charcoal responded with a snort and stomped on the grass as he twisted around, indicating that this was the place.

"Senior, there doesn't seem to be anyone here," Miao Yi said, as he looked towards Yao Ruoxian. However, Yao Ruoxian's gaze was already fixated elsewhere. Naturally, he followed his gaze and turned to look.

The only thing that he could see was by the not-so-distant lakeside, a giant tree that had been split at the trunk, with its canopy already fallen into the water.

Before Miao Yi could notice if there was anything amiss, Yao Ruoxian had already flown towards it. Waving that large sleeve of his, he blew away part of the large tree floating on the water's surface and shouted, "Who is the one sneaking around here?!"

Immediately, Miao Yi charged over on Charcoal to understand what was happening.


In the space under where the tree had been, came a sudden start of panicked screams.

Within the rippling crystalline waters, numerous slender, fair-skinned figures were anxiously rushing about.

Six young women were frantically clenching their thighs together and covering their breasts. They searched for a place to hide, but to no avail.

This scene was definitely enough to get one's blood pumping with excitement.

Miao Yi and Yao Ruoxian were both astonished. They looked at each other before glancing towards Charcoal, better understanding where the clothes taken by Charcoal had come from now.

Both of them reached the same conclusion in their minds: the six women had been taking a bath here, when Charcoal took advantage of the situation and grabbed all of their clothes back with him to appease Miao Yi. As a result, the six of them could only hide within the water, afraid to come ashore.

To the six women, the truth was exactly as the men had surmised. Even though the dragon steed that had suddenly run out was fat beyond belief, it most probably had an owner, as most dragon steed do. Thus, unsure if there was someone hiding nearby and peeping on them, they had been frightened into concealing themselves in the water.

However, Charcoal hadn't completely robbed them of all their clothes, a mouth was not as convenient as a hand after all. As such, Charcoal had left a few pieces of their clothes behind, which they now used in a desperate attempt to cover themselves from shame. Some of them could only make do with what they had, putting on just enough clothing before running off, looking to find something to help their comrades cover up.

While they were in this predicament, the six women chanced upon a bright idea - six pairs of legs hastily stirred up the mud sitting in the water depths, afterwhich the six women hid their figures within the muddy water.

An illusory, budding white lotus shone on the forehead of their leader. She covered her breasts with both hands as she glared at the two unwelcome guests, and angrily shouted, "Shameless ruffians! What are you planning to do?"

Miao Yi felt a little embarrassed and turned his head away; it wouldn't be nice to stare.

On the other hand, Yao Ruoxian was eyeing Charcoal and giving a devious smile. His expression was just like a sly fox that had stolen someone's chickens.

Having an already wretched appearance in the first place, now he looked even more reprehensible when he smirked. The women's hearts palpitated even more at the sight of this.

"Let's go!" Miao Yi said, urging his steed to turn around, preparing to leave.

At that moment, the sound of a dragon steed's whinny could be heard from the mountain forest, followed by a high-pitched shout, "YOU ANIMALS!"

Miao Yi turned his head around and opened his transcendence vision to get a clearer picture of the situation.

Charging towards them with a furious face was a Daoist nun, garbed in the robes of her profession. She rode forth on her dragon steed with her long spear in hand, as a three-petaled white lotus shone on her forehead.

"Kid, there's trouble now. It's all because of your precious steed's good deeds. This is none of my business. Go take care of it yourself."

Yao Ruoxian chuckled, acting as though he was there to watch a good show.

Miao Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was indeed difficult to explain himself in this situation. Standing next to several nude girls, it was not hard to be misunderstood.

After all, he was indeed at fault. He didn't want to trifle with the other party, and just wanted to make them back down.

With a flip of his palm, clouds of silver mist burst forth from his storage ring and enveloped his body.

In the blink of an eye, Miao Yi was clad from head to toe in an awe-inspiring set of armor, sitting on his dragon steed in total majesty. Then, as his right hand seemingly grabbed at air, the Inversed-Scales Spear appeared in his hands.

The six women in the water all sucked in a breath of cold air. They had never seen such a magnificent set of armor before.

One of them even glared at Miao Yi with a vengeance, biting her lips hard as she glared daggers at him.

This woman was quite beautiful; her figure under the water surface could be said to be well rounded and within the elegant features of her face, lay an air of boldness. Especially those big round eyes of her, they were particularly spirited.

Judging from her facial features alone, women with eyes like these were typically headstrong and stubborn.

Ever since Miao Yi showed up, her gaze had never left his face.

This woman's expression became even more complicated at the sight of Miao Yi's resplendent armor. Her gaze then descended onto Miao Yi's arms; that set of armor aside, she could already tell that Miao Yi had an impressive background just from the three storage rings he wore on his hands. At the very least, not a single one of the women there had a storage ring.

Since it was his fault, Miao Yi didn't want trouble. Hence, he flaunted his full set of transcendent artifacts, so that the Daoist nun charging at him would know to back off.

Unexpectedly, the Daoist nun seemed to be consumed with rage. She continued to charge forward and struck out with her spear, as she shouted, "You shameless ruffian. DIE!"

Miao Yi looked at his opponent's charge indifferently. He slowly shut his eyes, no longer even looking at her anymore.

From the side, Yao Ruoxian was shocked. He felt that Miao Yi was being quite reckless. Even though he was wearing a full set of transcendent artifacts, his opponent's cultivation was equal to his own. It would be hard to say that there wouldn't be any mishaps.

As the spearhead of the Daoist nun charged towards him in fury, Miao Yi's eyes remained shut. With his eyes closed, he flicked his arm and struck with his spear; the Inversed-Scales Spear glowed with a white luminescence, and the sounds of dragons roaring resounded as the spear descended on his opponent's head.

Faced with a dragon's roar coming from three different directions, the Daoist nun was momentarily stunned. If she weren't directly facing the attack, she likely would have found it near impossible to ascertain the angle from which the spear was coming from.

Alas, the speed and precision of Miao Yi's spear was not something she could compete with. Even while his eyes were closed, the results would still be the same; someone personally coached by Lao Bai was definitely not to be taken lightly.

'BOOM!' The tip of her spear was struck upwards in a single stroke, the explosive impact almost knocking her spear away.

As the two of them charged by one another, Miao Yi - with his eyes still closed - struck decisively with no wasted movement.

Twisting his spear at an angle, the rear hooks on his spear tip locked itself onto the opponent's spearhead. When he raised his arms, the long spear in the Daoist nun's hands was instantly sent flying away to lodge itself in the ground a few dozen meters away.

It all happened in a flash; Miao Yi hadn't even opened his eyes, yet he managed to disarm the opponent in a single stroke.

What did this signify? It meant that if Miao Yi had wanted to take the Daoist nun's life just now, he would have already struck her down with his spear!

Yao Ruoxian was slightly surprised as he stared at Miao Yi. He realized that even though Miao Yi's cultivation was not high, he had extraordinary combat skill; his blending of body, technique and spear was almost seamless. It was absolutely wonderful spearcraft; especially the air of confidence and composure he exuded when he calmly closed his eyes and decisively struck forth. That strike was indeed marvelous.

The six young women in the water were all shocked; they couldn't believe that their eldest Senior Sister was not even able to withstand a single spear strike from the other party.

The Daoist nun that charged past him came to a stop. Her head was clear now; she knew that were it not for the opponent holding back, her own life would surely have be forfeit by now. Even though she survived, she was afraid just thinking about what could have happened.

Miao Yi slowly opened his eyes. He turned Charcoal around and met the Daoist nun's gaze, and said, "I ask that you stop trying to fight me. You are not my match!"

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