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 The past Great Cave Master Miao would never have dared think about his owning such a set of transcendent artifacts.

Before refining this set of transcendent artifacts, Miao Yi felt very pained about it. However, after he put on the luxurious set of armor, it felt awesomely exhilarating and he felt it was extremely worthwhile to spend the refining items.

Strolling along the shore, Charcoal slowly trotted back and appeared to also be in awe, halting at Miao Yi's ferocious getup. He snorted loudly, seemingly afraid to move closer as he circled around Miao Yi a couple of rounds.

"Damn fatty, do I look good?" Patting himself all around, Miao Yi laughed. "I never expected that sloppy old man's craftsmanship to be so out of the ordinary. Why do I feel like I'm completely filled with confidence? I think even if I met the Hall Master of Suppressing Second Hall, I could rush forward to give him a few slaps in the face!"

"Yo! You've got some guts. Even when I meet a Hall Master, a person of that rank, I would still need to withdraw quite a distance. I wouldn't have imagined that you would dare to even slap the Suppressing Second Hall's Hall Master. Go ahead and try giving him a few slaps on the face for me to see! You better believe he will reveal his transcendent artifacts and beat you into a pulp with it! I can say for sure that your set of transcendent artifacts now will be completely useless against it!"

Turning around to look, Miao Yi realized that Yao Ruoxian had unknowingly snuck up behind him. He chuckled at once, "I'm just coming up with ways to sing high praises of your refined transcendent artifacts."

"Do I even need you to praise that the transcendent artifacts I refine are great?" Yao Ruoxian scoffed as he brushed his beard, looking disdainful. He pointed at Charcoal and said, "Ask the fat bastard not to move. I'm going to measure him. By the time I honor my promise, you rascal had better honor yours immediately as well. After this, we will each go our separate ways and pretend we've never seen each other before. We'll call it quits otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."

Miao Yi spread his arms and the resplendent silver equipment on his entire body instantly exploded into silver mist before rushing into his storage ring. Turning around, he lightly pointed at Charcoal and hawked, "Damn fatty! It's your blessing to be with me. Now is the time for you to bask in my glory. Stand still and don't move!"

However, Charcoal was misbehaving as always. When he caught sight of Yao Ruoxian approaching him, he instantly ran to Miao Yi's back and hid.

Truthfully with a fat figure such as his, he could only hide his head behind Miao Yi. He was acting like a complete ostrich. It wasn't clear if he was right in the head.

Naturally, Miao Yi had his own means to deal with Charcoal. He turned around to caressed his neck so that he's not afraid. A small mantis then crawled out from the storage ring and wrapped around his finger, striking down with its sickle onto Charcoal's neck.

Glancing backwards, Charcoal's gaze were filled with resentment as he rolled his eyes and went still on the spot.

"He can't move anymore. Senior, please measure." Miao Yi turned to say.

Yao Ruoxian was stunned for a moment upon realizing that this brat didn't care about those close to him at all and would use the small mantids to take a jab at just about anyone. He responded somewhat dubiously, "Didn't you treat this fat bastard as your gem? I see that you're quite willing to strike out."

Miao Yi chuckled, "That's different. Others are not allowed to touch him. It goes without saying that I am allowed."

Yao Ruoxian was speechless. He was reluctant to exchange nonsense with Miao Yi, and began gesturing with his hand to invoke his arts; the sand on the shore rapidly swirled upward, covering Charcoal until he turned into a sand sculpture in an instant.

After stepping forward, he reached out to probe and prod around, Yao Ruoxian gestured with his hands again, and the sand sculpture fell apart into ten molds. He immediately swept them into his storage ring before turning on his heels and swiftly departing, going back into the pit where he refined artifacts.

Miao Yi invoked his arts to erase the abyssal chilling aura within Charcoal's body. Charcoal promptly flared up in anger and galloped off. While running, he kept glancing back to neigh several times. He was completely filled with resentment, as though he were telling Miao Yi that should he treat him like this again, he wouldn't be around him anymore in future.

Miao Yi nonchalantly drew out a piece of the Octopus Spirit's thigh, carrying it in his hand as he swung it around a few times.

Charcoal who had been glancing backwards as he ran, began slowing down his steps. He looked a little envious, but since he was just bullied, it seemed like he wanted to fight for his rights. So he forcibly turned his head away and swiftly trotted off into the distance.

'He's playing this game with me again?' Miao Yi sneered. How could they not know each other? "Damn fatty! If you have the guts, hold out for half a day and don't come back. If that time ever comes, I will crawl on the ground for you to ride!"

By the time Miao Yi returned to the pit, he found that Yao Ruoxian was not in a hurry to refine artifacts and was instead, recuperating his transcendence energy.

Miao Yi also sat down cross-legged at the side.

Ultimately, it was just as he had expected. Truly not even half a day had passed before the sound of hooves galloping came from outside the pit, running around it in a circle.

The damn fatty had an attitude problem; if he was nice to him this time, his temperament would become worse next time… Miao Yi curled his lips into a sneer as he continued to shut his eyes in meditation, not giving it another thought as he waited for Charcoal to completely give in.

After he was done recovering his transcendence energy, Yao Ruoxian too, didn't pay any heed to Charcoal. He heard the trotting sounds coming from the fat bastard, but just stood up and was readying himself to start up the furnace and refine artifacts again, when a pink item came flying down from above, immediately going straight into the treasure basin.

Alarmed, Yao Ruoxian raised his head to look, only to catch sight of the fat bastard stretching out his head to look down. He snorted a few times, as though sizing up Miao Yi's reaction.

"What did you just throw inside my treasure basin?!" Yao Ruoxian frowned.

With a casual wave, the item inside flew out and fell into his grasp. Unfolding it to see, his expression instantly contorted. It was actually a woman's pink, skin-tight undergarment. That fat bastard had actually thrown a woman's pink skin-tight undergarment into his treasure basin...

When he saw that Miao Yi did not show any reaction, Charcoal once again turned around to grab a couple of 'presents' before chucking them down. It was unclear if he wanted to get Miao Yi's attention or was gifting Miao Yi presents to make amends and apologize. A pile of women's clothings soon drifted down.

"FAT BASTARD! YOU STILL DARE TO THROW..." Yao Ruoxian furiously bellowed as he waved his hand to point upwards. He was practically at his wit's end.

On hearing that Yao Ruoxian was about to get serious, Miao Yi quickly stopped feigning ignorance. He opened his eyes and dashed forward, pulling him back. He hurriedly apologized on behalf of Charcoal, "Senior, why should you bother yourself with a beast? He doesn't know anything. Please calm down."

When he was being curt with Charcoal, he seriously didn't hold anything back, but once trouble brewed, he would still stand by Charcoal's side.

"Take a look, do you see what he threw into my treasure basin?" Yao Ruoxian threw the undergarment in his hand onto Miao Yi's face. "If you don't deal with him today, I will help you do it!"

Miao Yi tore off the item on his face and was at a loss for words after he taking a glance at it. Lifting his head to look, he caught sight of Charcoal once again chucking a couple of them down.

Miao Yi smoothly caught them to look over, they were still women's clothes. He couldn't help but ask Yao Ruoxian, "Where did he even women's clothes from?"

"You're asking me? Who should I ask in return? Hm…" Furious beyond measure, Yao Ruoxian was also taken aback. He calmed his nerves and also asked in puzzlement. "That's right! There are no households in the area. Where did a beast like him get women's clothes from?"

The two of them exchanged speechless looks with one another, before leaping out of the pit soon after to investigate.

On seeing Miao Yi appear, Charcoal instantly rolled around on the ground, using his frisky behaviour to win him over.

Both of them watched without interest as he fooled around. Miao Yi picked up a couple of the women's garments with grass bits from the ground and shook them to take a look. He then turned to ask Charcoal, "Damn fatty. Where did you get these from?"

Charcoal didn't know how to speak. He only rolled around and jumped to his feet. His nose sniffed at the storage ring on Miao Yi's hand, snorting a few times, wanting to eat what was inside!

Yao Ruoxian peered about the area and said, "People generally won't wander too deeply into this desolate area. Make the fat bastard lead us to check out the situation. I can't have a random person running out to disturb me while I'm refining artifacts."

After that, he uncovered the storage bracelet on his wrist and kept the things inside the pit away.

Miao Yi casually threw away the clothes in his hands, before mounting Charcoal. "Where did the clothes come from? Bring us out to see. I'll give you food after we return."

Charcoal immediately broke into a mad gallop as it dashed forth. Yao Ruoxian was standing on Charcoal's back, clasping his hands behind his back as he surveyed his surroundings...

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