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He wasn’t boasting since he was already considered to be a man who had gone through great perils, and had been deeply ingrained with the fundamentals of Lao Bai using various methods to train him hard back then. Now, as long as he had a spear in hand, it would be extremely difficult for him to find his match among cultivators of the same cultivation base as him. Under normal circumstances, nobody would be able to escape his triple-spear strike.

Moreover, he currently had the Inversed-Scales Spear in hand. Apart from the force enhancement from the transcendent artifact, he was able to dissipate twenty percent of force from the enemy’s attack. As well, when attacking others, there was the explosive enhancement. And on top of that, he still had a body of transcendent artifacts as his defense. Thus, there was absolutely no chance a mere White Lotus Third Grade cultivator could be his match.

"Peeping on women bathing and stealing women’s clothes..."

Before the Daoist nun could finish, Miao Yi hurriedly stopped her, "This is all a complete misunderstanding. My mount is to blame for the trouble and I absolutely did not have any intention of offending. Whether you believe it or not, is up to you. I am here to apologize and I hope everyone can be the bigger person."

He cupped his fists at everyone around him, before turning Charcoal around to quickly gallop away far into the distance, as he didn’t wish to bother them any longer. Swiftly, they disappeared without a trace into the mountain forest, ignoring Yao Ruoxian who simply looked on passively.

Stunned, Yao Ruoxian shot a glance at the women in the water and coughed dryly, feeling a little awkward himself.

A phantom shot out from within his storage ring, directly encasing Yao Ruoxian as it departed, cutting through the air.

The Daoist nun sucked in a breath of cold air as she cried out in surprise, "Red Lotus expert!"

Only now did she realize that she really had been too reckless just now. Even the master of their own school was only at the First Grade Red Lotus realm.

The girl in the water with large, rounded eyes pursed her lips as she stared at the direction Miao Yi had gone off to; her gaze was filled with bitter resentment.

Even if Miao Yi had turned to ash, she would still recognize him.

However, Miao Yi did not know this woman at all, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t seen her before.

If he could have had even the slightest recollection, he would have remembered once waving his hand to deflect an embroidered ball thrown his way, whilst going about incognito in the city he governed, East Arrival City.

The owner of the embroidered ball was precisely this woman with a well-off family, the daughter of the richest man in East Arrival City.

She had viewed the situation back then as a great shame and humiliation. But she also knew that she was helpless against him. Hence, she proceeded to think of ways to seek immortality, so that one day, she could find him again to set things right.

From the Celestial Nation to the Boundless Nation, she had travelled through countless mountains and streams to finally join a school of immortals. During that period of time, she had sacrificed a great deal and needed to hone a considerable amount of perseverance and willpower, all for the sake of cleansing the humiliation she had once suffered.

Who would have expected that she would once again meet the person who had rejected her back then, causing her heart to tighten ferociously.

From just the storage rings alone, there were six on him plus a whole body of artifacts. He even had an expert of the Red Lotus realm accompanying him. He had grown more extraordinary since the last time she had seen him. To her, he was a man who was aloof and remote, incredibly out of reach. As for her, she had just only broke through to the cultivation realm, and didn’t even have a cultivation grade yet.

Only now did this woman realize that the disparity between her and Miao Yi was too vast. Her own Eldest Senior Sister was unable to block one attack from him. Even her own school’s master only had a cultivation at First Grade Red Lotus; his partner’s cultivation base alone had attained the Red Lotus realm. How was she going to rid herself of this shame?

But to Miao Yi, the woman who had thrown the embroidered ball was just a passing traveller in his journey, so he did not hold her in his heart at all...

Catching up to Miao Yi, Yao Ruoxian flew alongside Miao Yi with himself enclosed in the shroud. From time to time, he would look at Charcoal and snigger, "The fat bastard is truly a fat bastard. Quite interesting… hehe…."

"Senior Yao, are you taking joy in our misery?"

"No. I just think that if the leader sets a bad example, then the subordinates will follow. There is no other meaning to it. It looks like it’s not wise to stay here any longer. We don’t know which sect those girls are from. Let us not attract trouble from their sect’s people. We need to change places and hide further away so that we won’t be disturbed."

After he finished, another bar mace appeared out of the storage ring and exploded into a ball, encasing both Miao Yi and Charcoal together as they swept through the air and left...

Celestial Nation, Fifth Earthly Branch domain, Suppressing Second Hall under Traversing Moon Palace — Hall Master Huo Lingxiao had a cultivation at White Lotus Fifth Grade. He was now summoning key individuals to the grand hall to discuss official matters.

The three great Advisors, the six great Deacons and the ten Manor Heads were all present, together with the Manor Head of South Edict Manor, Yang Qing, ranked among them. However, his complexion didn’t look good.

The three great Advisors - Feng Zhihuan, Han Liuping and He Yunye - had cultivations at Red Lotus First Grade. Thus, their rankings in Suppressing Second Hall were preceded only by the Hall Master Huo Lingxiao.

Yet currently, Feng Zhihuan and He Yunye were the ones arguing head to head with each other in the presence of the Hall Master Huo Lingxiao. The topic of the dispute was none other than He Yunye going so far as to blather persistently about Yang Qing taking over South Edict Manor.

He Yunye’s reasoning was that Yang Qing was unsuited to govern South Edict Manor simply because until now, Yang Qing was still unable to subdue the School of Blue Jade, driving the men of South Edict Manor into a precarious position.

He Yunye proposed to the Hall Master to dispatch a person who had more strength to govern South Edict Manor.

Yang Qing had already turned to Feng Zhihuan. From the yields of Orbs of Will South Edict Manor obtained annually, he would always take out a portion to offer to Feng Zhihuan.

Now that he met with this kind of circumstance, it wasn’t good for Yang Qing to wrangle directly with He Yunye. Having benefited, Feng Zhihuan would naturally step forth for Yang Qing’s sake, arguing strongly for what was right inside the grand hall by countering that Yang Qing had only just governed South Edict Manor for a few short years and would need time to settle these issues.

He had to fight for it. If he couldn’t keep Yang Qing, and should He Yunye’s man replace Yang Qing to govern South Edict Manor, then every year South Edict Manor’s offerings to him would definitely go to He Yunye instead, and would have nothing to do with him, Feng Zhihuan. So naturally, he had to safeguard Yang Qing.

But what raised alarms in Feng Zhihuan’s heart was that the former Manor Head of South Edict Manor, Lu Yu, belonged to Han Liuping. According to reason, Han Liuping should be the person objecting to Yang Qing. Yet there Han Liuping was, keeping quiet as he stood on the sidelines. Why was He Yunye poking his nose into this?

"Stop arguing." Seated at the foremost position with his gaze slightly lowered, Huo Lingxiao gradually swept his eyes around beneath him. His gaze soon fell on Yang Qing. "Yang Qing!"

"Here!" Yang Qing quickly stepped forth with cupped fists, waiting for his order.

Deep down, he was slightly nervous. He didn’t understand why this spectacle was suddenly unfolding and moreover, he didn’t know what the Hall Master was thinking. If the Hall Master really wanted to take away his position as the Manor Head of South Edict Manor, then he couldn’t be angry about it.

Huo Lingxiao was not like the former Lu Yu, who Yang Qing could kill as he pleased. He, Yang Qing, had yet to obtain such skill, so he could only lower his head to heed the order.

At the very least, what would happen even if he killed Huo Lingxiao? Wanting to be the Hall Master of Suppressing Second Hall? That was an impossible feat as the other nine Manor Heads’s cultivation levels were higher than his. No one would yield to him and would immediately join forces to destroy him. What’s more, he did not have any network in the Traversing Moon Palace, so the Palace Lord of Traversing Moon Palace would never appoint him to be the Hall Master of Suppressing Second Hall.

Even though he had become a Hall Master of Suppressing Second Hall, the influence under him was still insufficient without sufficient troops. Attending to South Edict Manor was already unbearable enough, with him having to rely on men from the School of Blue Jade to help; let alone attending to such a large domain like Suppressing Second Hall. No matter how high Yang Qing’s cultivation level was, he did not have the ability to take on every little matter in the territory on his own; he would still require the help of others to govern.

But his thinking was that even though South Edict Manor was seized under his rebellion, it was only with the help of Feng Zihuan obtaining the lawful edict of appointment from the Hall Master, after he had captured the territory. In all likelihood, the Hall Master would not go back on his word and publicly slap himself in the face.

"You are to thoroughly manage South Edict Manor! Should there be any mistakes in the transfer of the Orbs of Will, I will hold you for punishment!" Huo Lingxiao said with natural dignity and power.

As he said that, Yang Qing heaved a heavy sigh of relief deep down. He respectfully replied, "I will definitely not disappoint Hall Master’s expectations!"

The moment Huo Lingxiao opened his mouth, the entire matter was put to rest. Ultimately, no one dared to raise any further objections.

After the assembly, the group walked out of the Suppressing Second Hall’s grand hall. Feng Zhihuan exchanged glances wordlessly with He Yunye and scoffed coldly as they did not get along; they went their separate ways.

Yang Qing naturally followed behind Feng Zhihuan as he departed.

There was something amiss in today’s matter. He had to find out from Feng Zhihuan what was going on. There would always some degree of matters that those of the lower echelons would be oblivious to.

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