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Qin Wushuang rested against a big tree at ease as he calculated the time. Only less than two hours of time left after a month of examination. He was in a very relaxed mood. For him, he treated the exam as if it was already over and waited here for it to be announced.

After a month of intense battles, Qin Wushuang had had quite a great harvest.

In total, he had crossed into seven different sites. Plus his first exam site, it was equivalent to having participated in eight exam sites to fight for jade plates.

In the first seven sites, he had collected eighty points. In this last place, although he only had two or three days, Qin Wushuang still acquired six jade plates. One worth twenty points, two five-pointers, and three two-pointers. In total, it was thirty-six points.

With the accumulated points from the previous seven areas, no more and no less, he had scraped together six hundred points.

"Haha, not one bit more and not one bit less, six hundred points. At least, this is a lucky number. I just don't know how others went Most likely, not many people will get three hundred points, not to mention six hundred."

Qin Wushuang had such a level of confidence. Initially, he did not come for this exam. He had wanted to use this opportunity to get connected to a higher standard of existence.

As for the reward for the number one spot, it was a surprise. Since that reward was so gorgeous, of course, Qin Wushuang would not let it go!

Three sharp consecutive whistles resounded across all fifty exam sites in the entire Sobbing Sky Mountain Range.

The exam had finally ended.

According to the rules, when the exam ended, martial arts students were forbidden to carry out any form of attack or plundering. Those who went against the rules would be disqualified.

This way, it naturally accounted for the possibilities where martial arts students might have seized this loophole and attacked others when it ended.

A conclusion did not mean everyone left at the same time.

The first step was for the martial arts students who had crossed into other sites to return to their initial sites and tally their result.

Qin Wushuang jumped from the tree and walked out of this exam site. With a person in charge leading, he returned to the Third exam site.

Presently, most martial arts students had gathered on the boundary of the exam site.

When they saw Qin Wushuang walked in from the outside, a wave of whispers that was filled with admiration and envy broke out. After all, most martial arts students who stopped here were not eligible to cross sites.

The fact that one crossed meant their strength was better than others. Of course, their result would be better than others.

Winning over waves of sighs was natural.

With one look, Qin Wushuang saw Number Nineteen who stood at the corner. He was Tong Yao's little brother.

These two exchanged a look with a mutual understanding and did not speak. Qin Wushuang was euphoric for him. Looking across, fifty martial arts students had entered into the exam site. And after a month, including those injured ones, who lost an arm or leg, less than thirty had gathered here in this Third site.

The competition could be said to have been brutal and violent.

"Listen up, in each site; you will walk out one after another according to your serial number. Do not butt in and do not mess up the order. Listen to me calling out the numbers, if you don't show up after three calls, the next number will follow up. And so on. First, Number One come out!"

Although this procedure was complicated, it served to protect each martial arts students' result and privacy. It would ensure that the gratitude and grudges would not be bought back into real life.

After taking off the exam robe, and the mask, everyone would restore their looks. Everything that had happened at the exam site would vanish like smoke.

In the end, the posted result would not expose the exam serial number, and even more so, it would not announce the specific jade plates. They would only have announced the corresponding grade of each martial arts students.

Qin Wushuang was Number Six. Since two of the five people before him had died, soon, it was his turn. Fortunately, that guy in charge of registering Qin Wushuang was naturally, dumbfounded when he saw him taking out jade plates in a continuous and unending stream. He almost forgot to count.

He knew Qin Wushuang had crossed, yet he had never expected him to have crossed this many areas. After all, he was only in charge of the Third exam site. During that time, he had no idea about the situation from other locations.

"It seemed, the individual victor will be from the site I am in charge of." That official revealed a face full of surprise as he felt deeply honored, "As the person in charge of the Third exam site, I think I can congratulate you beforehand."

Qin Wushuang smiled: "Thanks, you have verified it, right?"

"No problem, six hundred points. My god, this grade is terrifying!" That emissary clicked his tongue and said: "Take off your exam robe, mask and walk along this passage. You will gather in the open space outside. Wait until all martial arts students have been verified, and the numbers counted. The Honored Warriors have something to say."

Qin Wushuang also did not want any special treatment. He completed all the processes and left from the passage with the verification form.

He came to the gathering place. There weren't many people who had come out from the various exam sites yet. After a while, more people had arrived.

However, he still stood at that distribution center that belonged to the Redwood Royal City. Inwardly, not many big waves were surging up. Only, he thought: "I don't know how Da Xi Yang and that crazy girl from the Yun family did."

Since they had come here together and were also from the same River County, naturally, Qin Wushuang would feel happy for them if they got good grades.

While he was lost in his thought, Qin Wushuang glanced up to see Da Xi Yang walking over from the other side. From his expression, one could not tell his gains and losses.

Da Xi Yang walked over when he saw Qin Wushuang and asked: "How is your result?"

"So-so, you?"

"Haha, mine is also okay. However, if mine "good" could reach one-third of your "so-so," I would be brimming with happiness." Da Xi Yang replied with a rare joking tone.

Then, he remembered something and asked: "You should have crossed into the other sites, right?"

"Yes, I did. You?"

Rather unfortunately, Da Xi Yang sighed: "I only collected eighty points on the second last day. Since time is limited, I still strived to keep what I got and did not apply to cross areas."

It was the right choice. If only two days remained, it would be hard to achieve something even if you crossed. After all, without a super advantageous strength, you would need at least two days to get used to the geography and the map when entering a new site.

Compared to an adventure, it would be best to protect the result you have acquired.

"Missy Yun is still not out?" Da Xi Yang looked around as more people gradually gathered.

Slowly, martial arts students who belonged to the Southcloud State had also gathered together. After a moment, Xi Men Xing also walked out from the passage.

Although Xi Men Xing tried hard to suppress his emotions, a few of the erect and flying that had not appeared usually emerged on his face.

"Wushuang, you came out early. How did you do?" As soon as Xi Men Xing came over, naturally martial arts students from the Southcloud State City also crammed closer.

"It's alright; it will not drag down the Southcloud State." On the contrary, Qin Wushuang was unwilling to act with a high profile. Since the result had not come out, it was not necessary to intentionally show off. When the result came out, he also did not need to show anything. The results will speak for themselves.

"Haha, Wushuang, don't say that. If you are lagging in the scores, then there is nothing else for the Southcloud State to rely on," Xi Men Xing joked with a smile.

"Young Master Xing, since you are in a good mood, evidently you have succeeded in crossing?"

"Yes, this time, it went smoothly. I crossed sites around half a month in. Too bad, in the end, I could not collect the second eighty points. It would be best if I could have crossed again." Xi Men Xing was somewhat regrettable.

A few of the city martial arts students who knew Xi Men Xing all asked him to tell them his specific grades. Xi Men Xing could not decline and said: "Thank you for everyone's concern and love, my accumulated points are one hundred and fifty."

"Wow, nice, Young Master Xing! You are almost eligible for the second crossing!"

"Noooo, I only got thirty-two points, so sad…"

"Haha, I did get more than fifty points. I just don't know if I can make the cut."

A group of the martial arts students bustled with discussions as they greatly admired Xi Men Xing's result. At this time, Qin Wushuang glanced over as Yun Qingyan walked out from the passage alone. On her face, there not a single trace of the usual optimism. Instead, she was dazed and lost.

Both Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang looked at each. Inwardly, they thought for sure, Yun Qingyan's result was average.

"Missy Yun, what's wrong?" Qin Wushuang did not speak, and one of the martial arts students from the other county asked first.

Yun Qingyan's eyes became red. With a "Wow" sound, she started to cry loudly.

Just when a bunch of people looked at each other in dismay, suddenly, Yun Qingyan rubbed her eyes and stopped crying: "Ok, I am fine. Didn't I just not have a good grade? It's not a loss since I came out alive."

"Yes yes, you win if you came out alive. I heard in this exam, in some desperate sites, some forty percent of people had died!"

"Sh**, that's way too cruel? In my site, I counted when I came out. Only five or six people were not there. This way, it's still quite peaceful."

"You two, how did you do? I've shamed our River County." Yun Qingyan tore that verification sheet on her hand into pieces, "Go to hell; you check sheet. In one month, I only got one jade plate that was only worth two points. If I wasn't afraid of my daddy's scolding, I would have applied to come out early a numerous times."

Two points…

Indeed, it was an incredibly embarrassing result. No wonder even the thick-skinned Yun Qingyan also felt very depressed.

Just when the atmosphere turned awkward, suddenly, a cheer came out from a group of martial arts students next to them.

"Young Master Chong is out!"

When hearing "Young Master Chong," even Xi Men Xing could not help but raise his head to look. If he guessed right, this "Young Master Chong" from people's mouth should be the youngest nobleman of the Redwood Royal City. And he was also the youngest son of the current Redwood King! It was rumored that he was talented since a young age. And among this age group of martial arts students, he was far ahead and exceptional. Before the exam, he was the hot topic for winning this exam.

For a very long time, Xi Men Xing had viewed this little nobleman as a potential competitor. When he saw a group of martial arts students gathered around him, inwardly, he was not feeling well. Instead, he thought: "I wonder how well did this little nobleman do this time?

This young nobleman had restored his original look. While wearing a purple and gold crest, he showed off enough temperament. The martial arts student who welcomed him at the side had gathered around him like stars cupped around the moon. With this, his ego received an even greater boost.

"Young Master Chong, your grade this time shouldn't be bad, right?" One of the martial arts student who went up and asked with a pleasing tone.

One of the martial arts student next to that young nobleman scolded with a smile: "Nonsense, this time, Young Master Chong had crossed two times. He got over two hundred points! Surely, the individual number one will be him!"

"Over two hundred!?"

"Tsk tsk, so awesome. He will be the victor for sure. Haha. Although my individual result was average, it would be an honorable thing for us Redwood Royal Territory to achieve number one among the four Territories!"

Instantly, Xi Men Xing's initial good mood turned gloomy. Initially, he carried a little bit of extravagant hope and wanted to aim for number one. Although he knew he did not have much hope, he still felt depressed when he heard the other one's excellent result.

He could not help but look at Qin Wushuang. He saw Qin Wushuang smiling at ease. Instantly, a thought appeared. From his experience, when Qin Wushuang kept such smile, it was another sign of his absolute confidence!

Could it be…

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