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Observing Qin Wushuang's expression was also one of Yun Qingyan's favorite hobbies. Although her individual result had reached the worst level, it did not stop her from looking forward to the sense of pride as a group. Especially to those martial arts students who also came from the River County, she had narrow feelings of pride for their homes.

Especially when she saw others showing off a high and mighty attitude, her feelings of shame emerged once more.

However, when her gaze stopped on Qin Wushuang's face, instantly, it had turned into a sunny side.

"Qin Wushuang, surely your grade this time is not bad? How about it, did you get three hundred points?" Yun Qingyan deliberately raised her voice and asked with exaggeration.

She had called out these three hundred points out of her gritted teeth. In fact, she also thought that acquiring three hundred points was way too difficult. Theoretically, it was impossible.

To acquire three hundred points, you had to cross areas three times at least. Only then, were you guaranteed to get three hundred points.

Indeed, when she said it, even Da Xi Yang could not help but shake his head inwardly. He thought this Yun Qingyan was acting too conspicuously. Was there really a need to compete with the offspring of the Royal families?

In fact, most of the martial arts students began whisper when they noticed the spectacular actions of those people next to "Young Master Chong." After all, here, most people did not have a good result.

Suddenly, a guy with super good grades appeared and deliberately showed off before people. It looked as if he intended to hit people in the face. Even if you were an offspring of the Royal family, still, your actions would annoy others internally.

Thus, Yun Qingyan's question that was filled with meaning inspired a lot of martial arts students from the Redwood Territory to agree with her inwardly. Although everyone thought that three hundred points were just a dumb guy talking in his sleep, it was still essential to beat down some people's arrogance.

Qin Wushuang smiled bitterly. Inwardly, he thought that this Missy Yun was not someone that could keep quiet. Most likely, she would not feel at ease if she did not cause something to happen.

Although Xi Men Xing wanted to add fuel to the fire, he knew how to judge situations and knew the meaning of "Young Master Chong" that represented in the Redwood Royal Territory. Thus, he only smiled and did not say anything.

"Why aren't you talking?" Yun Qingyan questioned closely with her eyes opened widely.

"What do you want me to say?" Qin Wushuang felt very helpless, "Grades or that sort will get announced by the official. Don't be hasty."

Yun Qingyan had long forgotten about her terrible grade as she smiled happily: "Because my grade was too terrible, so I want to bask in your good score. It can't be helped since we are from the same town."

Those martial arts students from the Redwood Royal City had evidently understood the meaning in Yun Qingyan's tone. Each of them looked over from the corner of their widely opened eyes. Apparently, they wanted to know who had eaten the guts of a leopard that dared not to know the current situation and disturbed the fun.

You must know that the Redwood King valued his youngest son's exam results with great importance. He'd wanted to use this exam to push his son to the public.

Thus, naturally, he would not let go of any opportunities to create a momentum for his youngest son. Evidently, the Redwood King had inspired the flattering and the campaigning by these martial arts students.

Unexpectedly, someone as thick-skinned as Yun Qingyan had appeared.

That young nobleman glanced over lightly, and he did not say anything. However, those martial arts students around him stared at her with a pair of angry eyes and looked as if they were ready to cause trouble at any time.

Before the exam, everyone had poured in their efforts for the Redwood Royal Territory. Thus, it was not appropriate for them to get into a tense situation. Now, since the exam was over, and the result was set. Naturally, the tolerance toward each other had been reduced.

Just when the atmosphere was turning tense, suddenly, all martial arts students felt a strong wave of wind. At this time, the Four Honored Warriors from Bai Yue Country's Zhen Wu Holy Place had appeared together.

The appearance of these four at the same time was rare in the Bai Yue Country. When they showed themselves, just that force they emitted had immediately subdued the noise in the crowd.

Instantly, all martial arts students closed their mouth at about the same time. They had also swallowed those words that were about to escape from their lips.

The Four Honored Warriors!

In the eyes of martial arts students, waves of deep worship and admiration flowed out.

Apparently, in their heart, the Zhen Wu Holy Place was a prominent and unapproachable place. And the four Honored Warriors were the peak of the peak, which was far away. They could only worship and admire them from the bottom of their hearts.

Before the Four Honored Warriors had spoken a word, with a slight glance around, almost two thousand martial arts students at the scene instantly felt as if they were carrying a thousand kilos of weight.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior pressed his arm and smiled: "Everyone, in that month of examinations, some people had paid with their lives. However, some people are destined to gain great reputation, and to achieve brilliant success in one's career."

"Now, the result have been tallied. All grades from each site have been recorded. However, most likely, counting and announcing it will wait until tomorrow. Tonight, everyone will make camp here. Tomorrow morning, we will announce the result."

Tomorrow? They had to wait until tomorrow?

Traces of disappointment could be visibly seen on the faces of the martial arts students. After a month of hard work and endurance, everyone desperately wanted to know the final result.

Everyone wanted to know the ranking at first hand and whether they had made the cut. After all, among this vast number of martial arts students, there were only thirty spots for each territory. In total, only one hundred and twenty people could pass.

The matter of whether a thousand man army could go through that single-lane bridge, everyone wanted to know as soon as possible. A day and a night of waiting was like extreme torment.

However, everyone also understood that the locality of the martial arts students had been assigned to each testing area in a random order. Time was needed to restore the original order. And then ranking the scores also needed time.

Besides, after the result of the martial arts students from the four Territories had come out, they still needed to take the top thirty to compete for team grades. With the numerous layers of processes, they needed more time.

Since the result would come out tomorrow, it showed that the Zhen Wu Holy Place was doing their best.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior also understood how the martial arts students were feeling. He smiled: "I understand your urgency. However, I cannot tell you exactly who did better. I do need to admit that all of your performance had exceeded my expectations. Especially some of you who had performed in the top tier and showed exceptional abilities. Of course, this was not the biggest surprise. The most surprising thing was the many dark horses who had appeared in this exam… These dark horses did not come from high-class families, yet their grades were very enlightening. Haha, I will stop here. Everyone, relax during this time."

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang laughed when he heard the words of the purple-robed Honored Warrior. No wonder he was an Honored Warrior. Indeed, he was a sly old fox. It'd been better if he had not spoken these words. Since he did, it had itched everyone's mind even more.

A few short words had left many places for people to imagine. It would be strange if it did not increase the suspense.

Unexpectedly, all these martial arts students started to guess and discuss when they heard these strongly hinted words.

From this Honored Warrior's words, he meant that the overall grade of this exam was excellent. It seemed the top tier competition was also fierce. Or else, why would he emphasize those top-tiered who had performed exceptionally?

Without a doubt, those top-tiered belonged to the offspring of the Royal families or Feudal Lords in the four Royal Territories. Regarding an overall aspect, average martial arts students could not help to lack the conditions.

However, the Great Honored Warrior had especially mentioned dark horses.

A lot of martial arts students could not help but imagine. Especially those who did not come from a higher status family, but who had achieved a good result as they all guessed: "In the list of the dark horses said by the Great Honored Warrior, am I part of it?"

In a giant tent, each official from the Zhen Wu Holy Place worked hard. They had to finish totaling the grades from the exam in this one day and night.

After taking out a few hundred former dead arts students, the remaining grade of the two thousand must be sorted back into the files of the Territory they belonged. Then, they would rank them internally within their origin of places and take the top thirty.

Next, they would total the accumulated grade of these top thirty from the four Royal Territories to evaluate the number one team. They would also get the result of the top ten that had achieved a number one within their team.

The final step was to evaluate the ranking of individual grades.

With the four Honored Warriors acting as the foreman, they did not dare to act sloppy.

"Great Honored Warrior, I had never thought this time, the number one is an offspring from a Wealthy Class! A lower level aristocrat! If this dark horse rises up, wouldn't he have slapped the face of all four Royal Families?" Red-haired Honored Warrior sighed.

"This was a fair and public exam. It was previously confidential , and no one would grab this loophole. Since a dark horse had emerged into this world out of nowhere, it only meant his strength was exceptional." The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior also pointed at the grade sheet, "Look at his accumulated points, he is way ahead of Number Two. From Number Two to Number Five, they were all offspring of the Royal Families without exception. However, even Number Two's points are only two hundred and thirty-six. It proved that his strength had suppressed his peers."

The other three Honored Warriors all nodded. Especially that charming Fourth Honored Warrior as her eyes flickered: "Even if the Four Royal Families feel discontent, they should know what this exam represents. I believe they would not dare to initiate any doubt to this exam."

"It's not their turn to challenge the way of how the Zhen Wu Holy Place does things." The tone of the purple robed Great Honored Warrior carried a wave of domineering might. It did not matter if they were a Royal family or others, they were not even within his consideration.

What he wanted was the right result from this exam. Now, the result he expected had appeared. Naturally, he would not allow anyone to destroy this scene.

Even if you were the Royal Family, you were not allowed!

"Honored Warrior, all grades of the martial arts student have been sorted back into their Territories. The top thirty are also lined up. Should we announced it earlier?" One of the officials came to ask for instructions.

The Great Honored Warrior glanced at outside, and it was midnight.

"No, announced it tomorrow during the early hours. First announce the other three Territories, then announce the Territory that had won the first place for the team scoring. Remember, you must divide it into layers."


Each of the Four Honored Warrior held a grade sheet. They were all shocked by Qin Wushuang's grade and deeply moved.

"Great Warrior, unless another demonic being had appeared in the other Subordinate Country, this time, our Bai Yue Country will be in the limelight This Qin Wushuang, was way too demonic. Hahaha." Now, whenever the red-haired Honored Warrior had seen the name of Qin Wushuang, he just wanted to laugh from the bottom of his heart.

"Six hundred points, in conventional logic, even an upper-level Subordinate Country had never produced such demonic result. Don't worry, in less than three days, the result of the each country will be pitted together. At that time, we will know the situation."

"Yes, what about the specific rewards?"

"The sooner, the better!" The Honored Warrior said with a determined tone, "Tomorrow, I will return to the Martial Saint Mountain and meet with the Martial Saint. I will ask him to rush His Majesty to honor the rewards. As soon as this kid's result goes out, surely many people with ill-intentioned would come to a head hunt him! For this matter, we must guard it!"

"Yes, it totally makes sense." The other three Honored Warrior all nodded.

Daybreak had arrived slowly under the expectation of all martial arts students. When one of the officials from the Zhen Wu Holy Place walked out from the tent, a wave of jeering came from the crowd.

Everyone knew the results were here. The moment that would decide their fate had finally arrived!

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