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"Si…Six!" That martial arts student did not dare to blink.

He had dropped his knapsack during the fight, and indeed, there were six plates. To Qin Wushuang's surprise, three of these six plates were high pointers to him.

Impressively, the number six jade plate was among it. It worth thirty points.

The other two high pointers were number sixteen and forty-six. The remaining three were only two pointers.

Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang took it all.

Earlier, he had acquired eighty-one points from the Third exam site. Afterward, he had taken six jade plates from that testee who had crossed over from Thirteen. One twenty-points, one five-points, and four two-points, in total, it was thirty-two points.

His total accumulated points had already reached one hundred and fourteen points.

Coincidentally, this guy before him had brought him a free forty-six points!

Adding the three together, no more and no less, it was one hundred and sixty points! Again, he was eligible to cross sites again.

A trace of a smile emerged on the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth. Inwardly, he thought: "Indeed, it was a curious coincidence. This way, the high pointers left from this site were only thirty points. Lingering too long for these thirty points seemed to not worth it…"

That free pointer martial arts student saw Qin Wushuang had stopped his questions after he had searched his jade plates, that trace of the smile on the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth, even more, made his hair stand out. He thought Qin Wushuang was going to kill him to silence him.

Despair filled in his eyes.

Right now, Qin Wushuang was in an excellent mood. He loosened up a little of the power, and that martial arts student fell from the tree.

"You…You are not going to kill me?" That martial arts student seemed somewhat uncomprehending.

"Why should I kill you?" Qin Wushuang was in a euphoric mood, there was no trace of murderous intent, "I said, those who obey me lives, and those who oppose me will die. You cooperated well, at least, you did not lie on the question of jade plates. So, I will not kill you."

"Eh, you are not afraid I am going to take revenge? Or destroy your whole process in this exam site?" That martial arts student appeared no persuading.

"Who said I am going to remain in your exam area?" Qin Wushuang smiled leisurely, "Even if I did stay on this site, do you think you have the strength to destroy me?"

That martial arts student became very depressed. He thought it over and indeed, he was powerless. The difference between their strength was apparent.

"Ok, I've taken away your jade plates, but I don't want to take away your hope. The time of the exam is still long, both your jade plates and the corresponding jade plates has not appeared. You still have a chance…Hahaha."

After Qin Wushuang had finished, he turned to leave.

There was no need for him to stay in this exam site. He would cross sites again.

"You…You are signing up for crossing sites again?" When the admittance representative of the Twelve Site saw Qin Wushuang appeared, immediately, he froze.

Qin Wushuang lined up all the jade plates. No more and no less, it was one hundred and sixty points.

"So demonic…" That representative kept sighing, "Speaking of which, didn't you just go in?"

"Luck, this time, it's all luck." Qin Wushuang said humbly.

"Even if it's lucky, that luck is unbelievable." After he had finished checking, he gave the introduction plate and again, he let Qin Wushuang draw the number of the next exam site.

The result of the draw came out; it was the Number Twenty-Three exam site.

After everything had been processed, once again Qin Wushuang was sent into a brand new site.

Outside of the Sobbing Sky Mountain Range, that great Honored Warrior held the newest intelligence, and his eyes remained fixed on the paper. His mouth was opened wide enough that a big steam bun could be stuffed in.

"Great Honored Warrior, what is the news?"

"We have a demon!" The Great Honored Warrior muttered, "That little kid, Number Six from the Third exam site crossed again!"


"Crossed again?"

"Didn't he just go in?"

The purple-robed Honored Warrior also could not believe it. Uncomprehending, he said: "I also find it hard to believe. Even if all us old guys went in to participate in the exam, most likely it will still take us some time to find those jade plates, right? But he honestly took out the jade plates from the Number Twelve site?"

"Demon, evildoer. Great Warrior, investigate this martial arts student. I am curious." The redhaired Second Honored Warrior had a somewhat hasty personality.

"Yes, investigate. Great Warrior." The other two Honored Warriors also looked forward to it.

On the other hand, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior held his stance and shook his head with a smile: "No rush, no hurry… Before the exam ends, it will be much more interesting to maintain the mystery."

The other three Honored Warriors admired this purple robed Great Honored Warrior as they all smiled helplessly. Since he had spoken, it would not be appropriate for them to say anything else.

Just like the Great Honored Warrior had said, wait. The days of the exam was still long.

When Qin Wushuang entered the Number Twenty-Three exam site, Qin Wushuang had gradually figured out the tricks. The first thing to do when he entered would be hunting the Number Six and Forty-Five martial arts student of this area.

As long as he dealt with these two martial arts student, to others, at most, these two jade plates would only be worth five points, and it would be meaningless.

With Qin Wushuang's series of methods, the process went smoothly.

In the third day he entered into Number Twenty-Three exam site, Qin Wushuang had caught these two martial arts students. Within these three days, Qin Wushuang also did not waste his efforts and took eight jade plates along the way.

On that day, Qin Wushuang set up an open booth and started a fair exchange. Coupled with his thunder-like methods, he had killed three or four martial arts students who had tried to take advantage of the crisis for personal gain.

Of course, to those martial arts students who intended to trade honestly, he did exchange with them fair. They took his two pointer plates to transfer for those that was worth higher than him.

The method of employing both kindness and severity had an astonishing effect. When the first one stood out to eat the crab, of course, the second one would come out. One followed another.

Another three days had passed, and Qin Wushuang had acquired eighty points smoothly. He had finished breaking through the third exam site! Again, he applied to cross into another site.

And now, only eleven days had passed since the exam had begun.

Outside of the Sobbing Sky Mountain Range, the mood of those four Honored Warrior could no longer be described as amazement.

The fact was, within these eleven days, only three martial arts students had crossed from the other sites.

However, in these short eleven days, Qin Wushuang had crossed three sites continuously and was now entering into his fourth one.

"Oh God, if he continues, by the end of the exam, wouldn't he have crossed eight or nine sites?" That red haired Second Honored Warrior clicked his tongue and exclaimed in admiration.

"Honestly, even if I accompanied these martial arts students to do the exam, my speed will not be any faster than his." That Third Honored Warrior who dressed in quail clothing sighed.

"Most importantly, although this kid was decisive in his decisions to kill, he did not kill at random nor touch the innocents. As long as others did not stop him from getting the jade plates, and did not lust after his plates, he would not kill them. Compared to those martial arts students who only relied on killing, he is another few levels above. At such young age, he has demonstrated the temperament of a grandmaster."

This was the comment given by the Fourth Honored Warrior.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior nodded. Expectation filled his tone: "Maybe, this time, us Bai Yue Country will finally have an unexpected genius. Crossing three times in a row... Perhaps, this grade will be enough to be the number one of this exam. If he could pass over five sites, I believe, among those of the middle-level Subordinate country, surely this grade will be the peak!"

On the fifteenth day of the exam, Qin Wushuang applied to cross for the fourth time.

Twentieth day, the fifth crossing…

Twenty-fourth day, the sixth crossing…

Twenty-eighth day, the seventh crossing…

Each time when Qin Wushuang crossed, it deeply stimulated the nerves of the four Honored Warriors and tested the limit of their tolerance.

In this month, especially the red-haired Second Honored Warrior had muttered the word "demon" countless times.

Indeed, it happened just as he had guessed. Qin Wushuang had crossed seven times, plus his original site, individually, he had stirred the eight exam sites into muddy water.

This result, inwardly, the Four Honored Warrior felt immense pleasure.

Not to mention the total result of this exam site, just this individual result alone had never appeared in those upper-level Subordinate Country.

This fact could no longer be simple described by the word "Demon."

They could not wait for the end of the exam and look into the file of this demonic martial arts student. They wanted to sate their curiosity that had been gnawing at them for the last month.

Fortunately, just as they had expected, the exam entered its last day.

"Great Warrior, we don't know which Territory this Number Six martial arts student belongs to. Think about it, the Territory he belongs to, because of his demonic grade, surely they would have an upper advantage on the group points."

"Of course. Just his result alone is almost equal to the total score of the other top five. This exam, only eighteen people had crossed into different sites. Besides him, four martial arts student had crossed twice. Regardless, besides this demon, the overall result was still very impressive!"

Expectation filled the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior: "Ok, the exam is coming to a close. Pass out my orders, let all representatives in charge of the sites lift their spirits up. Prepare to tally the numbers. No mistake will be tolerated! You will face consequences if you make a mistake!"

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior stood up and said slowly: "Believe it or not, if the Martial Saint had known of this demonic martial arts student, surely he would be triumphant? Hahaha…"

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