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There wasn't much time remaining for Qin Wushuang to train the Hunting Hawk team. In the last month after Tong Yao had left, news about the exam started to spread within the four Royal Territories of Bai Yue Country.

A national martial arts student exam!

This time, the martial arts student exam came very sudden. There had been no signs of it to be happening before. If it were only an ordinary martial arts student exam within the Bai Yue Country, then the many upper-level aristocrats such as the Feudal Lords and Venerable Families would have surely received the news earlier.

However, this time, not a single Feudal Lord or Venerable Family in all four states had heard a trace of news before the announcement.

Everyone realized that the secrecy of the news indicated that this would be an extraordinary exam.

For sure, the following official announcement had fulfilled everyone's guesses.

The lowest qualification to enter the martial arts student exam: Stage Seven martial arts student!

The age limit: Twenty-years-old!

Testing topic: Confidential!

The rules of the test: keep your background, name, and strength hidden. All martial arts students within Bai Yue Country would be assigned a random number. Any form of corrupt practice would not be permitted in order to prevent those on the same side from ganging up on those from different places.

The most shocking news was that last line of the announcement—Anyone was free to register for this exam. As long as you choose to participate, it would be a battle of life and death.

Since the minimum requirement was to be a Stage Seven martial arts student, it poured a bucket of cold water onto the hearts of many of those anxiously waiting for the martial arts student exam.

As for that battle of life and death line, although it seemed shocking, in any countries of the Tian Xuan Land that loved martial arts, it would serve as a threat.

The Bai Yue Country was also not an exception. In a world where people loved martial arts, all conflicts were resolved through violence. Thus, death and casualties were not some new topic.

To the martial arts students, matters of life and death naturally did not seem very scary.

It was midday, and on the Great Cang Mountains, the sun was shining in the middle of the sky.

It was Qin Wushuang's favorite time of the day and also the best time for him to train.

Qin Wushuang had already entered into the upper level of the . After the battle for the Wealthy Class seat had ended, Qin Wushuang felt urgency of time and practiced even harder. Each day, he had sought to reach the perfect stage of the

The sunlight of the midday was vicious and vigorous. However, Qin Wushuang did not fear it and gazed at that sun with both of his eyes. Since he had already practiced this technique to this level, he was already used to staring at the intense sunlight and would not need to worry his eyes being blinded.

In the eyes of elite warriors, that sun was only a red big fireball.

Waves of burning heat were traveling through Qin Wushuang's four limbs. He enjoyed this feeling of comfort very much. He was also very familiar with this feeling when he was in his former world. It was the sign before the entered the perfect stage.

All rivers run into the sea, and still, more could enter.

The particular trait of the Sun Force was to collect all the Genuine Qi into his dantian. It would form many rings of swirling waves and build into big whirlpool.

As soon as it had circled into a big whirlpool, it meant that the Sun Force had achieved the perfect stage.

If he were strong, then with a single breath through the sun, I would be more potent. The more arrogant he was, the more I am with the power to carry the moon into the big river. It would not matter how strong the enemy may be; I would stand firm as King Kong!

It was the mnemonic chant for the , and Qin Wushuang could not help but recite it. As if he had understood everything like a flowing bastard carp, he instantly felt a lot of ideas were emerging out.

It was a gradual understanding of water dropping on the stone that penetrated the success and also an instant understanding like a light going off in your head.

With the combination of the gradual understanding and instant understanding, a divine light flashed across Qin Wushuang's eyes. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and with a loud yell, he slapped out one palm. With a cry, a tremendous amount of force shot out from the center of the palm.

Instantly, a pile of trees in his line of sight had fallen. Green smoke emerged from it as this palm force had burned them.

Qin Wushuang gave a loud and proud hiss and stood up. He shot out his palm at random and instantly, sand had brought up the stone that caused a sea of fire roaring to the sky.

"The perfect stage, indeed, it is the perfect stage!'

Qin Wushuang felt incredibly joyful and shot out punches and palm attacks indiscriminately.

"Once I've reached the perfect stage, the last palm of the would follow its success naturally. Although he had not yet regained one hundred percent of his power from his former world, at least, he still had about ninety percent of the power from his old world! Stage Eight of the Genuine Force? Hmph!"

Amidst his thoughts, he had shot out a set of naturally and unforced, continuous and upsurge like the rising waves.

"The eighth palm—The Scarce Burning of the Eight Suns!"


Qin Wushuang did not use any hand seals but completed his work with his mind as both of his palms drew nine little circles continuously. These nine circles overlaid one another, and as the palm force flew out, it shot out power like the collapsing of the mountain, like the ground cracking open and as if the sky had fallen.

"The ninth palm—Nine-Suns Destroys the Earth!"

Boom, boom, boom!

Thunder like desperate sound had emitted throughout the entire Great Cang Mountains. It made people feel as if the Cang Mountains had collapsed and a landslide had occurred.

"Nine-suns that Destroy the Earth, its power was certainly much better than the previous eight." Qin Wushuang watched the surging strength of the palm force and felt a wave of rage flowing through his mind for the first time since he had reincarnated.

Finally, he had touched the peak of his power he had had from his previous world. Such familiar and superior feeling.

Being both masculine and confident, only the sun force could stop the invasion of water, fire and fight against the knives and spears!

It was the perfect stage of . And combined with the , they could help each other to reinforce the power to crack the mountain. Its force was like the blazing fire, and it could turn sharp as the spears.

It was what the could do, and he had reached the perfect stage.

Although regarding mastering it, he still needed time to make it part of his life. However, for now, Qin Wushuang was filled with confidence. Even if the Patriarch of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had come himself, and even if the enemy was a Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, he believed that he had the power to beat them. He had the confidence that he could use the Genuine Qi of the perfect stage to destroy the other one!

Although Qin Wushuang did not want to admit it, he had to say that the training environment on this Tian Xuan Land was much better than Earth.

From his estimation, it was at least three to five times much better than his former world.

With such a geographical region, Qin Wushuang had more confidence in challenging the Upper-Sky Realm that he had never broken through before. It was the state he had dreamed of achieving.

He believed that in this world, he would make this dream come true.

The martial arts student exam? The Spiritual Realm?

For the first time in this world, Qin Wushuang felt a trace of expectation for the future.

When he went down the mountain, Qin Xiu was already waiting for him at the foot of the mountain. It had been Qin XIu's old habit for many years.

"Sister, are you feeling somewhat strange since Big Brother Da Xi and Matriarch Da Xi went back to River County?"

Qin Xiu pretended to be angry: "Wushuang, are you also going to make fun of your sister?"

"Ha ha, no way. Your little brother is also hoping my sister and Big Brother Da Xi form a real connection. Sister, wait for me, at most one year, I will definitely solve this matter with an open mind."

"Open-mind?" For a moment, Qin Xiu could not understand the meaning behind these words.

"Sister, have you forgotten that Xi Men Yan of the Xi Men Feudal Lords?" Qin Wushuang said lightly, "If the Xi Men family do not cancel this marriage from their side, it will always be a troubling matter."

"Wushuang, I heard from Big Brother Da Xi that Xi Men Yan has an awful reputation. She is shameless. If Big Brother Da Xi is going to be with her, then he would not be happy for his entire life. However, since Xi Men Yan has such a bad reputation in the Southcloud State, Feudal Lord families would undoubtedly be unwilling to marry her. And she also likes Big Brother Da Xi herself… If we want them to cancel the marriage, it's going to be tough…"

"If it's only the Venerable Da Xi family, it's impossible for them to cancel the wedding! However… Haha!" Qin Wushuang revealed a confident smile and said to himself: "This time when I am going to the Redwood Royal City I am going to assemble at Southcloud State. At that point, I will see if I can resolve this matter along the way."

"Wushuang, you…" Qin Xiu blinked with a confused face and said stutter: "Just don't anger the Xi Men Feudal Lords."

"I know my limits." Qin Wushuang nodded, "Sister, I am going to talk to Father about some business."

Qin Lianshan had been very busy recently. He had almost left all the matters within the manor to Qin Sixi. Thus, Qin Sixi was the one in charge of all big and small things. And he was busy training.

After they had achieved victory at the Wealthy Class battle, Qin Lianshan had fully realized the great importance of an individual's power to a family.

Qin Wushuang had written the book for him. It had a top, middle and lower sections.

In the last few years, he only practiced the upper section and had almost reached Stage Four from Stage One of Genuine Force.

It had made him realize that his son's fortuitous opportunity from the Great Cang Mountains was extraordinary. During this time, he had been comprehending the middle section.

Naturally, understanding the middle section was much harder than the upper parts.

However, after he had practiced the upper parts, Qin Wushuang had apparently felt that his tendons, muscles, skins and internal organs had become younger by twenty or thirty years. Since he was almost fifty years old, his body functions and spirits were in top shape. He clearly felt rejuvenated.

With the foundation he had from the top sections, he was able to train the middle section much more smoothly.

When he saw his son had come, Qin Lianshan was in an excellent mood: "Wushuang, it's all thanks to you during this time. I feel guilty for just carrying the name of the Patriarch."

"Father, there is two month left until the martial arts student exam. I want to head out fifteen days earlier before the start date. In the next month and a half, I am going to mainly train the Hunting Hawk team. Uncle Lianchuan will train team Bear Fighters and Flying Feather. After a month and a half, I will head to Redwood Royal City to register. After that, Father, I think I will ask you to take care of the Hunting Hawk."

"Ok, Wushuang. Sorry to bother you during these times. Perform well on that martial arts student exam. I believe with your strength, that exam will be a piece of cake. The most important thing is whether you can connect with the Spiritual Realm."

Qin Wushuang was very open-minded: "Spiritual Ream? Since it is spiritual, then it will depend on fate. I would never pin my hopes on someone else. Must I connect with other's spiritual souls to enter the Upper-Sky Realm? I don't believe it."


"This time, I am only going to go to broaden my horizon. If I could see what the so-called Spiritual Martial Force is, then it would be perfect. As for whether or not I connect with the Spiritual Realm, it's unimportant."

"How many people had spent generations of effort to try to connect with the Spiritual Realm. In the end, they had all failed. How come, Wushuang, you are saying it's unimportant? Do you know what it means, the Spiritual Martial Force?"

"Father, I also heard a word before. There is no free lunch in the world. If someone had given you a Spiritual Root, then it may mean that you would have to sell everything of yours to the other. I think that although it's important to pursue martial arts, it should not replace one's freedom!"

"Freedom is the most precious thing in the world! If I have to use my freedom as a price, then any realms would not be worth it!"

"The same thing is, only having freedom where one can go pursue martial arts without any restraints. Without any hindrance, one could reach an even further and higher realm!"

Inwardly, Qin Lianshan felt overwhelmed by emotions. Astonishment filled in his eyes. Finally, he understood how extraordinary his son was!

Such temperament, such aspirations, such vision, and such style of conversation…

What more could he say about having such a son?

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