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Qin Wushuang had broken down the topics in detail when he was conducting the specialized training for the Hunting Hawk team. The central focus was toward assassination, concealment, wrestling and body movements.

The combination of these four areas was in fact to complement each other. Indeed, they were also related to each other.

Qin Wushuang taught these people per each student's abilities. He had divided each team according to their characteristics. Nineteen people were separated into three groups. One group would have seven people, and the other two groups would have six people.

Between each group, each person received a clear role and would undergo training regarding teamwork.

Of course, the foundation for these nineteen people was the same. They had all practiced the top section of the . It was Qin Wushuang's only choice.

Because of within these guards, the youngest was over eighteen years old, and the oldest was close to thirty. Each person had all missed the best time of their teenage life to practice martial arts.

Only by practicing the could they completely modify their bodies and shed one's body and change their bones.

On the other hand, it would be easier for his father, Qin Lianshan, to be in charge while practicing this technique. After all, Qin Lianshan was also training with .

With this technique as the fundamental foundation, in less than one year, for sure, these nineteen people would enter into the Genuine Force.

One Genuine Force Warrior would not be scary.

The most terrifying would be when all nineteen people were at the Genuine Force. This way, the redeeming quality and its uniqueness would be revealed.

The especially terrifying part was that Qin Wushuang had also trained their teamwork. He had used all the formation methods left from the famous prestigious martial families from his former world. This formation had proved to have an immense and extraordinary power.

Each group would have their own unique formation. And when the three teams combined, they would use another large formation. Hence, the saying of a formation within a formation.

Even if these nineteen members were only at Stage One of the Genuine Force, with the use of small formation, it would be enough for them to deal with Stage Five Warrior of the Genuine Force. Once the initial formation was activated, even a Stage Seven Warrior of the Genuine Force would stick into trouble.

Of course, Qin Wushuang had used a variety of training methods. Naturally, he had further goals than these.

He had estimated that after the modification by the , these members would only use three years to achieve Stage Three of the Genuine Force.

After five years, individually, they could achieve Stage Five of the Genuine Force.

Naturally, from his observation, some of these team members would reach their limits at Stage Five of the Genuine Force. They would reach a bottleneck for advancement.

At that time, without any outside help, it would be very tough for further advancement.

Of course, among these nineteen people, there were some exceptional ones. Qin Wushuang estimated that they would have the potential to achieve Stage Seven, or even Stage Eight of the Genuine Force.

Qin Wushuang absolutely had reason to look forward to how much power the Qin manor would have after five years!

To put it bluntly, the combination of nineteen mighty warriors at Stage Five of the Genuine Force and combined with a formation powerful enough to be in defiance of the natural orders would make the Patriarch of Xi Men Feudal Lords, a Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, suffer greatly.

Not to mention Qin Wushuang had more than formation methods as his trump cards.

He had taught the techniques to each people specifically tailored to them. In his former world, Qin Wushuang did not have any other hobbies. His only hobby was to collect martial arts technique books and to read different ones.

In his head, was an encyclopedia of martial arts technique books.

Of course, him teaching according to each student's ability would be as easy as a fish swimming in the water.

Assassination techniques, defense techniques, poison techniques, detection, conceament, and many others, Qin Wushuang had a specified training for each of these techniques.

The nineteen people of the Hunting Hawk team also realized that the Young Master's special training was a recognition to them. It was also a form of entrusting hope onto them.

After they had understood this point, members of the Hunting Hawk became even more enthusiastic. They were full of hot-blooded that would only spill for the Wealthy Qin.

They also finally realized it was not a joke when Young Master said he was going to cultivate them into an iron army. It was not a false promise when he said he was going to cultivate them into a mighty warrior that could fight one against one hundred. Not to mention, it was not an empty word when he said he wanted to turn the Qin manor into a strong fortress!

In the next month and a half, besides training his team, Qin Wushuang consolidated his power.

Although the challenge of the martial arts student exam was not very difficult, it was, after all, his first test since he came to the Tian Xuan Land. Even more, it was the first time he would journey out from the little River County.

Four years…

He had waited a full four years to take this step.

However, Qin Wushuang did not regret this. These four years of endurance and these four years of hiding one's light under one's bushel was totally worth it. Without these four years, how could he have restored ninety percent of his power he had from his former world?

Without strength, what strength would he have to walk out with?

A month and a half of time had passed with a click of a finger.

The revitalized household guards of the Qin manor had an entirely new appearance. Although the Hunting Hawk team remained very mysterious, the strength of both Flying Feather and Bear Fighters team were growing multiple times.

Plus, Qin Wushuang had also reformed the traps and secret tunnels of the Qin manor. He also took advantage of the geographical region and had set up a dozen of blind spot defense traps. Thus, he had finished his first step into transforming the Qin manor into a strong fortress.

With the current combat ability of the Qin manor, not mention attacks from those like the Xu, even if the Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had come to attack, they would have enough power to fight back.

June 6th, it was an auspicious day and suitable for going out.

Initially, within the River County, there were four martial arts student at level seven and under the age of twenty.

They were Da Xi Yang, Yun Qingyan, Xu Ting and Qin Wushuang.

Da Xi Yang was a level eight, and the rest of them were level seven. Since the Xu had already met their death at the Qin manor, of course, Xu Ting was out.

This way, only three people from River County had the qualification to register.

Compared to other big counties, it was an unpresentable look. At least, within the eight counties of the Southcloud State, this result was at the bottom.

Qin Wushuang had originally intended to go by himself.

However, Da Xi Ming had plied him with lovely words to accompany with Da Xi Yang when he reached River County.

Since Da Xi Ming had already talked to him, Qin Wushuang did not want to refuse him either. He also had a good impression to Da Xi Yang. It would be good to have someone along the way to make the time pass faster during the journey.

And for the Wealthy Yun, Patriarch Yun Tianhao especially, was unable to contain his joy when he heard this news.

Such a chance, a fantastic opportunity sent from the heaven.

During this time, the Wealthy Qian had been involved in a rivalry of a love over their daughter's marriage against the Wealthy Yun. They had already fought several rounds through quarreling.

They only had one goal—To become in-laws with the Wealthy Qin!

Now, Yun Qingyan of the Yun family was qualified to register. She had an excuse to get closer to her future husband. The journey would be long; the scenery would be beautiful, how would it not be considered an opportunity sent from the heavens?

The more he thought about it, the more Yun Tianhao was happy. Through a variety of networks, he also had another idea since he had heard that Qin Wushuang had decided to go with Da Xi Yang.

If you two boys go together, you could not refuse to care for a girl, right? You could not abandon a girl, and made her go on her own, right?

Although it was not perfect with Da Xi Yang also being there, Yun Tianhao still did not have the guts to discuss the right and the wrong of the Venerable Da Xi family.

Overall, it would be most important for his daughter to join that little group.

That said, just as Da Xi Ming and Qin Xiu was sending off the two teenagers, Yun Tiaohao rushed over in a hurry with his daughter.

"Haha, heavens has taken pity on us that we arrived just on time. Two Young Masters of the elite ones, I think that you are also on your way to gather at Southcloud City, right? Good, my daughter is also going the same way. You three could take care of each other while going there together. When you arrive at Southcloud city, and even the Redwood Royal City, people in more numbers will not get bullied easily."

Since Yun Tianhao had already spoken such words, both Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang looked at each other and revealed a bitter smile. To take care of each other? With Yun Qingyan's princess's personality, how could they expect to look after her and not cause trouble?

Such was the saying of never extending your hand to hit a bright person, since they were going to the same place, regardless of reason and emotions, they could not refuse and went on their way.

No one knew how much urging she had repeatedly received from her family; she knew to put away any of her princess tempers before these two. Although she could not bring herself to suck up to Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang, she did control her temper.

While they traveled neither too fast or too slow, they arrived at Southcloud City after two days.

If the River County had shocked Qin Wushuang very much in the past, then this Southcloud State City had increased that shock by multiple times.

Regardless of architecture, the design of the building and the prosperity of the city, it was ten times more than the River County. No wonder this was was a state city.

These three people had ridden the horse and were not in a position to act arrogant since they were in a strange place. Especially since Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang were not the flamboyant type of people.

Just as they were riding, a sound of rushed hooves came from behind them. A waves of shouts immediately followed: "Make way, make way! Get out of my way!"

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