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One had to admit that Qin lands was indeed very beneficial. It was certainly the best training environment a martial artist could hope.

Qin Wushuang had initially planned to use three months to finish the necessary training for these guards. Unexpectedly, after only one month of hard work, the effect was equivalent to those three months.

Qin Wushuang was euphoric because he could move forward with his plan.

Today, at 5 AM, the team was assembled and waiting for Qin Wushuang to give orders. After more than a month of training, everyone had gotten used to such intense training.

Qin Wushuang smiled: "After today, there will be new items to learn and new things to test out. Everyone, work hard. I have seen all of your hard work this month. Your sweat won't be wasted. Today, regarding the results of the specialized training, it will be tested today."

After these words of encouragement, everyone started to become interested. Finally, a month of devilish training was getting examined?

This way, everyone started to finish the morning tasks with even more enthusiasm.

After lunch had passed, the guards had gathered in the martial arts training ground. From each and every one of their eager expressions, it was evident they were in an urgent mood.

After all, everyone wanted to know if the more than a month of hard work through this particular training would reach the Young Master's goal. And how much had their strength increased.

Qin Lianchuan arrived, and Qin Wushuang soon after.

After the arrival of both the Young Master and the captain, everyone's started to breath slowly, and the light in their eyes become even more fanatical. Before Qin Lianchuan had even called out the order, the team had already lined up.

Qin Wushuang felt very gratified when watching this scene—Popular Sentiment Was Useful.

"Uncle Lianchuan, for this month, how did you feel about our brother's increasing strength?"

"Five words—Turning over a new leaf!" Qin Lianchuan said very quietly. Now, he was already extremely impressed to Qin Wushuang.

Not to mention that they had never heard about it, the effects were something they would not even dare to dream before.

"Good, today, we will test to see if their advancement could be described by turning over a new leaf!"

Qin Wushuang took out a list from his sleeve and handed it to Qin Lianchuan: "Uncle Lianchuan, you call out the names. Three groups will be divided here, single them out."

Qin Lianchuan nodded after he had seen the list. He cleared his throat and shouted: "Listen very carefully, the first forty people will stand in the front after I've called you out. Line up into teams!"


"Ok, Qin Yong, Qin Fei, Qin Tong, Qin Ming…"

In one breath, he had callout out forty names. Those who were called went out immediately and lined up in two teams in front. Twenty people to each team.

"You forty people have long arms and skinnier waists. You all react quickly and with a calm mind, you are most suited to be archers. You will be in the first team and, your team is called "Flying Feather'! Do you understand?"


After he had sent out the orders, this forty-people replied in unison without any hesitation.

Qin Wushuang nodded with satisfaction. Just as he had expected, these people had the quickest reaction. Even when they were answering orders, they were the quickest.

"Second group, another forty people. They are, Qin Yue, Qin Nan, Qin Fang…"

Another forty people lined up in two rows. With a serious expression, they waited for Qin Lianchuan's next words.

"You forty people are incredibly brave, possess a healthy body, have a ferocious nature and are suitable to fighting in close combat. You will fight on the front lines and be in team one. Your team name is 'Bear Fighters', do you understand?"


"The third group, nineteen-people are the following…"

When the final nineteen people saw that all their friends had gone out and they were the only ones left, inwardly, they were worried and resentful. During the usual training, they had all performed well and some of them were even better than their comrades. How come they did not get assigned to the central unit?

"Haha, you nineteen people, are you feeling somewhat vexed?" Qin Wushuang suddenly walked forward and asked with a smile.

These nineteen people were initially the elite figures within the guards. They had held their breath and when Qin Wushuang asked, each of them had a blushing face.

From their eyes and expressions, he could completely see the roaring sea within their mind. The same month of harsh training, the same hard work, they did not work any less than others, did not perform weaker than others. Yet, why were they the ones remaining?

They would be lying if they said that they were not feeling discontentment!

"Good, you must show your discontent. My warriors!" Qin Wushuang rubbed his palms and smiled:" I am happy to tell you that putting you in the last is not because you did not perform well, but it's a reward! You nineteen people will form a team called 'Hunting Hawk.' And what unique trait does a 'hawk' have?"

Suddenly, Qin Wushunag raised his voice and, with a harsh expression, shouted: "Who can tell me what the unique qualities of a hawk are?"


"Excel at striking down!"

"Sharp eyes, and have a wide observation angle!"

"The hawk have a long range attack and is cool! Aggressive!"

Each of the answers were different. Qin Wushuang lightly nodded and, after everyone had voiced their opinions, he stood out to make a summary: "All of you only had answered one aspect of the hawk. And the biggest trait of the hawk is; usually, it would not attack, but when it attacks, it must be a fatal one!"

He slowly glanced around at these nineteen feverish face that were filled with expectation, Qin Wushuang threw his out arm and said: "You nineteen people will be the elite warriors of the Qin manor, and our hawks! The Flying Feather and Bear Fighters will be our regular force. And Hunting Hawk will be the elite force of the Qin manor, the trump cards! With the prosperity of the Qin, Flying Feather and Bear Fighters will continued to expand. However, although Hunting Hawk will also expand, the enlistment requirement will be twice as tough as the other two!"

Qin Wushuang build the team combined with the inspiration from 21st century of military management. It had emphasized on multicultural and collectiveness.

The Bear Fighter team was similar to ground troop and would be a fortified fortress. Flying Feather team was similar to air troops that would use the height advantage and range to beat the enemies. The Hunting Hawk would be the special force. Regardless of concealing themselves, sniping and defense, they must all learn it.

The training tasks for the previous two teams would be simpler.

However, Qin Wushuang would be in charge of the training for the Hunting Hawks himself. He had observed the natural physique, talent and, physical fitness, then after a variety of other factors, he had finalized these nineteen spots.

These nineteen people would be the trump cards for the Qin defense guards.

Now, these nineteen member realized that they were not being left behind the others since they were the last. They were, instead, the trump cards!

Qin Wushuang waved his hand and motioned everyone to settle down. Then, he said with an encouraging tone: "Of course, this is only the first stage of training. This is the result I obtained from observing you guys. No one needs to act arrogantly and no one needs to feel down. If people of the Flying Feather and Bear Fighters want to enter into the Hunting Hawks, then show me what you got. If you are suitable, we will select people without prejudice! Of course, the Hawk team also should not feel like you are better than others. If you slack off in the future training, you will also get kicked off the team. I am asking you guys to develop the greatest potential you have in your roles. It will be the biggest success!"

As soon as he said these words, both people of the Flying Feather and Bear Fighters felt much better. Indeed, everyone of them were household guards of the Qin manor and, they had all poured their efforts into the Wealthy Qin. If they performed well from their roles, how could the higher ups not recognize it?

"Remember, if you are a piece of gold, sooner or later you will shine!" Qin Wushuang continued to encourage: "All of your effort, your advancement, we see it all! Now, whether or not you are a donkey or a horse, we will take you out for a walk! Members of the Flying Feather, step forward! Three steps forward!"

The forty people of the Flying Feather immediately stamped three steps forward!

Qin Wushuang clapped his hands and, immediately, the sounds of numerous footsteps could be heard.

A group of servants of the Qin carried dozens of large boxes. They hurriedly walked forward, put down the boxes and respectfully withdrew.

"Qin Yong, Qin Fei, step forward!"

Two dauntless young men stepped out from the line up of the Flying Feather team.

'Open the boxes."

The two instantly went to open all the boxes. Inside the boxes, a dozen powerful bows were sitting there in an organized pile.

"Qin Yong, try the power of this bow.'

Qin Yong took one of the bow after he received the order. With his arm strength, he pulled three times consecutively. The bow showed in a very nice curvy shape for it had been made from fine craftsmanship. One would love it immediately.

"A month ago, we used a variety of connections to entrust the master bow maker to make these eighty bows. The materials had made from high quality horns of the rhino and black bamboo. Forty of them have a draw weight of one-hundred-and-twenty kilos, and the other forty have a draw weight of one-hundred-and-eighty kilos!"

"One-hundred-and-twenty kilos?" Qin Yong looked at the bows in astonishment.

"Don't doubt it. The one in your hands now is the one-hundred-and-twenty kilo bow! These forty bows will only be your weapons for one year. After one year, all of your bows will be replaced by the one-hundred-and-eighty kilos ones! You guys, do you have the confidence?"


A month of training had increased their power by a whole level. Of course, these hot-blooded men were very confident!

"Team Bear Fighter's equipment will also arrive in the next two days!"

"Hunting Hawk, step out. Come with me to climb the famous Cang Mountains. The other two teams, continue with your lunch time tasks. Starting tomorrow, we will add on technique training!"

With Qin Wushuang's effort, the initial formation of an iron army had begun!

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