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This voice resembled a ghost's. Just when Mu Rong Xu thought he had completely left, suddenly, she heard a whisper of subtle voices next to her ears.

"If Miss Mu Rong does not believe me, you can look out the window tomorrow morning. By that time, the truth will shine its light!"

Mu Rong Xu was disappointed and frustrated. This sudden change of events had instantly caused her to become hesitant. Initially, she planned to head to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, request a meeting with Heavenly Emperor, and disseminate what had happened at the Dispersed Praying Mountain. She would expose how these freelance martial artists had violated the 10,000 year agreement as large groups of them crossed the border.

However, this voice had told her that Luo Ting already knew her whereabouts and would use this fact to threaten her father, Mu Rong Qianji.

If she continued to her toward her original destination, most likely she would meet her father halfway. In that case, it would put her father in a dilemma.

However, if she abandoned her mission halfway, the fate of the human countries would become the target of misfortune invisible to the surface. And Qin Wushuang's family and sect would bear the brunt of it. This was something Mu Rong Xu was unwilling to see.

 "Miss, is that Luo Ting truly that bad?" Little Bamboo's voice was clearly much lower than before. Her eyes looked around randomly and seemed to be frightened as if she was afraid that Luo Ting would leap out from the corner.

It was not strange for Mu Rong Xu who was a daughter of a major family. Since she was used to seeing big situations, despite feeling the hesitation inwardly, she did not panic. Only, she was thinking: "Who is this person that issued this warning to me? He said that Luo Ting is at the Iron Wood State City, is it true?"

However, that voice was serious about the matter and claimed that she could see the truth for herself tomorrow morning. In this case, Mu Rong Xu did not keep thinking about it as she said to Little Bamboo: "Little Bamboo, don't worry, this person does not hold vile intentions. It seems as soon as we had entered the Iron Wood State City, this person was mindful about us."

Yet, Little Bamboo said: "Mistress, at the Floating Snow House, you have lived in seclusion. Only a few people knows you. This person knew your identity as Miss Mu Rong, he must be someone who knows you. Would he be a subordinate of Young Master Qin?"

Mu Rong Xu shook her head: "Definitely not. If it was Young Master Qin, he would never send his subordinate to do this thing. That's not his style."

"That's true, Young Master Qin has an open and honest style. It's not a secret matter. If he wanted to inform you of this, he would have spoken openly."

When Little Bamboo spoke up to this point, suddenly she said: "Mistress, would you say it's the trust aide from Master, who has been protecting us in secret?"

Mu Rong Xu laughed involuntarily: "Girl, you are indulging in a fantasy."

 "Then who could it be?" Little Bamboo held her chin and mumbled to herself with an anxious face.

Mu Rong Xu said: "Since that person said the truth will reveal itself tomorrow morning. Could it be that he expects Luo Ting will pass by here tomorrow? In that case, the identity of this person appears even more strange. The people who know Luo Ting's whereabouts should be someone around him."

Little Bamboo's head was jumbled as she gave a long sigh: "Mistress, let's stop thinking about it, my head is buzzing. Let's see the result tomorrow morning. If everything is true, are you still going to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain?"

This was a realistic question.

Yet, from Mu Rong Xu's complexion, there was not a trace of hesitation. She looked at the vague night sky with determination and said with unquestionable tone: "Yes, to the Heavenly Emperor we must go!"

Little Bamboo also said: "Yes, Mistress. I feel that since we have made up our minds, we must make it work. Ha ha, Mistress, in fact I do hope this matter was schemed up by Luo Ting."

 "Oh?" Mu Rong Xu was stunned.

 "You see. If it's truly planned by Luo Ting, even if he does not get executed, he will lose a layer of his skin. By that time, most likely he would become the public enemy of the freelance martial artist world. The best result is that Heavenly Emperor falls into a tearing rage and locks him in the Sinned Infernal."

The Sinned Infernal of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain was the place exclusively for jailing serious criminals.

When Little Bamboo, a little girl who never had much schemes up her sleeves held a such big grudge toward Luo Ting, it was clearly that she despised him deeply.

Of course, the person who came to report to Mu Rong Xu was Black Panther.

Black Panther did not even expected that a day ago, he was offering strategies to Luo Ting of how to deal with Mu Rong Xu. And now, he would be the one to warn Mu Rong Xu.

The changes from before and after were naturally heavily related to his changes in position.

Currently, since he no longer worked for Luo Ting, he would not let Mu Rong Xu fall into Luo Ting's evil hands. This was also a means of Black Panther showing his loyalty toward Qin Wushuang.

When he returned to Luo Ting, Luo Ting asked when he saw Black Panther had returned: "What, any movements from there?"

Black Panther frowned and said: "Young Master, the current situation is extremely difficult. Surrounding the place where Miss Mu Rong is staying are a few unknown elite warriors. I am worried that these people of unknown origins are related to those at the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

Since Luo Ting had not heard any good news, he could not help but grit his teeth: "Black Panther, can you not bring even one slightly good piece of news?"

Black Panther said with a pretend fearful tone: "Young Master, I thought that currently, it's not appropriate to disturb the snake in the grass."

Luo Ting gnashed his teeth and said: "Not appropriate to disturb the snake in the grass? Would we only go to her when that slut has run away? Black Panther, if you let this slut escape our sights, just you wait!"

Black Panther said helplessly: "Young Master, I am already making an all-out effort. If you are unassured, you can go see for yourself tomorrow morning."

Luo Ting said angrily: "I already said to go early on, you used all sorts of excuses to stop me, now you are asking me to see for myself. What are you doing?"

 "Since you doubt my ability to execute the tasks, what else can I say? When Young Master sees for yourself, you would feel the best reassured."

Luo Ting looked at Black Panther coldly as his eyes was full of gloominess. Apparently, he was extremely dissatisfied at Black Panther talking back to him.

Yet, Black Panther remained calm and undaunted as he cried out inwardly: "Kid, go ahead if you want to change your face. If you do, I will use this timing to announce your schemes to the world!"

After a while, the coldness inside Luo Ting's eyes gradually went away. He waved his hand and shouted: "Go now, I need to be alone!"

Black Panther retreated with some disappointment. In fact, he was waiting for Luo Ting to explode. He would find a good point of conflict to provoke Luo Ting. Only in that case could he create the best opportunity.

Currently, Black Panther's disappointment towards Luo Ting had reached the peak. He didn't want to be involved with him for a single second longer than he had to. If it were possible, he hoped Qin Wushuang would make a move now and kill this arrogant guy. What the eyes doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve for! During this time, he'd had enough of Luo Ting's face and words.

Early next morning, Black Panther came before Luo Ting's door.

 "Young Master, if you are going, now is the best time. Or else, she will be out of the city soon." Black Panther reminded him.

Luo Ting said angrily: "No need for your reminders, I can think for myself! You should still think of ways to get rid of those thorns in the Dispersed Praying Mountain!"

When he had finished speaking, Luo Ting remembered that he did not even know where Mu Rong Xu was staying. Immediately, he shouted: "Prepare and lead the way!"

Everything was within Black Panther's calculation. When they exited the Freelance Martial Artist Union, Black Panther brought Luo Ting towards the direction of the inn where Mu Rong Xu had stayed.

Since the break of dawn, Mu Rong Xun was guarding at the window. When Black Panther brought Luo Ting into view on the long street, Mu Rong Xu trembled slightly and hid behind the window. She leaned against the wall as her breathing started to become heavy. A trace of disgust could not but help to flash across her eyes.

That was definitely Luo Ting, and she would not have mistaken him for someone else. Luo Ting's unique arrogant temperament and that bearing of believing himself to be infallible could not be imitated by others.

 "Mistress…" Little Bamboo was about to speak.

Yet, Mu Rong Xu made a hand gesture to motion her to not utter a sound.

On the other hand, Black Panther who was walking through the long street took Luo Ting to stop at the door of an inn across the street. After Black Panther walked in for a moment, he walked out and spoke a few words to Luo Ting with grave expression.

Luo Ting's expression changed drastically: "Gone?"

Black Panther said with dismay: "Yes, I asked and she had just left. Young Master, rest assured, I already sent someone to watch her. Wherever she goes, she would not escape out of our sights."

Infuriated, Luo Ting glared at Black Panther. He walked into that inn and asked directly: "Two young girls stayed at your inn?"

 "Yes, guest, you knew those two ladies? Tsk tsk, those two ladies, our Orderly Mountain prefecture had never seen such beautiful ladies."

Luo Ting's eyes bulged: "Then when did they leave?"

 "A while ago?" That clerk scratched his head and said after a moment of thinking, "If they travelled at a fast speed, most likely they've already left the city, ha ha."

Luo Ting punched the counter and walked out in large strides. Without even looking at Black Panther, he walked towards the direction of Freelance Martial Artist Union.

As Black Panther watched Luo Ting's rear figure, a trace of a strange smile emerged from the corner of his mouth. He knew that this time, Luo Ting was truly furious. Once a person become furious, their head would become heated. When their head became heated, it would be easier to deal with them.

Naturally, everyone, including the owner down to the clerks of this inn, were eyes and acquaintances to Black Panther in this Iron Wood State City. This was Black Panther, born of a freelance martial artist background's method.

It was as easy as turning one's hand to scheme against Luo Ting.

With one walking ahead and one following behind, Luo Ting and Black Panther returned to the Freelance Martial Artist Union. Just when Luo Ting approached the gate of the union, a person shot out and just bumped his shoulder lightly into Luo Ting when passing by.

Sine Luo Ting was not in a good mood, he swore: "Bastard, do you not have eyes?"

That person bust into anger. Yet, after he observed Luo Ting's face for a moment, he cried out with a disbelieving face: "Young Master Luo Ting, aren't you Young Master Luo Ting? Ah, it's really you. Young Master Luo Ting, I am your admirer! I didn't expect to see you at this tiny place!"

"It's truly unexpected." That person chattered nonstop.

Luo Ting felt it was difficult to guess what everything was about. Yet, inwardly, he drew a breath of cold air. He seemed to have realized that he was being schemed against. His entire body seemed to have fallen into a deep trap that made his entire skin feel waves of numbness!

Simply it was like when a person had seen a ghost, a freelance martial artist he did not know had exposed his identity straightforwardly! With this roar, everyone in the entire union hall looked over here. A few hundred pair of eyes locked onto Luo Ting's face at the same time and made Luo Ting wish desperately he was wearing a mask, and to drill beneath the ground.

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