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Black Panther, who was standing outside the hall, watched Luo Ting's embarrassing predicament with an indifferent expression. From the corner of his eyes, there was a trace of a crafty smile unnoticeable by others.

Without a doubt, everything had been due to Black Panther's ingenious arrangement. Since this Luo Ting did not treat him like a person, that was also a good aspect. Black Panther would not have to care about their past relationship and feel guilt and responsibility toward Luo Ting.

Presently, Black Panther was only loyal to one master, and that was Qin Wushuang!

The task he needed to do now was to drag Luo Ting out from behind the scenes without exposing himself. Once Luo Ting was exposed, the progress of the entire matter would be close to completion.

This strategy was extremely malicious. It would drag out Luo Ting and emphasise Black Panther's innocence. It would make Luo Ting uncertain what had happened as he was sold out.

Currently, Luo Ting would die under the broad light. Two days ago, these freelance martial artists had just heard about those rumors relating to how Luo Ting had set up Qin Wushuang.

Now, these rumors were like clamors raising the dust. At this moment, when Luo Ting suddenly "appeared" at this place, it would make that rumor appear extremely undeniable.

Indeed, although Luo Ting was holding a grudge to the point of gritting his teeth, it was inappropriate for him to let it out. He suppressed his anger forcefully and glared at that strange freelance martial artist: "You have mistaken me for the wrong person."

Luo Ting was not an idiot. He knew that if he flew into a rage, it would make it more conspicuous. Thus, he pretended to be confused and let it pass.

Unexpectedly, that person was extremely mischievous as if he had caught onto Luo Ting's weakness of not daring to use violence. He stopped Luo Ting and his spittle flew while he spoke: "How could I have mistaken you? I would never mistake you for the wrong person! Young Master Luo Ting, did you forget? Two years ago, at that young talent gathering of the Lion King Mansion, you were in the limelight and won the laurels in multiple martial arts competition categories. You garnered a lot of admiration from us freelance martial artists."

Naturally, the matter spoken about by this person had truly existed. That great gathering from two years ago had caused some uproar in the Xuan Yuan Mound. Although most freelance martial artists had no chance to be a spectator.

Yet, the words from this person caused people to think.

Luo Ting's heart sank: "Could it be that this guy really knows me?"

He shot a glance behind his back and hoped Black Panther to come to help him out of trouble. Black Panther walked over discreetly and pushed that person away pretentiously: "Friend, you are mistaken."

When that person saw Black Panther, he gave a shriek and then, he laughed: "Mistaken? Ha ha, if I've mistaken you as the wrong people, I will dug out my eyeballs for you! Two years ago, weren't you also next to Young Master Luo Ting? You are his subordinate, I also remember you!"

As soon as he spoke these words, everyone was in an uproar.

It's possible to mistakenly recognize one person, but not two, right?

Black Panther gave an "embarrassed" look at Luo Ting. Luo Ting pushed away that person and said viciously: "Remember to look at people clearly next time."

That person kept jabbering and argued: "I've already seen clearly."

Luo Ting did not know whether this person was deliberately acting or lacked some common sense. At this crucial point, as long as you were some ordinary person, they would know that he was unwilling to expose his identity. Yet, this guy continued to blabber and did not understand of how to act in this sensitive situation.

Thinking vile thoughts of inflicting grave injuries, Luo Ting took one step closer and wanted to end this person's life quietly. As Black Panther watched with a pair of ruthless eyes on the side, he knew Luo Ting was about to make a move when he saw his imposing manner. Since he found this actor, of course, he would not let the actor lose his life.

Instantly, he rushed up and pushed that person away fiercely: "Get lost. We already said you are mistaken, what the hell are you jabbering about, get lost as far away as you can!"

That person rolled with the situation and was pushed onto the ground to the corner of the hall. He touched the feet of the wall to climb up. While he walked, he shouted: "What's so exceptional about offspring of the Venerable families? Weren't they just born to a good family? Why would you bully people? I am blind to admire all you fakers. Pah!"

At this time, jeers emerged from all around the hall. Apparently, everyone were dissatisfied by Luo Ting's bullying actions. Some even said coldly: "It seems that the rumors from these days did not rise without a cause. Everyone, speak about it, why and what is an offspring of a venerable family doing coming to this remote place?"

Once this person opened his mouth to speak, immediately someone else followed up with a a rowdy jeer: "That's right, a Young Master of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect is so high up. He ran here to hide with us, a bunch of poor freelance martial artists. He did not dare see people, something is fishy here."


One hot-tempered guy even punched the table: "Darn it, if that Qin Clan does not have aDivine Dao Treasure, and this whole was truly made up by someone, even if they are venerable family offspring, I will go to the end of it!"

 "Isn't that right? This is clearly lying to us and sending us to our death! Two of my brothers had died at the Dispersed Praying Mountain, we must get even with this!"

Everyone spoke one after another, showing strong purpose.

At this time, suddenly someone said: "You with the surname Luo, if you are truly an offspring to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect and do not dare to admit it, you are a useless scoundrel who has humiliated the face of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect! If you are a man, do not hide it. If you are not Luo Ting, who are you? Which prefecture and territory did you come from? If you speak of it, someone will always know who you are! If you do not tell us, then you are Luo Ting. If you are Luo Ting and did not dare to admit your identity, what's the reason for it?"

These people all possessed a clear logic. Step after a step, they pushed Luo Ting forcefully towards the deep abyss. When Black Panther heard these voices, he knew that these people were those spiritual beasts next to Qin Wushuang.

Although Luo Ting was powerful, he was left without an option when he encountered this sudden situation. Thus, he froze at the scene.

He only looked at the entire scene with a pair of cold eyes and inwardly, he was pondering a way to retreat.

 "What, can you not speak? Another guy said coldly, "Are you feeling guilty as a thief? Guys, do you have any brothers that died during the path towards the human countries? Do you have friends that got killed at the Dispersed Praying Mountain?"

 "If you do, show yourself! Let's use our unity to tell them that the freelance martial artists are not that easy to fool!"

 "Yes, we must get a statement!"

"Speak, who are you! Are you Luo Ting!"

Since these freelance martial artists had been feeling depressed after the recent events, naturally they acted this way since they found an outlet for their misery. At this time, they encountered a perfect target and learned that all the hard work they had poured in was most likely due to a duplicitous scheme, one in which they were been taken advantage to deal with the human countries!

Thinking up to this point, these freelance martial artists felt as if their lungs would explode. Especially to those who had lost friends and families during this matter, they were even more infuriated.

Anger also surged inside Luo Ting's chest. Upon hearing all this, he still hadn't figure out how misfortunate he had been! He could say that everything felt strangely confusing.

Inexplicably, someone had learned his strategy. Then, a sudden strong and powerful force appeared at the Dispersed Praying Mountain to stop the freelance martial artists from crossing the border. Next, inexplicably again, that Mu Rong Xu had appeared and disappeared at the Iron Wood State City. Even more strangely, someone had exposed his identity!

Luo Ting almost vomited blood from the rage he was feeling. However, he knew that beneath the crowd's flourishing fury, despite being an offspring to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, having superior strengths and trump cards, he knew that today's matter could not be resolved with violence.

Instantly, he gave a cold laughter and denied: "You are all a bunch of maniacs, I do not have time to play with you all!"

After he had finished, he started to walk towards the door of the hall. When Luo Ting wanted to leave, no one among these freelance martial artists were capable of forcing him to stay. However, with Luo Ting's departure, it had verified those people's suspicion.

All of them cried out: "Guilty as a thief, he is running away!"

 "So despicable, indeed none of the venerable offsprings are good ones! Truly despicable!"

 "Using us freelance martial artists as the spear to deal with Qin Wushuang of the human countries! This person, he deserve having his fiancée run away from the marriage, he deserves to remain unmarried for life!"

Harsh words kept rising and falling in succession like the tide.

When Black Panther saw Luo Ting leaving, of course he would not linger. He also followed him to leave in quick steps.

Seeing Black Panther following him, Luo Ting said with annoyance: "You stay here, if you do not wipe the butt cleanly, do not return to see me at the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!"

Black Panther said with insincerity: "Young Master, since the matter has developed to this stage, how are you going to have me wipe it? When the hole is poked, it's impossible to patch it regardless of methods!"

 "Then you are on your own!" Luo Ting gave a cold sneer and floated ahead with the speed of the wind. He did not even look back.

Black Panther followed him and cried: "Young Master, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Think it for yourself!" Luo Ting said coldly, "Since it happened due to your detrimental ways of doing things, naturally you are bearing all the evil fruits. I had never left the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, of course this matter is not related with me, ha ha ha…"

Black Panther's heart sank as he thought that indeed, this kid was destroying the bridge after crossing the river. He was ready to shift the blame from himself and use me as the scapegoat!

 "You being heartless, I will do you just!" Murderous intention flashed across the eyes of Black Panther while he said coldly, "Luo Ting, this is you forcing me. You think that sneaking back to the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect will emphasise your innocence?"

Luo Ting said leisurely: "I can make one hundred alibis and let everyone of the sect be my witness that I had never left the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect. Can you do it?"

Black Panther let out a long cold laugh and sent his voice to his head: "Unfortunately, I am afraid you won't even have the chance to return to Heavenly Luo Daoist sect! Luo Ting, if you died on the way home, how could the sect forge evidence for you?"

Luo Ting's heart sank. Then, he laughed: "Black Panther, with your little power, you want to kill your master? Ha ha, in your big dreams!"

Amidst their conversation, Luo Ting had already arrived outside the Iron Wood State city.

Black Panther followed Luo Ting tightly without losing his trace. Luo Ting warned him: "Black Panther, if you keep following me, I do not mind killing you along the way."

Black Panther said ruthlessly: "Then give it a try."

Luo Ting knew that around this area, the terrain was not advantageous. If he were to kill Black Panther here, most likely he would startle those freelance martial artists. By that time, it would be difficult for him to shift the blame.

He must find a mysterious and secret place to take out Black Panther. Then, he would push all the responsibility onto Black Panther.

At the crucial point, Luo Ting was extremely indomitable and ruthless!

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