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Black Panther only felt his entire being undergo an uncontrollable shiver. Next, his consciousness became fuzzy as if he had entered some strange primal chaotic world.

Of course, this state only lasted for an instant. After a moment, when Black Panther regained his awareness the situation had changed. Inside his spiritual perception, an unconditional vow of loyalty had been deeply implanted. This had completely changed Black Panther's consciousness.

At this moment, inside Black Panther's eyes, there were no more hints of his subservience to Luo Ting.

"Black Panther, do you know what to do?"

 "Yes, Master is asking me to return to Luo Ting. Await the right time, and expose him."

 "As for when the time will come, you should know it clearly since you are part of the whole thing, right?" Qin Wushuang asked lightly.

 "I understand."

 "Work hard, one day, I will let you know—The decision you made today is not only not a disaster, but the smartest choice you've made in your entire life."

The body of Black Panther trembled slightly. He gave a heavy nod and turned around to leave.

 "Congratulations Master, you gained one more exceptional subordinate." Moon Palace Jade Hare said with a flattering smile.

 "Now is not the time for congratulations, only when this card has been put to use would be the time for congratulations! Jade Hare, tell everyone to get ready to head out in three days!'

 "To where?" Moon Palace Jade Hare also felt confused.

"We're going to the Iron Wood State city."

Qin Wushuang's next goal was the Iron Wood State city. He knew that those freelance martial artists were scared out of their wits, unless they were elite warriors at the Perfect Void Martial Stage.

Otherwise, even those at the Profound Void Martial Stage would absolutely not dare to resist. After all, through half a month of killing at the Dispersed Praying Mountain, Qin Wushuang had killed a few elite warriors at the Profound Void Martial Stage. Naturally, since all elite warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage treasured their lives, they would not take the risk.

Of course, Qin Wushuang had his own plans for going in three days. Three days was enough to allow Black Panther to collect a lot of information.

On the other hand, when Black Panther returned to the Iron Wood State city, the sky was gradually getting dark. Luo Ting appeared somewhat anxious. When he saw Black Panther had returned, he berated him angrily: "Where have you been?"

Black Panther said carefully: "Young Master, first I went to scout the whereabouts of Miss Mu Rong. After I made sure that Miss Mu Rong did not have any elite warriors protecting her, I returned to deal with that freelance martial artist that spread the rumors to harm your reputation. Unexpectedly, that guy was incredibly cunning and fled at the mention of news. I saw him escaping towards the direction of the Dispersed Praying Mountain and I followed to see what was happening."

"Then after you have been gone for so long, did you find out anything?" Luo Ting asked with an annoyed tone.

Black Panther shook his head: "When I chased him to the border of the Dispersed Praying Mountain, I saw that he was trying to deliberately lure me in. I became suspicious and stopped following him."

Inwardly, Luo Ting was somewhat annoyed: "This way, after such a long time of tracking, in the end it was useless. Correct?"

 "Young Master, at least I can verify that the person who spread the rumors to harm you is most likely the accomplice of those ambushers in the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

 "What's the use of verifying this?" Luo Ting's mood had become even more irritable, "When you verified this matter, the result will be worse. Why would the other party set up an ambush over there? Why did they send people to spread the rumors? Black Panther, tell me the answer! This is the thing you have done! You did not execute it cleanly and leaked the information. Or else, without evidence, why would they bring up my name!"

Black Panther gave a long sigh. Currently, he no longer trembled in fear like he had in the past when he faced Luo Ting. Since he was in a different position, he was already viewing Luo Ting like he was looking at an idiot. Thus, the more impatient and the more out of control Luo Ting's behaviour appeared, the more he felt refreshed.

However, he had no choice but to justify himself: "Young Master, I already spoke many times. If the information was leaked, it would never have come from my end!"

 "Not a problem from your end? Could it be a problem from my end? I know clearly about my matters. After I left the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, I did not meet with anyone and would not have leaked secrets. For this matter, except for you, there is only me involved. All those who were involved in it had been killed by you. You say the problem did not come from your end, where did it come from then?"

Black Panther felt deeply speechless. At this time, this Luo Ting was shifting the blame. Even if Black Panther's spiritual perception was not being influenced by Qin Wushuang, he would certainly feel extremely disappointed to hear Luo Ting's words.

Now, of course he would not argue with Luo Ting. Instead, he said: "Master, regardless of the situation, the truth will come to light. I will observe the movements of Miss Mu Rong now. I already sent someone to contact Mu Rong Qianji through special means. Unless he plans to stay in hiding deliberately, he will definitely come."

When the matter had developed to this extent, Luo Ting was left with no options. Since he did could not break through the Dispersed Praying Mountain, he must think of a way to do it. Or else, in the end his scheme would not be successful.

Regarding Mu Rong Xu, he could only wait for news.

This meant for both matters, he was left without an option to act and had to wait at the same place. This made the proud and arrogant Luo Ting feel defeated.

At one of the inns in the Iron Wood State city, Little Bamboo had just brought hot water and finished serving Mu Rong Xu in washing her face and rinsing her mouth. Then, she brought another bucket of hot water to wash Mu Rong Xu's feet.

While Little Bamboo was busy at her tasks, she asked: "Mistress, do you think the information we heard at the Freelance Martial Artist Union is reliable?"

Mu Rong Xu's expression appeared somewhat worried. She went off into a daze as she stared at the candle inside the room. It seemed she was deep in thought and did not pay attention to Little Bamboo's words.

Little Bamboo mumbled: "Mistress, what are you thinking? You are not even paying attention to me."

Suddenly, Mu Rong Xu said: "Little Bamboo, do you remember when we met Young Master Qin at the Sky Breaking City, when he mentioned how the Xuan Yuan Mound freelance martial artists were going to attack the human countries, he did not seem to reveal the whole story behind the matter?"

Little Bamboo retraced her memory for a moment and mumbled: "I remember that he seemed to dodge the topic, and did not seem to be willing to keep talking about this matter."

 "Mistress, what's wrong? Did you realize something was wrong?"

Mu Rong Xu said: "I guessed that he already knew at that time that the whole thing was planned by Luo Ting in the dark. However, before us, it was inappropriate for him to reveal it to us."

 "Why would it be inappropriate?" Little Bamboo said disapprovingly, "If I had known it had been done by Luo Ting, I would have exposed him at the scene."

 "You are you, he is he. Young Master Qin must thought because of the marriage agreement between myself and Luo Ting, it would not appear proper to speak badly about Luo Ting. For someone that has an elegant demeanor like Young Master Qin, certainly he would not discuss others behind their back. He would also not point to Luo Ting since he would feel it was beneath his dignity."

When Little Bamboo heard up to this point, she also put down the task she was doing and thought seriously for a moment. Then, she nodded: "Mistress, now that you mention it, your words do make sense! Could it be that the entire thing had been truly schemed up by Luo Ting?"

 "Apparently, Young Master Qin already grasped the entire matter. This time, he had set up the plans way earlier when he chose to deal with those freelance martial artists alone that flocked to the Dispersed Praying Mountain."

Little Bamboo said with a somewhat surprised tone: "Regarding this, this Young Master Qin is truly exceptional. He has grown rapidly. I remember that less than two years ago, when he was facing Luo Yun of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, he was only an ordinary martial artist at the Spiritual Martial Force. The entire Stargaze Palace was helpless in the face of that crisis. Now, he is capable of facing all those wolf and tiger-like freelance martial artists at the Dispersed Praying Mountain alone. Mistress, Young Master Qin is truly impressive."

A trace of gratification flashed across the starry eyes of Mu Rong Xu. She gave a sigh: "Perhaps, Young Master Qin had encountered other fortuitous opportunity in these two years. He seems exactly like he had been back in the human countries. People seemed to be used to the surprises he displayed ever since he stepped onto the road of martial arts."

Little Bamboo chuckled: "Mistress, I heard that there is a kind of genius that truly receives the blessing from the Gods. They are genuinely blessed sons of the gods. Would you say Young Master Qin is this type?"

 "Hopefully." There was not only a trace of expectation in Mu Rong Xu's tone, but a sigh laden with feelings, "The responsibility put on his shoulder is too heavy. If one day Young Master Qin can help the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan walk out of the crisis, it would become another legend in the Xuan Yuan Mound."

 "Ha ha, to push strongly against a crazy tide has always done by legendary heroes since ancient times." Little Bamboo pursued her lips to reveal a smile: "Mistress, are you not going to get married by that time?"

Mu Rong Xu did not know whether to cry or to laugh as she berated softly: "Girl, what does it have to do with me getting married?"

"Yes, yes." Little Bamboo said with deadly earnestly, "I know, if it's not a man you like, you will not get married for the rest of your life."

Mu Rong Xu said with a smile: "Sly girl, I'm too lazy to speak it to you."

As soon as she finished her sentence, suddenly, Mu Rong Xu's expression changed slightly. She made a hand gesture to Little Bamboo to have her hide behind her.

Almost at the same time, a light wind brushed over from the window. A wave of sound emerged from nowhere: "Miss Mu Rong…"

"Who are you?" Mu Rong Xu was not scared as she asked with a steady voice.

 "Do not ask me who I am. I am only telling you that Luo Ting already knows your whereabouts. He already sent people to inform your father and will force him to bring you back to the Floating Snow House. If you do not want to marry Luo Ting, get out of here and as far away as you can tomorrow morning!"

Mu Rong Xu's heart sank: "Luo Ting is at the Iron Wood State city?"

That voice said coldly: "Don't ask too much. It will not be good for you to ask too much."

Yet, Mu Rong Xu was extremely persistent as she kept asking: "Answer me, is Luo Ting at the Iron Wood State City!"

To Mu Rong Xu, this problem was more important than anything else.

 "Sigh, what would you gain by knowing this?" That voice gave a long yet desolate sigh.

 "This way, the news spread from the Freelance Martial Artist Union did not come from rising waves without any wind, right?" Mu Rong Xu continued to ask.

 "Miss Mu Rong, even if you know the truth, what will you do? Can you deal with Luo Ting? Can you find any evidence to expose him? That's right, behind the entire matter, it's a scheme created by Luo Ting since he wanted to deal with Qin Wushuang. Yet currently, only one person can expose this scheme. It is not you!"

As that voice said this, he did not waste anymore words and instructed: "If you do not want to be taken back to the Floating Snow House and forced to get married, leave now!"

After the voice had finished, it drifted away like the wind.

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