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Ye Wentong and the four great Suzerains moved rapidly. In a moment, they had traversed thirty to forty miles. Just as they were rushing forward, suddenly, Ye Wen Tong's expression changed. Then, he stopped and waved his hand while giving a low whistle of alarm.

Hearing this whistle of alarm, the four Suzerains felt nervous inside and stopped.

At this time, hearing the alarm sign would never be a good sign.

Ye Wentong made a hand gesture and those four Suzerains stood besides him in a fan formation. They had formed a cohesive line of defense.

"Grand Suzerain, what's happened?" One of the Suzerain asked in a low voice.

Ye Wentong made eye signals to tell them to stay alert and not make a single sound at the moment. At this instant, suddenly, the earth erupted outside of that fan shaped formation. The flying earth filled the sky and rained back down on the area with a crashing sound.

A giant hole appeared near their feet. A ball of silver light flashed as if a wave of lightning was rocketing out at a rapid speed.


With a muffled sound, the body of a Suzerain that stood on the left side suddenly flew backwards. Then, that soaring silver light used the Suzerain's body as a launch pad and bounced back to collide against a second Suzerain nearby.

 "Be careful!" Ye Wentong shouted and waved the purple sword in his hand. Immediately afterward, his body lunged forward to as he raised the long sword and stabbed at that silver light.

That silver light moved at an incomparable speed and did not allow Ye Wentong to come closer. It drilled into the ground and disappeared below the earth again.

Maintaining his momentum, Ye Wentong slashed at the ground with his sword. With a booming sound, the ground had been split into two sides by this tyrannical sword attack and left behind a deep fissure.

 "Grand Suzerain, Seven-Seventh is dead!"

One Suzerain carried that Suzerain who had been hit by the initial attack. Apparently, the full power from that silver light had been transferred directly into his body. The power had instantly shattered the insides of his entire body.

Ye Wentong glanced at him and was not in the mood to look at him anymore. Instead, he called to them: "Don't get distracted everyone, it's that ancient Silver Monkey King!"

 "Silver Monkey King?" Inwardly, the remaining three Suzerains were shocked.

Ye Wentong's face was also ashen. He knew that at this moment, they must have fallen into some kind of trap. Yet, he could not say exactly what the trap was. He only felt that it was a somewhat unfathomable mystery in the recent days. From beginning to end, he felt he had been unknowingly manipulated into a trap. Each decision he had made and each step he had taken seemed to have guided him deeper into the trap set by the enemy.

 "Silver Monkey King, since you are here, what's the use in being so secretive?" Ye Wentong gathered his breath and shouted, "Even if others are afraid of you, how could I, Ye Wentong, fear you?"

 "Humph humph!" However, the voice of the Silver Monkey King seemingly came from all directions, "Ye Wentong, my Monkey Clan shared no enmity with the Red Maple Human Clan. Yet, why are you colluding with the Barbarian Tribe and attacking my Monkey King Mountain. Since you are going to destroy my mountain, don't blame me for not holding back!"

Ye Wentong jeered: "What kind of skill is it to just stay in hiding?"

The Silver Monkey King laughed coldly: "It's no problem to come out. Can you guys take it?"

After the sound of the Silver Monkey King's voice had faded away, silence filled the surrounding area. Suddenly, a few "Swishing" sounds emerged from the forest in the south as a figure burst out from the ground. This figure also appeared to be someone from the Monkey Clan. Yet, he had a face full of red light, a body full of red fur, and appeared extremely dazzling. He was the Red Face Guardian of the Monkey Clan.

"Brutes of the Red Maple Human Clan, would you dare come and meet me, your Red Face Senior, in battle?"

Just as the Red Face Guardian was busy shouting, another elite monkey warrior had jumped out from the forest across from him. It was the Black Leaf Guardian whose entire body was black, each of his furs stood up as if it was made of steel bristles.

 "Brutes, your senior Black Leaf is asking for your lives!" After Black Leaf had finished speaking, he waved the spiked cub and leaped into the air, launching a smashing attack at them.

The leaping capability of an elite monkey warrior was extremely flexible. In one jump, they had arrived about thirty metres in front of Ye Wentong and smashed down with his weapon. The thorns on the spike cub vibrated and shot out ten thousand rays of light, like the pearl needles raining down.

"Grand Suzerain, I will deal with this stinky monkey." The Sixth Suzerain jumped out and raised his Qi Mei stick in front of him as he moved to meet the Black Leaf Guardian head on.

 "I will deal with that stinky monkey with the red butt." The Eighth Suzerain also waved his battle blade and dashed toward the Red Face Guardian.

Ye Wentong gazed steadily at the ground. He was paying attention to all the movements underground. He knew that that those two Guardians were not the main target. The critical factor of this fight was the Silver Monkey King hiding underground. Among all the Perfect Stage in the Dispersed Praying Mountain, this Silver Monkey King was known to possess the strongest combat strength.

Even for him, an elite warrior on the verge of breaking through and half a step in the Void Martial Stage, Ye Wentong felt that he could not win against that Silver Monkey King.

Ye Wentong said in a low voice to the five Suzerains: "Fifth, watch closely. For those two, whoever is falls into a disadvantage, you must rush to their rescue and use all your power to take one out. I will accompany that Silver Monkey King in a fight."

Among all the Suzerains in the Red Maple Clan, only Ye Wentong met the qualification to battle with the Silver Monkey King.

Currently, Ye Wentong was also burning with anxiety. However, as the figurehead of the Red Maple Human Clan, despite feeling panicked, he could not show it on the surface.

At the frontline, instantly, two of the three Suzerains had been killed by the enemy. The tyrannical force of the enemy left the Red Maple Human Clan feel somewhat pressured and unable to hold their ground.

He never felt that making a hasty journey of fifty miles would be this strenuous. The two armies had failed to regroup. Currently, he was more worried about the vanguard troop. Cheng Bo, the Third Suzerain and Gong Sunli, the Fourth Suzerain, had gotten killed before they had even engaged in battle.

The powerful enemy caused Ye Wentong to feel some deep apprehension. Would Zhang Qingtong, the Second Suzerain, be able to hold his ground?

And if their forces could not break through this obstacle before them, how could they rush to regroup with Zhang Qingtong?

When he thought here, Ye Wentong shouted: "Get it done quickly, don't tarry! "

As he spoke, he initiated the purple longsword and made an eye signal to the Fifth Suzerain. They rushed at those two monkey Guardians from both sides and encircled them.

With an evil grin, the Silver Monkey King suddenly leapt out from the ground. He instantly swung the giant stick and smashed at Ye Wentong.

This stick contained an awe-inspiring power as it descended, the shadows of the stick filled the entire sky and caused the surrounding space to tremble.

Ye Wentong shouted: "You've finally showed yourself!"

He also slashed continuously with the purple longsword while his body also leapt high up into the sky. Facing the Silver Monkey King, he sent out three direct sword moves without any flourishes.

The man and monkey duo were the strongest existences in the Dispersed Praying Mountain. As soon as they became engaged in battle, they instantly turned into two shadows and danced uninterrupted in the sky. No one could even see their movements clearly. With their speed becoming even faster as the fight progressed, after a moment, it seemed that there were two rays of light entangled together and one could not tell which one was which.

That Fifth Suzerain rapid attacked the Red Face Guardian. At this moment, a gust of strong wind suddenly furiously approached from the side. A ball of red light abruptly flew past.

The momentum of this light seemed like a boiling fireball appearing out of nowhere in the sky. However, this speed was faster than anything.


Terror-stricken, the Fifth Suzerain never expected that such attack would come from the side. He had never, in his lifetime, encountered such extreme and oppressive power.

 "Get lost!" The Fifth Suzerain knew that he was unable to dodge as he swung the long spear in an attempt to block it.

Yet, his actions had led him right where the Purple Flame Electric Beast wanted him. This attack of his had tremendous power behind it. He was rather afraid the enemy would try to evade it and not take it head on.

Seeing the Fifth Suzerain waving the long spear to meet his attack, the Purple Flame Electric Beast charged forward at an even more violent speed to meet him.

As the spear collided with the fireball power, it bent inwards. The spear now appeared like a half-moon shaped bow.

Fifth Suzerain shouted: "Up!"

He pushed up with his arms and wanted to use this wave of power to deflect the fireball.

As soon as he attempted to use his power to deflect the fireball, . It was because that he had realized his attempt to use the spiritual Qi did not show a hint of response, much like a stone dropping into the ocean. After the power he had used to repel the fireball collided with the more powerful force behind the fireball, it bounced backwards.

It forced his feet backwards rapidly as if roller blades had been equipped to his feet. Under the clash of power, the Fifth Suzerain could not even regain his foothold after retreating for about sixty metres.

Yet, he had no choice. Besides going backwards, he did not have a better option.

Whether he would retreat, or take it with brutal force.

A moment ago when he pushed with his arms, he had discovered that the power of the other party had far surpassed his own. Especially under the circumstance with the other party in a more favourable position and he was being forced to retreat step by step, it would be going against himself if he were to push forward using brute force. If he did that, most likely he would wind up in a situation with all his muscles shredded and his bones broken.

Just as he was stepping back, suddenly, the Fifth Suzerain's body shuddered and both of his eyes bulged as if they were going to jump out of their sockets.

There was a popping sound and a spear could be seen protruding from his chest. There was no need to even use force with the spear, it was merely anchored to the ground and pointed to the sky. Since the Fifth Suzerain was retreating at a rapid speed, by the time he realized the danger, the long spear had already pierced through his back and out of his chest.

Standing behind the tree, Qin Wushuang shook the long spear. Blood streamed down the body of the spear. With eyes full of disbelief, the Fifth Suzerain looked back with struggle and opened his mouth. Yet, he could not utter a single word.

This spear had directly penetrated his Dantian region. Instantly, the spiritual Qi from his entire body dispersed in all directions. Qin Wushuang used the giant ancestral spear and initiated the Power of Deep North and guided the flowing spiritual Qi into his own Dantian.

After having absorbed Zuo Tianci's spiritual Qi, Qin Wushuang did not have a huge appetite when absorbing the spiritual Qi from another Perfect Stage.

Only, it would still more or less help accelerate his progress toward the Void Martial Stage by absorbing the spiritual Qi of a Perfect Stage.

This absorbed qi had instantly helped his Dantian to become more substantial.

In fact, he had already traversed about fifty or sixty percent of the journey on the Perfect Stage. Currently, with another burst of pure spiritual Qi from a Perfect Stage, whether he completely consumed it or merged it, it would help him to move forward another ten or twenty percent.

It had allowed him to leap forward to a higher level of the Perfect Stage. As long as he could consolidate the absorbed Spiritual Qi, he would have reached about seventy to eighty percent completion in his progress to enter the Void Martial Stage!

However, he would have no time to consolidate it at the moment. The battle before him was at the most critical and deciding moment!

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