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"Ha ha, Old Chief, you didn't know right. Bao Bao, that kid, is at the Void Martial Stage! Even if the Red Maple Human Clan has a greater number, and even if Bao Bao cannot beat them, he will have no problem escaping." The Purple Flame Electric Beast yelled.

The Monkey Clan, from the Silver Monkey King to those Elders, they were all dumbstruck.

 "Bao Bao... at the Void Martial Stage?"

Seeing each of their expecting gazes directed at him, Qin Wushuang nodded to confirm: "Yes, it has been some time since Bao Bao broke into the Void Martial Stage. The Shape Refinement was extremely marvelous. Please don't worry about him, Your Majesty."

The Silver Monkey King felt extremely relieved: "Great, great! Void Martial Stage, great!"

An interrupted stream of three "Greats" perfectly demonstrated the mood of the Silver Monkey King. Each of those Monkey Elders were beaming from ear to ear. They were scratching their heads, their eyes widened to show their excitement.

 "Your Majesty, these two clans attempted to invade the Monkey King Mountain. Regarding the next step, please make a decision. To battle or to make peace. If you wish to make peace, I will not speak a word. If you decide to fight them, I have another strategy and we must discuss it without delay."

A trace of anger flashed across the eyes of the Silver Monkey King: "The Barbarian Tribe has continuously targeted the Monkey Clan and it seems that the balance between the three powerhouses will need to be broken. Since they have already colluded us against us, we must fight! Please speak of your wondrous stratagem."

In a calm and unhurried tone, Qin Wushuang opened his mouth to speak: "Initially, we split into two groups in order to launch our own separate attacks against each clan. We were responsible for attacking the Barbarian Clan, and Bao Bao is in charge of attacking the Red Maple Human Clan. However, I recently rethought the plan of splitting our power to attack at the same time would not grant us any advantages. Regardless of which side is hit, it will not inflict serious damage. Thus, I immediately changed my idea and have decided to recombine our forces and attack the Red Maple Human Clan. After we have inflicted serious damage to the Red Maple Human Clan, we will turn around and launch a surprise attack on the Barbarian Tribe. Only, within the plan of attacking the Red Maple Human Clan, we need the help of the elite warriors of the Monkey Clan."

After a moment of thinking, the Silver Monkey King nodded heavily: "Great, indeed it's a great strategy! We will converge our attacks from behind and ahead, and we will pincer the Red Maple Human Clan leaving them unable to protect both sides."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "That's the plan!"

The Silver Monkey King said: "Young Master Qin, besides two or three of us who stayed to guard the mountain, all of the clan's elite warriors are here. Feel free to use them as you wish, if you have set your eyes on this course."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "This will require your decision, Your Majesty. I am only supporting the Monkey Clan, I would not dare to take the lead."

The Silver Monkey King laughed: "Young Master Qin has helped my clan for a number of times, I don't know how to repay you with this debt."

Qin Wushuang said: "No need to be so courteous, Your Majesty. In the human countries, Bao Bao also helped me a lot. Now, it's just the least I could do to help the Monkey Clan. How could I ask for your repayment. Besides, for this surprise attack, it's better to have quality over quantity. Please select the Perfect Stage level elite warriors."

The Silver Monkey King nodded: "My clan has two great Guardians and two Supreme Elders both at the Perfect Stage. Along with myself, there are five in total. However, the two supreme Elders are guarding the mountain at the moment."

Qin Wushuang said: "With Your Majesty stepping out, you are equal to three people. Plus the help from the two great Guardians, it would be like adding wings to a tiger. It is enough!"

The Silver Monkey King nodded: "Ok, let's do it this way. Red Face Guardian, Black Leaves Guardian, come with me. The rest of the Elders will return to the Monkey King Mountain and obey all orders of the two Supreme Elders. If there are surprise attacks, even if we have to abandon the Monkey King Mountain temporarily, it is most crucial to protect our bloodline."

There was one advantage to the Monkey Clan, and that was they could break up the whole into pieces. All monkey disciples could scatter. The disciples of the monkey clan all excelled at escaping. If they escaped to all directions, it would be impossible for the enemies to catch them.

"Yes." All those Elders nodded in assent. They bid farewell to the Silver Monkey King and headed back to the Monkey King Mountain.

Qin Wushuang said: "Your Majesty, the Red Maple Human Clan has just left, there will undoubtedly be guards at the rear of their main forces along the way. Thus, we must not get too close, but cannot stay too far. Most importantly, we must not get discovered by their rear scouts."

The Silver Monkey King said: "That's easy, I will take you underground using a supreme technique and ensure everyone is able to walk for a whole day. Thus, we would not be worried to get discovered."

Qin Wushuang was overjoyed at the unexpected good news: "With such magical ability, the Red Maple Human Clan will get destroyed, Your Majesty!"

The Silver Monkey King also laughed: "This is all due to your marvelous strategy."

After he had finished speaking, suddenly, a silver light flashed from the body of the Silver Monkey King as his body became much bigger. He flexed his two forearms into a circle.

 "Young Master Qin, I must ask you guys to hide under my arm, I am going to perform my underground technique now."

Both Qin Wushuang and the Purple Flame Electric Beast had always been envious of Bao Bao knowing how to use the underground technique. Now seeing that the Silver Monkey King's skill was much better, of course, they wanted to broaden their horizon.

With a flash of silver light, the Silver Monkey King wrapped everyone inside the silver light. As his body dashed forward, a ball of light penetrated into the ground rapidly.

Qin Wushuang only felt himself covered by silver rays of light as if he was inside a giant crystal ball. Inside it, he felt safe and comfortable.

When this crystal ball went underground, it did not leave a single trace above the ground and did not even disturb a piece of earth or grass. Such method left one in awe.

While this crystal ball was moving forward at a comfortable speed under the ground, Qin Wushuang only felt like he was inside a moving boat. The underground world was like calm water as the moving boat travelled at a steady and unhurried speed. It did not make one feel the slightest worry or nervousness.

After traveling for about half a day, the figure of the Silver Monkey King emerged: "Everyone, the forces of the Red Maple Human Clan is about ten miles ahead of us. They have already started to set up camp. How about we stop here a bit?"

Qin Wushuang asked: "Your Majesty, about how far away are we from the headquarters of the Red Maple Human Clan?"

 "At most, we have traveled thirty percent of the entire journey." The Silver Monkey King said.

After a moment of consideration, Qin Wushuang said again: "The Red Maple Human Clan going back ahead of the scheduled time will somewhat affect Bao Bao's plan. If Bao Bao was to set up an ambush, he would probably be close to their territory. I estimate that Bao Bao should have finished attacking their headquarters. For now, we will see where he'll set up the ambush."

The Silver Monkey King smiled: "Regardless of the place, about seventy or eighty percent of the Red Maple main force has come out. The top tier had all especially come out. It will all depend on this battle whether we can destroy the Red Maple Human Clan completely!"

This time, the Red Maple Human Clan started to hasten their journey back before daylight had appeared. Apparently, Ye Wentong was concerned about the news delivered to the Barbarian Tribe. He was extremely worried if someone had launched a sneak attack on the headquarters of the Red Maple Human Clan. If the ancestral temple was destroyed, then even if everyone in the clan had died, they would not have the dignity to face their ancestors!

 "Order the vanguard team to speed up."

Again, the team started on their journey. With this, they had walked for an entire day. Finally, Ye Wentong ordered them to set up camp at nightfall.

Currently, they were about thirty to forty percent closer to the Red Maple Human Clan. If they were to travel nonstop, they would certainly make it back before noon tomorrow.

However, in that case, with a tired army heading back, it would be much easier for the enemy to take advantage of them. Thus, he decided to let the troops rest for a few hours. They would start the journey around midnight. In that case, they could also make it back to the headquarters of the Red Maple Human Clan by tomorrow afternoon.

As long as they were to make it back to the headquarters safely, everything would be good!

After they had decamped, Ye Wentong called for the other four Suzerains.

The Second Suzerain, the Third, and the Fourth Suzerain were with the vanguard team. The remaining five Suzerains were a part of this second team.

Thus, in this group of troops, besides Ye Wentong, there were four other Suzerains.

 "Everyone, tonight is the most unusual period. Whether the situation will change, it will all depend on tonight. If nothing happens tonight, then most likely nothing would ever happen. Thus, tonight is crucial. Pass my orders to the vanguard troops to set up camp fifty miles ahead of us. Don't try to hasten back in the dark."


 "You four will have a tough time tonight. You shall patrol frequently and communicate regularly with the vanguard troops. Remember, never stop the line of communication." Ye Wentong distributed the tasks.

 "Rest assured, Grand Suzerain, if the enemies know their situation, they would not come to bother us. If they don't, we will make them regret it for their whole life!"

Inwardly, Ye Wentong laughed bitterly. On the surface, he nodded in acknowledgement of his words. At the most crucial moments, team spirit was invaluable. Since everyone was in high spirits, he would not need to worry about this aspect.

Only, inside his mind, Ye Wentong still felt somewhat worried. This kind of worry was indescribable and he could not put his finger on the reason for his worries. He instinctively felt uneasy. With the night arriving, this unease only increased.

Regardless, he knew that tonight would be a sleepless night. He must get ready and prepare to face any circumstances. When he thought here, Ye Wentong ordered: "Pass my orders, everyone will stay alert and remained prepared for battle."


Those four great Suzerains stood up and was about to speak, suddenly, hurried footsteps arrived from outside. It was the sentries in charge of the communication between the two groups of troops.

 "Grand Suzerain, the vanguard team has been attacked!"

Before this guard had a chance to leave, a second one had arrived: "Grand Suzerain, the vanguard troops have been ambushed by a mysterious young teenager. That person has magical skills. Before Cheng Bo, the Third Suzerain had a chance to engage in combat, his head got chopped off by his stick!"

For the first news, Ye Wentong was not the slightest bit surprised as if he had expected everything. If the attack did not happen, he would feel rather uneasy. Once it had happened, he had become calm.

However, when the second news had arrived, it made him stand up abruptly: "What? The Third Suzerain's head got chopped off with one stick attack?"

This news was unexpectedly terrifying. Even the other four Suzerains put on a fully suspicious expression. All of them felt that there must be a mistake with the information"

"Report!" The third guard arrived hastily and rushed into the camp, "Grand Suzerain, Suzerains, a mysterious spiritual beast has torn apart the chest of the Fourth Suzerain!"

Ye Wentong's expression changed: "Everyone get ready, we must go assist them instantly!"

The other four Suzerains did not dare to neglect as they dashed out of the camp. Before the troops had a chance to rest, they were ordered to restart their march.

Ye Wentong said to the four Suzerains: "With the frontline in crisis, the five of us will go first."


Suddenly, the Silver Monkey King under the ground said calmly: "Ye Wentong's troops are marching again, for sure it's Bao Bao who attacked the vanguard team! Young Master Qin, let's go!"

Qin Wushuang laughed: 'It should be our turn! Your Majesty, you and the two Guardians will make an impact in the first wave. Me and Lone will launch a sneak attack from the dark. I will use the Graceful Spiritual Bow to kill them!"

 "Ok!" The Silver Monkey King nodded in assent.

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