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"Lone, act according to the plan." Qin Wushuang's spear attack from a moment ago had been extremely sudden as he had not exposed himself.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast laughed mischievously and somersaulted through the sky. He shouted: "Boss, for the next one, you better not take it away from me."

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and made a hand sign to show his agreement!

With great joy, the giant body of the Purple Flame Electric Beast dropped onto the ground. He crouched on the ground and launched himself with his hind legs to turn into a bolt of lightning as he dashed towards that Sixth Suzerain who was engaged in battle with the Black Leaf Guardian. He opened his mouth and a stream of genuine fire shot out from his mouth.


As soon as the flame scattered away, it had turned half of the sky red. The power of this genuine fire was extremely oppressive. Its heat could be felt like a boiling wind even before the fire had reached its target. That Sixth Suzerain only felt a heatwave approaching as he scrambled to escape to the side instinctively.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast gave an evil grin and spat fire again from his mouth. That fire had surged forth even more violently and turned into a wall of fire that chased after the back of that Sixth Suzerain.

Although the Sixth Suzerain was panicked, he was still an elite warrior at the Perfect Stage. He initiated a ray of blue light from his hand and as soon as this light had burst out, it covered his entire body inside. Like a crystal ball, it protected his entire body. Just this protective light alone rendered the incoming flame harmless despite engulfing the spherical light. The Sixth Suzerain waved the Qi Mei stick and turned around suddenly. He extended his arm and that Qi Mei stick seemingly grew as it smashed directly down at the nose of the Purple Flame Electric Beast.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was furious. He closed his mouth and ceased his fire breath attack. Instead, he grabbed the Qi Mei stick into his two paws. Then, he twisted it between his paws as though he was prepared to twist it into twisted fried dough.

Unexpectedly, despite the Purple Flame Electric Beast's efforts, that Qi Mei stick appeared to remain extremely firm and its shape did not change at all. Feeling extremely enraged, the Purple Flame Electric Beast flipped his body in the sky and shrunk into a ball again as he turned into a ball of red light. Abruptly, he collided into that sphere of blue light.

This collision had almost resulted the same outcome from a moment ago. And, the power of the Purple Flame Electric Beast's attack had far surpassed the previous attempt.

However, to this Sixth Suzerain, he had dealt with it with much more ease than the previous Fifth Suzerain. Compared to before, after evading the first sneak attack, he had sufficient time to react. Thus, he was in a completely different situation than the Fifth Suzerain who had been caught off guard.

Only, his blue ray of light was due to the "Ripple Talisman" and could only work against fire attacks. When facing such brute force attacks, it would not provide much protection.

Just when he was about to turn around, suddenly, a wave of strong wind came rushing at him. it was that Black Leaf Guardian smashing at him with his spiked cub.

This attack was swift and ferocious.

With a booming sound, instantly, the protective sphere of the "Ripple Talisman" shattered into fragments of broken power under the ferocious attack. In a moment, it had completely fallen apart.

At this moment, the attack from the Purple Flame Electric Beast had also arrived from the front. Shocked by the strong attack from the spiked cub, the body of the Sixth Suzerain could not help but stumble forward.

His stumble had directly pushed him into the path of the Purple Flame Electric Beast's meteor attack. While the Purple Flame Electric Beast was moving forward rapidly, he was maintaining a good balance. Suddenly, he put his claws up and caught the shoulders of the Sixth Suzerain.

With a loud shout: "Open!"

One only heard the tearing sound like silk being ripped, before the Sixth Suzerain could react, his entire body had been split into two like a piece of cloth.

The power of this tearing attack had incorporated the Purple Flame Electric Beast's quintessence methods for winning. Even for a Perfect Stage, once they had fallen into his claws, they would only have one result, getting torn apart!

Even that Black Leaf Guardian of the monkey clan could not help tremble when he witnessed the appalling scenes of devastation. This scene was a little too bloody.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast twitched his mouth into a smile: "Black monkey, don't be scared. You are on my team, I'm not going to eviscerate you."

The Black Leaf Guardian knew that this guy was a friend to Bao Bao so he did not mind. He blinked his eyes at the Purple Flame Electric Beast in a friendly manner and rushed to the aid of  his friend, the Red Face Guardian.

Qin Wushuang called out: "Lone, hurry and go to the front line to help Bao Bao!"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said: "Got it!"

Holding the Graceful Spiritual Bow in his hand, Qin Wushuang observed the situation of the entire battlefield with a look of vigilance. Indeed, the sneak attack had been successful. Within moments, they had taken out three Suzerains of the Red Maple Human Clan.

Currently, at the scene, there was only Ye Wentong and the Eighth Suzerain remaining. Although Ye Wentong was preoccupied by the Silver Monkey King and holding his ground, he could not take the upper hand. Instead, he was forced to only defend under the Silver Monkey King's strong attacks. He could not spare any moment to attack.

And that Eighth Suzerain was faced with the attacks of the two Guardians of the Monkey Clan and was in a sorry state. All he could do was retreat in defeat step by step.

Qin Wushuang used his Graceful Spiritual Bow to lock onto that Ye Wentong from afar. At a distance of sixty metres, he would not even have to take a single step inside the battle scene. At this distance, with Qin Wushuang's current familiarity and the mutual understanding shared with the Graceful Spiritual Bow, plus his own strength, it would not be a problem to shoot this Ye Wentong to death within three arrows.

The fact was, through several true battles, the power of this Graceful Spiritual Bow had been tempered. Now, since Qin Wushuang had entered the Perfect Stage, he shared a much more tacit understanding with the bow. Of course, the power would naturally change with the overall experience of combat.

Initially, when he and Bao Bao, the Purple Flame Electric Beast had fought with Zuo Tianci, at the Void Martial Stage, they were able to use this bow to kill him. At that time, Qin Wushuang was only at the Advanced Stage!

Now, compared to when he had to shoot Zuo Tianci, Qin Wushuang's strength had increased tremendously and his all around aspects had become much more mature. How could he lose control when dealing with Ye Wentong, whose power was inferior to Zuo Tianci?

Only, the Silver Monkey King was fighting a heated battle with that Ye Wentong. They were battling at a rapid speed like two ball of lights flickering through the field. If the arrow momentum was too great, he was afraid that he would injure the Silver Monkey King.

To shoot, he must wait for them to separate and leave enough space. Or else, if he were to shoot recklessly, there was a great possibility that the tremendous power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow could hurt someone else by mistake.

Just as they were engaged in a heated battle, the joint attacks from the two Guardians of the Monkey Clan forced the Eight Suzerain to whine about his hardships: "Grand Suzerain, retreat! Hurry and go!"

Apparently, that Eighth Suzerain already realized that the tide of battle had been set and the Red Maple Human Clan had plainly and utterly failed. The most crucial thing to do now was to make sure the Grand Suzerain stayed alive. Perhaps, he could still lead his clan to rise up from the east in the future.

Ye Wentong had been fighting with the Silver Monkey King wholeheartedly and did not have a moment to care about what happened to the other Suzerains. Hearing the roar from the Eighth Suzerain, he was shocked and momentarily stopped his sword moves. The Silver Monkey King waved the giant stick to send a wave of startling force and directed it at Ye Wentong's chest.

Ye Wentong used his purple long sword to protect his chest while his body retreated backwards following the momentum. He used the momentary break in battle to glance toward the scene around him. He saw the ground littered with the other Suzerain's bodies. Besides the Seventh Suzerain who had been killed by the sneak attack, the Fifth and Sixth had all died at the scene!

For the first time, horror had emerged on Ye Wentong's face. He glanced to the side and suddenly, a sense of crisis emerged in his mind. Before he noticed Qin Wushuang's place, the instinct of an elite warrior made him feel a wave of unprecedented danger.

He gave a loud shout and twisted his body as he tried to escape.

However, Qin Wushuang had used his Graceful Spiritual Bow and took control of the complete situation in his hands. Since Ye Wentong had pulled away from the Silver Monkey King, almost at the same time, the Graceful Spiritual Bow had been charged with full power.

One, two…

As if he was working on two tasks at the same time, he shot two arrows continuously. With one going slow and one going fast, the power was adept and unobstructed as the arrows flew at Ye Wentong.

Ye Wentong tried to wave his sword to block it unconsciously. Suddenly, he remembered a name—Qin Wushuang!

As soon as he thought about Qin Wushuang, instantly, he remembered the miraculous bow and arrow deeply connected with his name. Thinking here, Ye Wentong was terror-stricken and gave a sharp yell as he jumped to the side.

Only, with the formation of the arrow completed, regardless of how fast he had reacted, he would not surpass the speed of the arrow.


The green light had hit Ye Wentong's chest directly .

Following right after, the second arrow arrived swiftly and followed the subsequent momentum of the first arrow to dash forward. Whoosh!

The green light pierced his chest directly! Ye Wentong almost had no time to scream as he was pinned down to the ground by the momentum of this arrow.

Blood poured and splashed to all the surrounding area.

The Silver Monkey King was overjoyed when he saw this scene: "Young Master Qin, your shooting technique has advanced greatly." Then, he glanced that those two Guardians still attacking that Eighth Suzerain. A sharp light flashed across his eyes as he sent the giant stick spinning through the sky. As if bestowed with life, the giant stick smashed at the back head of the Eighth Suzerain when it arrived.

This stick had arrived high from the sky and did not give the Eighth Suzerain a moment to react. As soon as the giant stick had hit the target, the body of the Eighth Suzerain softened and collapsed into a pile of meat pulp.

Qin Wushuang scrambled before Ye Wentong and retrieved the two green arrows. He lifted Ye Wentong's body, initiated the Power of Deep North and said: "Silver Monkey King, you guys should hurry and assist Bao Bao, I will stay here to clean up!"

The Silver Monkey King said without hesitation: "Thank you for doing this, Young Master Qin!"

After he had finished speaking, he gave a loud whistle and called the two Guardians as they dashed away at a rapid speed.

Qin Wushuang held the Ye Wentong's body in his hand jumped into a tall tree on the side. As he initiated the Power of Deep North, in a moment, he had absorbed all of Ye Wentong's spiritual Qi into his Dantian.

This time, absorbing two Perfect stages had immediately helped Qin Wushuang's Dantian to become more substantial.

Qin Wushuang was not in a rush to merge these spiritual Qi. Instead, he used the Fury Dragon Soul whip to tie up and hang Ye Wentong's body high on the branch.

At this moment, the second main force of the Red Maple Human Clan had just arrived. Besides the eight Suzerains, they still had some elite warriors. Yet, they were all Advanced Stage warriors. Of course, because of this fact, the Qin Wushuang would not regard them as equal.

Before these people had arrived before him, they saw Ye Wentong's body hanging on the branch swaying back and forth. Each of them could not believe what they saw at all.

That was the Grand Suzerain Ye Wentong?

He was the spiritual core of the Red Maple Human Clan, the absolute supporting pillar! How could he have died after a tea break's worth of time?

"Grand Suzerain!"

 "No! Impossible!"

All those Red Maple Elders rushed closer. When they arrived, they discovered Qin Wushuang who was half hiding in the forest. Each of them stopped their footsteps and looked at him, who was standing on the branch, with doubt and fury in their gaze.

Apparently, they could not believe that the Grand Suzerain had died at the hands of this young man.

 "The Red Maple Human Clan did not stay within their borders and had ambitions of the wily wolves. Now, all eight Suzerains have been executed. For you shrimp soldiers and crab generals, when are you going to surrender, if not now?"

Qin Wushuang's snapping shout carried a mighty power. The entire body of those elders was shaken from head to toe.

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