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Hearing the name of the Old Devil Ji Yin, Qin Wushuang opened his mouth to speak after a moment of silence.

 "I was just thinking of taking some time to head to the Ji Yin Mountain and settle some old debts with Old Devil Ji Yin. Teacher, did the Old Devil Ji Yin have a change of mind?"

 "How would he dare to change his mind? After three years, he has clearly seen that you have built your momentum and knew that with his remaining years, he would not have the skills to be your enemy. Thus, he brought a group of Upper Sky disciples and knelt before the Green Cloud Palace to beg for mercy. He asked me to return his two head disciples."

 "Eh…" Qin Wushuang felt somewhat troubled when he heard about Old Devil Ji Yin playing this set of cards.

Initially, Qin Wushuang had deeply resented him when he slaughtered a lot of people at the Eastwood town. After three years, he intended to settle some old debts with Old Devil Ji Yin. However, with the Stargaze Palace hosting the eastern alliance meeting and with the Ji Yin sect coming to participate, it would not benefit the sect if he were to kill him!

 "Wushuang, with your current position and power, it would be a piece of cake to you to kill Old Devil Ji Yin. I will let you decide."

Tan Zhongchi seemed to be probing him.

Qin Wushuang nodded thoughtfully. Then, he walked towards the Green Cloud Palace.

Indeed, he saw Old Devil Ji Yin kneeling with a few of his disciples before the door of the Green Cloud Palace as he arrived. Qin Wushuang walked closer and laughed coldly: "Ji Yin, what are you doing?"

Hearing Qin Wushuang's voice, Old Devil Ji Yin's heart trembled. He raised his head and saw Qin Wushuang standing before him with an awe-inspiring manner. Compared to three years ago, Qin Wushuang was already over twenty years old and had shed the immaturity of a young teenager. Instead, he had turned into a young man who displayed great maturity. Although he was young, he exuded the temperament of a grandmaster.

In the past three years, Old Devil Ji Yin had remained in the Ji Yin Mountain and practiced his wicked techniques. He wanted to achieve a breakthrough. In the end, he realized that it was a dream to break into the Advanced Stage in such a short time.

And recently, shocking news from the Stargaze Palace had arrived in a steady stream to his ears.

At first, it was news about Qin Wushuang's death. Then, it was about him coming back to life and demonstrating impressive power at the Friendly Competition of the Three Eastern Empires…

Such turbulent news caused the Old Man Ji Yin enormous stress and mental pressure.

And currently, the Stargaze Palace had advanced steadily and even defeated the Nine Palace Faction. Not to mention the Archaic Mysteries Sect at the Heavenly Lake Empire that the Old Devil Ji Yin had wanted to go to had been completely annihilated.

All of these news made the Old Devil Ji Yin feel extremely emotional. He knew that in the end, his years of ambition and dreams were unrealistic. There would be only one result for becoming enemies with the Stargaze Palace, and that would be death!

When he thought here, Old Devil Ji Yin had to admit that he needed to be smart and recognize his situation. Sometimes, he must submit to fate!

Since Qin Wushuang had a good life and rich luck, he would not receive a good ending by becoming enemies with him.

Instead of getting absorbed into hatred, he would rather compromise with the Stargaze Palace. Thus, he would end his stupid thought of making the Stargaze his enemy.

Seeing Qin Wushuang standing right before him with imposing manner, the more Old Devil Ji Yin was feeling emotional. He said in a low voice: "Young Master Qin, this time, I came to admit defeat to you! I will never have any other wicked thoughts from this point!"

Bao Bao asked curiously: "Boss Wushuang, who is this old man?"

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also scrambled out from his side: "Right, why is he kneeling here?"

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly: "This Old Devil Ji Yin is also a famous figure in the Great Luo Empire. Three years ago, we developed some grudge."

 "What?" As soon as the Purple Flame Electric beast heard these words, his expression changed dramatically, "He has a grudge with you? Such guts, Boss, should I help you tear him to pieces?"

For the past three years, Qin Wushuang had become much calmer and level-headed. He knew that it was not right to just kill people. In the past, with Qin Wushuang's temper of making a clear distinction between love and hatred, he would have just killed him. However, he must consider the viewpoint of the Stargaze Palace. If he killed Old Devil Ji Yin before the alliance meeting, surely Stargaze would lose its reputation. People would start to doubt the sincerity of the alliance.

This way, it would show the Stargaze Palace were merciless!

He immediately waved his hand and stopped the impulsive actions of the Purple Flame Electric ebast: "Lone, hold on."

The Purple Flame Electric beast cried: "Boss, why are you stopping me? It will be much cleaner to just destroy such a guy!"

Qin Wushuang said lightly: "Ji Yin, first, stand up to talk. If you kneel here, it would appear as if the Green Cloud Palace is bullying you."

Old Devil Ji Yin only raised his head: "If Young Master Qin does not forgive my crimes, I will never get up."

Bao Bao laughed: "Boss Wushuang, this old guy is playing coy with you."

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "Ji Yin, it's not hard for me to forgive you. Only, how should I settle the debt of you killing those innocent people of the Eastwood Town?"

Old Devil Ji Yin fell into silence and only spoke after a while: "At that time, I lost my conscience and ability to reason over my hatred. You can do whatever you want. As long as you don't destroy the Ji Yin sect's foundation."

Qin Wushuang said coldly: "It would have been reasonable if your sect is not part of the Great Luo. Then, I would have annihilated your sect. It's ok for you to come here and kneel in deference. Now, with the Stargaze Palace hosting the eastern alliance meeting, you must compensate by doing something to show your loyalty."

Old Devil Ji Yin just kept nodding when he heard that his sect would not be destroyed: "I will listen to everything you say. Since the Ji Yin sect is part of the Great Luo, of course we will contribute to the empire!"

 "Great!" Qin Wushuang nodded, "Perhaps in this alliance meeting, many countries and powerhouses will only obey in appearance. We do not know what they would do in the dark. You will be in charge of getting ahold of this information and informing us which ones will truly obey, and which ones are just doing as a formality. If you can perform well, we will clear all past debts. Your Ji Yin sect will still be able to live well in the Great Luo Empire."

Old Devil Ji Yin was overjoyed: "That's easy! Many powerhouses know about the grudge between the Ji Yin sect and the Stargaze Palace. For sure no one would be suspicious when I'm doing it!"

Qin Wushuang laughed coldly: "Exactly. Thus, you must perform well. Ji Yin, you must treasure this chance. If you miss it, you will not have another good chance like this one."

Ji Yin had gotten rid of his inner demons after withstanding many tough tests in the past three years. Naturally, he knew the importance of this matter. He also knew that Qin Wushuang was powerful and those two Perfect Stage spiritual beasts that helped to defend the Stargaze were both his friends. He could imagine the terrifying power Qin Wushuang himself possessed.

Thus, this time, Ji Yin would not harbor any other schemes or second thought. He would only submit obediently and wholeheartedly.

 "Young Master Qin, please pass my regards to your teacher, Mr. Tan." After Old Devil Ji Yin got up, he bowed continuously and left with his disciples.

After watching Old Devil Ji Yin leave, Bao Bao chuckled: "Boss Wushuang, you displayed a great temperament a moment ago! I tested this old man's mind and for sure, he did not harbor any sly thoughts."

Qin Wushuang laughed: "Bao Bao, you have such skill?"

Bao Bao scratched his head: "I didn't have this skill before. However, ever since I've ventured out from the Monkey King Mountain, I felt that unknowingly, my perception has been getting stronger. Then, I just had it."

The Purple Flame Electric beast said angrily: "It doesn't matter whether he has other thoughts. I say that it would be saving time to just tear enemies down."

Bao Bao laughed: "Senior Lone, you are quite narrow-minded. There is an old saying, you won't know your friends until after a fight! Some friends are made through battle."

Qin Wushuang immediately said: "Even if I forgive Old Devil Ji Yin, we will never be friends. Of course, as long as he does not have a second change of heart, we will let his sect live. After all, it's a sect of the Great Luo. If it's destroyed, it would only ruin our reputation."

Bao Bao said: "Boss Wushuang, just let me check out the situation. For sure I will help you judge whether the other party has other thoughts."

Suddenly, the Purple Flame Electric beast laughed evilly: "Bao Bao, then tell us, whether that Miss Mu Rong is sincere. I feel that she did not come all that way coincidentally."

Bao Bao laughed and his tone turned teasing: "Senior Sister Mu Rong, I am scared that Boss Wushuang will beat me if I speak about it."

 "Don't worry, Boss cannot beat you without the Graceful Spiritual bow."

Bao Bao smiled: "Then I will talk about it?"

"Tell us quickly." The Purple Flame Electric beast urged him with the tone of a gossipy guy.

 "Ha ha, Miss Mu Rong, you can say that she shows extreme sincerity toward Boss Wushuang! It's not true that she just happened to come here on the way, it was true that she just came here to warn you. I think she is also scared of Boss Wushuang suffering a loss." Bao Bao said with an evil smile.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast also gave a wicked laugh: "Then, Bao Bao, why is Miss Mu Rong scared of Boss Wushuang suffering?"

These two buffoon worked together as if they were serious.

Qin Wushuang said with a somewhat annoyed tone: "I don't care if you guys are playing around, you better not be disrespectful to a beautiful lady like Miss Mu Rong."

 "Of course we will not be disrespectful. However, Boss Wushuang, I must say that if Miss Mu Rong is not having good feelings towards you, I will give you my head."

Qin Wushuang said: "Why would I need your head? In that case, your Monkey Clan will come after my life with everything they've got."

The Purple Flame Electric beast also chuckled: "I will also bet my head."

Qin Wushuang rolled his eyes: "Your head is not important to me, you are only important to me by staying alive."

 "Ok, alright, Boss Wushuang, you will be happy if I say that Miss Mu Rong dislikes you?" Bao Bao turned the truth into a lie.

Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh: "Bao Bao, Lone, Miss Mu Rong has an extraordinary background. She is only acquainted with me through the appreciation of music. Now, I only wish to break through the Spiritual Martial Force and enter the Void stage. Only this way, I can have a better future on the martial arts path!"

Just as Bao Bao was about to talk, suddenly, a shout came from outside the Green Cloud Palace: "Marquis Wushuang, Marquis Wushuang!"

Qin Wushuang had not heard this title in a long time. Without turning his head, he knew it was Tong Yan, Tong Yao's little brother.

Tong Yan walked over with a face full of pride: "Marquis Wushuang, I already came a dozen times to the Green Cloud Palace. Finally, I caught you."

 "Indeed, we have not seen each other for a long time. Congratulation, I see that your temperament and power has received a tremendous increase." Qin Wushuang laughed.

Tong Yan showed a face of joy: "You had not seen my sister, she's the one with a tremendous increase!"

Tong Yao? Qin Wushuang laughed. By the way, Tong Yao had become his Junior Sister of the same sect. Ever since she had entered the Green Cloud Palace, he had not met her once.

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