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Chapter 375: Compromise from the Dragon and Tiger sect

Of course, the reunion of friends from the same hometown had created some joy. Inwardly, Tong Yan was also feeling warm. Currently, this Marquis Wushuang was a higher-up of the Stargaze Palace. Yet, he still seemed to be friendly and did not put on the arrogant attitude of a strong elite warrior. Just this point made Tong Yan feel extremely impressed.

Only Qin Wushuang could show such carefree and cool attitude.

After having entered the sect three years ago, each of those young teenager from the Bai Yue Country had become a man. Even Tong Yan had grown.

 "Tong, are those people of the Bai Yue still okay?"

Hearing Qin Wushuang's question, Tong Yan showed a somewhat gloomy expression: "Two of our friends are no longer part of this world."

 "Oh?" Qin Wushuang was surprised, "How did that happen?"

 "All of them encountered an accident and died while training in the mountain." There was a trace of regret in Tong Yao's tone, "Now, it's only me, Xi Men Xing, He Zichong, and Wan Jinpeng left. The two that had died were offsprings of the Royal He family."

Qin Wushuang had remembered those two Royal offspring. He also felt it was somewhat regretful.

Many people thought that after entering the Stargaze Palace, they had entered a training holy ground with a bright future. What they didn't know was that although they would have a great future in the Stargaze Palace, their path would also be tough. Just a little bit of carelessness and they would lost their lives.

Regardless of the training process or going off to war, carrying out missions, going on adventures, it would be filled with risks and chances.

For example, it might seem that exploring the Endless Eastern Sea would be a great fortuitous event, the truth was the high mortality rate was terrifying.

For every twenty years, from Zhuo Buqun's generation till Qin Wushuang's, people had ventured into the sea five or six times. How did the result turns out?

None of the chosen disciples who had gone on the exploration had returned to the Stargaze Palace!

All of them had failed. Failure meant death!

 "Marquis Wushuang, my teacher, Shakymuni Li Huo, always said that you promised to listen to him talk about alchemy, but you didn't go more than ten times." Tong Yan laughed and tried to change the topic.

Qin Wushuang sighed: "It's my fault for this, please tell the Shakyamuni that I am sorry about that."

"Ha ha, he is not serious. He also knows that you are a busy person. You have to work with all matters concerning the sect. Don't worry." Tong Yan chuckled.

Qin Wushuang asked

with a smile when he saw Tong Yan wearing a bright smile: "Tong, is there something good going on. I see that you are rather happy."

 "Ha ha, you have sharp eyes. On this trip, my teacher agreed to let me consume the Supreme Quality Initial Stage Pill. This way, I will also have the same chance as my sister to challenge the Upper Sky realm."

 "Your sister…" Suddenly, Qin Wushuang remembered how he had given his teacher one Supreme Quality Initial Stage Pill. He also felt happy for Tong Yao, "Miss Tong Yao is in the Upper Sky? That's great. In just a short two years, this would be a great and news worth celebrating if the Bai Yue Country knows about it."

 "Yes, right now, our Bai Yue is undoubtedly the number one Subordinate Country. Marquis Wushuang, in the Royal Qin mansion, besides you, there are two Upper Skies. Just this accomplishment will make the other Subordinate Countries feel ashamed." Tong Yan gave a long sigh.

Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was moved, two Upper Sky warriors? This way, his father had broken into the Upper Sky? After some thinking, he felt understanding. With the help of that Green Ice Heart Fruit, the Qin family will for sure be extraordinary!

Breaking into the Upper Sky should not be the Qin clan's only goal.

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Tong, we should use this opportunity and find a time to gather. After these coming days, I will have to go and carry out other missions. And I won't know when we will have the opportunity to meet again."

Tong Yan was overjoyed: "Marquis Wushuang, I came here with this thought. Then it's a deal. After two days, my sister will have also returned."

Qin Wushuang said: "Tell me when you have arranged the time."

Tong Yan nodded to agree: "Ok, it's a deal."

During this time, the imperial capital of the Great Luo Empire had gradually become busy with activities. Those powerhouses who came to participate in the eastern alliance meeting had to find temporary residence in the imperial capital. They had to wait for the official commencement of the meeting and would enter the Stargaze Palace after.

Qin Wushuang and a group of young disciples had received orders and concealed themselves within the imperial capital. They were in charge of monitoring all powerhouses to prevent trouble and maintain order.

In one of the inns located in the imperial capital, the five heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect were all gathered. Besides them, there were also a group of Core disciples.

Each of these people of the Dragon and Tiger people wore a

a solemn expression as if they were preparing for a great enemy. It was visibly clear how they were not confident about the current situation.

When Shi Chenglong had secretly departed from the Stargaze Palace on that day, he had been considering two outcomes. Firstly, the Stargaze Palace got destroyed by the Void Martial elite warrior. The Dragon and Tiger sect would seek to live within the crack and act according to the situation.

The second possibility would be that the Stargaze Palace had survived and the Dragon sect would step down from competition.

Obviously, the second possibility had occurred.

 "Head Dragon, now that the Stargaze Palace has pulled off their mask and is seeking to take over the east. This alliance meeting is merely a facade, I see that they are going to take over the east!" The Third Dragon Head said angrily.

Shi Chenglong sighed: "When I paid a visit to the Stargaze Palace, I was already suspicious when Tan Zhongchi began speaking in riddles. He said that soon, the future of the east will become bright. It seemed that the Stargaze Palace already had such ambitions before this! He did bring up how we were unwilling to form an alliance with them during the crisis. Our relationship with them cannot go back to how it was like before."

 "This is bullshit! Even if we had formed an alliance with them, they could also change their mind after defeating the Nine Palace. By that time, they just need to find another excuse. In the end, their fists are simply bigger!" The second Tiger head of the Tiger sect was also feeling deeply dissatisfied. While he was discontent, he also felt powerless.

Currently, the eastern outlook had been swept up in the tides of change. With all the mud and sand coming down, the Stargaze Palace had gained control of everything. This change was irreversible.

Since the Dragon and Tiger sect were powerless to turn the tide, it would be impossible for all the other eastern countries.

The Second Dragon Head sighed: "If we have to assign blame, we can only blame how that Stargaze Palace suddenly became so fortunate! In fact, the previous Friendly Competition of the Three Eastern Empires did not happen long ago. How did the Stargaze Palace advanced this much in two short years? I've always wondered that perhaps, have they always been secretly hiding their strength?"

One after another, each of them made guesses. Yet, there was no obvious clue.

Shi Chenglong said: "Everyone, did you realize that from beginning to end, the rise of the Stargaze Palace seemed to be centred around one person!"

 "Who?" All the

All the heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect asked.

"Make a guess!"

 "Zhuo Buqun?"

 "Tan Zhongchi?"

Shi Chenglong shook his head with a bitter smile: "This person is not at the level of a Palace Master. Instead, he is a Core disciple and his name is Qin Wushuang! Let me ask you all, have any of you even heard of his name three years ago?"

Three years ago? Everyone tried to think back but shook their heads. The moment they had learned the name of Qin Wushuang was at the Friendly Competition!

Although that Qin Wushuang had performed well during the Friendly competition, it was not outstanding. Why was it related to his performance? Could it be related to that arrow?

 "It was rumored that Qin Wushuang was the one who defeated Zhao Heng of the Nine Palace Faction with his arrow. A Middle Stage warrior managed to injure a Perfect Stage warrior. This is a huge mystery!"

 "Although Tan Zhongchi's dantian was destroyed by Zhao Heng, he seemed well when I last saw him. That is also another strange mystery! The rumor said that Qin Wushuang had journeyed to the Nine Raven Empire to search for the Spiritual Infant Fruits at the Dispersed Praying Mountain!"

 "And regarding the defeat of the Nine Palace, from the recounting of those two Elders who had survived, Qin Wushuang had participated. That is another major mystery that a Middle Stage disciple would participate in the resistance against the Nine Palace Faction!"

"The rumor said that it was one person and two beasts that had destroyed the Archaic sect. And with all the information we have, that person must be Qin Wushuang! How could a young disciple be this demonic. Do you all still think that all these changes in the Stargaze Palace is not related to Qin Wushuang?"

After Shi Chenglong's analysis, these palace masters all nodded thoughtfully.

The Tiger sect said in a low voice: "How could this Qin Wushuang display such demonic performance? I wonder what the background of this guy is?"

Shi Chenglong smiled bitterly: "I've already investigated many times. This Qin Wushuang came from a little Subordinate Country in the Great Luo Empire. And in the Subordinate Country, he was one of the lower aristocracy. In the past, him and his family were almost on the brink of becoming homeless. However, after a fight, this kid seemed to change as a person and rose with unimaginable speed!"

 "That is too strange! Could it be that he was possessed by some spiritual deity?" The Head Tiger said jokingly.

Shi Chenglong gave a long sigh: "Everyone, let's return to the topic. In the end, how the end, how should the sect deal with this alliance meeting. Should we submit to them, or resist?"

"Currently, the Stargaze Palace is extremely powerful as they have four Perfect Stages. If we are to resist, we will be punished and used an example to deter the others. I think that we need to pretend to agree with them. While at the same time, we should accumulate our power and increase our combat abilities. When we've gained enough strength to voice our opinion, it would not be too late to re-establish the balance of power." This was the suggestion from the Second Dragon head.

The Third Head Dragon yelled: "Wouldn't that be the same as submitting? To become the Stargaze Palace's subordinate? The Dragon and Tiger sect has never done such an embarrassing thing!"

The Second Dragon Head said coldly: "In the past, the Archaic had also never done it. This time, they did and went to lick the boots of the Nine Palace. What was the result? They did not gain any favors. The Nine Palace Faction abandoned them, and the Stargaze obliterated them!"

The Third Dragon Head said angrily: "Second head, are you in the Dragon and Tiger sect, or the Stargaze? Why do you keep speaking for them?"

The Second Dragon Head shook his head with a bitter smile. Yet, he did not speak due to his aggrievance. He knew that at this moment, everyone was furious at the situation. It was meaningless to make such unnecessary arguments. Instead, it would injure their relationship.

The Head Tiger immediately spoke: "Third Dragon, I don't think the Second Dragon is speaking for the Stargaze Palace. On the contrary, what he said is the only way out for the Dragon and Tiger sect."

After he had finished, he turned to look at Shi Chenglong and waited for him to make the suggestion.

Shi Chenglong gave a long sigh: "Don't lose your tempers. In the current situation, the Stargaze Palace is too tough and we are incapable of reversing the situation. It would be extremely stupid to defy the Stargaze Palace at this moment. If the Stargaze is tyrannical and uses our refusal to suppress us, it would give them the chance to become the sole leader!"

While he talked, suddenly, the footsteps of a Core disciple approached from outside the door. After he had knocked two times, he said: "Head Dragon, there is a strange guest who said he must see the Head Dragon. He said that you will definitely regret it for the rest of your life if you don't see him!"

Shi Chenglong frowned, someone dared to speak such words?

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