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Regardless of the potential danger to the Stargaze Palace, they must carry out their original plans. The Heavenly Luo Daoist sect was one of the top sects in the Xuan Yuan Mound and were bound by that ten thousand year promise, they would not rebel. After being warned by Miss Mu Rong, they would not put the entire Heavenly Luo Daoist sect in danger for such a minor conflict in the human countries.

The current Stargaze Palace had gained much fame. By defeating the Nine Palace and annihilating the Archaic Mysteries sect, all of these things received verification and spread to all corners of the human countries.

Even the Emperor Buddha Palace of the Sky Travel Empire and the Nine Raven Temple of the Nine Raven Empire were all surprised. They did not expect that a mere sect from a Middle Stage Empire had the power to destroy the Nine Palace!

If the Stargaze Palace could annihilate the Nine Palace, then the Nine Raven and the Emperor Buddha Palace had to treat it with importance. It was because their power was not much stronger than the Nine Palace's!

Thus, in the human countries the name of the Stargaze Palace had gained enough fame and was on the rise.

Thus, as soon as the Stargaze Palace hat send off the eastern alliance invitation, regardless of the Middle or Lower Ranking Empires, Free, or Subordinate countries, all twenty or thirty sects from their respective empires did not dare to ignore it. All of them sent their strongest representatives along with the most extravagant pomp to attend the invitation.

The sect alliance meeting was in fact, only a beginning. The main goal of the meeting was to let the Great Luo Empire grasp control of the entire eastern territories into their hands. They were looking to officially and with authority, advance into the Upper Ranking Empire. No one would be able to stop them.

Within the Main Palace of the Stargaze Palace, all higher-ups were discussing the upcoming alliance meeting with enthusiasm.

 "Everyone, we have sent off the alliance invitation half a month ago. We are only half month away from the meeting. Everyone, we will be busy during this time. You should act according to your roles. Those who are in charge of external affairs, greeting customers, or internal affairs must bring out all your energy. You must make sure that this joint alliance meeting will go successfully!"

Zhuo Buqun stood in the Main Palace and said with a serious tone.

 "About the alliance, if you have any suggestions, you can speak out loud without holding back. The more ideas or suggestions we have, the better. We will consider them all."

Tan Zhongchi was the first one to speak: "Head Palace Master, the other countries do not matter. I am just worried that Dragon and Tiger sect might change their mind. If the Dragon and Tiger sect do not cooperate, would we truly be ruthless and suppress them?"

While Zhuo Buqun was speechless, it was Zhong Wuyin who spoke coldly: "Since the Dragon and Tiger sect did not help us, we don't need to take our past relationship into consideration. Besides, the winner takes all is the rule of the Tian Xuan Land. If the Dragon and Tiger sect had prospered, they undoubtedly would not have shown any courtesy to us. Thus, there is no need to worry about being ruthless. We will act according to the rules with our intention."

It was rare for Tan Zhongchi to reach a compromise with Zhong Wuyin as he nodded: "Head Palace Master, Third's words are great. In accordance with the ways of the world, survival of the fitness is the law. The current Stargaze Palace is destined to come into conflict with the rest of the eastern countries. And I am afraid that hosting the eastern alliance meeting is fate since the heaven wants our eastern territory to achieve a stronger and brighter future. The Stargaze Palace will carry this important responsibility!"

All other Palace Masters also nodded: "Yes, if we don't do it, we might suffer a terrible setback. if the Dragon and Tiger sect is going to oppose us, we will use them to set an example!"

Of course, being a hero of his generation, Zhuo Buqun did not want to act ruthlessly in dealing with this matter. He was considering the possibility of making the Dragon and Tiger sect obey them without discretion and without affecting the reputation and fame of the Stargaze Palace.

After staying silent for a moment, Zhuo Buqun spoke: "You've all misunderstood Shi Chenglong's flexibility. For sure, he would have his own thoughts after he saw that scene at the mountain gate. If the Stargaze Palace still stood firm before a Void Martial Stage warrior, he would know clearly how to make the decision better than anyone."

The remaining Palace Masters nodded after taking his words into mind.

Suddenly, Zhuo Buqun said to Qin Wushuang: "Wushuang, come with me, I need to ask you something privately."

Qin Wushuang followed him and walked into the secret chamber. Zhuo Buqun said: "Wushuang, sit down. Let's talk about it."

Qin Wushuang sat down on a stone bench: "Head Palace Master, what is it you want to ask me?"

Zhuo Buqun said: "The matter of annihilating the Mysteries Sect, you did it well and fast. Only, at that moment of crisis, me and your teacher did not expect that you would annihilate them all. We forgot to remind you a very important thing."

 "Head Palace Master, what is it?" Qin Wushuang asked with a somewhat confused tone.

Zhuo Buqun sighed lightly: "This matter is concerned with the Endless Eastern Sea exploration. Initially, the exploration of this Endless Eastern Sea has always been hosted by the three Eastern Empires. The absence of any empire would cause it to become nonfunctional. Do you know why?"

Qin Wushuang said: "I knew something about the Endless Eastern Sea. I don't know why it needed all three empires to participate."

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "It's a long story about this matter. It goes back thousands of years. I will cut the story short. During all this time, the Three Eastern Empires had a contract about the Endless Eastern Sea. This contract decided the number of participants every twenty years. As for why this contract existed, it is because there is a spiritual seal at the exit of the Endless Eastern Sea. This is a giant spiritual formation and requires the Spiritual Key of all three sects to open the exit. Because of this, for thousand of years, the foreign powerhouses were unable to enter the Endless Eastern Sea!"

Now, Qin Wushuang understood: "I see."

Suddenly, his heart sank as he said: "Spiritual key? Oh no, Lone had thrown Gao Yue into the raging fire and did not see anything like a Spiritual key. Did he burn it with that raging fire?"

Zhuo Buqun thought for a moment and shook his head: "The Spiritual Key is extremely fortified as it is a jade sword filled with rich Spiritual Qi. It has the length of an arm and should not have been burned to ashes by the fire. I would dare say that Spiritual Key was not destroyed. For sure, that thing still exists!"

Qin Wushuang was somewhat disappointed: "If I had known about it, I would have paid extra attention. Now, I am afraid too many people have seen the ruins of the Archaic Mysteries sect. We would have little or almost no hope of looking for it again."

Zhuo Buqun gave a long sigh: "With my knowledge of Gao Yue, there are only two possibilities. The first one would be that the Archaic sect had a fish that slipped through the net. For sure, that fish would carry the Spiritual Key. It's because that is the most important item for the Archaic sect to rise again. Secondly, since the Archaic sect does not exist anymore and with Gao Yue's death, they could have destroyed the key completely. They would have make sure we do not get the benefit."

This analysis was reasonable. Although Qin Wushuang agreed with it, he asked: "Head Palace Master, what should we do? Should we look for it again?"

Zhuo Buqun said: "This was the main reason I asked you here. After the eastern alliance is concluded, you will be in charge of this matter. Among the young generation in the Stargaze Palace, only you could carry such heavy responsibility."

Qin Wushuang knew the importance of exploring the Endless Eastern sea. He immediately said: "Ok, I will look for it."

Then, he remembered something as he asked: "Head Palace Master, since Gao Yue colluded with the Nine Palace, would he have given the key to Zuo Tianci as a favor?"

After a moment of thinking, Zhuo Buqun shook his head with determination: "No, Gao Yue would have his limits to colluding with a tiger. If he gave the spiritual key to the Nine Palace, what other things would the Archaic have to arrive at a favorable agreement? The Nine Palace could just completely ignore the Archaic."

"Yes, then I will go look around for some information."

Zhuo Buqun said seriously: "This matter is extremely important. If this Spiritual Key has gone missing, most likely the Endless Eastern Sea would become a mystery and we will never be able to enter again."

Qin Wushuang asked curiously: "Head Palace Master, although I have never gone to that Eastern Endless sea, for sure it would not only have one exit since it's called a sea?"

Zhuo Buqun sighed: "Along the sea border between the Endless Eastern Sea and the Eastern Three Empires, it is filled with rolling sand, wind, and layers of mist for thousand of miles. It is already extremely difficult for one to reach the border of the sea. Even if you arrived at the seashore, it's not up to you to head into the endless sea. Most likely, one mistake would force you to face an endless tsunami of vicious waves. Each step is extremely dangerous. And that one exit is also filled with danger. However, with historical navigations, signs, we can somewhat follow the past routes and not get lost in the sea. The Endless Eastern Sea is one of the most vast and the most mysterious spiritual taboo places! There is an unknown and big world that is impenetrable to the human countries!"

Finally, Qin Wushuang understood the Three Eastern Empires never worried about the other countries seeking this secret. There was this layer of danger.

Since the Endless Eastern was extremely dangerous, it was not strange that none of the disciples from the past generations had returned.

 "Wushuang, the Spiritual Key of the Archaic Mysteries sect is tied to the exploration of the area. We can only begin the exploration with the key. Or else, we cannot enter the thousand miles seashore recklessly. It is because without exception, all human elite warriors have disappeared into the sea when they headed in from the other entrances!"

Qin Wushuang nodded solemnly: "As long as that Spiritual Key still exists, I will use all my powers to get it!"

 "Great! Wushuang, I'm sending you to do this matter because first, you are outstanding, secondly, it's because you have rich luck. No one can compare to you. You should feel encouraged." Zhuo Buqun said.

 "I understand."

Zhuo Buqun said with a smile: "Ok, let's go out."

Just as he walked to the Main Palace, Tan Zhongchi walked in from outside with a smile on his face. Apparently, he had just taken care something. He called Wushuang when he saw him: "Wushuang, come here."

Qin Wushuang walked over: "Teacher, what has made you so happy?"

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "It's not about being happy. A moment ago, Emissary Liu came to find us to speak about a matter. I almost forgot about it."

 "Teacher, what is it?"

 "Do you still remember that before you first came to the Stargaze Palace, we went to the Ji Yin Mountain?"

When Qin Wushuang heard the name Ji Yin Mountain, a trace of ferociousness appeared on his face. Old Devil Ji Yin! This was a name that made him clench his teeth.

Could it be that this old man had dared to play some other tricks?

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