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Obviously, Luo Yun felt that this lady had a stronger temperament as he laughed coldly: "What relationship do you have with the Stargaze Palace, that you must step up for them?"

Miss Mu Rong said coldly: "It doesn't matter about my relationship with the Stargaze Palace, you are a disciple of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, don't you know the rule made by all spiritual taboo places? Elite warriors at the Void Martial Stage from spiritual taboo places are forbidden from participating in all human conflicts! Despite being a disciple of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, you have killed in the human countries. Aren't you afraid of your sect attracting trouble?"

Of course Luo Yun knew about this rule. Only, this rule had been set for ten thousand years. The last time people had made this rule was due to the riot from the beast clan in the Xuan Yuan Mound. The beast clan had attacked the human countries and caused the most famous historical "Beast Clan Riot" calamity.

After this riot had ended, this rule was established. The purpose was also to protect human's survival.

Only, ten thousand years was too long. Although the rule still existed, in the past ten thousand years, a few incidents had happened that were against the rules. Even though these incidents did not cause a great ruckus, it was still buried and unknown to others.

Thus, this Heavenly Luo Daoist sect felt secure in the knowledge that they had the backing. After all, to most powerhouses in the human countries, the spiritual taboo places were formidable. And they had never heard about the Stargaze Palace having any backup in the spiritual taboo place. Due to this consideration, Luo Yun was able to act absolutely with impudence.

After receiving the lecture from Miss Mu Rong, Luo Yun instantly lost his confidence. He smiled apologetically: "Young lady, I am only investigating some facts and it shouldn't count as direct involvement. Did you see me killing anyone?"

At such crucial moment, this Luo Yun was acting shamelessly and denied his motives. Everyone of the Stargaze Palace was dumbstruck.

Even Miss Mu Rong did not expect this Luo Yun would submit before her. On the contrary, Little Bamboo from behind her chuckled lightly and whispered next to Miss Mu Rong's ears: "Miss, is he really from the Xuan Yuan Mound? Why is he acting so spineless?"

Miss Mu Rong shook her head with a bitter smile and said: "It would be best if you think this way. A thought can be kind or evil instantly. If your Heavenly Luo Daoist sect must interfere, I will report everything that happened here to the Xuan Yuan Clan. By that time, let's see how you will defend yourself before the royal of the Xuan Yuan clan."

Luo Yun's face changed drastically as he said: "Missy, I didn't do anything. You better not splash dirty water onto the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect."

Little Bamboo chuckled and said: "If my Miss hadn't arrived here in the nick of time, would you still not do anything?"

Luo Yun immediately shook his head: "No no no, even if I do make a move, at most, I would only be probing their strength. I would never truly launch killing attacks. I do have some restraint."

Of course Miss Mu Rong did not believe his words. She said lightly: "It would be best if you didn't do anything. If you did, I will also report everything."

Luo Yun smiled apologetically: "Yes yes, this is a misunderstanding."

Then, he shouted: "Zuo Tianci."

Zuo Tianci walked over and said: "Luo."

 "Since ancient times, all elite warriors above the Void Martial Stage are forbidden to get directly involved in the conflicts in the human countries. You are on your own since your Nine Palace could not beat the Stargaze Palace. Remember, don't drag down the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect!"

Of course, Zuo Tianci knew that Luo Yun only said these words as an act of courtesy. He could only nod in agreement: "We are not finished here. However, I will never invite the Void Martial Stage warriors from the Xuan Yuan Mound to aid us."

 "Miss, Zuo Tianci's words is the proof."

Miss Mu Rong said lightly: "I don't care about what Zuo Tianci has to say, I only care about what the Luo sect does."

Luo Yun said: "The Heavenly Luo will not do anything. Ha ha, nothing."

Then, he said to Zuo Tianci: "Zuo Tianci, since you destroyed such great foundation of the Nine Palace, come with me to receive punishment!"

Zuo Tianci nodded in cooperation: "Yes."

Luo Yun waved his hand and was about to take Zuo Tianci away. After taking a few steps, he turned around and said with a smile: "Miss, I didn't get your background."

Little Bamboo said: "Just go, why are you still talking nonstop?"

Luo Yun's expression darkened as he glared at Little Bamboo. Then, he put on a smile: "Miss, I have another question."


"Yes, this Zuo Tianci has always been a figure in the human countries. If he break into the Void Martial Stage and came to seek revenge at the Stargaze Palace, then it would not count as going against the ten thousand year promise for the Heavenly Luo sect, right?"

Miss Mu Rong was speechless since it would not count. Just when she thought of what to say, Qin Wushuang said: "If Zuo Tianci advanced into the Void Martial Stage, the Stargaze Palace will accept that!"

Luo Yun kept smiling coldly: "Great, hero always come from young people. This young man is bold."

After having watched Luo Yun and Zuo Tianci walk away, Miss Mu Rong withdrew her gaze. Qin Wushuang went up and cupped his hands: "Miss Mu Rong, the Stargaze Palace is extremely grateful for your help."

Miss Mu Rong did not put on an attitude as she said with a smile: "No need for such courtesy, Young Master Qin. I am only seeing the injustice and doing what I should do. The Heavenly Luo Daoist sect's action is violating the order in the Tian Xuan Land. They are creating unnecessary conflicts."

 "To the Stargaze Palace, it was a great favor." Qin Wushuang gave a long sigh.

Zhuo Buqun walked up and greeted politely: "This Miss appears extraordinary and should be an elite warrior of the Xuan Yuan Mound. Today, the Stargaze Palace is truly grateful to you for resolving this conflict."

 "It wasn't much." Miss Mu Rong returned a gesture, "I have met with Young Master Qin before and we are acquainted. These little things should not count as benevolence."

Little Bamboo laughed;" Usually, my miss dislikes injustice and hates when someone tries to bully others."

"Little Bamboo, don't say such unnecessary things." Miss Mu Rong berated lightly.

Little Bamboo chuckled: "It is like that! Ok, I will stop talking."

Bao Bao scrambled: "Senior Sister Mu Rong, are you still going to treat me to drinks?"

Miss Mu Rong said: "Bao Bao, I will treat you to drinks when you come visit the Xuan Yuan Mound."

Bao Bao scratched his fluffy head and laughed: "Ok, it's a deal."

Miss Mu Rong nodded and said to everyone at the Stargaze Palace: "The Heavenly Luo Daoist sect should not come anymore, unless they don't wish to live at the Xuan Yuan mound anymore. Young Master Qin, I will take my leave."

Qin Wushuang immediately said: "Miss Mu Rong is not going to stay a few days at the Stargaze Palace?"

Miss Mu Rong said with a smile: "I still need to take care of a few things in the secular world. I will not disturb you."

She turned to speak to Little Bamboo: "Little Bamboo, let's go."

Inwardly, Little Bamboo gave a long sigh and said: "Alright."

She felt that Miss was really strange. When she did not see Young Master Qin, she came here to meet with him from a faraway land. When she did see Young Master Qin, she chose to leave.

After leaving the Stargaze Palace behind, Little Bamboo could not help but ask: "Miss, what sort of business do we have to take care in the secular world that you must leave just after seeing Young Master Qin?"

Miss Mu Rong sighed: "Little Bamboo, I don't want to drag down the Stargaze Palace."

"Miss, you just saved them, why are you saying about dragging them down?"

Miss Mu Rong said in a depressing tone: "Just in case that guy of the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect returns and mentions us to his higher-ups, they would guess my identity and become suspicious of my relationship with the Stargaze Palace. If I stayed, it would create more trouble for the them and we would be unable to explain ourselves."

Little Bamboo nodded thoughtfully: "Miss, I am afraid that guy will definitely exaggerate the truth after going back. If they decide to deal with the Stargaze Palace, they would have a lot of other methods besides sending their Void Martial Stage warriors."

Miss Mu Rong sighed: "It would be okay if they did not send an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage directly. Once they do, it would throw off the balance. Once again, the disaster will strike the human countries. I truly hope that such things would not happen."

Suddenly, Little Bamboo said: "Miss, if you are really worried, why don't we go back to the Xuan Yuan Mound, and you can ask the Clan leader to communicate with the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect."

Miss Mu Rong berated lightly: "How can we do that? For sure, Father will be suspicious about why I am so interested in the human countries."

"You cannot do this, nor that. I don't know what to do."

Miss Mu Rong said: "Let nature follow its course. I believe that Young Master Qin is a person with rich luck. Surely he will know a way."

Little Bamboo laughed: "Since you know that Young Master Qin is a person with rich luck, why did you come to warn him. There was no need to worry."

 "Girl, you talk too much."

This Mistress and maid continued their journey while they were engaged in active conversation.

Qin Wushuang watched them disappear into the distance from the mountain gate. He withdrew his gazes after the figures had disappeared. Inwardly, he was feeling somewhat disappointed.

Suddenly, Bao Bao laughed evilly: "Boss Wushuang, could it be you didn't want Miss Mu Rong to go?"

Qin Wushuang sighed: "Miss Mu Rong is an elegant lady. Her zither skills is like the works of heaven. After today's parting, I don't know when I will have the time to hear that outstanding music again."

Bao Bao laughed: "Didn't senior sister Mu Rong ask me to visit the Xuan Yuan Mound! At that time, Boss Wushuang can just come with me. Wouldn't you have a chance to hear it?"

In the midst of their conversation, Zhuo Buqun and the others walked over. All of them asked about the background of this Miss Mu Rong. Previously, Tan Zhongchi had heard Qin Wushuang mention her. Yet, he could not help but ask: "Wushuang, is this the Miss Mu Rong you met at the imperial capital of the Nine Raven Empire?"

 "Indeed, it's her."

Tan Zhongchi said with a cold tone: "This Miss Mu Rong exhibited a tremendous temperament and unpredictable strength. Wushuang, this Miss Mu Rong is not ordinary."

Zhuo Buqun sighed: "Today, it is all thanks to Miss Mu Rong that the crisis has been averted. Otherwise, it would have been tough to deal with that Void Martial Stage warrior from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect."

Suddenly, Zhong Wuying cried out: "Hm? Where is Shi Chenglong? He was just here, where did he go?"

Hearing Zhong Wuyin's cry, everyone else started to look around in surprise. A moment ago, before the appearance of Luo Yun and Zuo Tianci, Shi Chenglong had showed himself.

 "How did this old guy just disappear?"

 "Yes, I didn't even see how he had disappeared."

Zhuo Buqun smiled bitterly: "No need to search for him, Shi Chenglong is already gone. A moment ago, he quickly left in secret when that Void Martial Stage said that all non Stargaze disciples should get lost."

Tan Zhongchi shook his head with a bitter smile: "This Dragon and Tiger sect is being so timid, how could they dare call themselves the Dragon and Tiger. They should change their names to Cat and Snake sect. Right, Head Palace Master, should we still carry out our original eastern strategy?"

 "Carry it out as planned! We will use the Stargaze's name to demand their allegiance, gather all the eastern countries. Those who don't come will deal with the consequences!"

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