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Luo Yun's divine power was indeed, a technique called Shadow Clones that could only be used by elite warriors in the Void Martial Stage. All these Shadow Clones incorporated Luo Yun's own spiritual Qi. Although they could not act freely like the main body, it would be easy for them to confuse the enemies for a short time. These clones would easily leave these people of the Spiritual Martial Force confused.

Zhuo Buqun held the bow in his hands and stood there, he was bewildered and did not know where to shoot. Only two green jade arrows were left and he must not waste them!

However, there were at least a dozen Shadow Clones, hence he had no idea where to shoot.

At this moment, the Purple Flame Electric beast gave a loud roar and charged toward the mountain gate. He opened his mouth widely, roar roar roar! He breathed out three mouthfuls of spiritual Qi as three streams of genuine fire flew out.

Instantly, the power of this genuine fire turned those shadow clones into mist. Only streams of Luo Yun's remaining spiritual Qi continued surging to the sky and spreading out.

Luo Yun pulled back and shouted: "This bastard is ruining my things!"

He waved the folding fan in his hand and immediately, a dozen fan-like rings shot out from the tip of the fan. Each ring appeared vicious and slashed towards the Purple Flame Electric beast like sharp rolling knives.

When the fan attack went out, it had generated small vortexes of wind and its speed also increased. It seemed that it wanted to peel the Purple Flame Electric beast into pieces of meat and flesh.

The Purple Flame Electric beast did not dare to delay as he twisted his body and jumped into the sky. Next, he opened his mouth widely and spat another mouthful of genuine fire. This time, like the pouring rain, the fire power turned into many fireballs the size of a fist. These fireballs showered down towards Luo Yun.

Furious, Luo Yun waved the fan in the air and three waves of blue-green light patterns formed an umbrella shape. This shape accumulated into circles of invisible defense line.

Bang, bang, bang…

When the fireballs clashed with that wall of defense, it seemed to have bumped against an extremely solid material and deflected the fireballs everywhere.

Being an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage, Luo Yun felt insulted to be attacked by a spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage. He sneered: "Bastard, you are seeking your own death by provoking me!"

Just as he was about to attack, suddenly, a gold light flashed before his eyes. From the top of the mountain gate, a giant gold monkey rushed down. He swung a giant club and smashed at his head: "Kid, get hit!"

Naturally, this giant golden spiritual ape was Bao Bao's form after evolving. During these times of conflict, Bao Bao had often changed into this form. Through battling with Zuo Tianci, the golden monkey bloodline had undergone continuous awakening. Plus the power and effect of the Holy Ivory Flower had been changing Bao Bao, it allowed him to gain tremendous power day after day.

Even at the Xuan Yuan Mound, a ten thousand year holy medicinal herb like the Holy Ivory Flower was a rare treasure, not to mention in the Dispersed Praying Mountain.

Thus, after Bao Bao had consumed it and refined it, its power was gradually revealing itself.

And it showed through little things and allowed Bao Bao to gain ten times the power before he evolved into the shape.

After he had swung this staff, it instantly stimulated Bao Bao's vicious nature of the ancient spiritual monkey.

The shadow of the club kept smashing at the head of Luo Yun. When Purple Flame Electric Beast saw Bao Bao initiate his attack, he did not dare to lag behind. He also followed him and breathed out a mouthful of genuine fire towards Luo Yun's back.

Although Luo Yun may be powerful, he felt somewhat constricted after becoming surrounded by these two spiritual beasts. Being at the Void Martial Stage, he would have great ease in dealing two Perfect Stage elite warriors. In less than ten rounds, he would usually kill the enemies.

However, he realized that it was not as easy as dealing with human Perfect Stages when fighting against these two extraordinary beasts.

Not only did these two Spiritual Beasts hold tremendous power that he would not dare to ignore, their movements and vicious nature was incomparable to normal spiritual beasts.

Especially the giant club of that golden monkey. While his moves appeared normal, and to the point that one may laugh at his simple moves, that power of the club had vividly accumulated a wave of temperament that allowed him to be mentally affected. This was the feeling in which one club smash would directly attack his mind.

Luo Yun was shocked inwardly. Even the most powerful ordinary attack would not shake one's inner perception. Apparently, such attack possessed a wave of evil spiritual energy.

He didn't know that this was Bao Bao's spiritual presence as a divine monkey. When he used it in his attacks, vividly, he could shake one's perception. Although the Purple Flame Electric beast did not have the bloodline of a divine beast, he had been at the peak of the Perfect Stage before being sealed. Currently, he could break into the Void Martial Stage at anytime.

Thus, this genuine fire attack was extremely powerful. Although Luo Yun was an elite warrior at the Void Martial Stage, he would not dare to use his naked body to withstand the genuine fire.

Qin Wushuang approached Zhou Buqun: "Head Palace Master, we must take his life while he is preoccupied. This Luo Yun is powerful and right now is the best moment to kill him."

Yet Zhuo Buqun was hesitating.

Indeed, this moment was the best time to deal with Luo Yun. If he missed this opportunity, it would be nearly impossible to deal with him again.

However, the problem was this Luo Yun came from the Xuan Yuan Mound. If he killed him, he would be delivering the Stargaze Palace into the eternal abyss indirectly.

Qin Wushuang knew about Zhuo Buqun's concern as he said: "Head Palace Master, he who hesitates is lost. If we let Luo Yun unleash all his power, for sure he would cause a slaughter today. How would the Stargaze protect our own?"

Stunned, Zhuo Buqun finally made up his mind. He drew a deep breath of air and started to aim by putting the arrow onto the bow slowly.

Seeing this situation from behind, Zuo Tianci immediately reminded him: "Luo, Zhuo Buqun is preparing the bow again, be careful of the cold and sneak attack arrow from this bastard!"

Luo Yun was impatient at the moment. Hearing Zuo Tianci's reminder, he chanted and suddenly, a wave of void light emerged from his body. Then, in a flash, his body rolled together with this light and disappeared before everyone's sight.

Bao Bao was stunned and immediately, he started searching around while moving his eyes. With a loud roar, he raised the giant club and smashed at a spot about ten meters before him.


In the clear sky, the power of this smash emitted shockwaves that spread all around. One only heard an explosive sound and waves of green smoke appeared.

From the greenish smoke, gradually a figure emerged. Initially, it seemed to be a shadow. Then, it slowly solidified revealing Luo Yun's true body.

Luo Yun was in a towering rage. He never expected that two Perfect Stage spiritual beasts would break through several of his Void Martial techniques.

Bao Bao smiled evilly: "Kid, don't run. Come and battle me for three hundred rounds."

Luo Yun said with rage: "Stupid monkey, if I don't use some true skill, do you truly think a warrior at the Void Martial Stage is built by mud?"

Bao Bao said: "Even if you are formed by gold, I will smash you down the same!"

The Purple Flame Electric beast behind Luo Yun did not even speak anymore and dashed like lightning. His entire body balled up like a cannonball into a ball of purple light. His launched himself at Luo Yun with an extremely fast speed.

This move was one of the Purple Flame Electric beast's trump cards. This extreme powerful attack was called the Meteor Crash!

The Purple Flame Electric beast controlled the power of this crash. The more powerful the enemy, the more powerful this attack.

In a flash of purple light, the momentum of the beast's attack had arrived instantly before Luo Yun. Indeed, he was feeling depressed. Today, he thought he would tear down the Stargaze Palace easily with his awe-inspiring and ferocious manner. Unexpectedly, these two spiritual beasts appeared out of nowhere and showed such tremendous combat power. Not only was he in an embarrassing state, he was also at a disadvantage.

In a swirl, his body disappeared into the sky once again.

Since his crash did not succeed, the Purple Flame Electric beast uncoiled his body and restored his true body. He crouched before the mountain gate and showed a protective stance guarding his owner.

Bao Bao used his spiritual perception of a divine monkey to investigate all corners of the area. He looked downwards and discovered that Luo Yun had dropped onto the mountain road down the slope.

This guy did not advance and only retreated, who knew what he was up to?

Bao Bao did not chase after him. Regarding true strength, regardless of him or Lone, he knew that they were inferior to this person.

After all, there was a clear difference between the Spiritual Martial force and the Void stage.

As a gust of wind breezed past, Luo Yun's body dropped below the mountain road. Revealing an ashen face, he showed a clear vicious intention on his face. Despite his extreme anger, he laughed: "Ok, wow, I didn't imagine that the tiny Stargaze Palace would have two powerful spiritual beasts. It seems that if I don't use some trump cards, I cannot get rid of this tough nail!"

After he had finished speaking, a spiritual talisman appeared in Luo Yun's hand. This spiritual talisman was only as big as the size of a palm. Yet, an ancient and strange pattern was drawn on it. The shape of the diagram was a demonic monster with bared fangs and brandished claws. His entire body had sharp thorns giving it an extremely vicious appearance.

With a sneer, Luo Yun threw that spiritual talisman into the sky and chanted. A solid white fog gushed out from the center of his palm that charged toward the talisman.

At this time, a sudden yellow light emerged from the sky that pierced the white mist. Instantly, that yellow light blew all the white mists away.

Luo Yun's expression changed drastically as he grabbed the spiritual talisman in his hand. He shouted: "Who dares to destroy my business?"

With a flash of yellow light in the sky, many bits and pieces of yellow rays of light radiated like grains of resplendent pills. From within this light, a yellow and charming figure like a descending celestial being appeared. She gave people a feeling of the most refined grace and awe.

Qin Wushuang was feeling a little nervous inwardly, why did she come?

Indeed, this figure was Miss Mu Rong. With her charming figure who stood alone on the mountain road amidst the wind, one almost felt as if a celestial being had come from the heavens.

 "Your surname is Luo?" Miss Mu Rong spoke lightly.

Of course Luo Yun knew about the depth in the difference of power. He knew immediately that this lady's power was above his when he witnessed her temperament. However, since he came from the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, he still had some confidence, he asked coldly: "Where did you come from, that you dare to interfere in my business?"

"What kind of good business is this? I don't think it's a good thing to summon a demonic beast at the Void Martial Stage, right?" Miss Mu Rong said lightly.

A demonic beast at the Void Martial Stage? Once she spoke these words, all those people before the mountain gate were dumbstruck. Even Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric beast revealed a trace of fear.

A demonic beast at the Void Martial Stage combined with his power would for sure be a great disaster! Even with Bao Bao and the Purple Flame Electric beast, plus Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi who were at the Perfect Stage, they would not be able to stand against them. Most likely, the effectiveness of the Graceful Spiritual Bow would decrease tremendously under the might of two strong warriors at the Void Martial Stage!

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