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Chapter 356: The Pleasure in Hitting People from Nowhere

Zhao Heng came up and asked: "Head Zuo, what happened?"

Zuo Tianci said: "That cliff road across here is within the Great Luo Empire, right?"

Zhao Heng had came here once and knew about it. He nodded: 'Yes."

 "No rush, send two spiritual beasts to scout the way and clear the blocks. I don't want to see any ambushes."

Zuo Tianci was extremely cautious as he passed down his orders.

The Elder in charge of the spiritual beasts nodded and patted the two spiritual beasts. Instantly, they rushed ahead to scout out the road on the cliff.

These spiritual beasts were extremely careful and did not forget the side of the cliff.

Only, no matter how sensitive this spiritual beasts may be, they would never expect that the ambush was not on the road, but below the cliff. As for Bao Bao, since he was hidden in the dark, the Advanced Stage beasts could not sense him.

When these two spiritual beasts scouted all the way to the end, they let out a cry to show that there were no threats along the road.

Zhao Heng laughed: "Head Zuo, indeed, you are careful and did not forget any possibility. Only, that Stargaze Palace most likely is maintaining full vigilance in their homes, how could they have the guts to ambush us out here? I do hope they ambush us. It's easier to deal with them outside their homes. Only with their strength, they don't have the skills to ambush…"

 "Although that may be the case, it's never bad to be cautious. Since there are no ambushes here, it does not mean that the Stargaze Palace will absolutely not launch an ambush. In the art of military strategies, it can be either transparent or unpredictable, we must consider any and all possibilities."

After Zuo Tianci had finished speaking, he headed out first: "Let's go."

Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang exchanged a glance and became highly focused. Since Head Zuo was being so cautious, how could they dare to slack off.

The three Heads lead the way in front and the main troops followed after. They did not travel at a fast speed when going through this cliff road. This was common sense. It would be easy to fall into an ambush by travelling too fast. And when they did get ambushed, it would take them longer to react. Thus, when passing through such

a place, they would rather go slow and steadily.

Suddenly, Zuo Tianci stopped his footsteps and a trace of alarm emerged from his eyes. Then, he shouted in a low voice: "Everyone be careful, something is wrong!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of a miserable cry came from the rear!


The sound of the person's cries was extremely sudden and piercing as if connected with Zuo Tianci's words one after another.

A hole had appeared on the chest of an Elder at the Advanced Stage. It seemed his chest was penetrated by some type of sharp weapon that left a giant bloody hole. His dantian had been swallowed directly!

This devastating scene caused all the other people to feel all the hairs on their bodies to stand up. All of these people had matured through continuous killing. Which one of them had not taken a dozen or a few hundred lives?

However, when they saw such a terrifying and bloody scene, their hearts still raced! This change was too fast. There was no time to react as they just watched this friend fall to his death.

Zuo Tianci jumped over quickly and caught the body. After looking for a moment, a trace of solemnity emerged on his face: "Did anyone beside him see what happened?"

"We were rushing the way and saw Elder Nine's body suddenly jerk, then he became like this. It seemed like there was a flash of light digging into the ground. It was too fast!"

Zuo Tianci drew a breath of cold air and looked towards the ground of this sheer cliff. On this road, it was full of hard stones. The stone path would pose great difficulty for one to travel underground.

Since he had disappeared in a flash, for sure it was not an elite warrior from the human country that had done it. Even a Perfect Stage human warrior could not have such swift moves and such demonic underground techniques.

"Could it be a spiritual beast?"

Zuo Tianci frowned lightly and asked Zhao Heng: "Assistant Leader Zhao, when you were at the Stargaze Palace, did you see any powerful spiritual beasts?"

Zhao Heng shook his head: "From beginning to end, there were only four Palace Masters and a young man rushing at me from behind. How could there be any spiritual beasts?"

Zuo Tianmei frowned deeply: That's strange, could it be that the

the Stargaze Palace have other spiritual beasts?"

However, Zhao Heng said: "Usually, the Stargaze Palace is the weakest at training spiritual beasts in the Three Eastern Empires. Even the Archaic Mysteries sect do not have many Advanced Stage spiritual beasts. Even if they had one, it shouldn't be able to bite Elder Nine to death instantly."

Zuo Tianci could not understand. He looked toward the deep cliff and revealed a thoughtful look. Then, he said in a low voice: "Could it be a spiritual beast that is training below the cliff?"

Suddenly, Dao Haitang said: "Head Palace Master, this spiritual beast evaded the three of us that is at the Perfect Stage and only targeted the Elders at the rear. He should be restraining his fear due to us three. How about we reform the group. Head Zuo will open the path in the front and I and Assistant Leader Zhao will stay in the rear, how about it?"

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Ok, let's discuss it after passing the cliff. We cannot treat this evil place lightly!"

Although he was calm on the surface, he was feeling somewhat unlucky inwardly. Before the start of the battle, an Advanced Stage Elder had died. To the Nine Palace, without question, this was a huge blow. Regarding the power or motivation, this would be a major setback.

Instantly, he encouraged everyone: "Don't feel down. The Stargaze Palace do not have the skills to train such powerful spiritual beast. This must be an accident. After passing through this cliff, let's discuss it!"

After walking a few steps, suddenly, Zuo Tianci said: "Everyone shorten the distance between one and each other. We need to prevent another sneak attack from the enemy."

This cliff road was not very long. However, it would take them sometime to pass.

While Zuo Tianci said, suddenly, a furious growl emerged from the bottom of the cliff: "Roar!"

This feverish roar shook the forest and the entire cliff, causing it to tremble. As soon as Zuo tianci heard this roar, he said: "Calm down, this spiritual beast is warning us to get out of his territory."

Before Zuo Tianci had finished his words, he let out another "roar." Again, it echoed across the valley even more viciously than before.

Naturally, Qin Wushuang had instructed them to let the Purple Flame Electric Beast suppress his spiritual Qi to send out this roar. Then,

roar. Then, this roar was also to make the Nine Palace become doubtful.

Most importantly, this roar was to attract the attention of the Nine Palace and create some space for Bao Bao.

Zuo Tianci's expression changed slightly. He walked to the side of the cliff and spread his spiritual sense out. Then, he enhanced his perception to the bottom of the cliff.

His action was to warn that spiritual beast to not act out of bounds. This was an intimidation.

Just as Zuo Tianci was initiating his spiritual Qi, another light cry emerged from his back.


Another Elder dropped to the ground and blood spilled the ground. This time, his chest was opened up as if something had ripped away his dantian.

With fear and shock, Zuo Tianci went back to see. This time, he could not suppress the anger from his eyes.

If the first time was a sneak attack, he could forgive it. This time, everyone was concentrated and the sneak attack had still succeeded. This made him extremely frustrated.

Indeed, the beast was showing off to Zuo Tianci and had destroyed two of his Advanced Stage Elders!

Zuo Tianci closed the Elder's opening eyes and said: "Elder Seven, I vow to let you rest in peace!"

After he had finished speaking, he gave a long growl to the sky and initiated his entire Qi madly. Instantly, echoes filled the entire Eagle Strike Cliff. Like the thunder attracting the fire, the sky became dark without light.

At Zuo Tianci's Perfect Stage level, he had reached the peak and was only waiting to break into the Void Martial Stage.

Thus, this roar had instantly lowered the sky and earth. The entire cliff seemed to tremble as stone debris flew around with the moving mountain.

 "Zhao, Dao, protect everyone and get them off this cliff road!"

Apparently, Zuo Tianci was beyond frustration. While he instructed, he pulled out a bloody red combat blade in his hand. Then, he waved it.

The blade flashed, three lights formed into a sword soul and slashed down onto the mountain road.

Like tofu, the stone road of the mountain was split and deep crevice appeared. This ditch was a dozen metres deep. Zuo Tianci waved the blade and kept slashing. Under his attacks, the entire road became deep ditches.

Under his blade movements, Bao Bao did not dare to charge recklessly. He dived down the cliff and informed Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok, go nodded: "Ok, go report to the Head Palace Master and my teacher. The ambush at the cliff is over. Change to the next place!"

Bao Bao accepted the order with happiness. A moment ago, he felt extremely refreshed after swallowing the dantians of the two Advanced Stage Elders. He had gained a harvest.

Finally, they reached the end of the terrifying cliff road. When they came to an open space, the people of the Nine Palace let out a long breath. They had walked this less than ten miles of cliff road and experienced such a horrifying experience. Before their departure, how could they have expected that two major Elders would died at these ten mile of road?

Zuo Tianci glanced around and ordered: "Keep moving. We will make camp and rest after a hundred miles at a open space."

After this incident, obviously the team's mindset had undergone subtle changes. Their previous formidable temperament had weakened.

Each of them realized that this Stargaze Palace was a hard bone and did not seem easy to bite as they had imagined!

Zuo Tianci noticed everything. Although he was somewhat anxious, he did not lose his temper. He knew that it was normal for everyone to feel some doubts.

Only by killing enemies at the Stargaze Palace and offering the lives of the Stargaze Palace Masters could he save their motivation.

Dao Haitang walked before Zuo Tianci and said: "Head Zuo, this whole thing seemed somewhat strange. I think there are two spiritual beasts. Or else, how could it roar below the cliff and come to injure people at the road in the next moment?"

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Could it be a one female and one male spiritual beasts that was training together?"

At this moment, suddenly, Zhao Heng shouted: "Who's there?"

In the nearby forest, a wave of extremely cold laughter emerged and faded like the wind.

Zhao Heng pulled out a gold spear from his hand and patted an Advanced Stage Spiritual Beast: "Go, let's go and look."

A man and a beast was about to chase him.

Suddenly, Zuo Tianci said: "Hold on, Assistant Leader Zhao!"

Zhao Heng looked back with surprise: "Head Zuo, there is the enemy! We are not chasing?"

Zuo Tianci shook his head with a cold expression: "No!"

Zhao Heng could not understand: "Why not? We are at the Great Luo, and not the Sky Travel or the Nine Raven Empire!"

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