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A+ A- Chapter 355: Initiating the Attack!

Launching a preemptive attack?

This suggestion was rather bold.

The Stargaze Palace was facing a slim chance while up against the Nine Palace and that trace of hope all stemmed from the major defense formation of the Stargaze Palace.

If they launched a preemptive attack and gave up their main position, what else would the Stargaze Palace rely on?

Tan Zhongchi smiled bitterly: "Wushuang, are you suggesting to that I or the Head Palace Master launch a sneak attack on the Nine Palace with your Graceful Spiritual Bow?"

Zhuo Buqun also smiled, yet he shook his head lightly. Although this was a good idea, it is not feasible. It is because the Graceful Spiritual Bow only has three arrows.

Once he had finished shooting these three arrows, it would lose its intimidation.

Qin Wushuang understood the meaning of these two Palace Masters. However, he smiled and said: "Palace Masters, do you guys remember Bao Bao?"

Then, he shouted: "Bao Bao, Lone, you two come out."

With a flash from the storage sack, the two Spiritual beasts scrambled out.

Zhuo Buqun and the others looked at Qin Wushuang with shock. Apparently, they did not understand what was going on.

Qin Wushuang said seriously: "Palace Masters, since the situation did not yet come to this point, I kept Bao Bao's identity a secret earlier. In fact, Bao Bao is the Gold Monkey King of the Monkey Clan. He has the bloodline of the ancient spiritual monkey. Currently, he is a spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage! Since this matter concerns the future of the Monkey Clan, I did not dare to tell you guys this news."

 "And Lone is a spiritual beast at the Perfect Stage and possesses immense combat power. He is my comrade that I discovered accidentally."

The Purple Flame Electric Beast was extremely proud. He raised his head to show his arrogance.

All five Palace Masters drew a breath of cold air as they sized these two Spiritual Beasts with their mouths wide open. Even Zhuo Buqun was extremely surprised.

After a moment, the five Palace Masters started laughing.

Zhuo Buqun looked at Tan Zhongchi and gave a long sigh: "Second, this disciple of yours is too monstrous. I cannot find any words to describe him."

 "Ha ha, Second, I am truly impressed by your judgment in the beginning."

All four Palace Masters

felt extremely gratified.

Tan Zhongchi also felt waves of warmth in his heart. This was his pride, and the pride of the Green Cloud Palace! Qin Wushuang had brought two spiritual beasts at the Perfect Stage!

Without a doubt, two major players had joined the Stargaze Palace. And these two would become a decisive force in the battle.

This way, the Stargaze had surpassed the Nine Palace with their number of Perfect Stages. Even if that Zhao Heng had healed, what about it?

Instantly, the five Palace Masters felt a lot more confident.

The future of the Stargaze Palace had become much more optimistic. The previously precipitous situation had become an equal fight!

And this battle would take place in their homeland. As the host, it gave the Stargaze Palace another boost to their odds of success.

Tan Zhongchi said in a low voice: "Head Palace Master, I think we can consider Wushuang's suggestion!"

The other Palace Masters also nodded: "Yes, with these two powerful spiritual beasts at the Perfect Stage, it might not be a bad idea to initiate the attack!"

A trace of a smile emerged from the corner of Zhuo Buqun's mouth. Of course, he understood the political outlook. After learning the power of these two spiritual beasts, he was rapidly thinking up ideas!

He was not only considering launching a sneak attack, but their overall battle strategy. He was thinking about how to use the sneak attack to decide the battle!

"Wushuang, what are your ideas?"

Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I have an unripe idea, please hear me out."

 "Tell us."

 "Let's divide into teams. The Head Palace Master with my teacher and me with Bao Bao, and Lone. We will launch a sneak attack at the border between the Heavenly Lake and the Great Luo Empire. The terrain in that area is extremely dangerous and there is only the sheer cliff. We can coordinate between the two teams. I will let Bao Bao or Lone provoke them. If Zuo Tianci is there, we will evade him and attack their main force. However, if Zuo Tianci sends other troops, we will destroy all those people! It's about a ten thousand miles distance to the Stargaze Palace, and it's enough for us to carry out this plan. What do you think, Head Palace Master?"

After a moment of

of consideration, Zhuo Buqun was extremely impressed by Qin Wushuang's plan.

Tan Zhongchi even laughed: "Wushuang, nice strategy. Head Palace Master, I think it could work."

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "Indeed it will work! The distance between the two groups is not too far. This way, even if their Perfect Stage warriors move at the same time, we can come to each other's aide in time. With the power of four Perfect Stage plus Wushuang shooting from the dark, we can ensure our win!"

Qin Wushuang nodded leisurely: "That is precisely my thoughts."

Tian Zhixing laughed: "Head Palace Master, I think this strategy will work well!"

Zhuo Buqun said seriously: "Alright, let's carry out this plan. For the other major matters in the Stargaze Palace, I will ask you three Palace Masters to spend some time. If other enemies come to invade and if it becomes too hard to defend, initiate the defense formation to deal with them. When we return, we will attack them together from the inside and outside."

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "This is urgent, let's head out now! We cannot let the Nine Palace make it here first."

After making the plans, three people and two beasts headed out. Along the way, they kept a low profile and evaded all ears. Even their own disciples were kept in the dark about this movement.

They acted with such care in case of the spies in the Stargaze Palace.

This time, these three would use everything they have. Zhuo Buqun gave each of them a "Wind Walk Talisman." At nightfall, they arrived at the area of the Eagle Strike Cliff.

Indeed, the people of the Nine Palace was not here yet.

With the spre time, these three became familiar with the cliff's surroundings and took in the tiniest details of the terrain. In the end, they had a general idea of escape routes, dead corners to hide their bodies, and the desirable locations to snipe the enemies.

Zhuo Buqun said: "Second, perhaps, the Nine Palace has already taken you off their list. Thus, you must surprise them. Each of us will wear a mask to make them become doubtful. It will take them three or five days to come here from the Archaic Mysteries Sect. in these few days, let's plan our attack process to prevent any mistakes during the battle!"

Tan Zhongchi


Tan Zhongchi said: "The Head Palace's words makes sense. Wushuang, when you are in the same group as your two friends, remember to never be greedy and charge in recklessly. Take anyone out when you've lured them in. Don't go after numbers. Although our goal is to kill enemies, we must make them become mistrustful and shake their motivation!"

Qin Wushuang said: "I understand. Please rest assured. I understand the consequences and will not charge in recklessly for more."

At the moment, these three started to discuss and chose a few hidden locations.

After numerous discussion, finally, they decided to set the battlefield in the forest that was in the abyss of the sheer cliff. In that area, it was best to snipe enemies since deep clouds and fog covered the eyes.

And to lure the enemies, after discussion, it was determined that Bao Bao would be the most suitable candidate. With his small figure and fast climbing speed on the cliff, he had his natural advantage.

"Bao Bao, remember, you must ignore the main force and aim for those people in the rear. Don't provoke the Perfect Stages and only aim for those Advanced Stage Elders. It would be best to kill them in one blow."

Bao Bao laughed: "Don't worry. I'm best at playing hide and seek!"

Qin Wushuang laughed: "For sure, the Nine Palace would be like a crane in the wind when their Elders are attacked. This way, they cannot help but send people to chase Bao Bao. At that time, it would be our chance."

Zhuo Buqun smiled and said: "Wushuang, tell you friends that safety is first."

Bao Bao said with his rusty human words: "Don't worry, it's not easy for them to kill me, the Gold Monkey King!"

After all the division of tasks, they could only wait for the enemies to arrive. Since Zhuo Buqun and Tan Zhongchi were a generation of grandmasters, the closer the major battle was, the calmer they became.

And for Qin Wushuang, after going through so many battles, he was extremely calm. He knew that with his concentration and experience, the result would not be bad!

The first day had passed and it was calm.

After the second and the third day, it was still calm.

On the fourth day, with their estimation, it should be the time when the Nine Palace the Nine Palace arrived at the border. As soon as the morning sun revealed itself , Qin Wushuang opened his eyes from meditation. Bao Bao jumped down from a branch: "Boss Wushuang, are people of the Nine Palace going to come today?"

 "Per estimation, it should be these two days. If not today, it would be tomorrow!"

At this moment, the Purple Flame Beast who was listening to the ground from afar suddenly jumped up and rushed over: "They are here, I heard the slight trembling of the leyline. This is the movements of large group of elite warriors making their way here. And they did not suppress their spiritual Qi and are travelling at an extremely fast speed!"

Instantly, all of the blood in Qin Wushuang's body boiled up: "How far?"

"About two hundred miles!"

The perception range of a Perfect Stage was greater than three hundred miles. Thus, when people did not suppress their spiritual Qi in two hundred miles, they would not escape from surveillance.

 "Ok, Bao Bao, go report to the Head Palace Master then come back and prepare for battle. The game has started, Bao Bao, it's all up to you for the first task!"

Bao Bao said with excitement: "No problem, for sure I will accomplish the mission."

Moving at fast speed, Bao Bao ran towards Zhuo Buqun. The two teams were only twenty miles apart. It was extremely convenient for them to call out to each other.

After a moment, Bao Bao had finished his report and returned.

The Purple Flame Electric Beast said: "Another one hundred miles!"

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Bao Bao, get ready."

Bao Bao said happily and nodded: "Ok! I'm going to hide at the sheer cliff and suppress my spiritual Qi. Then, I will only attack the people in the rear!"

 "Right, you must hit in one attack!"

 "Hit in one attack!" Bao Bao showed a gesture for absolute success and scrambled towards the top of the sheer cliff in a jump. This cliff was more than a thousand metres high and was very dangerous. However, Bao Bao appeared as if he was travelling on the flat ground while climbing.

Instantly, the fifteen elite warriors of the Nine Palace had arrived close to the mountain road next to the cliff with six Advanced Stage spiritual beasts.

Suddenly, Zuo Tianci made a hand signal: "Hold on!"

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