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Chapter 357: To Lure the Tiger From it's Domain in the Moun

 "Assistant Leader Zhao, listen to Head Zuo." Dao Haitang walked over and advised him.

Zhao Heng gave a long sigh and nodded: "Alright, Head Zuo, then are we to keep moving forward?"

Zuo Tianci said lightly: "Yes."

After walking for a while, Zuo Tianci said: "Our goal for this trip is the Stargazes Palace. Perhaps, the incidents along the way might not have come from the Stargaze Palace. For sure, the Sky Travel and the Nine Raven Empire would not want us to attack the Stargaze. However, since they cannot interfere openly, it does not mean they would not play some tricks in the dark! For this matter, let's solve it after destroying the Stargaze Palace!"

Dao Haitang understood deeply: "The Head Palace Master is right. We will go straight to the Stargaze Palace without needlessly complicating the issue!"

Since that shocking accident on the sheer cliff, Zuo Tianci had already realized that this trip would not be as simple as he had thought. For sure, there would be other variable changes along the way.

Naturally, being a grandmaster of his generation, he knew how to prioritize things. They were not in the territory of the Nine Palace, but a foreign place. Even if this country was far inferior to the Red Dragon Empire, they could not lower their guard.

Zhao Heng accepted: "I was reckless, please forgive me."

Zuo Tianci smiled lightly: "We are in the same boat, how could I blame you? I firmly believe that this is not a trick played by the Stargaze Palace."

Dao Haitang said: "Of course, if the Stargaze Palace had the power to play tricks, how could they have remained a Middle Ranking Empire. They would have been on par with our Red Dragon Empire!"

They continued along the way for a hundred miles. When they looked forward, the road besides still remained desolate and it was all deep forest around them. There were no open spaces.

They looked at the sky and it was still morning. It would appear somewhat ridiculous to make camp. Thus, Zuo Tianci could only order them to continue moving forward and to get out of this forest area sooner.

Suddenly, a few rustling sounds came from the forest. Next, a voice suddenly sung strangely: "Archaic Mysteries Sect, shame on you, idiots that lure the wolves into the den. Nine Palace, headless, they could not escape while stuck in the trap!"

This voice sounded uptight and lacked proper pronunciation as if someone had just learned to talk.

Zuo Tianci's expression changed slightly. Finally, he was sure that this was not an

accident. Instead, it was a set-up and a deliberate arrangement.

The three Heads exchanged a glance. Finally, Zuo Tianci suppressed his anger and gestured the team to keep moving forward. He motioned everyone to not get distracted.

Before he had walked far, this voice sounded again: "Nine Palace Faction, enter the tomb, Zuo Tianci, go eat poo."

The expression of Zuo Tianci's face changed again as he shouted: "Assistant Leaders Zhao, Dao, watch out for the team, I am going to meet this guy!"

After he had finished speaking, in a flash, he disappeared into the forest.

Of course, this sound had come from Bao Bao. He had kept provoking Zuo Tianci to make him lose his temper. The more Zuo Tianci suppressed his anger, the more Bao Bao acted exaggeratedly and made sure he could no longer suppress his anger. If Zuo Tianci allowed himself to be ridiculed and called names, the motivation of the Nine Palace would keep decreasing if he did not do anything.

Thus, Zuo Tianci decided to meet this ghost person.

Qin Wushuang sensed that Bao Bao had successfuly baited Zuo Tianci. He smiled lightly and extended his hand into the storage sack. Then, he pulled that Young Master Zhao and said in a soft voice: "Young Master Zhao, your grandpa is out there on the road, do you want to meet him?"

Young Master Zhao was a useless scaredy-cat. Plus, with his seal lifted, he shouted with a muffled voice: "Who are you that dares to act against the Nine Palace?"

As soon as he had shouted, Qin Wushuang immediately blocked his mute acupoint.

Only, the nearby people had heard his shout clearly. Zhao Heng was stunned and thought that his hearing was impaired. He immediately lowered his head to listen attentively.

Qin Wushuang unsealed Young Master Zhao mute acupoint again and he shouted: "Bastard, what are you going do to me?"

This time, Zhao Heng was one hundred percent certain that it was his grandson's voice as he shouted: "Is it you, grandson?"

Earlier, Young Master Zhao had been sealed in the storage sack and did not know what was going on in the outside world. At this time, when he heard his grandfather's voice, it was as if he had grasped a lifeline as he was about to drown in the water: "Grandfather, it's me, is it really you? Grandpa?"

"Who took you?" Zhao Heng asked in a low voice.

Qin Wushuang covered the mouth of this Young Master Zhao and stifled his words. Young Master Zhao continued to shout but all that emerged were

were muffled shouts. On the other hand, Zhao Heng had calmed down.

He patted one of the spiritual beast on the side and motioned with his hand: "Go look."

In a dash, that spiritual beast charged in. Qin Wushuang did not fear it as he stood there with a smile. He hung Young Master Zhao with his snake-shaped soft whip on a tree.

That spiritual beast looked around and beside Qin Wushuang, there was no one else. Instantly, he rushed back and spoke to Zhao Heng.

Zhao Heng turend to speak to Dao Haitang: "Assistant Leader Dao, my grandson is there, I'm going to save him."

Dao Haitang said with a determined tone: "You must not go."

 "Assistant Leader Dao, if he's your grandson, would you still speak it this way?" There was a trace of anger in Zhao Heng's voice.

"I don't have a grandson. Even if I do, I would never go." Dao Haitang said, "It's obvious that the enemy is luring you into a trap, or it could be a diversion. He has already lured Head Zuo away and now you, this is a strategy to separate each of us!"

Zhao Heng's chest rose up and down as he revealed a complexion expression: "Which bastard is doing this! The Stargaze has no such demonic person! Could it be someone from the Nine Raven?"

The more he guessed, the more he thought it made sense. His grandson went missing at the Nine Raven Empire. And the Nine Raven Temple excelled in training spiritual beasts! They were close to the Dispersed Praying Mountain and had the natural advantage that was incomparable to others.

All signs pointed that everything was most likely committed by the Nine Raven Temple.

In the middle of his thoughts, suddenly, a miserable cry arrived at his ears: "Grandpa, save me!"

This cry sounded as if his chest was splitting. Without doubt, he was going through some form of cruel torture.

 "Zhao Heng, let me take out your grandson's five internal organs and fry them in a pot to make a side dish for you with your drink, what do you think?"

Qin Wushuang had deliberately roared with a hoarse voice. From his tone, he carried a few traces of playfulness and cruelty.

Of all the people from the Nine Palace Faction, Zhao Heng was the person he hated the most. Even in his dream, Qin Wushuang wanted to eat his flesh and to tear his skin!

The muscle on Zhao Heng's face kept trembling. How could he not know that this was the enemy's tactic. However, as someone who

someone who was fiercely protective of his children, how could he ignore him even though he knew it was a trap?

Blood was thicker than water! His grandson was his direct descendent. Now, with his son gone from the world, could he must throw away the life of his only grandson?

Instantly, Zhao Heng's selfishness overwhelmed him.

He clenched his teeth and said to Dao Haitang: "Assistant Leader Dao, please take care of things here. I must go take a look."

As he spoke, he grabbed a spiritual beast and rushed towards the forest without allowing Dao Haitang a chance to disagree.

Dao Haitang was flustered and exasperated: "Zhao Heng, you are disobeying the order of Head Zuo!"

Zhao Heng cried out: "If my bloodline is destroyed, I will for sure carry the regret for my entire life! Please understand!"

Dao Haitang muttered: "Stupid, impossibly stupid!"

Then, she shouted: "Everyone, be extra focused. The remaining five spiritual beasts will form a circular formation in five directions. Do not allow any enemies to penetrate the circle!"

Dao Haitang's mind was much clearer than Zhao Heng's.

When Qin Wushuang saw Zhao Heng rushing in, he pulled the snake-shaped soft whip and brought Young Master Zhao with him toward a deeper part of the forest. When Zhao Heng saw his grandson, he launched a spear attack with extreme anxiousness in his mind: "You coarse fellow, leave my grandson!"

Qin Wushuang said in a cold voice: "Come and get him if you have the skill."

Zhao Heng's stubbornness had been evoked: "Let's see who is more skilled!"

As he spoke, he also followed him. The forest in this area was extremely lush. Zhao Heng followed that person and kept running away. Although he harbored some fear, with his grandson in peril, he couldn't care less at the moment. However, he was after all, a cunning person. He let the spiritual beast run ahead while he followed in the rear.

After having chased them for about ten miles, suddenly, Zhao Heng stopped. He stood in place with a cold smile and tilted his eyes to the side: "Come out, stop hiding."

From the trees to his left, a figure slowly walked out. His face appeared stiff and one could not discern his emotions.

 "Zhao Heng, do you remember me?" This voice sounded deep and carried a few traces of aggrievance.

Zhao Heng was stunned: "Who are you?"

Of course, this person was Tan Zhongchi. He smiled coldly: "It seems you have a bad memory!"

Zhao Heng shouted: "Nonsense, where is my grandson?"

"Grandson, your grandpa is here!" A person laughed from the right side.

Zhao Heng right side.

Zhao Heng turned around swiftly and the pupil in his eyes contracted rapidly. It was because he saw a flash of green light attacked him through the sky. It seemed so familiar!

This scene appeared as if that battle before the Stargaze mountain gate was repeating itself!

Only, the power of his arrow seemed to have leveled up a few times. Zhao Heng turned pale with fright: "You guys…"

He immediately scrambled and evaded to the side. He knew that he could not defend the awe-inspiring power of this arrow with brute strength.


Another arrow had tightly locked onto Zhao Heng's movements as if it had calculated all his escape routes!

This Zhao Heng rolled his body in the air and jumped a few times. With his fast footsteps, he continued to borrow power from the surrounding trees as he tried to jump out the attack zone of this Graceful Spiritual Bow.

Suddenly, Tan Zhongchi gave a light shout. He grabbed with his hand and a combat blade appeared. Then, like a shooting arrow, his body moved to attack the back of Zhao Heng.

Zhao Heng had no extra hands to fend off this enemy while his position was being attacked from all directions.

He jumped again to the front.

At this moment, a light flashed from the front and a blue light disappeared in the sky.

A snorting sound!

With crisp sound, Zhao Hengs' body seemed to have been slashed lightly by something. His body became heavy and fell down.

He opened his eyes widely and looked around in disbelief. He saw three figures approaching him as his sight gradually became blurry.

He didn't even know who had hit him and realized that a fatal sword attack had pierced his chest!

 "You… Who are you ?" From Zhao Heng's eyes, it was filled with confusion and unwillingness.

Tan Zhongchi pulled down his mask: "Zhao Heng, when you struck me with that spear, did you know you would receive the same treatment?"

 "It's you?"

Zhao Heng's pupils suddenly enlarged. Then, he looked at the other two and recognised Zhuo Buqun and Qin Wushuang.

Zhao Heng opened his mouth as he wanted to shout out and alert his colleagues. Yet, he realized that he could not utter a single sound despite opening his mouth.

 "How is it possible…impossible!" Zhao Heng was becoming mad. As his brain gradually stopped thinking, countless thoughts flashed across and in the end, it turned into endless despair!

Boom! Under the joined attack from the three people, this formidable Assistant Leader of the Nine Palace had collapsed. All his pride and arrogance had disappeared into nothing with his death.

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