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A+ A- Chapter 354: Qin Wushuang Offering a Strategy

The top twenty Core disciples were all summoned before the Five Palace Masters.

They could only evacuate a small number of elite disciples. It was impossible to evacuate all of them. The more people they evacuated, the higher the chance of it becoming chaotic and affecting the general morale.

Thus, only these twenty Core disciples were planned for evacuation. The remaining Core disciples were all arranged to stay concealed in the major Subordinate Countries in the Great Luo Empire.

Of course, Qin Wushuang was among one of the twenty people.

Zhuo Buqun showed a serene expression and the other four Palace Masters appeared tense. Everyone knew that since the Nine Palace Faction had headed out, the battle was on the verge of beginning. From half a month to three month, a major battle would explode!

 "Young ones, the elite warriors of the Nine Palace has already moved out. To prepare for the worst, all of you, who are the most excellent among the Core disciples, need to be evacuated. The further you go and the more desolate the place the better. After three years, if the Stargaze Palace can survive through this battle, you guys shall return. If the Palace does not, then the legacy and the future of the Stagaze will be left up to all of you!"

 "This is an order. The responsibility you carry on your shoulder is much more crucial than defending the Stargaze Palace. It's because each of you carry the major responsibility of inheriting the legacy of the Stargaze Palace. Even if only one Stargaze disciple is left in the end, you must never neglect this responsibility and carry it on. Or else, you will not be able to face the generation of ancestors whether you live or after your death!"

These Core disciples all showed a serene expression and nodded.

The Head Palace Master waved his hand and Zhong Wuyin brought out a jade box. Twenty brocade purses lay within.

 "Each person will take one brocade purse. You will take it according to your ranking. Inside it, there are pre-arranged routes and future plans. After you have escaped, in the eventuality that the Stargaze Palace does not make it, you guys can regroup with your fellow disciples according to the contents of this brocade!"

The eyes of all Core disciples was somewhat red. They knew that the deciding moment of the fate of the Stargaze Palace had arrived. And to them, they shouldered a much more important responsibility.

Zhuo Buqun shouted: "Raise your head and don't

feel depressed, nor resentment. Naturally, the Stargaze Palace has its reason for having lived this long after standing for a few thousand years. It will not be destroyed just because the Nine Palace desires so."

 "Don't hesitate, and head out immediately!"

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang said: "Head Palace Master, I have a suggestion, I wonder if you would like to trust it?"

 "Wushuang, what good suggestion do you have?" Tan Zhongchi was the first one to ask.

"I have a place, a very remote one. Even if the Nine Palace sends an army, I promise that this place will not be discovered. In comparison to letting the disciples scatter to different places, it would be best to evacuate there."

 "Oh?" All five Palace Masters revealed their curiosity.

 "Such miraculous place exists? Tell me."

Qin Wushuang said: "Please let the disciples head to the Heavenly Royal mansion in the Bai Yue Country. Everything will reveal itself after you meet with my family. Not to mention twenty people, it can easily accommodate two hundred."

Zhuo Buqun said in a low voice: "No need. Twenty people is enough. If your place is truly desolate, it would be best to avoid being detected by too many eyes and ears. What do you think, everyone?"

Zhuo Buqun asked for the other Palace Master's advice.

Tan Zhongchi said with a smile: "Wushuang is always a reliable person. I trust him."

The other three Palace Masters had a good impression of Qin Wushuang as all of them said: "Second is right. Wushuang has never been unreliable."

Zhuo Buqun nodded: "Alright, then let's use Wushuang's tactic. Wushuang, could you take them there?"

Qin Wushuang nodded: "I want to stay in the Stargaze Palace to defend against those strong enemies from the Nine Palace."

 "Wushuang, you are going to stay? "Tan Zhongchi was shocked.

 "I will stay, please let me."

Zhuo Buqun sighed: "Wushuang, with your talent and with the Graceful Spiritual Bow, you will be of great help. Alright, you can stay to practice. Just in case, we can cover your retreat so you can regroup with Wei Yi at the Bai Yue Country!"

Qin Wushuang shook his head: "I believe that for sure, the Stargaze Palace can repel the invasion of the Nine Palace!"

Tan Zhongchi laughed: "Ok, great goal. Wushuang, let's fight the enemies together! And let's also give a big surprise to the Nine Palace!"

Zhuo Buqun said: "Wei Yi."


 "You nineteen people will work separately and keep a low profile. Go pay a visit to the Heavenly Royal King at the mansion. Do you

you understand?"

Wei Yi nodded: "I understand."

"Remember, if anything happens to the Stargaze Palace, you must understand your responsibility. You must never act on impulse and do something that would set you on the path of destruction."

"I will remember deep in my heart and I will restrict any impulsive movements from the Junior Brothers!"

 "Ok, go now!" Zhuo Buqun said in a low voice, "Go!"

Without hesitation, Wei Yi and the others waved their goodbyes to Qin Wushuang.

 "Junior Brother Wushuang, use your Graceful Spiritual Bow to treat the Nine Palace!" Zhao Muzhi patted Qin Wushuang's shoulder with a trace of vicious look.

 "Junior Brother Wushuang, take care!"

 "Everyone take care!"

After ten days, outside the Archaic Mysteries sect, all four Heads had gathered besides Zhu Dazhong to welcome the group of elite warriors from the Nine Palace.

At this point, they had no way out and would not regret. Since it would be a battle to the death, then let the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect disappear!

From the Nine Palace, the three Heads, twelve Elders of the Advanced Stage, and six combat beasts of the Advanced Stage had arrived. As soon as they had arrived, their temperament had surpassed all the momentum of the four heads of the Archaic Mysteries sect.

Gao Yue and the others bowed to speak: "Welcome all elite warriors from the Nine Palace!"

Zuo Tianci waved his hand lightly: "Head Gao, no need for courtesy, let me borrow your main palace. We shall discuss the invasion plan. We will depart in three days!"

The reason behind delaying for three days was to get used to the geographical region and do some necessary preparations. Or else, they would not need anything else.

This time, Zuo Tianci planned to cut the weeds and destroy the roots of the Stargaze Palace. He would not only kill all the heads, he would also ensure that no Core disciples escaped.

In the main palace, Zuo Tianci asked: "Head Gao, tell us what are the movements of the Dragon and Tiger sect?"

 "The Dragon and Tiger sect has always maintained a good relationship with the Stargaze Palace. However, it's a question whether they will support the Stargaze. If Head Zuo mentions the word of not offending others and only attacking the Stargaze, for sure, the Dragon and Tiger sect would be terrified and not support the Stargaze." From Gao Yue's tone, there was a trace of maliciousness and vicious glee.

Zuo Tianci shook his head: "That is not necessary. The Nine Palace is one of the major

the major sects in the human countries. It's meaningless to send out a fake signal. It doesn't matter whether the Dragon and Tiger sect comes to their aid. I only hope to grasp the entire situation under control. I will not allow any accidents to happen when we make our move."

 "Head Zuo's tactic is perfect, I am deeply impressed."

 "In total, how many elite warriors are there in the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect?" Zuo Tianci asked again.

 "In the Three Eastern Empires, each of us have five Advanced Stage. However, that Zhuo Buqun has risen to the Perfect Stage and should be the only one. Elder Heng has killed Tan Zhongchi, he can be discounted."

However, the Nine Palace would never know the matter with the Monkey King Mountain. Thus, they could never know that the Stargaze Palace had acquired the Spiritual Infant Fruit and Tan Zhongchi had also risen to the Perfect Stage!

Zhao Heng laughed coldly: "It doesn't matter whether someone like Tan Zhongchi still exists or not. Now, the only trouble is Zhuo Buqun and the rest are not worth considering. I will join hands with Assistant Leader Dao and we will have ten Advanced Stage warriors back us up. We will break through each of their points. Not to mention we also have Twelve Elders!"

Zuo Tianci nodded: "The only advantage the Stargaze Palace should be Zhuo Buqun and that set of bow and arrow that injured Assistant Leader Zhao! If Zhuo Buqun holds that bow, he still pose a great threat. I will take him myself!"

Both Zhao Heng and Dao Haitang nodded: "With Head Zuo stepping out, for sure you can kill that Zhuo Buqun. With the death of Zhuo Buqun, the Stargaze Palace will have no leader and collapse. Killing the rest of them would be like cutting melons and vegetables!"

Zuo Tianci said: "Assistant Leader Zhao, although the Stargaze Palace is only mediocre, we must be cautious of any of their trump cards. We cannot not be too optimistic in this battle. We must aim to catch and kill all of them. You and Assistant Leader Dao will be in charge of taking care of the other Advanced Stage warriors from the Stargaze Palace. Even if all the five Heads of the Dragon and Tiger sect come, I believe that you two will be able to handle them with the combination of your powers! In case you cannot handle them, the Twelve Elders can spare three or four people. The four people. The remaining Elders will clean the other fishes. There are a lot of Shakyamuni and Elders at the Stargaze Palace, but they are all at the Middle Stage. I believe it should not be a problem to take care of those small fishes, right?"

Those twelve Elders all said: "We will not disgrace you."

Zuo Tianci said again: "Head Gao, you and the Heads will be in charge of setting up roadblocks with your other elite warriors to block all the important roads to catch those fishes that manage to escape through the net. Head Gao will not disappoint me on this little matter, right?"

Gao Yue said with joy: "No problem! I will kill one if one comes. And kill two if two comes. If I let a single Stargaze Palace disciple escape, it would be my crime!"

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Ok, go prepare a set of maps of the east. We will arrange traps according to the map. We must ensure that not a single person remains alive and rip out all the roots!"


Zuo Tianci said: "This time when we attack the Stargaze Palace, not only must we kill everyone, we must do it swiftly. After we have killed the Stargaze Palace, we will move on to the Dragon and Tiger sect and allow them no time to react! Of course, if the Dragon and Tiger sect is willing to come and help the Stargaze Palace, it would be much better."

 "Head Zuo is brilliant, for this battle, we will win!"

The Stargaze Palace was also undergoing serious preparations. They had already received information about how all the elite warriors of the Nine Palace had arrived at the Archaic Mysteries Mountain gate.

One could even say that the battle was at the brink of starting.

 "Everyone, are you ready? The battle is about to start." Zhuo Buqun sighed.

 "Head Palace Master, I'm already prepared for this battle." Tian Zhixing was the first one to speak up.

 "Fight!" Leng Qiuchi, the Fourth Palace Master only had one word.

Suddenly, Qin Wushuang said: "Palace Masters, I have a suggestion."

 "Tell us, Wushuang."

 "I feel that instead of waiting for the Nine Palace to come to attack, we should initiate the attack ourselves. We can attack them halfway and give them a surprise. I believe that for sure, the Nine Palace thinks we are waiting at the Stargaze Palace and would never think that we would make such a move."

However, this idea made the five Palace Masters look at each other in dismay.

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