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Chapter 313: Stargaze Palace's Crisis

To someone at the level of Tan Zhongchi, he had an extremely strong perception of Upper Sky Qi. If the enemy had suppressed their presence deliberately, perhaps, he could not have sensed them quickly. However, this time, the enemies did not even disguise their presence. It seemed that they were coming to openly oppress them.

Inwardly, Tan Zhongchi was surprised. He knew that the people that were about to come were not friendly, as kind people would never come in this manner.

Immediately, he called out: "All juniors return to the main palace to hide. We have some powerful people coming."

Wei Yi and the other young people all stopped and looked at Tan Zhongchi in surprise when they heard his words. With their current strength, naturally, they could not sense the situation.

The natural perception of an Advanced Stage Warrior could extend for a hundred miles. Thus, this enemy, should have already entered within the one hundred miles. With their power, it would only take them fifteen minutes to traverse this one hundred miles.

 "Teacher, what elite warrior? They dare to invade the Stargaze Palace?" Zhou Fu found it hard to believe. From her perspective, there weren’t any strong powerhouses within the Eastern border that could come to offend the Stargaze.

Tan Zhongchi said seriously: "For now, I have no idea who the enemies are. However, I am sure that they are an extremely powerful existence. And his temperament seems to be much higher than mine. Go into the main palace. You guys cannot help at such level of battle!"

Wei Yi knew that since the Second Palace Master had said it in this way, he was not joking. Immediately, he said: "We will retreat, let’s not stay here to bring trouble to the Palace Masters."

The Stargaze Palace was rather organized. Although for a moment, people could not accept the orders, they still walked toward the main palace under Wei Yi’s leadership.

However, Zhou Fu was thinking: "I wonder if Junior Brother Qin knows about the incoming enemies since he is at the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range?"

To Qin Wushuang, he was already extremely familiar with this "Big Dipper Sky Gang Formation". Thus, he did not need to participate in the joint exercises and had gone to train at the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range.

Showing a solemn expression, Tan Zhongchi fixed his gaze toward the north. Inwardly, he grew extremely restless and anxious. Such feeling even made the hairs of his entire body stand up.

"What is going on?" Inwardly, Tan Zhongchi was shocked. Even if it were some elite warriors pressing down the borders, he would not have his hairs to stand up like this. Such situation had never occurred before.

While he was thinking, three figures came flying in as they shouted: "Second, what’s going on?"

 "Is it an invasion from an elite enemy?"

Zhong Wuyin, the Third Palace Master, Leng Qiuchi, the Fourth Palace Master, and Tian Zhixing, the Fifth Palace Master were all shocked and had gathered here.

Besides the Fifth Palace Master who was training in isolation, all five Palace Masters had arrived.

These four all looked toward the north.

"Second, who do you think it is?" Zhong Wuyin, the Third Palace Master asked with a solemn tone.

Tan Zhongchi shook his head and mumbled: "A person who is friendly would not come like this, it is an enemy. Everyone, prepare to battle. This enemy is extremely arrogant. Outside a hundred miles, he did not disguise his temperament and clearly had intended to step onto our mountain gate."

Leng Qiuchi, the Fourth Palace Master said angrily: "Indeed, he is bold. Could he be…"

Before he had finished his sentence, a wave of arrogant laughter was carried over by the wind from the sky. In between the laughter, there were words: ‘Zhuo Buqun… An old friend is visiting, why are you not welcoming me?"

All four Palace Masters were shocked when

they heard the sound: "Gao Yue?"

Apparently, they already realized that this sound came from Gao Yue, the Head of the Archaic Mysteries Sect. A few month ago, they met him at the Heavenly Lake Empire, why had he come to the Stargaze Palace?

And with such strong temperament, it seemed this presence did not come from Gao Yue, who was at the Advanced Stage.

 "Could this Gao Yue have entered the Perfect Stage?" Zhuo Wuyin asked first with suspicioun as he thought quickly.

Both Tan Zhongchi and Tian Zhixing shook their heads. A few month ago, they saw Gao Yue and they could not see any traces of breakings through from him. On the other hand, Shi Chenglong, the head of the Dragon and Tiger sect had shown some traces of breaking through.

 "What is the reason for this Gao to show off at the Stargaze Palace?" Leng Qiuchi could not understand. The Friendly Competition had just ended and they had just signed the contract. Even if the Archaic Mysteries sect is unhappy, Gao Yue could not be this bold to announce his dissatisfaction to the Stargaze Palace by himself?

Could it be that as the Head Palace Master had predicted, this Archaic had already made a connection with the Nine Palace and came to show off?

While everyone felt confused, a wave of arrogant laughter emerged from the sky. Once the laughter was emitted, one felt it as if the wind and thunder were rolling that continued for a long time.

It was like battle drums reaching the sky and shocked one’s ear painfully.

As soon as this voice had emerged, Tan Zhongchi and the four Palace Master’s expression instantly changed. Apparently, they were all intimidated by this powerful temperament.

At the same time, they arrived at the same thought: "Who was this person, that carried such formidable presence?"

Zhong Wuying swore: "Oh my god, where did this monster had come from?"

On the other hand, Tan Zhongchi had become calm: "It seems that what the Head Palace Master was worried about has finally come to pass."

"What? Could it be someone from the Red Dragon Empire?"

All four Palace Masters awaited seriously. From the distance, a light flashed and with a shocking growl from a beast, a giant combat Spiritual beast jumped up from behind. It had directly scuttled to the stairs before the mountain gate of the Stargaze Palace.

All four Palace Masters stood in one line to defend the mountain gate outside the Stargaze Palace. Tan Zhongchi yelled: "Who are you, that dares to charge into the Stargaze Palace so brazenly?"

That combat spiritual beast gave a loud growl and it smashed the two stone lion outside the Stargaze mountain gate into pieces with his claws. At the same time, with glaring eyes like King Kong, it seemed to be dissatisfied with these stone lions.

The outer appearance of this combat spiritual beast was a snarling lion. Its mane aimed downwards like iron thorns. Indeed, it was Zhao Heng’s contract spiritual beast "Silver Armoured Explosion Lion."

As soon as this monster had given one slap, it destroyed two stone lions that weighed thousand of pounds. Indeed, its power was shocking. It had directly informed Tan Zhongchi and the others that it was a combat spiritual beast at the Advanced Stage.

Behind this "Silver Armoured Explosive Lion," three figures flashed through the sky and dropped onto the stone path outside the mountain gate.

Immediately, Tan Zhongchi recognized Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong with one glance.

Only, with a strange smile, these two were standing next to an elder that showed a head of messy hair. This elder wore a baleful look and arrogant expression. His brows was raised up and his mouth twitched upwards that showed his treacherous and tyrannical personality.

Gao Yue sized Tan Zhongchi and the others up and said creepily: "Haha, how come only you four are here? Zhuo Buqun is being so daring that he did not even come out to welcome people from an Upper Ranking Empire?"

Elite person from an Upper Ranking Empire? Tan Zhongchi and the others could not help but to look at him more closely. At the same time, inwardly, their hearts jumped as they had already guessed the background of this elder. From the baleful looks of this elder, most likely he did not came here as a guest, but intended to cause trouble

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "Our Head Palace Master is travelling and not at home. The Stargaze Palace had never invited any people from an Upper Ranking Empire. Head Gao, since you invited the Upper Ranking Empire person, let him chat with you at the Archaic Mysteries sect."

Gao Yue said with a faint smile: "I think so too. However, Senior Heng is very interested in the Stargaze Palace, he came to pay a visit to your place."

Naturally, that senior was Zhao Heng. He glanced at Tan Zhongchi and the other four people from the corner of his eyes. Then, he said with a somewhat disappointing tone: "Head Gao, although these four are all Advanced Stage warrior, their strength is slightly weaker than yours, right?"

Gao Yue laughed: "Although these four are also Palace Masters, they are not the heads of the Stargaze Palace. The highest one in command is Zhuo Buqun. He is not here."

Zhao Heng said impatiently: "Then it would not matter. You four, can you make decisions for the Stargaze Palace?"

Tan Zhongchi and the others were dissatisfied by his tone. However, they knew that his strength should be at the Perfect Stage. They had felt his powerful presence from afar. If they were to fight, it would be difficult for four of them to fight on par with him alone. Not to mention there were the other two heads of the Archaic sects on the side eyeing them.

 "Since we are the Palace Masters, we make the decisions for the Stargaze Palace." Tan Zhongchi said with a neither servile nor overbearing tone.

Zhao Heng nodded and said arrogantly: "Good, then I will not talk too much. I am a good friend with the Archaic Mysteries Sect, and I heard that they were sabotaged before the Friendly Competition. Their most prized disciple, Devil Boym was secretly assassinated. According to the investigation, most likely, it was something done by the Stargaze Palace. For this matter, we came to ask for the truth."

This was the so-called saying of when you wanted to condemn something, don’t worry about the pretext. Initially, Zhao Heng did not planned to go around and speak these extra words. However, these evil ideas were offered by Gao Yue along the way. This way, they had taken the moral high ground and was acting like they were doing something with good reason.

Tan Zhongchi said lightly: "What devil boy, witch boy? The Stargaze Palace never saw him. If you are suspicious that it was the Stargaze Palace who had done it, show us the evidence. As long as you can give us a persuasive witness and objective evidence, the Stargaze Palace will gladly accommodate you. If you don’t have it and just made one up, aren't you just lying to yourselves?"

Gao Yue said: "Tan Zhongchi, stop being so clever and eloquent. For this matter, the truth will reveal itself. We’ve already acquired some evidence. In the future, we will present all of it to you."

"Good, after you find it all, it would not be too late to talk. I will not see you guys off." Tan Zhongchi immediately ended the conversation, intending to dismiss them.

However, since the ancient times, it had always been easier to "invite the devil, rather than send him away."

Since Zhao Heng was here, they would not leave easily. He said with a cold sneer: "Not seeing me off? Did I say I am leaving? Since that Devil Boy died of an unknown cause, the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect cannot escape suspicion. In this case, the result of the Friendly Competition should not count. Being a friend of the Archaic Mysteries sect, I will not allow you guys to cheat. You either redo the Friendly Competition, or destroy the contract and make a new one."

After speaking in circles, they finally arrived at the main point.

Tan Zhongchi said solemnly: "Once the Eastern Friendly Competition had ended, we signed the contract. There is no precedent for rewriting the contract. Head Gao, the elite warrior you invited from the Nine Palace Faction is planning such a scheme?"

Today, Gao Yue was determined to become hostile with them. When facing Tan Zhongchi’s angry questions, he said with a faint smile: "This is not my idea, but what Senior Heng wanted. In fact, Tan Zhongchi, Senior Heng has never shown such courtesy before. If you guys have a clear head, you should know how to act. Bring the contract and we will re-sign it. Or else, when Senior Heng’s temper flares up, I will not be able to stop him. I am afraid your Stargaze Palace is not able to bear Senior Heng’s anger!"

Anger emerged on the faces of Tan Zhongchi and the other four Palace Masters at the same time. After all, this Gao Yue was the head of a sect, yet he was being so shameless. It was obvious that he was leading the wolf into the den to stir the political outlook of the Three Eastern Empires!

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