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Suddenly, Zhao Heng started to jeer and his aged face was filled with wrinkles. Then, he said with an unfriendly tone: "I dislike the relentless nonsense. Listen well, you four, I will only say this once."

Tan Zhongchi and the other three all become highly focused and stood in a crescent moon like formation. At any time, they could attack in unison and to prevent this Zhao Heng from going wild.

 "The contract signed after the Eastern Friendly Competition will be voided. You must divide the exploration spots of the Endless Eastern Sea equally. Of course, do not think that I am bullying you guys. It’s not too much of a request; each party will get ten spots. If you all agree, I will leave now. The Head of the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect will go to the Archaic Mysteries sect to sign a new contract. Or else… ha ha."

Zhao Heng laughed evilly and focused his lightning like gaze toward these four people.

Tan Zhongchi and the other four Palace Masters expressions changed drastically. How could this not be kicking people around? He was bullying relentlessly. Not to mention that one had never destroyed the contract once signed in the history of the Three Eastern Empires, he wanted to increase the spots of exploring the Endless Eastern Sea. And to split them equally?

How could such unfair things exist in the world? If they were to divide the spots equally, what would be the meaning of even hosting the Eastern Friendly Competition?

Tan Zhongchi shook his head with determination: "It’s impossible! The rules of the Three Eastern Empires are already set and have continued for thousand of years. It will not be changed because someone had said something."

All four great Palace Masters were smart people. Naturally, they knew that on the surface, this Nine Palace Faction was stepping forward for the Archaic Mysteries Sect. in fact, surely they wanted to use this opportunity to extend their hand into the Three Eastern Empires.

Once they had allowed such opening, the future situation would worsen!

Instantly, Zhao Heng’s expression sunk: "So, you will not comply?"

Tan Zhongchi and the others knew that if they took a step back now, they would continue have to continuously retreat. They would be forced to compromise until the they lost all hope of surviving.

All four people’s expression were equally determined as they all shook their heads: "Impossible!"

Suddenly, Zhao Heng laughed to the sky; "Ok, since you will not comply, I will use my fists to inject some senses into you!"

As soon as his words had dropped, Zhao Heng spurred the "Silver Armoured Explosive Lion." With a strange growl, the mane on the head of this monster spread out. Its entire body seemed to have expanded ten times as it rushed toward Tan Zhongchi with explosive force.

Borrowing this momentum, Zhao Heng’s body sprung to the sky. From the sky, it seemed that a hunting hawk was charging downwards!


Zhao Heng did not show any extra moves as he punched with his fist toward Tan Zhongchi.

This punch had no flourish. However, as soon as this fist had gone out, it was as if the entire earth and sky had darkened. The sound of shockwave explosion filled their ears like a landslide and tsunami.


The powerful fist smashed directly toward Tan Zhongchi.

Apparently, Zhao Heng noticed that Tan Zhongchi was the leader among these four—

Thus, his fist had a clear direction toward Tan Zhongchi.

All four Palace Master’s expression changed drastically and they were shocked by Zhao Heng’s immense power. In fact, Zhao Heng’s fist had blocked the path of the other three Palace Masters from coming to help him.

When he saw this temperament, Tan Zhongchi knew that he could not take this fist directly. He rolled his body and charged downwards as he wanted to use the terrain to evade Zhao Heng’s strong attack.

Only, being a Perfect Stage warrior, even in midair, Zhao Heng had instantly seen through Tan Zhongchi’s escape path. Thus, he launched another fist attack.

Boom! Boom!

The explosive fist shockwave screamed. Again, the entire sky had darkened.

The other three Palace Masters joined in with their power to attack that Zhao Heng in the air. For this attack, they wanted to share Tan Zhongchi’s burden and to suppress Zhao Heng, and to save Tan Zhongchi.

Indeed, with enemies at his back, Zhao Heng had no choice but to turn around to deal with the others. He swung his sleeve and lashed out a palm attack to counter the joint attack of the three Palace Masters.

At this time, Tan Zhongchi had finally escaped Zhao Heng’s attack zone. Unexpectedly, that "Silver Armoured Explosive Lion" from the side had charged at him, aiming toward his unguarded spot.

It put up both of its claws and shot out a sharp attacktoward Tan Zhongchi. This attack was extremely sharp, like a sharp piece of blade cutting to your eyes.

Tan Zhongchi waved his sleeve to send out a wave of powerful wind that dispersed the incoming attack.

Ka-la! When the two strong waves of wind clashed with each other, the entire sky shook! The stone stairs before the mountain gate of the Stargaze could not help but shatter under this powerful wind. Stone fragments flew all around.

Although the Silver Armored Explosive Lion was powerful, at most, it was only on par with Tan Zhongchi. After it had failed its attack, it continued rushing forward.

In a flash, an extravagant curvy blade appeared in Tan Zhongchi’s hand. Emitting a resplendent light, he waved this blade toward the neck of that Silver Armoured Explosive Lion.

 "One Brilliance Slash!" Tan Zhongchi shouted lightly.

In the air, Zhao Heng shouted loudly when he saw the crisis the Silver Armoured Explosive Lion was in: "You are seeking your own death!"

He swung his arms and threw off the other three Palace Masters and charged directly at Tan Zhongchi. He made a clutching motion in the air and a long spear appeared in his hand. In a swirl, he used it to pierce toward Tan Zhongchi with great momentum.

 "No!" The other three Palace Masters knew that it was not good when they saw both enemies coming at Tan Zhongchi from both sides. However, this Zhao Heng was moving at a matchless speed. In that split second, they did not have enough time to help him.

For Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong who had not made a move, they could not help but feel a smile emerge. Inwardly, they were sure that: "Tan Zhongchi, you are dead!"

Suddenly, Tan Zhongchi felt a wave of murderous intent that slashed through the air to attack his back. The natural power incorporated in this attack was as high as fifty percent!

Fifty percent of Natural Power was enough to change the color of the sky and make all the mountains collapse.

This was the Perfect Stage!

When Tan Zhongchi thought here, despair filled his heart. He knew that with his back facing the full power strike from a Perfect Stage, he had no chance to survive.

Even if he were to escape, he had nowhere to go!

 "Is this it?" Inwardly, despair flashed across Tan Zhongchi’s heart. Yet, he did not slow down with his hands. He moved even quicker with his slashing motion.

 "Even if I am to die, I must kill this beast!" This was Tan Zhongchi’s final act of resistance and desperation!

Just at this moment, a flash of light shot rapidly from the sky.

This light was extremely resilient as if it had absorbed the energy from the moon and the sun!


Like a meteor, it shot over quickly as if it were about to shatter the sky.

It targeted that Zhao Heng directly!

"Senior Heng, an arrow!" With a pair of sharp eyes, Gao Yue saw that in the midst of this light, there was a determined and sharp arrow.

Zhao Heng had sensed a wave of thick murderous intent. It was if this attack was coming at him with the intention of devouring everything. This arrow did not came from a very powerful person. One could even say that it did not come from an Advanced Stage Warrior.

However, the unknown miraculous presence carried in this arrow forced him to evade. Inwardly, a voice told him that if he did not evade this arrow, he would surely nurse a grievance on the spot!

Zhao Heng bit his teeth with extreme force. It was too depressing when he had missed such a wonderful opportunity to kill Tan Zhongchi. He twisted his body and swung the long spear to send out three defensive attack. With rings of silver light, the attack went to block the direction of the flying arrow.

Tan Zhongchi used this opportunity and slashed with his blade. That Silver Armoured Explosive Lion pull back its head and evaded this fatal move. Despite its evasion, most of the mane on its head were cut off.

At this moment, something unexpected had happened. Behind that shining arrow, there was another arrow that had shot forward at the same time. It also used the light from the first arrow to hide its presence. When Zhao Heng had blocked the first arrow, this second arrow immediately revealed its resplendent light.


It targeted that Silver Armoured Explosive Lion.

This arrow came without any signs. Even Zhao Heng had not expected it.

Sending out a long whistle, the Silver Armoured Explosive Lion realized the danger and turned around to retreat. It tried to dodge this arrow. However, with the arrow approaching right before its eyes, how could it dodge?


The green arrow turned into a beam of green light and penetrated into the head of the Silver Armoured Explosive Lion.

The pupil of the lion turned bulbous, like a dead fish. In the next moment, the Silver Armoured Lion seemed to have become frozen stopped moving.


The unbelievable scene had happened before their eyes. The giant head of the Silver Armoured Explosive Lion exploded. The hair, flesh, and viscera all swirled into the sky.

Following that, the gigantic body of the Silver Armoured Explosive Lion seemed to have also been affected by the remnants of the explosion. Like slippery mud, pieces of blood and flesh started to drop one after another from the remaining body.

This formidable vicious beast had gotten killed instantly by some unknown arrow!

Inwardly, Zhao Heng felt a coldness creep into his heart when he saw this unimaginable scene. Instantly, he became furious and looked toward the direction of where that arrow had come from.

He gave a long whistle: "Who did it!"

Carrying a wave of piercing anger, this sound soared to the cloud and even caused the clouds overhead to dissipate.

Tan Zhongchi saw a figure rushing toward him with his sharp eyes. It was his beloved disciple, Qin Wushuang. Thus, he immediately shouted: "Wushuang, retreat, go back to the main palace! Hurry!"

Zhao Heng gave an evil jeer: "Go back? To where?"

Zhao Heng dashed forward as his body turned into a wave of light and charged towards Qin Wushuang like the wind.

Initially, Qin Wushuang had sensed the enemies when he was training at the Virtuous Cloud Mountain Range. He knew that it was not a friend that had come and had rushed quickly to help. Just when he had made it to the mountain gate, he saw his teacher, Tan Zhongchi was being attacked from both sides. In a moment of life and death, he had used the Graceful Spiritual Bow instinctively and shot out the two arrows. One arrow shot toward Zhao Heng and the other went toward the Silver Armoured Explosion Lion.

With one at the front and the other hiding in its shadow, these two were disguised by a strong and powerful light. Thus, these two arrows appeared like one arrow. The second arrow only showed itself after it had arrived right before the Silver Armoured Explosion Lion. Of course, this arrow did not allow the beast to escape.

The power of the Graceful Spiritual Bow was terrifying. Plus with Qin Wushuang’s recent research and trial, he had become much more familiar with it compared to the last time when he had used it on Devil Boy. Last time, he had only unleashed less than twenty percent of the bow’s power. And now, he had unleashed over twenty percent of power in these two arrows.

Naturally, the difference between these two instances was incomparable.

When he saw Zhao Heng rushing towards him, Qin Wushuang opened the Graceful Spiritual Bow once again and planned to use the last arrow to deal with Zhao Heng.

Tan Zhongchi followed without caring for himself when he saw Zhao Heng rushing forward. He shouted once again: "Wushuang, pull back!"

To change one’s position during combat was an extremely dangerous move. Currently, Qin Wushuang’s arrow was nocked on the bow. If he turned to run, he would get killed by Zhao Heng for sure. Thus, he did not dare to turn around when he heard his teacher’s shouts.

From afar, Zhao Heng had already noticed Qin Wushuang holding the bow in his hand. Inwardly, his heart sunk. Then, he changed his decision when he felt that Tan Zhongchi had followed. He reversed the long spear and threw his body backwards. He steadied the tip of the spear—a sudden thrust!


Tan Zhongchi had focused all his attention toward his beloved disciple and had not paid attention to this unexpected spear. The spear had pierced directly through his pelvis!

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