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Chapter 312: Super Elite Warriors Pressing Down on the Borders

Zhu Dazhong was also feeling somewhat joyful as he said: "The only problem is that the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect are not easy to negotiate with. I am afraid it would be somewhat difficult to have them change the rules that’s been set for thousand of years."

This provocation method was smart and unnoticeable. He did not mention anything about Zhao Heng, but he pushed the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect to the tip of the blade.

There was a trace of disdain on the corner of Zhao Heng’s mouth: "Stargaze? Dragon and Tiger sect? I’ve heard the name before, but I never heard they had anyone exceptional."

Gao Yue said seriously: "Zhuo Buqun, the Head Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace, Shi Chenglong, the head of the Dragon sect are all Advanced Stage warriors. And they could break through to the Perfect Stage at any time."

Of course, Zuo Tianci heard the meaning beneath Gao Yue and Zhu Daozhong’s words. In the end, they wanted to drag the Nine Palace Faction down into the water.

Of course, the Nine Palace Faction would not fear. Two sects of a Middle Stage Ranking Empire could not pose any threat to the Nine Palace Faction. Even if they did offend them, it would not matter.

Dao Haitang said with a smile: "Head Gao, if the Nine Palace helps you to win over the spots, would we also split it equally?"

Gao Yue said respectfully: "If the great leaders could step out and make those two powerhouses lower their heads and give up their spots, the Archaic Mysteries sect will give up half of the spots. We will not go back on our words. Only, I have a small request."

 "Speak." Zhao Heng said angrily.

 "Regardless of the number of spots, I hope that among the disciples that goes to explore the Endless Eastern Sea, the disciples from both my sect and yours will have the same strength. If that’s the case, we can work together more closely."

Gao Yue spoke carefully. When he said these words, he was also not confident. After all, he was negotiating with the Nine Palace Faction. No one knew what their response would be.

Indeed, Zhao Heng’s expression sunk: "Head Gao, what do you mean?"

Gao Yue clenched his teeth and said: "The Archaic Mysteries Sect is doing it this way to protect ourselves. We hope that during our collaboration, our relationship could deepen."

Zuo Tianci understood it much more clearly than Zhao Heng. After a moment of thinking, he understood Gao Yue’s meaning behind his words. He stopped Zhao Heng’s restless anger and said with a smile: "Head Gao, you do like to dance around with your words. I am sure that you mean that before the Nine Palace sends our disciples to the Endless Eastern Sea, you want me to help your disciples to increase their power? If you have such intention, feel free to say it. I am an easy person to talk to."

Since Gao Yue’s intentions were exposed, he could only speak with an apologetic smile: "Indeed, it’s what my true intentions are. Please help me to fulfill it. It is because at the Three Eastern Empires, my young generation is already behind the disciples of the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect. If one or two people could be cultivated with increased skill, it would be my sect’s fortune."

Zuo Tianci nodded and glanced at the people such as Luo Guiyun. In a moment, he said with a low voice: "For your five disciples, they do have exceptional talent by being in the Upper Sky Realm. However, the exploration to the Endless Eastern Sea is happening in three years. In three years, it would be difficult to increase their level. Yet, your disciples that had the natural born Spiritual Roots, the Nine Palace will be able to help him reach the Advanced Stage in three years. Of course, it would just be entering the Advanced Stage. For now, it would not be possible for him to match with you guys, the heads."

"For the other four, we can produce at most, one Mi

ddle Stage. However, this would be due to our best efforts and we make no promises. How about it?" Zuo Tianci showed that he wanted to solve it as fast as he could.

In fact, Gao Yue was most concerned about Luo Guiyun. Hearing the words from Zuo Tianci, he was bursting with joy. Inwardly, he thought that it was the right decision to come here.

He exchanged a glance with Zhu Dazhong. When he saw Zhu Dazhong was also extremely satisfied, he said: "If you could let Guiyun enter the Advanced stage, for the spots of the exploration, I will give you half regardless the number."

Zuo Tianci laughed: "Good! Then we have a deal?"

"It’s a deal!" Both Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong nodded seriously.

Suddenly, Gao Yue had remembered something as he added: "There is one other thing that I must tell the three leaders in detail."


 "For the hundreds of years, the Three Eastern Empires have explored the Endless Eastern Sea many times. However, each time, there were many disciples we sent that never returned. Thus, although exploring the Endless Eastern Sea has a high reward, it is also accompanied by a high risk. On this point, please understand."

"Ha ha ha, of course I’ve heard about it. Don’t worry, the Nine Palace Faction would not be so weak. If the disciples we send could not finish the task, it’s because they are weak and are unfortunate. We would never blame you guys." Zuo Tianci said straightforwardly.

 "Yes." Gao Yue said with a smile, "The Three Eastern Empires have always had this rule, if you are to participate, I am afraid you could only go under the name of Archaic Mysteries Sect. For this point, please bear with it."

Zuo Tianci laughed: "If the other two empires understands their situation, then it would not matter to participate under your sect’s name. However, if they don’t know the situation, could we not go without them and just us go?"

Gao Yue sighed: "Although this is attractive proposition, the entrance to the exploration area is sealed by three unique Spiritual Qi. Without the Spiritual Key from the other two empires, there is no way to open it up."

Zhao Heng said: "Since it’s the Endless Eastern Sea, it shouldn’t only have one entrance, right?"

Gao Yue said with a bitter smile: "The Endless Eastern Sea has an extremely long sea shore. For the thousand miles surrounding it, it is uninhabited and completely barren. For the other entrances, not to mention the countless dangers roaming around, there are no historical travel routes or signs. If we go in recklessly, it would be a disaster and each step would be tough. For sure, it would not work."

For this reason, of course, Zuo Tianci would understand. He nodded and smiled: "Ok, you two assistant leaders, which one of you should accompany Head Gao to the Three Eastern Empires?"

Dao Haitang shook her head: "I am pretty busy recently and have no time. Recently, Senior Heng has been crying out about feeling restless, it would be good for him to have a vacation to the east. Senior Heng’s temper is also suitable for dealing with those stubborn people of the Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect."

As if she felt the others would not believe her, Dao Haitang said: "For me, I am the softest and could make myself ruthless. Senior Heng, you are much better than me, please go."

Zhao Heng laughed strangely: "Sure I can go. That Three Eastern Empires is not a dragon’s den. Why are you in a rush to refuse? Could it be you are into someone new, recently? Ha ha ha?"

However, Dao Haitang did not get frustrated. Some traces of charm emerged from her expression as she said with a flirtatious expression: "Senior Heng, you are showing some disrespect before the little ones."

Zhao Heng laughed drily and stood up: "Head, then I will go?"

Zuo Tianci nodded: "Please go for this trip. However, this time, you should remember that you are only there for the spots, and do not act according to your temper."

However, Zhao Heng said: "Without showing any temper, how could those people compromise easily?"

 "Of course you need to have a temper, but you must have a limit. You should first try to negotiate, if it does not work, you can make a move. However, you must not kill people. This is the limit!"

 "Why can I not kill people?" Zhao Heng was somewhat depressed.

 "Senior Heng, after all, that Stargaze and the Dragon and Tiger sect are one of the strongest powerhouses of that area. They are proud people. If you go and kill their people right off the bat, can you still count on them to cooperate after a grudge has developed? For this matter, killing people is not the best option. We must use gentle methods and force them to take a step back. That is the absolute way." Dao Haitang said gracefully.

However, Zhao Heng did not accept her words: "Arrogance? Before absolute power, the so-called pride is not worth a penny. I don’t believe that people who are not afraid death exists."

Zuo Tianci said seriously: "Second, if you have such thoughts, then don’t go. I am not afraid of killing people, but I don’t wish for you to kill people randomly and cause chaos. Like assistant Dao had said, you must use both gentle and forceful methods to make them compromise. This is what you have to think about. Regarding killing people, I am almost sure that besides building a grudge, you will not gain anything else."

While feeling extremely depressed, Zhao Heng did not dare to object as he asked: "So if I don’t kill people and they refused to compromise, what should I do?"

"Build your authoritative figure, then think another way. Could it be, you have no other ways to punish the enemies besides killing them?" Zuo Tianci asked with a provocation.

Zhao Heng said arrogantly: "Of course not, I have many other ways. Ok, I understand. I will not kill people."

 "Yes, don’t kill them for now. It would not be easy to clean it up when you start with a negotiation with a grudge."

After he had said the words, Zuo Tianci turned his head and said to Gao Yue: "Head Gao, your disciples can remain here. Naturally, after three years, they would experience a rebirth. You two heads can return to the east with assistant leader Zhao."

Both Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong were overjoyed as they nodded their heads immediately: "Ok."

After they left the Nine Palace Faction, that Zhao Heng rode on a vicious looking contract beast. It was a "Silver Armoured Explosive Lion." Its mane seemed extremely fierce as it protruded like iron thorns.

Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong knew that this Zhao Heng was not easy to treat. After they left the mountain gate of the Nine Palace Faction, they served him like servant boys.

Zhao Heng said: "Your foot speed is not on par with my silver lion. Ride with me and we will go there at maximum speed. I have no intention to wander around on the way."

Hearing the words from Zhao Heng, of course, they would not object. How could they not be happy since they could save some energy from walking?

In less than ten days, they arrived within the eastern border. Zhao Heng said: "Let’s not go to the Archaic Mysteries sect first. Are we closer to the Dragon or the Stargaze Palace?"

Gao Yue immediately said: "We are much closer to the Stargaze Palace."

"Ok, let’s go there. I do want to see of how much power this Stargaze Palace has that they could win among the Three Eastern Empires."

Both Gao Yue and Zhu Dazhong were overjoyed. Going to the Stargaze Palace? That would be the best. If they could vent their resentment and anger on the Stargaze Palace, they would feel even better.

Gao Yue said some provoking words: "Senior Heng, the Stargaze Palace is not an ordinary place. Should we use peaceful measures before violence?"

Zhao Heng rolled his eyes: "Peaceful measures? Nonsense? They are not worthy of me talking to them peacefully. We will kick down their doors. We will negotiate if they want, if not, we will show them some power!"

Currently, the new year had just passed and spring was around the corner. The Stargaze Palace already regained their atmosphere from the new year.

On this day, Tan Zhongchi was supervising Wei Yi and the others in their practice of the "Big Dipper Sky Gang" formation. Suddenly, a wave of suspicion flashed across his heart. He raised his head to look to the north and his expression became solemn.

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