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Chapter 181: Bloodbath on the Street
As the great and honored brother of the Emperor in the West Chu, he was the fifth most powerful figure in the West Chu besides the three Martial Saints and the Emperor. Going in and out of this Bai Yue, he was also using his identity as a national representative. However, unexpectedly, he had encountered continous failures at this Bai Yue Country. It had made him extremely frustrated.
In his logical perception, the Bai Yue Country was only a weak Middle Ranking Subordinate Country. Although they had encountered some unexpected success and rose to become an Upper Subordinate Country, they were still incomparable to the West Chu, an old and famous Upper Subordinate country!
In the palace, he was already frustrated by Emperor He of the Bai Yue when he’d refused his request. Now, under public eyes, someone had looked down on him. If this could be tolerated, what could not?
Before his departure, the Emperor of the West Chu and the Number One Martial Saint had all given him orders to maintain a forceful attitude. He must strike the drowning dog and get ahold of the right of ownership to the Lotus Flower Mountain’s mineral resources!
Not only did Mi Zhongye not accomplish his plan, his subordinate had been captured by someone else and used as a demonstration. It made him feel that the national pride of the West Chu had received a serious provocation.
He waved his hand and a row of archers rushed up like wolves. In total, there were sixteen people and each of them were elite warriors above Stage Seven of the Genuine Force. One could imagine the power coming from such a strong group of warriors if they were to shoot at the same time.
This time, each of Mi Zhongye’s subordinates were carefully selected elite warriors. Although the numbers were small, they demonstrated tremendous combat power.
"Shameless scoundrels, if you don’t come out again, I promise I will not leave anyone here in the inn alive! Not even one!"
Mi Zhongye yelled: "Archers, prepare!"
Above the inn, a wave of laughter suddenly rang out. Qin Wushuang walked out casually and sat on the railing of the ceiling. He sized Mi Zhongye at ease.
"From your dress, you should be a royal from the West Chu?"
"Ignorant little man, this is the Royal brother to His majesty in the West Chu. Even your Emperor He must pay respect!"
When the people who was watching the show on the sides heard these words, the color on all of their faces changed.
"Indeed, they were people of the West Chu."
"And a Royal brother…"
As they engaged in discussions, each of them could not help but step backwards. Apparently, they were worried about getting involved when the battle started. On the other hand, some more powerful and courageous martial artists were clenching their fists secretly and feeling angry.
Indeed, even in the imperial capital of the Bai Yue Country, these vicious people of the West Chu had dared to demonstrate such tyrannical behaviour.
Upon hearing about a good show, some noisy people also ran over to the scene.
Among here, there were some busybodies who watched the show at the Phoenix Perch restaurant from the back. They looked at that person who was sitting on the top of the inn from afar. Although he gave people a faintly discernible feeling, his facial looks still seemed somewhat familiar. Additionally, the temperament that he exhibited from his movements also appeared recognisable.
"This…This young man seems to be that person who had caused a ruckus at the Phoenix Perch restaurant."
"Ha, I do remember now that you’ve mentioned it! Ha, we will have a good show to watch! This person will definitely be extraordinary as he even made the Emperor’s uncle suffer a loss."
"Eh, I heard that the person who was causing a ruckus was Marquis Wushuang from the Heavenly Royal Territory!"

"Marquis Wushuang! That’s right, it’s him!"
While these busybodies watched from afar, they were all extremely excited. When an elite warrior from their own country stepped out to face against the vicious gangsters from the West Chu, they felt extremely proud as the blood also boiled in their bones.
They only blamed themselves for not being strong enough. Or else, they would have went up to help out. After all, it was to fight for their country and their national pride.
Unknowingly, the audiences good feelings towards Qin Wushuang increased.
Of course, Mi Zhongye did not know Qin Wushuang’s exact identity. However, he could not help but become somewhat alert since he saw Qin Wushuang remaining calm and collected. He knew that for sure, the other party had some trump cards hidden since he had acted without constraints.
He would either be someone powerful, or has some powerful figure at his back.
From the looks of this young man, he seemed no more than twenty years old. How much more powerful could he be? Indeed, he must have a powerful background. And this background probably comes from the Zhen Wu Holy Palace in the Bai Yue Country!
Although the West Chu did not put the Zhen Wu Holy Place from the Bai Yue in his eye, he must still act carefully since he was on the enemy’s land.
"There was the so-called saying in which a strong dragon would not repress snake. Since this kid acted carefree, I am afraid he must possess some hidden tactics. I cannot lower my guard."
At the moment, he asked coldly: "Young man, call out your seniors. Let’s have a reasonable discussion face to face. My subordinates do not have a good temper. If they acted without showing mercy, it will be too late to feel regretful."
Inwardly, Qin Wushuang laughed. My seniors? If I had called them out, they would scare you to death. As a Marquis from a Subordinate Country, are you stronger than the Old Devil Ji Yin?
Immediately, he said with a mocking tone: "For my seniors, you are not qualified to even meet them. Marquis Mi, are you the head of the representatives visiting the Bai Yue?"
"I am the head," Mi Zhongye said angrily.
"Good, I was just looking for you!" Suddenly, the color on Qin Wushuang’s face became darker, "These three servants are your dogs, right?"
As soon as Qin Wushuang said those words, all the subordinates behind Mi Zhongye put on a cold expression. Each of them revealed murderous looks and glared at Qin Wushuang. It seemed as if they wanted to eat him alive.
However, Qin Wushuang did not mind. He only looked at Mi Zhongye with a mischievous smile.
"These three are my subordinates! Young man, I don’t care who you work for and who is behind your back. Since you have done this, you must pay for it! Your Emperor cannot save you, and that person from the Martial Saint Mountain also cannot save you!"
Mi Zhongye’s tone already carried an undisguised anger.
"Ha ha ha…" Qin Wushuang laughed freely, "I didn’t even ask for your responsibilities, and you started it. Only, who told you that someone had ordered me, and who had told you that someone needs to save me?"
Mi Zhongye sneered: "This way, no one ordered you, and you don’t have a backer?"
"These three was openly provoking the guards at the city gate and beat them. I was just passing by and took them down. As a citizen of the Bai Yue, it was something I would naturally do. Who would need to order me? Mi, stop with the nonsense. These three vicious dogs bullied others, just tell me what to do with them!"
"Kid, you will regret it."
Mi Zhongye’s face become solemn. He made a hand signal and all sixteen archers drew their bows. They only waited for the order and arrows would shoot out like locusts.
If Qin Wushuang was still in the Pre-Sky Realm, he would feel some pressure when he faced the group attack from sixteen archers at and above Stage Seven of the Genuine Force.
Now, these attacks from the Pre-Sky Realm martial artists would not hurt him the slightest.
With a joyful smile, he did not even look him in the eye. Instead, he asked coldly: "This way, you are planning to shield them up to the end?"
"Shoot! Kill without mercy!" Mi Zhongye ordered.
Instantly, with the "buzzing" sound from the bowstrings, arrows shot forward like a violent wind and rainstorm. Although there were only sixteen people, each of them were highly skillful with the bow and shot out these arrows in one breath.
Instantly, hundreds of arrows flew out together.
Qin Wushuang laughed and pulled the rope in his hand. Instantly, those three people who were hung on the beam dropped and blocked the arrows. One only heard the "Pu pu pu" sound like damaged leather.
These hundreds of arrows had in fact, all hit those three people.
Instantly, with no time to even cry out, these three had turned into porcupines from the arrows shot from their comrades.
Qin Wushuang remained carefree and lightly moved the rope from his hands as if he was controlling living targets. It appeared that his speed was fast, but he was able to block all the arrows.
When he made this move, all the audience from the Bai Yue country around the scene cheered. Apparently, they were shocked by Qin Wushuang’s quick moves.
It was extremely cool. They never expected that one could use such method to stop the arrows. And his movements seemed light as if he was playing. Yet, the movements were filled with accuracy in which he did not let any of the arrows pass through the living targets. All those martial artists were extremely impressed by his body movements!
"Nice, he is powerful!"
"This is the art of a bold warrior’s skill!"
"No wonder he was a Royal offspring. He deserves the title of being the young Marquis!"
"Haha, what do you guys know. Marquis Wushuang is currently an offspring of the Stargaze Palace. If it wasn’t for him, how could our Bai Yue country have become an Upper Subordinate country?"
"What? So, we were able to become an Upper Subordinate Country thanks to Marquis Wushuang!"
With extreme excitement, these people discussed in a muffled voice. They all felt a sense of aspiration. Before, people of the Bai Yue always felt inferior in front of the West Chu. They could not help it since they had a lower status.
And today, they finally experienced the feeling of standing equal and to make claims as equals! Such scene that could make their blood boil!
Marquis Wushuang! Before the vicious people from the West Chu, he protected the pride for the Bai Yue!
When Mi Zhongye saw this scene, he was about to explode. He knew that if he continued to shoot the arrows, it would only break his pride further. To get the life of this person, he must send elite warriors to force their way through!
He waved his hand and stopped the shooting of those archers and yelled in a muffled voice: "Left and right protectors, prepare to force your ways!"
That Left and Right protectors were all super elite warriors at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force. Hearing the command, they walked up and answered: "Yes!"
"Archers, cover them!"
As soon as he gave his command, he was about to charge forward.
At this time, the sound of a gong emerged from the other side of the street. An army of soldiers wearing bright gold armour rushed over while accompanied by a dragon flag.
"The imperial guards!" All those busybodies on the street drew in a breath of cold air. When the imperial guards appeared with a dragon flag, it meant that most likely, the Emperor had come!
Indeed, under the dragon flag, Emperor He was riding on a golden horse and came with awe-inspiring authority. He yelled: "Marquis Mi, stay your hand, I am here to resolve the conflict."
After facing the death of three of his subordinates, Mi Zhongye’s anger had reached the peak. He shouted coldly: "Emperor He, it’s too late for you to act as a peacemaker! For today’s matter, the moon can never be full again!"

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