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The moon would never become full again after today’s matter!

These were the ruthless words spoken by Mi Zhongye. That Emperor He’s face changed color immediately!

In the imperial capital of the Bai Yue and right on the land ruled by the Emperor, this Mi Zhongye did not show the slightest of deference. It had made him, the Emperor, lose his face.

Just when he was about to speak, suddenly, one of the elite imperial bodyguards whispered next to his ears. After hearing his words, Emperor He changed the expression on his face subtly and looked towards the roof of the inn.

"Marquis Wushuang?" Emperor He whispered from his throat.

"There is no mistake, it is him. Earlier, I have gained a deep impression of this man when I went with the prince to bestow the title upon the Qin family!"

"He is back?" In the tone of Emperor He, there was a trace of joy.

Although others did not know, he knew that currently, Qin Wushuang was a strong warrior at the Upper Sky Realm! He was an existence that had killed another Upper Sky warrior!

He was the primary reason the Bai Yue had become an Upper Subordinate Country. Then, he was also the most prized disciple of the Second Palace Master of the Stargaze Palace!

Emperor He was thinking about whether to ask the Martial Saint from the Martial Saint Mountain to request Qin Wushuang to return and help out. After all, without the lips, the teeth would feel cold. If the Bai Yue country did not exist, the Heavenly Royal Territory would also cease to exist.

He did not have much confidence whether he could ask Qin Wushuang to come back. After all, he held a high position at the Stargaze Palace, much higher than the Martial Saint.

If he was unwilling, he could just leave with all his people and move to the Great Luo Empire. At that place, he would have a safe haven.

Emperor He only regretted reacting too slow in which he did not give all of the Redwood Territory to the Heavenly Territory. He was just being remorseful and worrying about personal gains and losses.


Qin Wushuang had returned to the Bai Yue Country. This fact had even made him, the Emperor, feel overwhelmed!

Inwardly, he felt much more confident—Now that Qin Wushuang returned, the crisis that the Bai Yue country was facing would be delayed!

Since Qin Wushuang had returned and taught a lesson to these vicious gangsters from the West Chu, and with Mi Zhongye’s tyrannical actions, what other reason would he have to resolve this conflict?

"This Mi Zhongye does not know his position. I would let him suffer a little and remember that my Bai Yue country also has some talent!" Emperor He was also discontent with Mi Zhongye. Now, with an elite Upper Sky warrior stepping out, he knew he would win for sure.

At the moment, he said coldly: "Marquis Mi, since you are obstinately clinging to your own decision, you are responsible for all the results! Don’t blame me for not reminding you."

Mi Zhongye smiled coldly: "Responsible for my own actions? It will not matter. Next day, when my army moves down from the south, whether you can bear this responsibility, please weigh the balance!"

Emperor He’s face turned cold. Under the gaze of thousands of eyes, it was the best time to gather up the popular sentiment and to arouse the moodiness of the public. He shouted: "Marquis Mi, I treated you as a guest and paid you respect. If you remain stubborn and keep threatening my country, to loot my mineral resources, you are making an enemy of the six billion Bai Yue citizens, and with my entire country! Even if you were to form an alliance with the other countries and invade us, we, the entire Bai Yue will fight to death to protect our homeland!"

The powerful and resonating declaration, accompanied with an uncompromising iron will had caused a wave of thunderous applause.

Indeed, the representatives from the West Chu came with ill-intentions!

When everyone from the Bai Yue had heard the words from the Emperor, each of them felt indignant with a face full of righteous anger. Regardless of martial artist or normal civilians, all of them were extremely furious!

Regarding the love of the country, there are no boundaries among strong or weak, nobility or civilian!

The words from the Emperor had made everyone’s blood boil up as they all cursed: "Evil people from the West Chu, get out of the Bai Yue!"

"Beat these robbers to death!"

"Beat them to death!"

Waves of curses surged up. People kept arriving in support as they heard the sounds. In a moment, people had filled the few major streets and each of them yelled to tear the bastards from the West Chu into pieces!

Emperor He felt extremely gratified as he saw that people had been stirred up. He raised his arm, accumulated his Genuine Qi and delivered his voice: "People of Bai Yue, although our Bai Yue was founded on martial arts, we are a country of courtesy. When two countries get involved with conflicts, we don’t kill their representatives! I’ve already witnessed everyone’s courage and determination. With such unity, our Bai Yue will never fall, we will never lower our heads to tyrants! I will vow with my ancestor’s name, the Royal He family will fight to death. Our home is here, our home is this country, if the country dies, our home will cease to exist! We will never abandon our people; we vow to fight with you through life and death!"


"Everyone, make way. Since I am unable to solve the grudge between Marquis Mi and our elite warrior, let them solve it amongst themselves! It would be good to let them know that, our Bai Yue also has strong people!"


Although Qin Wushuang had been sitting on the top of the floor, he also experienced this fanatic atmosphere seriously. He also felt gratified inwardly that indeed, this world was marvelous.

Between people, they would fight against each other and try to pull the other one down. However, when the conflict escalated to one that concerned the nation, people would throw away all their personal conflicts and leave their grudges behind. All the eyes, and all the hatred would point towards one direction unanimously!

All would target the foreign enemies!

If the country did not exist, how could one talk about home, and individuals?

Now, violent wind and rainstorm had struck the Bai Yue, causing a crisis. It was the time where everyone would hold their breath and unanimously deal with the outside world.

Where would one use their hot blood? They should use it to protect the country!

When would one use their martial strength? It would be to kill the enemies!

Hearing the order from Emperor He, all the civilians cooperated and cleared the path.

Emperor He said coldly: "Marquis Mi, I’ve already said earlier! For today’s matter, I don’t need to pursue it and you guys can resolve it between yourselves! However, if you were to hurt any of the innocent people, I promise that I will pursue this matter to the end. By that time, don’t blame me for reminding you. Kill one of my people, and none of you will leave here!"

He waved his hand and the few thousand imperial guards roared together. They shook their armor, raised weapons high and exuded a magnificent temperament. Apparently, they were intending to intimidate!

Although Mi Zhongye had brought over hundreds of super elite subordinates, under the encirclement from these few thousands imperial guards, they would not stand a chance once a battle broke.

Regardless of how strong your warriors may be, could they be stronger than the imperial guards, who were the protectors of the Royal Palace? Besides, these few thousands were only the advance army. In the entire imperial capital, how could they only have this few thousand imperial guards?

Apparently, Emperor He’s move had already suppressed Mi Zhongye’s side. It had fully demonstrated his smartness being the ruler of one country.

And for everyone he did, why would it not be a proactive signal he was sending to Qin Wushuang, who was sitting high up on the inn?

Still, Qin Wushuang smiled causally and remained calm.

Mi Zhongye made up his mind and nodded: "Emperor He, I will give you this. I will only kill the culprit, and not get the innocent people involved! And you must also keep your promise, to not interfere!"


Mi Zhongye nodded again and waved his hand: "Archers! Cover them, Left and Right protectors, force your way in!"

Both the Left and Right Protectors were elite warriors that had received training from the Second Martial Saint. Although their strength was incomparable to a figure like the Purple-Robed Great Honored Warrior, they were not less than the other three Great Honored Warriors.

With his command, all the archers started shooting fanatically after they had gotten into formation.

Like great eagles, the two Protectors climbed upwards with both of their hands. Under the cover from the sky full of arrows, they were not worried about Qin Wushuang’s sneak attack.

However, Qin Wushuang remained calm and collected. Only when that two strong warriors had jumped up, his right hand suddenly moved and pulled from his waist. Instantly, a long whip appeared in his hand.

The snake shaped soft whip was like a snake and a dragon, with just one shake, it swirled forward like a ghost. Enlarging a dozen of whip shadow remnants, it moved to trap the heads of those two people.

However, these two Protectors had some strength. When they saw the whip attack, they did not stop with fear. Instead, they straightened their arms and moved to sweep towards the long whip.

It was apparent that they had worn some form of arm protection.

Only, although they swept with power, they realized that they had missed the target in one sweep!

The seemingly real shadows of the whip were in fact, emptiness!

Inwardly, they realized it was not good. Suddenly, their waists became heavier and a huge wave of binding power coerced them. They looked down and the long whip already wrapped around their waists like a giant cobra.

With a light sneer, Qin Wushuang lightly shook his wrist and the bodies of the two Protectors collided with each other. The speed of this collision was like two shooting cannon balls that showed unstoppable power.

This move was indeed, as fast as the ghosts and completely unexpected. With all the people watching from the scene, none of them had saw how Qin Wushuang had made the move exactly. They only saw the shadows of the whip that moved like a ghost. Next, the long whip had bound the two Protectors.

Then, they were colliding towards each other.


With the sound of a muffled crash, the bodies of the two Protectors hit each other without mercy and emitted a desperate sound of collision .

Like two wooden puppets, the two elite warriors at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force had played right into the hands of the enemy. They had no chance to resist and clashed at each other.

How tyrannical of this collision power!

After the collision, the bodies of the two Protectors had become distorted at the same time. Piles of blood and meat flew out as their heads became completely disintegrated with their brains gushing out like tofu.

The Left and Right Protectors had died!

Showing no mercy, Qin Wushuang waved his whip and the two bodies smashed towards Mi Zhongye. He shouted: "I will return them to you!"

The expression on Mi Zhongye’ face had changed drastically. Finally, he learned that he had met with a super tough enemy!

He stepped backwards and evaded the attacks from the two bodies. Losing all color in his face, Mi Zhongye stared at Qin Wushuang with a face full of alarm.

If the Left and Right Protectors could not defend against his whip attack, then this enemy was terrifying! Within the Bai Yue country, who could it be?

Except the Martial Saint, it would be impossible for even the Purple-Robed Great Honored Warrior to achieve this!

Could this person be the Martial Saint in disguise?

"Impossible! My Second Martial Saint had already gone to the Martial Saint Mountain. He would not have the time to come here, then this person…"

Trembled with fear, Mi Zhongye was already searching for an escape.

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