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Chapter 180: Who was More Egotistical!
However, he was only a Marquis from the West Chu. Despite holding high position in which the Emperor valued him greatly, he was only a Marquis. Initially, he was not qualified to sit on the same level as Emperor He. Now, he was negotiating with Emperor He boldly and even spoke impolitely.
Naturally, Emperor He had naturally held back his anger. The Bai Yue Country was founded on martial arts and they had encountered many life and death situations. However, no one had dared to threaten the Emperor of the Bai Yue right to his face like Mi Zhongye had just done.
And he had spoke with such carefree and undisguised tone.
Emperor He could barely hold back his anger. However, it did not mean that he could hold back everything.
After hearing Mi Zhongye’s words, his expression immediately became cold: "Marquis Mi, the grudge between the Bai Yue and the Great Wu has existed since ancient times. Of course, I have nothing to say if we were to engage in war. However, it does not mean that the other countries are eligible to get entangled in it and loot a burning house. Don’t forget, we are both Upper Subordinate Countries. Before the Great Luo Empire, we do need to be reasonable. Even if you were to form an alliance, do you truly think that the Great Luo Empire were blind and deaf and cannot see through your evil ambitions? The Great Luo Empire will allow a pair of fateful enemies to solve their grudge, but it does not mean that they would allow you guys to become part of it!"
Emperor He had his reasons for speaking these words.
Usually, the Great Luo Empire would not get involved with the war and grudges between the Subordinate Countries. However, it did not mean that they had no moral principles and would allow everything.
At least, the Great Wu and the Bai Yue should solve their own matters. Most likely, the third party would not get the permission to get involved.
"Your Majesty, this way, you would rather die than compromise?" Mi Zhongye sneered coldly and still spoke with an arrogant tone.
Emperor He said angrily: "Regarding the national matters, I would not let go of an inch! Marquis Mi, everything else is negotiable. I am afraid I cannot say yes to cutting away my land. I would not be that shameful of an Emperor! At most, we can fight the Great Luo Empire and will never give up!"
Mi Zhongye sneered coldly: "Good, if that’s the case, by the time it is too late, don’t blame the West Chu for dropping the stones!"
Emperor He said with an ashen face: "Come, send off the guest!"
Mi Zhongye waved his hand: "There is no need, I can walk with my own feet. Emperor He, let me give you some advice. Although the words might be old, it should be useful—Those who can see the situation clearly Are smart people. It will be too late to feel regretful when your country is destroyed!"
Emperor He smiled coldly: "Since ancient times, no countries has lived forever. The prosperity and the decline of each country are determined by the law of survival. If my Bai Yue is doomed to face such a destiny, I will have done everything I could and would have no shame! In other words, even if my Bai Yue were to die, can you promise that your West Chu would survive much longer? There is nothing else, and I only have some words to give to you—either the fish dies or the net breaks, let’s break up!"
"If you want to cut away the land of the Bai Yue, you must be prepared to use the blood of your warriors as sacrifice! If you want to invade my land, then you must be prepared for the blood to run like a river!"
Emperor He waved his sleeve and yelled again: "Send these guests off!"
Mi Zhongye left angrily. Inwardly, he swore that the old Emperor He did not understand the situation and remained stubborn. He was already devising a plan to advise his brother to agree to Great Wu’s alliance request. They would invade

the Bai Yue together and take away their land, taking everything they had.

Just as he walked out of the imperial study room, one of his subordinate turned from the other side of the corridor. He jogged over with a somewhat anxious expression: "Marquis, something bad has happened."
Now, Mi Zhongye was not in a good mood: "What?"
That underling whispered a few words next to his ear. The color of Mi Zhongye’s face slightly changed as he yelled in a low voice: "Which city gate? When did it happen?"
"It was a moment ago at the north city gate."
"How could this happen, did you investigate it thoroughly? What is his background?"
"We are investigating now and found nothing so far. Only, that person registered at an inn boldly. It seems he is deliberately provoking us and hung those three over the top of the beam and is allowing any bystanders to watch the show. Now, the entire city is spreading the news about this matter. Everyone knows."
Mi Zhongye became furious: "Absurd, ridiculous! This is against the law!"
At this time, Emperor He had also walked out from the imperial study room. Earlier, he had listened for a moment inside the door and felt joy after learning that people of the West Chu had encountered problems. Inwardly, he wondered who was being so thoughtful and had taught a lesson to these arrogant bastards for him. Indeed, they deserve a reward!
When that Mi Zhongye saw Emperor He, he said with a tone of discontent: "Your Majesty, we have come from a long way from the West Chu to your country. Unexpectedly, your people are being unreasonable. They had wounded my subordinates and kidnapped them, this is ridiculous! Your Majesty, you must give me a judgement regarding how to take care of this matter."
Emperor He said with insincerity: "Something like this has happened?"
"How could it not?" Mi Zhongye had a stomach full of anger. If he did not remember that he was in the enemy’s territory, he most likely would have already let go of his anger. Even so, his tone sounded unhappy.
Although Emperor He felt joyous inwardly, he said: "For sure, this must be a misunderstanding. My people of Bai Yue have always treated guests with courtesy. Even if they would make a move, it would be with politeness and fight later. My people would never force their way through and bully others."
On the surface, his words sounded as if he was speaking in defense. In fact, he was making subtle accusations about how people of the West Chu were barbarians, incapable of manners and acting tyrannically.
"Humph, since Your Majesty has spoken, I am going to pick up my people. If some conflicts happen, please don’t find it strange."
The meaning of those words were, if I were to wound your people, don’t blame me for not showing any mercy.
"Marquis Mi, if there was a misunderstanding, I will solve it for you. If the conflict resulted in an injury upon your precious body, how would I feel reassured?"
Although his words sounded as if he was attempting to mediate, how would it not be adding fire to the oil in truth? It was as if he was determined that Marquis Mi would lose for sure. Hearing these words, the fire sprouted even higher from inside the stomach of Mi Zhongye.
He sneered: "I don’t need Your Majesty to be concerned about my safety. I just hope that you will understand me when I make my moves."
After he had finished speaking, he did not care about the reaction of Emperor He and left with his group of subordinates after he had waved his hand.
The imperial guards from the sides wanted to stop them, but Emperor He stopped them with his look.
Until Mi Zhongye left with his people, Emperor He immediately passed his orders: "Pass my orders to the Great Surge and the Purple Flame Royal Territories, both the east and the west border must consolidate their defense and prepare for battle. The other territories must stay alert. The entire country will go into battle mode!"
"Send someone to investigate who had kidnapped Mi Zhongye’s subordinates. And whether they are from the Martial Saint Mountain!"
After giving out his orders, Emperor He did not stop his footsteps and walked outside. He must prepare now. The survival of the Bai Yue Country was right before his eyes and he not would allow any sloppiness!
With him being like the dragon and running like the tiger, accompanied by his group of subordinates, that Mi Zhongye arrived at the inn where Qin Wushuang was staying. Currently, people had almost filled up the entire street.
Apparently, they were all here to watch the show. These people all pointed and bustled with discussion.
"I heard these three people were vicious people from the Great Wu. They came to cause troubles for our Bai Yue and got caught by a strong warrior from the Royal family and hung on the ceiling beam."
"They should have got hung lower, I really want to spit on their face! The Great Wu have always been our enemy, what good would they have to come here?"
"That’s right, everyone, we should stone them to death!"
"I say, you guys should all calm down, what Great Wu? They are from the West Chu! Do you know the West Chu? They have no relations with the Great Wu!"
"West Chu? What is the relationship between the West Chu and our Bai Yue?"
"We are not in a diplomatic relationship and have never been involved in any hostilities. I heard that people from the West Chu had come here with ill-intentions. They wanted to loot a burning house. These three were causing trouble at the city gate and almost killed the city guards. Then, this elite warrior took them down and hung them up for us to see!"
"What? Killing the city guards? They were this bold? Darn it! They should get hanged up. I say, we should hang them on the city gate for three days for the wind to dry them up."
"Make way, get away!"
A few thunderous sounds emerged from far away. Next, someone used the whip to make a pathway. A group of vicious looking riders had come with Mi Zhongye in the centre.
Mi Zhongye wore a purple and gold crown and official robe. On the waist, he wrapped a jasper band that showcased enough momentum. When he rode closer, both sides of the audience got divided by the whips and looked at this group of people with astonishment.
Apparently, everyone could see that such Royal person that showcased riches and pride was not from the Bai Yue country.
Since they were not people of the Bai Yue, they dared to act with such arrogance in the country. They used the horse whip to make a road and was even more vicious than the Royal family from the Bai Yue. Of course, these people felt confused.
"Who is tis?" Someone asked in a whisper.
"Who knows? They are not from the Bai Yue."
That Mi Zhongye arrived beneath the inn and yelled: "Archers!"
One of the archer walked out from the group of riders. He put the arrow on the bow and shot it towards the rope that hung the three people.
This arrow path was not only accurate, it also contained enough momentum. Neither light nor heavy, it had the power that would break the rope and let the three people down.
Across the middle of the sky, this arrow shot out and was headed toward the rope.
Just when it was a metre away, something shot out from the window.
That object clashed with the arrow and emitted a crisp sound. In fact, it had hit that arrow and stopped the power from going forward.
When one looked at the object carefully, it was a chopstick.
From that momentum, one would have thought that someone that threw the chopstick by throwing it with a hand. However, this power could genuinely bounce off the arrows shot from the bow. Because of its power, speed and accuracy, even Mi Zhongye could not help but narrow his eyes. He waved his hand to stop the archer’s movement from loading another arrow.
He gathered his power and yelled: " Which divine is upstairs, do you dare to come out?"
From the top floor of the inn, a wave of cold laugh sounded: "State your name, whoever is here. If you are a nobody, get lost now. Or else, I will tie you together."
As soon as he had heard these words, a red light flashed across the face of Mi Zhongye. Furious, he was about to let go of his temper. He had always thought that he was the most dominant one. Unexpectedly, someone much more egotistical than him had appeared!

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