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Chapter 161: Primary Material for the Body Sculpting Pill
From that young man’s introduction, Qin Wushuang got to know that his surname was Yan, and was called Yan Feng.
This Yan Feng felt much safer after attaching himself to Qin Wushuang’s side. He looked left and right. His goal was simple and he would not bother to pay attention to materials that would not make those two Initial pills.
Qin Wushuang was not as picky as he was. He looked around wherever he went. He wanted to get familiar with this trading center at the Nature Manifestation Valley. On the other hand, it was not necessary for him to purchase something.
For the materials to make the body sculpting and the Initial Stage Spiritual pill, Yan Feng had already obtained many and with a substantial amount. The amount he had would was enough to guarantee making the pill four to five times.
Now he only lacked the primary materials for the body sculpting and the Initial Stage Spiritual pills.
The primary material for the body sculpting pill was a spiritual stone named Green Wintry stone. In the world of the Upper Sky, it was not an advanced spiritual rock. However, to Pre-Sky Realm users, they were not easy to obtain.
After looking around at the scene, a few of people did have those Green Wintry stones. They were laid on the surface and temporarily, no one went up for it.
Apparently, among these people, most did not even have the folk remedies. Of course, they did not a use for these stones. And those who had the folk remedy did not lack this Green Wintry Stone.
Yan Feng threw looks of in needing help toward Qin Wushuang. He wanted this stone.
If he could get one, he could at least refine it five times. A finger sized Green Wintry stone was enough to use for five times.
Remaining calm and collected, Qin Wushuang approached one of the booths.
There were not many goods were in this booth. Besides the Green Wintry Stone, the rest of the goods were scarce as well. Qin Wushuang expected that this guy must be in short of supplies as he smiled and asked: "For this stone, what do you want to exchange it with?"
The owner of this booth was a guy around thirty years old and had whiskers like a young dragon with horns. When he saw Qin Wushuang asking, he said: "Little Brother, I am an honest man. I heard this Green Wintry Stone is the primary material for making Upper Sky pills. I don’t have much requirement; I just want to trade it with an Upper Sky folk remedy."
Yan Feng immediately said: "I can let you copy the folk remedy for the Initial Stage Upper Sky Spiritual pill. Give us this Spiritual Stone, how about it?"
That guy with the dragon like whisker lit up his eyes. He sized Yan Feng and asked with a somewhat doubtfully tone: "You have the folk remedy for the Initial Stage Upper Sky Spiritual pill?"
"Trade or not?" Yan Feng asked cautiously.
"Yes!" The guy with the dragon like whiskers bit his teeth and held that Green Wintry stone on his hand. He clenched it tightly and looked and was unwilling to let it go, "Give me the folk remedy on the one hand, and I will give you the stone on the other."
Yan Feng took out that Upper Sky Initial Stage Spiritual folk remedy and said: "Whether you make a copy with your pen, or you remember it. I need to keep this piece of folk remedy to myself."
The guy with the dragon like whiskers nodded: "I will make a copy!"
Immediately, he took out the prepared pen and ink. Then, he quickly copied all the raw materials, crucial points of refining it and the instructions from it. Then, he nodded with satisfaction: "This Green Wintry Stone is yours!"
After he finished, he handed it over quickly.
Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and did not speak a word. Of course, he saw that this Yan Feng was a smart guy. He had given the folk remedy for the Upper Sky Initial Stage Spiritual Pill and not the body sculpting one.
It was b

ecause the primary material for the body sculpting folk remedy was this Green Wintry stone. If that guy had seen this stone could be used as the primary material for the body sculpting pill most likely he would negotiate on this trade. Thus, he only gave out that folk remedy for the Spiritual Pill.
Indeed, this move had worked. When that guy with the dragon like whiskers saw the material for the Upper Sky Spiritual Pill did not use that Green Wintry stone, he handed them the stone willingly.
Even after leaving that booth, Qin Wushuang could apparently feel that Yan Feng was still excited. Apparently, he also never expected that the trade this time would go so smoothly.
Before they walked a few steps, suddenly, Qin Wushuang stopped. He heard rushed footsteps from behind walking toward them quickly.
"Hey, two Little Brothers ahead, hold on!"
When Yan Feng looked back, he saw seven or eight disciples dressed in Advanced clothing walking over and encircled them quickly.
Qin Wushuang knew that Yan Feng’s exchange had been exposed after he saw their attitudes. There was the so-called saying of where one should never expose your wealth. Since you had exposed your Upper Sky folk remedy, don’t blame others for lusting after it.
Remaining calm and collected, he wanted to see how this Yan Feng would deal with it.
"Little Brother, I heard that you have an Upper Sky folk remedy?" A wretched looking guy approached with his narrow eyes.
"Although our Stargaze Palace emphasized on standing on one's own feet, after all, we are all on the same path. We need to share the good things. Why not take out your folk remedy and let us all make a copy?"
Inwardly, Yan Feng was on high alert. Of course, he would not give out his folk remedy without a cause. There was no free lunch in this world. If you wanted the folk remedy, you better exchange it with something good. Or else, it would be impossible of asking him to give them the folk remedy willingly!
"Brothers, if you want it, you can show me what you have. If they are right things, we can trade it somewhat. And I would not keep it to myself." Yan Feng answered it with a neither servile nor overbearing tone.
That guy with the narrow eyes twitched his mouth to reveal a mocking smile. He looked around a few times and gestured with meaningful looks at the others. Those seven comrades all took a few steps closer at the same time and closed in the circle. Each of them carried an ill-intentioned smile on the corner of their mouth.
The color on Yan Feng’s face turned cold: "What is the meaning of this?"
"What is the meaning?"
"You don’t understand? We have eight people here, and each of us wants one!"
"You only have two people, what qualification do you have to talk about fair trade?"
Yan Feng looked at Qin Wushuang, and he was not nervous at all. Since he had already experienced Qin Wushuang’s strength, these lowlifes would not pose any form of a threat with such an Upper Sky warrior next to him.
You would be asking for trouble.
"This way, you guys are planning to use your numbers and to rob my folk remedy?" Yan Feng asked with a low voice.
"Haha, if you cooperate willingly and let us make a copy, at most it would be an interaction and not a robbery. However, if not, then the matter will change!"
They did not bother to disguise their attitudes as bullies. From their expressions, they had unbridledly decided to use their numbers to intimidate Yan Feng.
"Big Brother Qin…" Yan Feng looked at Qin Wushuang embarrassingly.
Qin Wushuang nodded and asked lightly: "You lot are from the same teacher? Or a bunch of non-related people gathered just for this?"
"Kid, you are swearing at us?"
"Darn it, kid, it seems you want to refuse the toast and only to drink a forfeit?"
"Brothers, should we show our respect to these two kids?"
Qin Wushuang sneered: "Of course we have the Upper Sky folk remedy. However, only with you wasteful scums, I am afraid you are not qualified to have it!"
After he had finished, he slightly raised his foot and stepped forward.
When he stepped forward, Qin Wushuang had deliberately used his Upper Sky power. Immediately, a giant hole sunk on the ground after he had raised his feet. The stone layers broke into pieces and spread to the feet before each person like a spider web.
"Whoever wants the folk remedy, feel free to come and get it." Qin Wushuang laughed mockingly and waved at Yan Feng, "Let’s take a look over there."
As soon as he had revealed his move, these eight people had instantly fallen into the petrified state. They could not utter a word for a while. Like a deflated balloon, their previous courage and arrogance had wizened up.
"Upper Sky…"
"So strong."
"Luckily, this Upper Sky had a good temper."
These people had suddenly seen the light and could not help but feel fear in the wake as they watched the Qin Wushuang’s departing figure. Indeed, they were feeling lucky. If any other Upper Sky disciples had encountered such situation, most likely they would lose a leg or arm.
Yan Feng followed behind Qin Wushuang with shock. He admired, looked up and desired… This was an Upper Sky user. No need for any other nonsenses, only a step of his feet had turned the pack of bullies into petrified stone statues.
It was the power and the presence of an Upper Sky. Yan Feng felt deeply moved and looked at Qin Wushuang with even more admiration. Comparing himself to him, he saw this young man was much younger than him. However, he was already in the Upper Sky and studied under the Second Palace Master.
"Indeed, I could compare the differences between each individuals. But the more I compare, the more frustration it would give me." Yan Feng dwelled in his thoughts as he lowered his head, "I should not aim too high. This Big Brother Qin should only be the existence for me to look up to. I am more than content to have formed a relationship with him. It would be impossible to stand next to him!"
While he thought, he quickened his footsteps and followed up.
"Big Brother Qin, you have a kind personality. If it were any other Upper Sky disciples, people from this incident and last time would have suffered a lot."
Qin Wushuang smiled lightly: "After all, we are all disciples from the Stargaze Palace. I cannot follow their examples by being an idiot. Even if I had beat them up, I wouldn’t gain anything."
Yan Feng felt profound veneration and looked at Qin Wushuang respectfully. Yan Feng had also seen many Upper Sky disciples. Each of them all had their eyes on the top of their heads and did not bother to speak a word to anyone not on their level. Usually, they used their nose to make a sound when talking to Pre-Sky Realm disciples.
Even in the case where they must speak, they always looked up to the sky and showed off their arrogance. They tried to keep their words as if speaking an extra word and looking more at the other party was a shame to them.
They had walked to the end of the first level trading places. Any further and they would be entering the second level trading zone. However, this second level required something to enter.
Shrinking back, Yan Feng hesitated: "Brother Qin, the second tier trading places requires one to possess the qualification to go in. And it requires one to deposit a certain amount of money, and it is much more formal…"
"What?" Qin Wushuang looked up. The more formal, the more he wanted to look.
"I am afraid I am ineligible to enter," Yan Feng mumbled, "To enter the second level, I need to pay a deposit. And this deposit could only be something of the Upper Sky. Yet, I have none of that."
Yan Feng only had some materials to make the Upper Sky Spiritual Pills. Those were only seen as an almost ready Upper Sky goods, but not finished ones.
"Follow me." Without hesitation, Qin Wushuang kept walking forward.

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