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Chapter 162: Beautiful Senior Sister
On this second level trading zone, regardless of the goods being exchanged or their size, it was much bigger than the first level trading area.

Thus, to enter the second tier trading zone, one needed to pay the deposit. This deposit was only a proof of your eligibility. At the conclusion of the trades or when one decided to leave, it would be returned to you.
To put it bluntly, the trading itself did not take any commission fee. Asking for a deposit was only to make sure that the people had the qualification to trade. At the same time, it was also a deterrent to prevent anyone from playing tricks during trading.
When they walked to the trading entrance, Qin Wushuang used the Upper Sky blade and the book he got from Li Wuji as deposits. Then, they passed through smoothly.
After passing the entrance, Yan Feng said thankfully: "Big Brother Qin, I am deeply thankful to you letting me have the chance to see this second level trading place."
"No need for that. Since we came together and made a promise, I am only keeping my word," Qin Wushuang said lightly.
However, Yan Feng knew that he was being kind as he said immediately: "I’ve already collected all the materials for the body sculpting pill. I will definitely give you a portion. I estimate that the materials I have collected could be used five attempts. You get two, and I get three, how about it?"
Qin Wushuang smiled and said: "Ok!"
When Yan Feng saw Qin Wushuang had accepted, he was overjoyed. He knew that when an Upper Sky disciple had decided to accept your offerings, it was meant as a favor and showed that he acknowledged the relationship between them.
Qin Wushuang was not a pretentious guy. He had none of the so-called"Attitude of an Upper Sky." When he made friends, he valued their personality. If one had a bad character, then he obviously would not waste the time to get to know them. Even if their strength was weaker than Qin Wushuang, as long as they had a good personality, he would still not refuse them at the door.
Although this Yan Feng had his little ideas, he apparently belonged to those figures with a calculating mind. And being a Pre-Sky Realm disciple he had revealed his skills in being able to collect this many materials in a few short years. Such a person was someone with potential.
Qin Wushuang had the intention to aid him and also as a mean to build more networks in the Stargaze Palace.
Indeed, the second level trading zone was grand. Wherever one walked, there were many good things. Yan Feng became dazzled by all these things.
However, he knew his place very well and only looked at them. So far, these things were far above him and not something he should thirst for.
"Brother Qin, are you going to set up a booth?" Yan Feng asked carefully.
Qin Wushuang said with a smile: "I will look first."
He felt that temporarily, he didn’t need to trade anything.
Regarding technique books, he did not lack them. For the pills, it seemed he did not need it right now. Also, he had the storage knapsack. Besides, due to its rarity, even the Core disciples may not have it. Even if they did, they would not take it out to exchange.
As for the Upper Sky defensive armor, he already had a piece of armor given by the higher ups of the Stargaze Palace as a reward.
For Upper Sky offense weapons, Qin Wushuang also had two. They were the Upper Sky blade and the snake-shaped soft whip. Each of these two all carried technique books. Thus, Qin Wushuang could not think of what he really needs.
"If there were a sword shaped offense Upper Sky weapon, I would be willing to exchange it. A sword is the ruler of all arms and the most suitable one among everything else." Qin Wushuang thought like this.
Until now, he had not practiced with any Upper Sky weapons. However, after fighting with that man in b

lack, he had realized that during a weaponry fight, he would need a suitable weapon.
"Attention, attention!"
Just as Qin Wushuang was wandering around, a voice sounded from a high platform.
"Everyone, attention. In the annual Manifestation pageant, besides the usual trading, of course, we must have the climax show. This year, the peak show is an arena gamble! People who are willing to participate must sign up backstage! Still, we follow the old rules for this gambling competition; we will assign competitors depending on the quality of the goods given by each person. Those who intend to sign up hurry backstage and put up the item you wish to gamble!"
"A gambling competition?" Qin Wushuang frowned, "What is that?"
Apparently, Yan Feng only knew a little. He had participated in this Nature Manifestation Valley for a few years. However, each year he could only wander on the outside and was only able to watch this gambling competition. Not once were he capable of participating. Hearing Qin Wushuang’s question, he immediately answered: "This arena gambling is done anonymously. I heard that all participants must put up an item as a bet. After each item ha passed verification and is deemed suitable, they could enter arena. The host would arrange the competitions based on the quality of items put up by everyone. All those goods with an approximate value would go at the same time. Then, they would decide a final victor for each platform where one could win back everything plus interest. This arena gambling only acknowledges the ultimate victor. For the rest, as long as they were not the final winners, they are all losers!"
Yan Feng stopped for a moment and added: "It is equivalent to cutting the meat from everyone and fattening up the final victor. Thus, although this gambling competition poses great attraction, those disciples who are not confident about their strength, even the Upper Sky would not participate. Even if they had gone to take part, they would not hand in valuable goods. The higher the value of the gambled item, the fiercer the competition!"
Qin Wushuang suddenly had an idea as he thought: "This gambling arena is kind of interesting. The final winner could become inundated with goods."
When he thought here, he felt the urge to try it out.
"In my knapsack, I have two Flame Cloud Vultures. I could use one of them as a stake and sign up. It 'd be nice if I win, and it would not matter too much if I lost. After all, I could see what is going on. With this many Upper Sky disciples, the Initial Stage Level Flaming Cloud Spiritual Beast would not have too much competition."
Thinking here, Qin Wushuang was set on his idea as he said: "I am going to take a look and you can go look around. Before I come out, don't make any trades with anyone to prevent someone from bullying you."
Yan Feng knew that Qin Wushuang was going to sign up for the "Gambling Arena." He also became extremely excited and nodded: "Ok, when it's Brother Qin turn, you will definitely win!"
Qin Wushuang laughed and walked to the back in large strides. He arrived at a high platform after turning over a hill. On the top, there was a temporary camp set up and many people were wandering around there. Apparently, they were disciples of the Palace who wanted to sign up, but remained hesitant.
When Qin Wushuang walked up to the camp, one of the Stargaze disciples stopped him: "Are you here to sign up for the gambling competition?"
"Is this not the place to sign up?" Qin Wushuang asked surprised.
That disciple took two steps back and give a "please" gesture. At the same time, he said: "After entering, you must sign up, or else don’t go in recklessly."
Qin Wushuang smiled and walked in. Inwardly, he thought if I am not here to sign up, am I here to watch the show?
Inside the camp, there were a few disciples who were hosting the gambling competition. Each of them was exceptional people among the Core disciples. Among them, that young master dressed in yellow clothing was the direct disciple of the Head Palace Master. His name was Wei Yi, and among all the young disciple, he was a crane among the flock of chickens.
It was rumored that he was already an elite warrior among the Middle Ranking Spiritual Martial Force. Among the younger generation in the Stargaze palace, he was doubtlessly the leader of the generation.
That Wei Yi sat in the middle and on his two sides, two young disciples served him naturally on both his sides. Among them, dressed in a light-yellow clothing, one of the young girls revealed a beautiful body. The pupil of her pair of eyes appeared as bright and light as the limpid autumn waters. In one look, she seemed like a goddess.
Feeling slightly breathless, Qin Wushuang walked over.
No wonder that Wei Yi was the head of all Upper Sky disciples as he smiled: "Another late blooming Brother had entered the Upper Sky. Congratulation. So are you also here to sign up for the gambling competition?"
As soon as this Wei Yi had opened his mouth to speak, Qin Wushuang became respectful. Apparently, he felt that the Upper Sky presence from this person was no less than that Old Devil Ji Yin from the Ji Yin Mountain!
For your information, that Old Devil Ji Yin was an old devil and famous for over one hundred years. And this Wei Yi should not be over thirty years old. In fact, he had a similar strength and level as that Old Devil Ji Yin. It was more than enough to see the talent this one had!
"Yes, may I ask is this the place to put up my bet?" Although Qin Wushuang was impressed, he would not be intimidated.
He was able to fight head on against the Old Devil Ji Yin. Of course, there was no reason for him to genuflect to his colleagues.
Wei Yi could not help but smile lightly when he saw that this young disciple did not recognize him. However, he did not become angry and said kindly instead: "It is here, what are you going to use as the stake?"
Qin Wushuang took out the inner core of a Flame Cloud Vulture and said: "It’s the inner core from an Initial Spiritual Beast of the fire attribute. Would it be enough to sign up?"
"Haha, as long as it's something in the Upper Sky, it is eligible to sign up. Besides, the inner core of a Spiritual Beast is not something that appears often. It would totally work!" Wei Yi smiled and pointed that celestial being like a girl, "All goods for bets are handled by Little Sister Zhou. You can just give it to her."
Qin Wushuang walked over politely: "Big Sister Zhou, this is my stake."
That girl with the surname of Zhou nodded her head slightly: "Ok, this gambling competition is anonymous. After you’ve handed in your stake, get a mask and a set of gambling robes. Then, you will wait at this area of the Valley. When we have eight people of your level, we will begin the competition. Each time, there will be four winners out of the eight people, then two people would advance from the four. In the end, the final two would fight against each other. The last one standing will be the final winner. The stakes of the other seven would belong to the victor alone! Understand?"
Qin Wushuang nodded: "Yes."
"Ok, I have your stake now, the inner core of the Flame Cloud Vulture. We will consider putting all participants who handed in inner cores into the same list."
This beautiful girl was Zhou Fu. In fact, she studied under Tan Zhongchi and was one of his most prized disciple.
Only, she did not know that Qin Wushuang studied under the same teacher as her. And currently, Qin Wushuang also did not know he and her belonged to the same teacher.
After taking the objects for the gambling competition, Qin Wushuang did not linger and walked outside. He knew that he had signed up early. Most likely he would need to wait a while for all eight people.
When she saw Qin Wushuang walked out, that Zhou Fu smiled lightly and said: "Such interesting little guy. Big Brother Wei, he did not know who you are. And called you "this Brother," haha."
Wei Yi touched his nose and smiled bitterly: "Didn’t he also not recognize our number one beauty, Little Sister Zhou? It seems that he has just advanced to this stage."

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