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Chapter 160: Nature Manifestation Valley
"Speak only the important." Qin Wushuang did not have the patience to listen to a long and complicated explanation.
"Ok." That young man was also straightforward as he said: "A month before each end of year exam, the Advanced Disciples, even the Core Disciples would appear at the Nature Manifestation Valley. It is a form of market gathering. All the Advanced Disciples, as long as they have free time, they would always go there. In that place, if everyone had some good stuff they did not need, they would take it out and exchange with each other. Thus, the gathering at the Valley also acts an exchange meeting. It’s a trade meeting before each end of year exam, and also a little conclusion for the year’s training."
Qin Wushuang nodded as he understood what was happening. Suddenly he asked: "This way, you also wanted to trade something at that Nature Manifestation Valley?"

That young man knew that he was unable to lie before an Upper Sky. He said: "That’s right. To us Pre-Sky Realm disciples, each day we only think about how to enter the Upper Sky and worked hard towards it. Perhaps, in the eyes of you Upper Sky disciples, we are only some lowly ants"
Qin Wushuang smiled lightly as he knew that this person was deliberately acting meek. Yet, he did not expose him.
"To enter the Upper Sky, you needed the body-sculpting pellet and the Initial Stage Spiritual pellet to assist you in the shortcut. For these two pellets, one was used to strengthen your body, and the other provides the Spiritual Qi. These two help each other. Acquiring any of these could speed up the process to enter the Upper Sky Realm. However, these two pellets are exceedingly rare. It would be tough to get your hands on these two from that place. Even Upper Sky disciples would not have them."
That young man shook his head honestly: "I know about these two. I only wanted to exchange a few herbal medicines this time. To make these two pellets, I needed sixteen materials. Each year, I collect a few and exchanged some. Hopefully, I can collect all the material in five years. Then, I could pay an expensive fee to ask the Alchemist at our Palace to make these two pellets."
Five years…
To a normal human being, it was a long process. However, to trainees, five years was considerably short and as unimportant as a grain of sand in the long river of time.
If a Pre-Sky Realm martial artist could collect all these materials in five years, they would be regarded as successful. For many people, not to mention collecting the materials, they could not even obtain a piece of folk remedy in ten or even twenty years.
When one could not even collect the folk remedy, how could they know where to obtain medicines?
In the training world, anything privately owned would be valuable. Despite the folk remedies being ordinary, but you could only exchange it with someone else through a price if you did not own it.
Although it may be a piece of garbage, it would become a top tier resource if someone else had it.
To concoct pills, it required a favorable rate. One would not promise the perfect success rate even if you handed in all the materials.
Regarding the body-sculpting and the Initial Stage Spiritual Pellet for the Pre-Sky Realm, in the Star Gauze Palace, the success rate to make these pellets were between sixty to eighty percent.
And in other small sects, the success rate would not get over fifty percent.
If failed, the commission fee and those raw materials would have been completely wasted. The Alchemist would not take responsibility for it. At most, they would do you a favor and charge you less of the commission fee as redemption. And such case would only occur if the Alchemist had a super friendly personality. Or else, they would not take responsibility at all and would still charge you the same commission fee.

s, usually, a person would collect at least two to three times the amount of materials required if the condition permits. It was all to prevent the failure of the process and to bear the shock.
Through collecting more than one set of materials, they would have the chance to try it again even if the pellet process failed. After all, it would be easier to accept.
Seeing Qin Wushuang staying silent, that young man asked while he worries about his gains and losses: "Big Brother, if you haven’t gone to the Nature Manifestation Valley, you should take a look. And you will need someone to lead you for your first time. I am the most appropriate person for this aspect. And I am willing to run errands for you."
"Is this your payment?" Qin Wushuang asked with a smile.
That young man immediately said: "Of course not, how could this be a payment? You are in the Upper Sky Realm, for sure ordinary payments would not enter in your eyes. And I could not pay you with anything outrageously high. Thus, please tell me your price, if I have the ability…"
Qin Wushuang waved his hand: "Tell me, why do you insist on me coming with you?"
That young man gave a long sigh: "Indeed, you have just entered the Palace. On the surface, that Nature Manifestation Valley is a fair-trade ground. However, the truth is different. Most of the time, situations where one would take things by force or by trickery would happen as well. Thus, to us weak Pre-Sky Realm disciples, it is crucial to aim for a fair trade platform as a foundation. If I followed you, during the trade, no one in the Pre-Sky Sky Realm would dare to play tricks. And Upper Sky disciples would also have a need to act cautiously. This is my little intention."
Qin Wushuang understood now. To put it bluntly, he wanted to borrow his Upper Sky presence and fight for a fair trade and a better platform for trading.
To sum it up, he wanted to use his power to intimidate others.
"Hm, you are honest. Then let’s go and take a look." Qin Wushuang was also rather curious even though he was not hungry for the need of pellets.
At least for his current training stage, he did not experience any uncomfortable feeling from his body and saw any signs in need to strengthen his body. This way, those types of Dragon and Tiger pellets appeared as something he would or would not have. Of course, he was still far from dashing into the next stage. If he had actually reached that stage, maybe he would be hungry for pellets. Thus, he decided to broaden his horizon. Regardless of trading or not, it would always be good to see what was going on.
Naturally, although he did not need the pellets himself, it did not mean he did not need it at all. On the contrary, he had longed for those pellets that could help the Pre-Sky Realm users to enter the Upper Sky.
This part of the plan was for the future of the Qin.
"I wonder what would you like for payment?" That young man asked.
Qin Wushuang smiled: "It’s easy. Since you have already started collecting the raw materials, surely you know the folk remedy to the body sculpting and the Initial Stage pellet. Let me make a copy. If you have extra raw materials, give me a piece. If not, it doesn’t matter. The folk remedy would be more than enough."
"Ok! For these two pellets, each needs eight different raw materials. Among them, the body sculpting pellet needs one primary, and seven secondary raw materials. For the Initial Spiritual pellet, it requires five different raw materials. Now, I have all seven secondary raw materials for the body sculpting pellet, and I have plenty. I only lack the primary raw material. For the Initial Stage Spiritual pellet, I only collected the three secondary raw materials and none of the main ones."
"Show me the folk remedy." Qin Wushuang said.
That young man did not dare to act sloppy and immediately took out the remedy. Then, he handed it over respectfully.
Qin Wushuang glanced at it and remembered all the necessary materials needed by the two remedies.
The main material needed by the body-sculpting pelleted was a type of Spiritual Stone.
On the other hand, the main materials for the Upper Sky Initial Spiritual pellet corresponded to the primary five attributes. If there were only one type of primary material, then this pellet would only consist of one Spiritual attribute.
With each main material added, it would correspond to one of the five attributes and add more power to the pellet.
After collecting all the basic materials needed for the five attributes, one would make the perfect, the most extravagant and the most ideal Initial Spiritual pellet. For sure, it would be the most nutritious medicine to help the Pre-Sky Realm user to enter the Upper Sky. And the martial artist that that consumed this pellet would have unlimited potential.
However, the five main materials had no distinct specifications. It wouldn’t matter as long as they were from the corresponding inner pellets of different attributes from Spiritual Beasts.
The minimum requirement would be an Initial Stage Spiritual Beast. There was no limit to the level of Spiritual Beasts.
Of course, to use a higher-level inner pellet for an Initial Stage pellets would not be useful and not profitable.
Thus, theoretically, the perfect Initial Stage Spiritual Pellet should be a form of a pellet that consisted of the cores from five different Initial Stage Spiritual Beasts.
After Qin Wushuang had memorised these two remedies, he used the power from his fingertip and threw it back to that guy. Then, he nodded: "Ok, lead the way."
Inwardly, he was already planning to make these two pellets. To Pre-Sky Realm martial artists, these materials were indeed, tough to collect. Particularly for the Initial Stage Spiritual Beasts in which finding one was already difficult. It would be a dream talk about obtaining five different Spiritual Beasts with five different attributes.
Basically, their goals were focused on finding one Initial Stage Spiritual Beast. Even this would already be an extreme luxury. With the strength of Pre-Sky Realm users, they had no choice but to work in groups to deal with a Spiritual Beast. They had no chance of winning in a one on one.
The Nature Manifestation Valley was located at the bottom of the Virtuous Cloud Summit. It was a valley separated from the other Summits. Due to its unpredictable weather and beautiful scenery, people called it the Nature Manifestation Valley.
The terrain of this area was incredibly unique. It was a dividing line that separated the Virtuous Cloud Summit and other places.
When reached the Nature Manifestation Valley, the rest of the Advanced Disciples must stop there. Beyond this location was forbidden. According to the rules, Advanced Disciples could not step foot into the Virtuous Cloud Summit.
Due to this reason, this Valley had become a trading place. Regardless of Upper Sky or Pre-Sky Sky Realm, they were all willing to come here for a gathering
For Pre-Sky Realm users, they came in desiring to touch the borderline Spiritual Qi from the Virtuous Cloud Summit and broaden their horizon about the type of training places used by Upper Sky. Even by looking at it from a distance, they could easily get inspired.
And the Core Disciples were unwilling to move away too far from the main Summit. Running to other places to exchange goods with other Advanced Disciples was a shameful thing for their identity.
When Qin Wushuang arrived at the Nature Manifestation Valley with that young man, it was already bustling with activity. Most Advanced Disciples had already fought for advantageous terrain to set up booths for their own trading platform.
At this place, a powerful trading area would become valuable.
Currently, there were very few Core Disciples. Apparently, for such exchange place, it would be started by the Advanced Disciples most of the time. Later, Core Disciples would slowly join.
Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry to reveal his Upper Sky strength to prevent other Advanced Disciples from becoming overly cautious. He wanted to see what kind of materials used for the body sculpting and the Initial Stage pellet were available and their chances of occurrence.

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