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The Martial Saint had mentioned that the most suitable medicine for Pre-Sky Realm martial artists to enter the Initial Stage would be the Corporeal Gold Body Pellet and the Basic Upper Sky Pellet.

Although the recipes of these remedies and the raw materials required were difficult to find, it's difficulty was relatively lower than the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Pellet!

The Bai Yue Country was located in a remote area. It would not matter since this country had weak Qi and shortage of Spiritual Beings. His future destination would not be at this little Bai Yue Country.

Qin Wushuang had a much higher goal and aspiration. To him, Bai Yue Country was only a starting point.

At the Ji Yin Mountain, Old Man Ji Yin slowly exhaled and withdrew the hollow of the palm from a posture. A day of practicing was ending about now.

He had practiced this for some years. This nefarious technique was extremely tyrannical and would consume a lot of blood during practicing. He needed a steady flow of blood from virgins born at the second solar month to ensure that his blood would not become exhausted.

In these past few years, his disciples, families of the disciples had sent him many innocent girls from different Subordinate Countries of the Great Luo Empire. Old Man Ji Yin had used them and sucked out their life.

More than five hundred girls had died. Just the Redwood Royal Mansion from the Bai Yue country alone had provided about two hundred of those girls. It completely illustrated the ruthlessness of Old Man Ji Yin.

After he had finished today's training, Old Man Ji Yin glanced around the cave where seven jade plates lay ahead of him. Suddenly, he creased his brows, rubbed his eyes and stared at the first plate right before him. The expression on his face turned cold and the muscles of his face also twitched as his expression turned extremely malevolent.

"How did this happen?" Old Man Ji Yin looked at that broken jade plate with disbelief!

These seven jade plates had belonged to his seven highly prized Upper Sky disciples. He had taken the Upper Sky Qi from each of his disciples and inserted them into the plates.

Seeing the plates was as if looking at his disciples.

Unless the owner of the jade plate had died, or else, nothing would happen to the jade plate.

And now, the first jade plate had completely shattered into pieces!

The first jade plate corresponded to his head disciple, Li Wuji. He was his most prized, most distinguished student that he had always sent out to handle all difficult tasks!

And today, Li Wuji's corresponding jade plate had shattered.

In other words, Li Wuji no longer remained in this world!

A sudden pain emerged from his chest and vigorous murderous intent appeared in the eyes of Old Man Ji Yin. He touched that shattered jade plate and the muscles on his face trembled even more violently.

His number one disciple, Li Wuji had taken his Ji Yin plate to take care of business at the Bai Yue Country. Reasonably, any Upper Sky disciple could do whatever they wanted at a mere place like the Bai Yue Country. Even the Martial Saint of the country would not dare to stop him with the Ji Yin plate present!

This time, he had sent Li Wuji, the strongest, the most ruthless and the quickest one at finishing businesses! Initially, he had gone with the intention to resolve the business with the shortest amount of time and return quickly.

Unexpectedly, their parting turned to out to be an eternal one and Li Wuji was now gone forever!

Someone from the little Bai Yue Country could genuinely kill Li Wuji? Old Man Ji Yin refused to believe it. Even that Martial Saint was after all, an Initial Stage Upper Sky Realm and Li Wuji should be on par with him.

If he had been in good condition, and with enough temperament, Li Wuji would have the chance to use his to take the enemy's head. Even if he could not do it, he would not lose at the very least!

However, why had Li Wuji died?

Who had murdered Li Wuji? Although Old Man Ji Yin was extremely furious, he did not lose his composure. He had always acted with caution. After all, he could not have founded the Ji Yin sect in this land full of powerful warriors in the Great Luo Empire.

Indeed, the one that had killed Li Wuji must possess extraordinary strength.

It would had been alright if it was some wandering Upper Sky martial artists. It would be too troublesome to seek revenge if the person came from one of the powerful sects, or even a grandmaster level warrior.

At the moment, revenge may be important, but the first thing he needed to do was to investigate thoroughly how Li Wuji had died! Flames of fury filled the eyes of Old Man Ji Yin.

"He Yutian, He Yutian, if it wasn't because of you, you useless scum, how could I have lost my beloved disciple? If you weren't a Young Master from a Royal Family that had possessed riches, I wouldn't even have bothered to notice you! Since Li Wuji has died because of the matter concerning your Redwood Mansion, no matter what, the Redwood is one of the accomplices that had indirectly killed Li Wuji!"

When he thought here, a rich wave of murderous intent flowed from the face of Old Man Ji Yin! He stood up and walked out of the cave as if he were floating. After a slight scan, he determined He Yutian's location.

Currently, He Yutian was in the secret chamber of the Ji Yin Sect searching for a medicinal recipe to increase the strength of the body.

Suddenly, the door of the secret chamber opened and a wave of chill wind blew away the pages of the books. Feeling a wave of coldness, He Yutian turned to look behind him and could not help but yell: "Master!"

Revealing a blank face, Old Man Ji Yin asked lightly: "What are you doing here?"

Seeing his Master's blank face, He Yutian felt a tingling in his scalp as he replied: "For my training, I wanted to find a few ancient records to read and increase my knowledge."

"Hm, good. Only, now it's useless." Ji Yin Old Man said with a cold tone.

"Master?" He Yutain thought that his Master was joking and was dumbfounded.

"Get out!" Old Man Ji Yin flicked his sleeve and walked outside.

They came to the grassland outside. Trembling in fear, inwardly, He Yutian felt his heart was hanging on fifteen buckets that swayed up and down.

How could he not realize the complete difference from his Master's usual tone?

Only, currently, he could not figure out the reason behind his Master's discontent.

"Master." He carefully called out lightly.

Without looking back, Old Man Ji Yin asked with a light voice: "In your Bai Yue Country, who else possesses power besides that Martial Saint at the Martial Saint Mountain?"

"Master, for the past hundreds of years, there was only one Upper Sky user. Now, not to mention Upper Sky, even those who might had the potential to become the Upper Sky have not appeared. Master, you know about that poor place where the Bai Yue is. Even one Upper Sky user was a rare occurence."

"Then are there any stronger Upper Sky users around the Bai Yue more powerful than that one at your country?"

He Yutian thought for a moment and replied: "There is mostly Middle Ranking Subordinate Countries around the Bai Yue. Each of them has a Martial Saint. However, they all had similar strength which is at the Initial Stage. Not a single one of them have the strength of a Middle Ranking Upper Sky Martial Artists! With their potential and life span, it is impossible for them to break into the Middle Upper Sky stage!"

Old Man Ji Yin nodded: "Then, it's strange."

"Strange? Master, what is strange?" Bad feelings vividly emerged in He Yutian's mind.

"You don't need to know. He Yutian, in your Redwood Mansion, how many people do you have in total?" Suddenly, Old Man Ji Yin changed his tone and asked strangely.

"Master, through generations, combining all the direct and the side descendants, there are at least five or six hundred people." Although He Yutian thought it was a strange question, he did not dare to answer dishonestly.

"Five or six hundred people?" Shaking his head, Old Man Ji Yin said, "Not enough, not enough! How about those trusted aides, servants, how many are there approximately?"

"There are about three thousand members of the Iron Armored Army to protect the Mansion. Not many internal security guards, but about two hundred of them are all elite warriors!"

"Too little, too little! The three thousand Iron Armored Army are not deeply connected to your Mansion. Counting the offspring of the Redwood family and the trusted aides, there are only seven or eight hundred people." As he continued speaking, Old Man Ji Yin's tone became even colder.

"Mas…Master, why are you totalling this number?" Doubts emerged inside He Yutian.

"I need a number to know how many heads to take, right?"

"What?" He Yutian turned pale with fright and stuttered: "Is this a joke?"

"A joke?" Old Man Ji Yin's expression turned cold. He suddenly turned around to glare at He Yutian and shouted: "Joke? Yuseless scumbag, are you even qualified to be called a joke? The Redwood King must offer thousand of their lives as sacrifices. Or else, it could not relieve the hatred in my heart. How else could we hold a memorial service to Li Wuji's soul in heaven?"

"Big… Big Brother died?" Inwardly, He Yutian felt he had encountered some truly bad luck. Finally, he understood the cause of this matter!

Since the head disciple had died, no wonder the Master had asked those strange questions.

Unexpected calamities! Definitely, it was unexpected calamities. With the death of the head disciple, the Master wanted to kill people of the Redwood Mansion to relieve the deep hatred in his heart!

He Yutian knew that Old Man Ji Yin was temperamental and treasured his seven Upper Sky disciples more than anything. He was extremely protective and now that Li Wuji had died, it was the most normal thing for him to release his anger on the Redwood Mansion!

Perhaps Old Man Ji Yin would even choose to destroy him in the next moment.

Suddenly, an idea came up as He Yutian laughed casually.

"Why are you laughing?" Old Man Ji Yin frowned.

"I am laughing that my Redwood Mansion became such a laughingstock. For all these years, we had remained loyal to you, undertook any tasks despite criticism, even without reward, we gave our utmost effort. Now, without a good cause, we are going to be implicated! Li Wuji had doubtlessly died because he had met someone more powerful than him. How could it have anything to do with my Redwood Mansion? Was it only because he went to solve the matter for my family? Wasn't the cause of this matter also related to you? How different would it be from slapping yourself by destroying the Redwood?"

He Yutian knew very well that nothing could save him from today's matter. Years of hard work had gone up in smoke and he could not help but feel sadness and regret from the bottom of his heart. He thought about how Old Man Ji Yin did not even bother with him since he had joined the sect and he remembered how he had used all his effort to flatter and work for him. Yet, in the end, he had received such a result. How could he not feel grief and indignation?

Old Man Ji Yin sneered: "It would not matter with your sharp-tongue, there is no way for you to escape from it. The Redwood Mansion did not resolve their matter properly and caused this tragedy. How could I relieve my hatred if I don't destroy the Redwood? How could I continue my training? The first step in destroying the Redwood Mansion will start with you…"

Taking a few steps forward, He Yutian suddenly said: "Ji Yin, it would not matter if you killed me. However, you would never get to know the enormous secret of the Bai Yue Country!"

Under dire circumstances, He Yutian had randomly made up a lie. However, it sounded as if he were taking it seriously when Old Man Ji Yin heard him.

It was only because Li Wuji had just died in the Bai Yue Country. Thus, hearing about the secrets in the Bai Yue Country had indeed, stroked his heart.

"Secret?" Old Man Ji Yin frowned.

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