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Qin Wushuang had gained more than just battle techniques and that folk remedy after his fight with Li Wuji.

His greatest reward was experience. Although it was only one battle with an Upper Sky Realm, he had grasped some profound knowledge.

It was different from the battles in the Pre-Sky Realm, but at the same time, it was also a continuation from that stage.

After this battle, Qin Wushuang had gained strong confidence. It was an unprecedented confidence different from any time in the past since he had won against an Upper Sky for the first time.

Qin Wushuang had also understood how important and powerful an Upper Sky user could be. If he had not reached the Upper Sky, what would the fate of the Royal Qin have been when Li Wuji had come?

Most likely, they would not be able to stop Li Wuji from slaughtering his entire family even if they had huge number of Stage Nine Warriors of the Genuine Force.

One Upper Sky user could win over ten Stage Nines!

With this knowledge in mind, Qin Wushuang became thoughtful. In the entire Royal Qin Mansion, his brother-in-law, Da Xi Ming, had the most potential to reach the Upper Sky Realm.

Although his father had undergone changes brought by the , he did not have as much natural talent as Da Xi Ming. Additionally, his bodily functions at his old age could not be compared a younger one.

If he must raise someone to the Upper Sky, only Da Xi Ming, his brother-in-law was the most suitable candidate among his immediate family.

However, this was only a plan. Currently, Da Xi Ming had only arrived at a point where he was about to enter Stage Six of the Genuine Force. He was a long way from the peak of Stage Nine.

Not to mention the Dashing stage and breaking through the Stage Nine barrier to rise up to the Upper Sky Realm, the journey was long.

It would require a long-term plan!

Once another Upper Sky user appeared in the Qin, then he could leave home without any worries to travel to the outside world. The fate of the Royal Qin would not be disturbed by the rain and wind.

Killing Li Wuji had, indeed, affected Qin Xiu and Da Xi Ming's wedding ceremony. However, apparently, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior excelled in reconciling the atmosphere. He claimed that killing an Upper Sky elite warrior was an extremely lucky sign.

As all the guests followed him, this time, there were no hesitation. Instead, they would follow the Royal Qin truly.

Regardless of the Xi Men Feudal Lords, or the Nan Gong Feudal Lords, they had thoroughly realized that the rise of the Heavenly Royal Territory was unavoidable!

Now, since the Redwood King had led the wolf into the den and conspired with a foreign enemy to deal the Qin, their fates were unavoidable. Soon, they would be executed.

Since two Upper Sky Realm Warriors had witnessed the crimes of the Redwood King, perhaps, not even the Emperor of the Bai Yue Country could not plead for mercy on his behalf. Not to mention that the Emperor of the Country may not even hold any good feelings toward this ambitious King. It was possible that he would be pleased that the Redwood King had been caught.

As the wedding ceremony carried on, guests from all around the country sent in their congratulations. For a time, it bustled with activities as if nothing had happened.

Although the guests felt slightly uncomfortable since the Redwood King and his people were noticeably absent, inwardly, those aristocrats that had been unfairly treated by them in the past could not help but rejoice in their misfortune. The only fly in the ointment was that they could not spit on the face of the Redwood King and drop the stone themselves.

When the ceremony had ended, the guests started to take their leave.

The Martial Saint called out to Qin Wushuang because he had some questions.

Qin Wushuang knew that the Martial Saint wanted to ask him some questions. Coincidentally, he also had a stomach full of questions to ask of the Martial Saint as well.

The two elite Upper Sky Warriors walked out the door and out of the Qin mansion.

The Martial Saint smiled: "Shall we find a remote place to take a walk? If we just wander on the street like this, it would not be convenient."

Indeed, as two elite Upper Sky users, they would undoubtedly cause an uproar if they had appeared together.

Qin Wushuang nodded: "I know a place."

As he finished speaking, he led the Martial Saint toward the Great Cang Mountains. Just as the Martial Saint entered the Great Cang Mountains, he was somewhat surprised and asked: "Is this where you usually train?"

"Yes, what do you think, Big Brother Qiu?" Qin Wushuang did not act pretentiously. Since the Martial Saint told him to call him that name, and said that it was what Upper Sky users called each other, of course he would not mind.

To address a person was only a formality, whether or not you respected a person did not depend on a name alone.

The Martial Saint complimented: "It's nice. I didn't think that the Cang Mountains also had an implicit charm. When I walk on this mountain trail, I feel at home. It is not that much different from my Martial Saint Mountain. Haha, surely, it is the illustrious hero and spirit of the place."

Qin Wushuang smiled as he knew the Martial Saint had complimented out of courtesy.

After a moment of silence, the Martial Saint finally asked: "Wushuang, I am really curious, how did you enter the Upper Sky Realm? That time at the Martial Saint Mountain, I could clearly feel that you were only Stage Nine of the Genuine Force and showed no signs of entering the Upper Sky. The purple-robed Honored Warrior had far more knowledge over the understanding of the Upper Sky. How come he stayed in the same place, and you have suddenly risen?"

Qin Wushuang had long ago predicted that the Martial Saint would ask this question. In fact, everyone most likely had the same question in their minds.

Temporarily, Qin Wushuang would not reveal his mysterious experience at that cave. After all, he only searched through it once. There were too many unknown questions waiting for him to explore.

He did not intend to expose this secret at this point.

"Big Brother Qiu, honestly, regarding how I had managed to enter the Upper Sky, I only discovered it myself after it had happened. I only found out about it a few days earlier where my attack power had a huge and sudden increase. I was trying to attack through the air and I could actually hit those flying bats twenty or thirty meters away. Then, I knew. As for exactly how I broke through, I remembered experiencing a dream-like fortuitous happenstance when I was practicing in the mountain that day…"

At the moment, he did not hide the truth and described his experience from that time with simple words. However, he did not mention the five colored rays of light, that cave in the sheer cliff, nor did he talk about that gravitational power…

As for the location, he had simplified it and described it briefly.

When the Martial Saint heard what Qin Wushuang had described, he did not seem to be suspicious, but only sighed with longing.

After a while, he finally said: "Wushuang, I am guessing that you must have natural born Spiritual Roots! Or else, it would be impossible for you to have suddenly entered the Upper Sky. If you didn't have any Spiritual Roots, Pre-Sky Realm users must go through the dashing stage to break into the Upper Sky. There is no exception!"

"Upper Sky Spiritual Roots?" Qin Wushuang was also stunned. Perhaps, this question would remain a forever mystery. Whether or not he had Spiritual Roots, they could only know before entering the Upper Sky. Since he had already become someone at the Upper Sky stage, there was no longer any way or necessity to investigate.

"That's right. Without a doubt, you had the Spiritual Roots. Pre-Sky Realm martial artists must go through the Dashing Stage to enter the Upper Sky. And that special experience you talked about was obviously not the Dashing stage. The process of the Dashing stage is extremely torturous; the experience could be described as going through nine deaths and staying alive." The Martial Saint was sure of it.

Qin Wushuang did not mind of the so-called Upper Sky Spiritual Roots. He knew that he must have entered the Upper Sky through that special experience.

When he thought about it, he felt that five rays of light must have suddenly shone while he was practicing the . It must have triggered something in the lights and undergone some form of special synchronization.

It was only Qin Wushuang's guess. As for the exact details, it would most likely forever remain a mystery.

"Big Brother Qiu, this way, there are only two paths to enter the Upper Sky? There is definitely not a third path?" Qin Wushuang asked thoughtfully.

"It's not absolute. Some special fortuitous opportunities would always exist in this world of powerful people. For instance, there could be some type of outside influence. However, those were extremely vague and can not be taken as a form of reference. Normally, there are only these two paths. There were some rumors that above the Spiritual Martial Force, there exists even more powerful beings and a much more miraculous stage. Those who belonged to that stage have the power that can turn any matter into gold. Think about it, if one received some magical transformation from those powerful warriors, it would be a piece of cake to enter the Upper Sky Realm."

The Martial Saint smiled bitterly: "Those beings only exist in legends. In the Spiritual Martial Stage, no one could use their own power to enlighten others on the Upper Sky Realm. What they could do was to shorten this time frame and reduce the risk to enter the Upper Sky Realm. They could even evade these risks and decrease the difficulties."

"Oh? How does this work?" Qin Wushuang became greatly interested.

"It's simple. For example, that Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting remedy you acquired from Li Wuji could shorten the time, reduce the risks and diminish the difficulties." Martial Saint sighed: "It was also why I wanted to make a copy."

"To use outside remedies to increase the strength of the body. Thus, it could help to reduce the time to train the body and make it stronger quicker in order to bear the natural power?"

After receiving the guidance from the Martial Saint, Qin Wushuang had somewhat understood.

Martial Saint nodded: "Exactly! If an Initial Stage Upper Sky user could acquire this Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting remedy and successfully create it, it could at least reduce fifteen to thirty years of time spent on body strengthening! And while absorbing twenty percent of natural power, their bearing power could also increase too. The stronger the body can withstand the power, the less risk that the body is eroded by the natural power."

This principle sounded simple. However, the difficulty was in acquiring this type of folk medicine.

Regardless of the recipe, the technique in making it, or the materials, each of them were extremely rare to find and obtain.

For these years, although he was the head disciple of Old Man Ji Yin, Li Wuji had not managed to collect all of the materials required for this medicine.

The materials he had collected were all raw materials with the supporting characteristics. The real and the main ingredients of this "Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Remedy" were in shortage.

"Big Brother Qiu, could a Pre-Sky Ream martial artist use this remedy to break into the Initial Stage of the Spiritual Martial Force?"

Immediately, the Martial Saint shook his head and said with a solemn tone: "Absolutely not! Each stage in the Upper Sky Realm has strict classification. Only martial artists at the Initial Stage of the Upper Sky Realm could use it. It could be said to be made for them. It would not work for Middle Stage Upper Sky warriors either because the amount would not be enough! To a Pre-Sky Realm Stage Nine, the effect of the medicine would be way too powerful, they would most likely die from blood boiling up and their arteries exploding!"

"This way, if the Pre-Sky Realm warrior wanted to take a shortcut to the Upper Sky Realm, they must use other medicine to do so?"

"Of course. Only a medicine at that level would not be easy to find either! Anything related to the Upper Sky is extremely rare and precious. Especially in our Bai Yue Country where the Spiritual Qi is extremely weak, the chance of instilling this type of body pill is next to nothing. Or else, for these few hundred years, the Bai Yue would not only have one Upper Sky user backing it up!"

When Qin Wushuang heard the words from the Martial Saint, inwardly, he was slightly disappointed. However, he did not lose hope. At least, regarding the general directions, he had already grasped some basic knowledge of the Upper Sky Realm. These were all precious treasures.

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