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He Yutian mind raced as he rapidly searched for ideas. He knew that Old Man Ji Yin had his life in his hand. Whether he could evade this disaster, it all depended on his powers of persuasion.

Suddenly, Old Man Ji Yin grinned evilly and a trace of mocking emerged on the corner of his mouth. From his observation, most likely this He Yutian was playing tricks!

Still, rather believing it had existed than not, Old Man Ji Yin pointed to the air and caused He Yutian to fall. Speaking with a strange tone: "Regardless of the secrets, the people of the Redwood King Mansion must die! As for you, I will let you live for a few more days. It would not be too late until I come back from the Bai Yue Country to deal with you. If I discover that you were lying to me, you will certainly suffer a little, haha…"

After he had finished speaking, he lifted He Yutian in his hand and threw him into the cave. Then, he passed his order: "Disciples of the Ji Yin Sect, listen well, I am going out. Guard the gates, I will be back soon."

After giving out the order, Old Man Ji Yin's body flashed and he disappeared without a trace like a ghost.

In the capital of the Bai Yue Country, and inside the palace, the Emperor of the Bai Yue was feeling tormented.

The news of everything that had happened at the Heavenly Royal Mansion had been delivered to his ears. He had known about the Redwood King conspiring with foreign enemies and trying to destroy the Royal Qin.

If it was only a conflict between the Royal families, as the Emperor, of course, he could step out and mediate between the families. However, the Redwood King had conspired with foreign enemies from the Mother Country. It had become an issue of extreme taboo.

Although he wanted to ask for forgiveness, he knew it would not change much. After all, from the information he had received, the one who had captured the Redwood King was not the Martial Saint, but Marquis Wushuang who was also a powerful warrior at the Upper Sky now!

The combination of these factors had made the Emperor understand his impotence over the control of the situation and the severity of the enmity between the two.

He could voice his opinion, yet it would carry much weight. Basically, he already knew that it wouldn't do much.

Either of the two Upper Sky Warriors could ignore him, despite his position as the Emperor. Not to mention these two Upper Sky warriors stood on the same side.

Most importantly, the Redwood King had conspired with foreign enemies and in fact, he should receive a death sentence.

Honestly, in the recent years, the Redwood King's ambition and arrogance attitude had almost caused the Royal Family to take action themselves.

Since a matter had occurred today, the Emperor's mood could be said to about seventy percent happiness and thirty percent anxiety.

He was happy that someone had finally brought down the Redwood King, the thorn that could have bitten the flesh. He felt anxious that the newly-made Royal Qin had a great temperament and made him uneasy.

The Martial Saint's intention was clear that he must execute all the people in the Redwood family. Only this way, would it impose the effect of intimidating those powerhouses who had any thoughts of colluding with the foreign powers.

To execute the whole family up to the third generation was a brutal punishment.

The Emperor did not feel it was inappropriate. When that slaughter knife comes down, it would be killing all the He offspring. In the end, it would not look good for his reputation.

Thus, the Emperor had a clear train of thoughts. He must never reveal any shred of mercy or the intention to ask for forgiveness. Or else, besides courting a rebuke, it would show his weakness over decision making.

On the contrary, if he had maintained his forceful attitude from the beginning to end and upheld his responsibility of the Redwood King's fate, everything would appear harmonious as he would be seen standing on the same side as the two Upper Sky Warriors. As a result, he could also maintain his reputation.

Next day, the Emperor passed his order to place all people of the Redwood Mansion into prison and set the day of their execution for some time after Autumn.

To a drowning dog, Qin Wushuang would never waste the opportunity to hit it hard. To people like the Redwood King, one must destroy them completely and never give them the slightest trace of hope to redeem themselves.

And executing the entire family up to the third generation was the most thorough method.

Only, it was suspicious how the Redwood King could get people from the Ji Yin Sect to come. The Ji Yin sect was a major sect in the Great Luo Country, he could not have just been connected to them by sending a few girls.

Surely, someone had facilitated the connection.

This person who had facilitated the connection was crucial. Qin Wushuang estimated that he would have a deep relationship with the Redwood King. If this person did not get taken out, surely he would become a troublemaker in the future.

On this day, just as Qin Wushuang was returning from the Great Cang Mountain, a servant came over and shouted: "Young Master, a few guests would like to see you. They have waited for a while."


"Yes, they were not willing to say where they had come from. They said they would only say when they see you."

"The King is not here?"

"The King was greeting them, but they only wanted to meet you."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Ok, I got it. You can go."

"What kind of people would want to see me? Inside the Bai Yue Country, it is impossible for someone to hide their status, and only ask to see me." Qin Wushuang thought about it, and still, he walked casually and calmly.

When he came to the front of the living room, he already noticed four traces of breathing.

One of them came from his father, the other three were obviously guests. And they were unfamiliar guests.

All the guests appeared overjoyed when they saw Qin Wushuang had appeared.

One of them who was sitting down appeared to be a stout man in his fifties. The other two stood on both sides of that stout man, and apparently, they were his lackeys.

When he saw Qin Wushuang, the fat jowls on the face of that stout man trembled as he stood up to say: "This young hero, straight and impressive looking, surely you must be Marquis Wushuang of the Bai Yue Country?"

"Yes, that is me." With the so-called where one should not hit a smiling person, although Qin Wushuang was not used to the flattery from strangers, he knew enough common sense. Especially since the guests had come to pay a visit, he must show some temperament and style being a Royal.

"Tsk, tsk. Indeed, you are matchless, the one most promising!" That stout man's smile brimmed from ear to ear as he continued to compliment him.

Only that face full of fat made his smile appeared somewhat amusing and affected his earnesty.

"I just don't know where you three have come from?" Qin Wushuang took a cup of tea from the servant and lightly sipped it as he asked casually.

That stout man was not in a hurry to answer, yet he looked around: "Indeed, this Qin manor is a good place in nurturing talents. Only, this Mansion still appears shameful and is ill-befitting a young hero like Marquis Wushuang. The Royal Family of the Bai Yue Country is indeed, cheap. How could they be so miserly in their treatment of a young hero?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned. From this tone, could it be that these three people were not from the Bai Yue Country?

Qin Lianshan also felt a little surprised, he watched these three and did not speak.

That stout man suddenly smiled: "Marquis Wushuang, you should know by now, I am not from the Bai Yue Country and I did not come from any of the Subordinate Country in the Great Luo Empire. I came today to visit you, purely representing the Heavenly Lake Empire and inviting Marquis Wushuang!"

"Invitation?" Qin Wushuang raised his eyebrow revealing that did not understand.

"Excellent, it is an invitation!" The stout man said with a mad tone:" If Marquis Wushuang is willing to come to the Heavenly Lake Empire, forget being a Royal, it would not be a problem to grant you a Subordinate Country. The treatment and rewards would be a hundred times richer than the Bai Yue Country!"

Heavenly Lake Empire?

Both Qin Lianshan and Qin Wushuang knew that the Heavenly Lake Empire had always maintained a hostile relationship with the Great Luo Empire. They were both Middle Ranking Great Empires in the Tian Xuan Land. Both sides have fought countless battles over territories and resources.

A few hundred years ago, these two great Empires had once initiated an Upper Sky Realm war that involved hundreds of Upper Sky warriors due to some territorial dispute over a mountain.

What type of situation would it be when hundred of Upper Sky Warriors battled?

Of course, currently, Qin Wushuang did not have the time to recall the history of the battle. While looking at the passionate looks from this stout man, and hearing the fanaticism in his tone, Qin Wushuang felt that the seemingly rich rewards promised by the Heavenly Lake Empire might not appear as sweet as he had described.

Seeing no words from Qin Wushuang, that stout man once again, attempted to coax him: "Marquis Wushuang, in the end, the Bai Yue Country is only a Subordinate country. Regardless of how strong you may be, or your potential, you are, after all, only an Upper Sky warrior belonging to a Subordinate Country. This stage must never be your final destination. If you join my Heavenly Lake Empire, you would arrive at a completely different stage and you would perform to the best of your potential!"

The stout man waved his hand and immediately, one of his subordinate handed over a scroll. That man opened it boldly and on it appeared to be the map of the Heavenly Lake Empire.

"You see, Marquis Wushuang, this is what my Emperor has promised. As long as you ask for it, you can choose any of the Subordinate Countries! Once you've picked it, this country will become your private territory and those billions of people would become your citizens. And within the Heavenly Lake Empire, you will have the best chance of experiencing the most superior conditions and resources! All of this is impossible in the Bai Yue Country!"

Qin Wushuang let him enjoy talking to his full extent, then, he finally smiled. Without looking at that map, suddenly, he asked: "I would like to ask you a question."

"What question, please ask."

" I would like to know, when a person dies, how big of a place is needed to bury him?"

"Hm? Why do you ask this question, Marquis Wushuang? This question depends on people. If it's only a civilian, then it would only take a place as big as the woven mat and they would be buried in a random cemetery. For a Marquis or King, you could dig an underground cemetery and turn it into a labyrinth."

"Ok, then regardless of the size of the underground cemetery, a size of a town should be enough?"

That stout man smiled apologetically: "Yes, it will be enough. Most likely it won't take that much of a space."

Qin Wushuang nodded: "Just like you said, it most likely won't need that much of a space. Then, no matter how big your Empire's territory is, and the land you have promised, how much would it mean to me? I've only heard the saying of how when one dies, they only take their bones to the grave. My Qin has lived in Eastwood Town for generations and we've relied on this land. It would be tough to move away. Thus, although what you have promised sounds beautiful, it's not what the Qin wants…"

Stunned, that stout man did not expect that despite all his eloquent words and the promises of grand rewards, in the eyes of the other party, they appeared extremely unenticing!

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