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Li Wuji saw that it was all Stage Nine and a few Stage Eight warriors that had gathered around the Redwood King. And on the Qin side, among the guests, there were three or four Stage Nine Genuine Force warriors. However, apparently, they had not completely fallen in with the Qin.

There may be a chance for this fight!

As long as the warriors from the Redwood King could pin down the people of the Qin manor, it would not be a problem if Li Wuji took care of the Martial Saint.

It may be difficult if he wanted to win against the Martial Saint. However, to pin him down and to kill a few others at the same time should not be too tough.

When he thought here, revealing a sneer, he approached closer: "Mr. Martial Saint, the terrain here is still too narrow and can not withstand a battle between Upper Sky Realm practitioners. Why don't we fight elsewhere?"

With one glance at the scene, the Martial Saint saw through the situation. Over on the Qin side, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior and Qin Wushuang were both Stage Nine warriors. Besides them, among the guests, Patriarch Xi Men and Patriarch Nan Gong were all the Patriarch of Feudal Lords in the Heavenly Royal territory. They were all Stage Nine.

And on the Redwood King's side, five of them were Stage Nine and six of them were, in fact, Stage Eight. Regarding high-level warriors, they had an upper hand.

If Li Wuji drew him away, the Redwood King would most likely take control of the situation!

Just as he hesitated, suddenly, with a jeer, Qin Wushuang used the technique and disappeared like a ghost. He raised both of his sleeves and shot forward.

Two people at Stage Nine from the Redwood King's side immediately jumped out when they saw Qin Wushuang approaching. Intercepting Qin Wushuang from both sides, they shot out palm attacks towards Qin Wushuang.

The was a very strange technique. It appeared as if he had gotten close to the Redwood King, yet suddenly, with a twist of the body, he had slipped behind him like a fish.

He pushed with both of his palms to his left and right. It directly went toward those two Stage Nine Warriors. For these two palm attacks, Qin Wushuang did not use the power from the Upper Sky Realm, instead, it was purely internal strength.

However, with the use of the < Immortal Virtuous Clouds Steps>, his movements had completely surpassed the knowledge of the Pre-Sky Realm martial artists. His frontal assault had been a feint, he had pretended to engage in a life and death battle with the Pre-Sky Realm users, only to disappear and reappear to attack the group from behind!

Indeed, when those two Stage Nine Elders tried to react with a counter, Qin Wushuang had already hit them from behind.

With the initiation of the palm force, it was as if the river had dispersed, all his inner force had entered into the naked body of the two. This attack was extremely powerful.

One only heard a sound of crispy broken bones, and the back of the two seemed to cave in and their internal organs pressed outwards.


Blood gushed out and two Stage Nine elite warriors had instantly died under the palm attack of a young man!

The disbelieving scene had appeared right before everyone.

Before the Redwood King had a chance to react, blood had spilled all over his gown. Two Elders at Stage Nine of the Genuine Force fell to the ground, their bodies completely distorted.

Sharply drawing a breath of cold air, the Redwood King looked at Qin Wushuang in astonishment. The fact was, these two Elders had followed him for many years. And he knew too well of their exact strength.

Although they might not match up with the Four Great Honored Warriors in the Zhen Wu Holy Place, they could at least fight on par with the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior if they fought two against one!

However, just these two elite warriors, Qin Wushuang had killed them instantly?

Not to mention the Redwood King, even Li Wuji felt somewhat surprised. How could he have not noticed that those elders were Stage Nine elite warriors?

It was possible for him to kill those two instantly as well. However, it made him felt somewhat alarmed when a Pre-Sky Realm martial artist had done it.

The Martial Saint laughed: "Disciple of the Ji Yin sect, aren't you going to fight?"

Showing an expressionless face, Li Wuji kept muttering as he swore: "Rubbish, all useless things!"

Suddenly, his expression turned cold as he shouted: "Fight! Mr. Martial Saint, I will let you know how big a joke you are, Martial Saint of the Bai Yue Country!"

Before the Martial Saint had spoken, suddenly, Qin Wushuang waved his hand and shouted: "Hold on!"

Both Li Wuji and the Martial Saint looked at him in surprise.

Qin Wushuang nodded and drew a deep breath as he spoke slowly: "Great Martial Saint, I can not express my gratitude enough for your protection of the Qin. However, since this disciple of the Ji Yin sect claims he had come from the great sect of the Mother Country, I am not willing to involve you in my personal dispute!"

When he said that, Qin Wushuang glared at Li Wuji and bellowed: "Disciple of the Ji Yin sect, state your name! I, Qin Wushuang, will not kill some small nameless scoundrel!"

Stunned, Li Wuji could not react inwardly. He thought, could this kid be challenging him?

With a grave face, Qin Wushuang stared at him coldly without turning away. Apparently, he was challenging him!

Not to mention Li Wuji, even the Martial Saint was also slightly surprised.

Qin Lianshan and Da Xi Ming could not help but yell: "Wushuang!"

Qin Wushuang waved his hand to motioned for everyone to stay quiet. He took a step forward and fixed his gaze on Li Wuji: "Now, show everyone who is the real joke!"

Instead of being furious, Li Wuji laughed and licked his lips creepily. He nodded continuously: "Good, good, good! Kid, you've got guts! Listen well, my name is Li Wuji! I am the head disciple of Old Man Ji Yin!"

Qin Wushuang also nodded as he spoke to the Martial Saint: "Martial Saint, I have a request."

"Tell me." Vividly, the Martial Saint had a strange feeling. He felt that surely Qin Wushuang would have a trump card while maintaining such strong confidence!

"Ok, this battle is the continuation of the hatred between me and the Redwood King. It is not related to the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Thus, regarding me losing or winning, please don't get involved. If I fail, I would deeply appreciate if the Martial Saint could protect my Qin to ensure their safety!"

The Great Martial Saint was deeply touched by Qin Wushuang's courage and noble actions. He nodded: "Ok! Qin Wushuang, regardless of the result of this battle, as long as I still have one breath remaining, I will definitely protect the Qin!"

When Qin Wushuang saw the promise from the Martial Saint, he no longer had any lingering.

He slowly walked toward away and said lightly: "Li Wuji, I will wait for you at the martial ground."

As he spoke, he moved his feet continuously and stamped with the . The extreme rapid speed made him look like a moving ghost. Appearing and disappearing at the same time, like the wind and smoke, it revealed him to be quite indiscernible.

Everywhere he went, waves of powerful presence continued to spread out.

This feeling was in fact, richer as he went. In the end, it shocked everyone present, leaving them overwhelmed with amazement!

They felt a sense of presence that was completely different from a Pre-Sky Realm martial artist from Qin Wushuang's figure. Vividly, they only sensed such presence from the Martial Saint and that Li Wuji!

Upper Sky Realm?

Amazement exploded from everyone's eyes. Although they may be in shock, they were in an entirely different mood!

Naturally, the people of the Qin and their allies were euphoric. Some who were in shock and reflection belonged to those who had still hesitated whether they should obey Qin's ruling. And for those who were in complete fear and horror, they belonged to the Redwood Mansion.

Including the Redwood King, deep questions, doubts, fear and feelings of despair filled his eyes!

Qin Wushuang was in fact, an Upper Sky Realm Warrior!

Even the Martial Saint had not expected this. He was somewhat ashamed as he could not see through the fact that Qin Wushuang had entered the Upper Sky ever since he had arrived here.

It was enough to see that this Qin Wushuang had perfectly concealed his Upper Sky Realm Qi!

As he thought about it, naturally he understood the reason of why Qin Wushuang wanted to conceal the fact he had entered the Upper Sky Realm. Just by looking at everyone's expression, he knew how the Royal Qin would deal with each different powerhouse through different tactics!

On the contrary, rich murderous intent flickered inside Li Wuji's eyes. With a slight sneer, he stamped on the point of his toe point and flew away.

Apparently, he had also seen through the fact that Qin Wushuang had entered the Upper Sky Realm.

Such a young Upper Sky Realm user had actually appeared in a Subordinate Country. Li Wuji would never tolerate this fact. If he did not kill such a figure while he was still sprouting, surely he would pose as a great trouble in the future as he continued to gain strength. Especially under the situation where both parties had already become enemies, allowing such figure to grow was equivalent to suicide.

Thus, in a flash of thought, he made his decision. He must kill Qin Wushuang using any means.

In a flicker, the two Upper Sky Realm figures had disappeared from the view of the crowd.

Glancing back at the Redwood King, the Martial Saint sneered: "Redwood King, you colluded with a foreign enemy and led a wolf into the fold. Supposedly, you should be executed immediately. However, for this matter, it would be more suitable for Qin Wushuang to do it."

As soon as his words had dropped, he slightly raised his arm and pointed to the sky twice with his finger. After a few sounds, the Redwood King, and the other two Stage Nine Warriors crumpled to the floo.

"Purple-robe, take care the rest of the useless troops!" The Martial Saint said with a light tone as he had not put those Stage Eight Elders in his eyes.

Now, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior had just regained his senses after witnessing the astonishing scene. He immediately answered when he heard the orders from the Martial Saint: "Yes!"

The Martial Saint then waved his hand: "I am going to take a look!"

When he finished, he floated away as if he had suddenly disappeared from the place like a trail of smoke.

On the martial ground, Li Wuji released waves of murderous intent as if his whole body was made like a sharp grinding knife.

Different from a battle between the Pre-Sky Realm users, a battle between the Upper Sky martial artists was not as simple as fighting with naked bodies.

Temperament, imposing manner, Upper Sky Qi, the suppression of each other, and the ability to tussle were all part of the battle. If one could not suppress the other one regarding the temperament; the winner and loser would be determined in an Upper Sky fight.

And to Qin Wushuang, although he had no Upper Sky battle experience, he did have a rich experience in the Pre-Sky Realm. Plus, with his unyielding personality, he was destined to fight to the last breath in this battle.

That wave of anger inside Qin Wushuang was no less than Li Wuji's. It was actually more severe than his.

How could he not know that Li Wuji had come with the intention of destroying the entire Qin family?

If that was the case, how could he still hold back?

Exterminate, only killing could help him to release his deep hatred. Only this way where it could intimidate those small fries!

Since the Royal Qin wanted to establish their power, no other method was better than killing an Upper Sky warrior!

If he could kill Li Wuji, not to mention the fact that people would not dare to disobey in the Heavenly Royal Territory, even the other territories, or the Royal families would have to watch the face of the Qin from now on!

Qin Wushuang was determined to fight. He would not back up in any way as he continued to release his Upper Sky Qi. He faced Li Wuji and waited for him to make the first move.

With the mobility of the , even if he had to give away the initiative by letting Li Wuji make the first move, he would still have enough chance to acquire the upper hand, and to kill Li Wuji!

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