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Revealing a body full of vigorous murderous intent, Li Wuji said coldly: "Qin Wushuang, I admit that I have underestimated you. However, it's clear that you have just entered the Upper Sky Realm. You will surely meet death when battling against someone as experienced as me! The day you entered Upper Sky Realm is the day you die. Don't you have some regrets?"

It was a deprivation of the temperament as well as a mental intimidation.

To Qin Wushuang, such provocation was nothing. As a person of two lifetimes, if he was easily scared by a few words, then he would not have had the courage to challenge this Li Wuji.

He raised his head and laughed heartily: "Li Wuji, for your Ji Yin sect, besides bluffing, don't you guys have other skills?"

"Hmph, it was only a word of truth. Where was the bluffing!"

Li Wuji gave a loud shout and spat out a breath of air. Suddenly, his body rolled up and his entire body started twisting like a high-speed spinning top. Both his palms crossed each other to form a drill attack shape and directly pierced toward Qin Wushuang.

This was not an ordinary jab like any garish martial arts techniques used by the Pre-Sky Realm martial artists. The power that emerged from this strike let out a wave of white ripples. Instantly, it was right before Qin Wushuang.

To advance one may receive a harvest, yet to retreat may bring injuries…

Qin Wushuang moved his footsteps continuously and stamped in a precise pattern. He danced with the and evaded such a grandiose attack.

Since this attack did not hit Qin Wushuang, it continued forward and hit one of the stone locks in the martial ground. With a boom, that stone lock exploded!

Indeed, he was an elite warrior at the Upper Sky Realm. Only one attack had revealed such power.

When this attack did not hit the target, Li Wuji did not seem to be bothered by it. It was as if he did not expect to gain any advantage from this attack.

It would be a joke if Qin Wushuang had not been able to evade this attack!

Only by evading this attack would he have earned the qualification to challenge Li Wuji.

Again, Li Wuji rolled his body. Abruptly, amongst white flashes, waves of mist emitted from his head. At the same time, like a long devastating dragon, his figure flipped into the air to swallow clouds and blow up fog.

This wave of mist came vigorously and it spread out in an instant. It covered the entire martial ground like a giant fog where one could not see the other within three meters.

Apparently, after that attack, Li Wuji immediately had some ideas. He knew that if he must finish it quickly, he must confuse his enemy's judgment in deciding his attack positions. Then, he could use cunning attacks to kill him. Only this method could be the most efficient.

Or else, it would be harder and tougher to kill Qin Wushuang if that Martial Saint wanted to interfere.

How could Qin Wushuang not understand Li Wuji's mind?

Only, when Qin Wushuang practiced martial arts, he had always trained his entire body. Regarding his five senses and six touches, they had already achieved to an extraordinary level compared to normal people.

Indeed, this great fog did obstruct his eyesight. However, he still had his hearing, sense of smell, and taste out of his five senses. Most importantly, he had gained a strong instinctive sense when he had entered the Upper Sky Realm.

It was a miraculous prediction ability!

Sure enough, after Li Wuji had successfully executed his fog technique. With a long whistle, he gathered the Spiritual Qi to the center of his palm and struck continuously with both of his palms. It was an extremely tyrannical Upper Sky Realm technique in the Ji Yin Sect that had the name of "Thunder Palm of the Sky". In the five phases of the Chinese Philosophy, it belonged to metal.

Metal attacks were tyrannical, penetrating and had extreme advantages over its destructive quality and speed.

Although Li Wuji could not use "Thunder Palm of the Sky" like his teacher, Old Man Ji Yin, he did send out a dozen continuous palm attacks without failing.

And his movements were even more like a ghost as he jumped to east, west, south and sometimes north. Different directions presented no pattern as he kept jumping.

On the surface, it appeared as if it had no patterns. In fact, it was the best method Li Wuji would use to deal with Qin Wushuang.

It was because such quick attacks had an advantage over its trickiness. Once he used it from all angles, it could suppress the enemy entirely even if it had less power behind it.

Once he had encircled him and cornered him, no matter how proficient the enemy was in his movements, he could not help but lose control. On the other hand, the attacker could attack freely, like a moving cloud that the other party could not judge where he would attack next.

Compared to a dense attack focussed in one direction, an encompassing attack far exceeded it even in terms of defense.

One must say that this Li Wuji was an intelligent man. The decision he had made within such a short period was clearly the best strategy to fight against Qin Wushuang.

Only, he would never have thought that Qin Wushuang's was the most unreasonable and illogical movement technique.

To put it bluntly, the was a self-centered technique—It only walks its own path. Thus, it would not matter how you attacked, your power or direction.

Regardless, like an elegant dancer, his movements appeared without care, but it could evade those Thunder Palms from all directions.

And now, people had filled the area outside of the martial ground. Although the scene was filled with mist, it did not affect everyone's desire to watch a battle between Upper Sky Realm warriors.

The battle between Upper Sky Realm people was the most elite battle they could never have dreamed of watching! Even Stage Nine warriors, like the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior, had a light of curiosity fill his eyes. He hoped that by watching this fight, he could understand the road to the Upper Sky Realm!

If the Martial Saint had not block these people outside the circle, most likely this group of people would still rush forward. If that was the case, in one careless move from the Upper Sky Qi, a large group of people could lose their lives in mere moments!

"Each of you, if you don't want to die then step back!" The Martial Saint berated.

Finally, these people realized the situation slightly after the Martial Saint had shouted at them.

Taking the lead, the Martial Saint stood at the very front. If there were any errant Qi that came their way, he could also dissolve it. Since these people stood behind the Martial Saint, they could only see a lightning-like figure scuttling around like a hazy moon. They could not see his exact actions clearly and not to mention seeing the profoundness behind the moves.

In a battle between Upper Sky Realm practitioners, just these temperaments had captivated them.

Everyone knew that once you were fighting a level at the Upper Sky Realm, it would most likely turn into a situation in which death would be the result. It was because both sides emitted such strong power.

At the same time, Xi Men Yu was also not having a calm mood. The shock in his heart was no less than anyone else's. Besides feeling fortunate about his initial decisions, he was feeling much more surprised about Qin Wushuang's advancement speed.

He still remembered that time where he had fought with Qin Wushuang once outside the inn in the Southcloud State City. At that time, although Qin Wushuang already had exhibited a tyrannical strength, at most, he was on par with him.

However, now, he had crushed the two Stage Nine elite warriors besides the Redwood King like ants.

And the once formidable Redwood King had also become the Qin's prisoner. One could imagine the fate that awaited him!

"Fortunately, I did not choose to become enemies with the son of the Qin. If I had insisted on my decision, the fate of the Redwood King would be mine. At least, the Redwood King would possibly have the Royal family pleading for mercy. If the Emperor stepped forward, maybe he would have a chance to survive. And as the Xi Men Patriarch, although their clan was one of the top powerhouses, they could not measure up to the Redwood King…"

While feeling lucky and lingering fear, Xi Men Yu decided that no matter what, from today, the Xi Men Feudal Lords would follow the Royal Qin in the Heavenly Royal Territory without a single hesitation.

Initially, Xi Men Yu had guessed that Qin Wushuang had already connected with the Spiritual Roots. Now seeing Qin Wushuang at the Upper Sky Realm, he also felt proud of himself of the insight he'd had.

Nan Gong Xin, the Patriarch of the Nan Gong in the Green Tree State was also feeling complicated. He was also an elite warrior at the Stage Nine of Genuine Force. He had also heard of the differences between an Upper Sky and a Pre-Sky martial artist was vastly different. Now, seeing with his own eyes, he only found out that the rumors were true. The true difference was much more exaggerated than the rumors.

To put it bluntly, most likely, ten Stage Nine Warriors would not be able to fight against one Upper Sky Realm Warrior even if they had gone up together!

And an Upper Sky Realm Warrior could kill a Stage Nine Warrior of the Genuine Force effortlessly. After all, no Pre-Sky Realm Warriors could imagine the power beneath the lethal attack that could take a person's life twenty or thirty meters away.

To Pre-Sky Realm Warriors, even with the power produced by the Stage Nine Warriors from the internal force training of their bodies, there was a limit to individual power.

And to Upper Sky warriors, they had the huge and inexhaustible universe as a power supply.

"Big Brother Da Xi! Do you think Wushuang can win?" Usually, Qin Xiu had always believed in her little brother. However, now, she could not help but feel somewhat worried.

Although Da Xi Ming also felt unsure, he reassured her: "Wushuang is also an Upper Sky Realm Warrior. In a battle between Upper Sky practitioners, when both parties are at the same level, when had Wushuang ever lost?"

On the other hand, Qin Lianshan could not help but twist both of his hands. Apparently, he was extremely nervous to the limit.

On one hand, he was happy that Wushuang had entered the Upper Sky Realm.

On the other, he was fretful. After all, even the Martial Saint had restrained himself against the powerful Li Wuji. Even if Qin Wushuang had entered the Upper Sky Realm, he was still new to it. In fact, whether he could win against Li Wuji, as his father, he did not feel much confidence.

Everyone fixed their gazes upon the fight, observing the scene as many thoughts went through their minds.

Suddenly, Li Wuji gave a ruthless yell as he jumped toward the back and stared at Qin Wushuang with disbelief. He revealed a head full of messy and fluffy hair in which apparently, a part of it had been cut off!

The majority of people outside the grounds could not see what had happened in the mist. However, hearing Li Wuji's scream, they thought that he surely did not have the upper hand.

Only the Martial Saint had seen through Li Wuji's embarrassing appearance with a pair of thoughtful eyes. However, regarding how Li Wuji had gotten a part of his hair cut, even he had not seen it clearly.

In the next moment, the Martial Saint saw Qin Wushuang slowly walking out from the mist. He still wore a cold expression and one could not determine who was winning or losing.

Flashes of light emerged from his eyes as Li Wuji glared at Qin Wushuang and prepared to put everything he had into his block! Caution and care had replaced his earlier mocking and disdain. A trace of unnoticeable and restrained fear also emerged in him!

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