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This Ji Yin Command Plate, besides the Martial Saint at the scene, everyone else had no knowledge of it. Of course, the Redwood King was an exception.

When these martial artists of the secular world suddenly saw the appearance the Martial Saint, the legendary figure of Bai Yue Country, they were all shocked and inwardly surprised.

However, the more they listened, the more they felt that something was off.

In fact, the Martial Saint had spoken with a modest tone as if he was also restraining his fear of this young man.

Yet, this young man seemed to be at ease. He spoke with an arrogant tone as if he did not put the Martial Saint of the Bai Yue Country in his eyes. In fact, the words he had spoken at the end sounded threatening.

With the Ji Yin Command Plate in his hand, with one glance, the Martial Saint knew that this was not a fake plate.

As an elite Upper Sky Realm Warrior, the Martial Saint had also attended many festivals at the Mother Country. Although he did not hold a high position, he had heard of the many strong warriors in the Mother Country.

For example, the owner of this Ji Yin Command Plat, the Old Man Ji Yin. Although the Ji Yin sect he built was not the number one powerhouse in the Great Luo Country, it was a force that one could not ignore.

Especially with the perverse behavior in which Old Man Ji Yin conducted himself, if one had truly offended him, he would surely take his revenge on you. The Martial Saint knew that Old Man Ji Yin had sent this disciple who was no less his equal in strength. And the strength of Old Man Ji Yin would surely surpass his.

Since Old Man Ji Yin had said he would come to take his head if he interfered, it was most likely not a prank.

However, as the Martial Saint of a country, how could he give up his ground easily? Besides, he was standing right before these secular martial artists that had always viewed him as a legendary figure.

If he chose to yield under the eyes of everyone in public, the martial spirit and the motto of "Country Founded on Martial Arts" in Bai Yue Country would perish with his dignity and honor. Their spiritual backbone would henceforth be broken!

Most importantly, he would never allow anything to happen to this outstanding young man, Qin Wushuang. He couldn't even begin to imagine the situation if the Bai Yue Country failed to present Qin Wushuang to the Mother Country. That would be a situation where all hope would be lost!

When he thought here, the Martial Saint made his decision.

Acting with a low-profile did not mean he did not have the will to fight. Being polite did not represent the fact where he feared that young Li Wuji!

After he had figured out his thoughts, naturally, his tyrannical temperament followed.

With a cold sneer, he sized Li Wuji up from head to toe and said with a cold tone: "Young man, if you think that you can do whatever you wanted with a mere Ji Yin Command Plate, then you have overestimated the influence of your Ji Yin sect! In the Great Luo Country, it is not up to your Ji Yin Sect to decide life and death!"

Then, the Martial Saint slowly equipped a pair of gloves. Gold strings wrapped around the outside of this set of gloves. Revealing an extravagant look, one glance at it and one would know it was not an ordinary object.

"Hm?" Li Wuji glared at the Martial Saint with alarm.

"Old man, it seems you are dead set on getting involved in this dirty matter?"

The Martial Saint initiated his Upper Sky Qi and said with a cold tone: "I don't care who your teacher is, just from your own words, this battle is unavoidable!"

Li Wuji's eyes flickered rapidly as a stream of thoughts raced through his mind.

He came here to kill people and not to battle with an Upper Sky Realm Warrior. In today's situation, since this Upper Sky Realm Warrior had decided to fight, then to Li Wuji, it was not a favorable situation.

After all, at most, he would have fought to a tie with the Martial Saint. If both parties used their full strength, in the end, both sides would certainly suffer tremendously!

Once that type of situation occurred, his fate would be uncertain since he was in enemy territory. Li Wuji was never someone to fight a losing battle. He still knew how to calculate the probabilities of winning and losing.

Smiling evilly to reveal a mouth of creepy white teeth, he said: "Old man, you want to fight with me, I am not willing to. Let's waste time, and see who has the energy to drag it out longer. Since the Ji Yin Command Plate could not move you, I can only send a letter to my teacher. I believe that in less than half a month, he will come to visit you for sure. At that time, let's see what strength you'll have to protect this Qin family!"

After he had finished, he laughed boldly to the sky. Then, he flicked his long sleeves and was about to leave.

Suddenly, he remembered something and turned to speak viciously: "Old man, you better stay here twenty-four seven. Or else, I could come back to kill at any time. I promise, when I kill, I will not show mercy. Those related to the Qin, regardless of human or livestock, I will not leave anything alive!"

The Martial Saint slightly frowned his brows. Since this Li Wuji was acting this viciously, he would not break his word. Could it be, he needed to waste time with him?

If wasting time was useful, it wouldn't matter. If Old Man Ji Yin had come himself, then they would have great trouble.

Except, if he also went to ask for help to the Mother Country! However, would the Royal family of the Mother Country be willing to offend the Ji Yin Sect for an exam victor of a Subordinate Country?

Inwardly, the Martial Saint was also extremely worried and was unsure.

Of course, he also did not know that the true hosts of this exam were the Star Gauze Palace!

During this time, Qin Wushuang had kept his eyes on two people. One was Li Wuji, and the other was the Redwood King.

Especially the Redwood King, ever since Li Wuji had appeared, he had maintained a calm expression. However, his exchange of looks between the two parties could not be hidden from Qin Wushuang who had kept an eye on him.

When Li Wuji had appeared, a trace of expected joy and hopeful happiness had obviously appeared in his eyes. And when Li Wuji had mentioned killing, his eyes were filled with delight in the suffering of others.

And when the Martial Saint had appeared, a few traces of surprise had emerged on the face of the Redwood King. And when Li Wuji had said he was going to leave, the Redwood King had revealed his obvious disappointment.

Qin Wushuang had noticed all of these changes.

When he saw the Li Wuji was about to go, suddenly, Qin Wushuang sneered and said lightly: "What the hell is that Ji Yin Command Plate? Since that thing is so useful, and you had come with such great pomp, why are you leaving so suddenly, with your tail between your butt? Could it be, that's all you've Ji Yin sect people have got?"

Li Wuji had kept his focus on the Martial Saint. He had not been paying attention to Qin Wushuang, who in his eyes, had already become a pile of dead meat. Thus, he did not anticipate that someone would dare to provoke him.

The color on his face suddenly changed and with a sneer, he glared at Qin Wushuang.

The Martial Saint hastily placed himself in between the two. Apparently, he also knew that no Pre-Sky Realm warrior could withstand the attack of an Upper Sky Realm user.

With a mere gesture, an Upper Sky Realm Warrior could decide life and death!

Although the movement of the Martial Saint appeared somewhat natural, anyone could tell that he was protecting Qin Wushuang.

Qin Wushuang lightly smiled and sent an appreciative gaze toward the Martial Saint. Yet, he did not speak a word. Instead, with a glare as a sharp as a knife, he looked around and stopped his gaze on the Redwood King while wearing a faint creepy smile.

"Redwood King, your 'use one stone to kill two birds' strategy is pretty good!"

Stunned, the Redwood King pretended to be stupid: "Marquis Wushuang, what are you talking about?"

"Smart people don't speak with hidden meanings. Whether or not this disciple of the Ji Yin sect is related to you, you should know much better than me! Initially, when you captured that many of girls, I had my suspicions on why. It seems that you did indeed kidnap those girls to supply them to this Ji Yin sect. With this black-market deal, you are using the Ji Yin Sect to kill my people. Quite the scheme!"

Qin Wushuang spoke slowly with an intimidating tone. Both of his eyes glared at the Redwood King like an eagle.

Furious, the Redwood King denied the accusation: "Really, it's all bunch of nonsense!"

Qin Wushuang sneered and looked back at Li Wuji: "The Redwood King had the guts to do dirty deeds, but did not have the guts to admit it. Could it be that your Ji Yin sect is also full of small men like this?"

Li Wuji laughed: "Kid, you know how to use your words to provoke!"

The Martial Saint's expression also turned more serious as he looked at the Redwood King coldly and shouted: "Redwood King, this way, you have led the wolf into the den, right?"

Suppressed by Martial Saint's Upper Sky Qi, the Redwood King became stunned. He opened his mouth in an attempt to deny the question, but he could not speak a single word.

The Martial Saint nodded: "Good, as the King of a Territory in the Bai Yue Country, you bite the hand that feeds you! It seems you have lived too long!"

Revealing a blushing face, the Redwood King tried to argue forcibly: "Martial Saint, how could you believe that kid's baseless accusations? If I had done it, how could I still be here?"

"I thought you would have the courage to admit it. Unexpectedly, I still overestimated you!" The Martial Saint gave a long sigh and said with a solemn voice: "Didn't you know that an elite Upper Sky Warrior can tell from your eyes that you are lying? Regardless of being a hero, before an Upper Sky Realm user, you are just a child that had just learned to walk!"

The Redwood King revealed a drastic change of expression and looked at Li Wuji doubtfully. Apparently, he was half doubting the words of the Martial Saint.

Li Wuji shook his head and smiled bitterly. Although this Redwood King may be sly, in the end, he was not cunning as the Martial Saint.

Obviously, the Martial Saint had spoken those words to probe him. If the Redwood King had no relation with Li Wuji, surely he wouldn't have reacted in such a manner. And since he had looked over to Li Wuji in response, it proved that he was indeed hiding something. Thus, it was certain that he had a connection to Li Wuji!

When the Redwood King saw Li Wuji's bitter smile, he knew he had walked into a trap. Immediately, he shouted: "What about it, if I had done it? The Qin is, after all, a newly rich family. How dare they steal away my son's limelight, and how could they take away my territory?"

Qin Wushuang responded: "Stealing away your son's limelight, and taking away your territory, disturbing yours and the Ji Yin sect's business, these are all in the past. Today, I have one more thing to do!"

"What do you want?" the Redwood King said arrogantly.

"Not much, I am just going to destroy your entire family!" Within Qin Wushuang's tone, a strong murderous intent flickered. A trace of mocking could be seen in his eyes as he turned to look at He Yufei, who was standing next to the Redwood King, "The extermination of the Redwood Mansion will begin with your Second Young Master!"

Shocked, He Yufei took a step back unconsciously with a pale face.

Qin Wushuang sneered: "No need to hide. Even if you stood in the same place, I would not bother to move a finger on you. That is because you are already a dead person!"

These days, He Yufei had always felt an ominous feeling lingering over him. When he heard Qin Wushuang saying these words, he said stutteringly as if someone had squeezed his throat: "You… What did you do to me?"

"Not much! Only, I injected you with some deadly poison!" Qin Wushuang spoke without a trace of mercy, "I had vowed before, whoever dared to go against my family, I will make him regret his entire life. Now, the Redwood King wants to destroy my Qin, following my ancestor's rules—Those who dare to attack the Qin, we will fight back with all our strength, regardless of life and death!"

The color on the Redwood King's face suddenly changed. He immediately made a gesture and those Stage Nine and Eight elite warriors stood on two sides protectively. Now, both sides had their swords drawn in preparation for a battle!

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