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At the Qin Mansion, the servants and workers were busy decorating the place with lanterns and colored banners to instill an auspicious feeling. Everywhere, a feeling of happiness pervaded the atmosphere.

Guests from all over the country arrived in an endless stream. Both the Qin father and son were busy receiving and attending to the guests.

Fortunately, these guests had already visited once not long ago. They knew each other and thus, there was no need to be overly courteous.

When the time arrived and the guests had arrived in full, fireworks were set off outside the Qin manor. With its explosion, sounds of joyful singing and laughter emerged from everywhere as all the guests stood up and cheered.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior, acting as the host, spoke in a loud voice with a face full of smiles: "Please let the newly wedded couple come out!"

Right after he had finished speaking, the beautiful newlywed couple walked out slowly, accompanied by the sound of traditional Chinese instruments. The man was handsome, and the lady appeared like a celestial being as if they were a couple that had descended from the Heavens. It was as if they were made for each other and left people in awe and admiration.

Wearing a bright red robe, Da Xi Ming showed off enough temperament as the bridegroom. He cupped his hands in thanks to the guests who had come from all around the country. On the other side, Qin Xiu wore a Phoenix crown and was draped with a set of bright red brocade gown.

These two walked over elegantly and stood in the great hall. Guests from both sides of the audience let out thunderous claps and shouted.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior smiled: "The first bow to worship Heaven and Earth!"

This new couple elegantly kneeled and worshipped the Heaven and Earth.

"The second bow to pay respect to your parents!"

On the Qin side, there was only Qin Lianshan. On the Da Xi family, both of his parents were still living and healthy. Each of them showed a face full of smiles and received the kneeling worship from this new couple.

"Couple, kneel to each other!" The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior announced again.

The guests all around brimmed with happiness. The Redwood King was among of them. However, although he also wore a smile on his face, if you looked closely, one could see that the smile did not reach his eyes as he kept looking toward the door.

Qin Wushuang had been keeping an eye on the Redwood King. He frowned slightly and was just about to move, suddenly, his ear twitched and a wave of alarm rose up from his heart.

Someone had invaded the party!

In the next moment, Qin Wushuang immediately had such a thought.

Indeed, a wave of creepy snicker pierced through the hall like an arrow as if it were the chill wind from the infernal hells.

Initially, the hall was filled with noise and activities.

However, this voice cut through the celebrations and cheers and although it was not sharp, it could be heard above the sounds of the merrymaking and entered into each person's eardrums. It sent a shock into everyone caused goosebumps to emerge all over their bodies.

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior was the second one that had become alarmed. He raised his brow and a wave of coldness shot out from his eyes toward the outside of the door. Apparently, he had also felt a sense of strong danger.

Next, everyone felt that something was wrong as they looked toward the door. All except the Redwood King where his gloomy heart quickly returned to its original place. An unnoticeable trace of a creepy smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He knew that Li Wuji had come. With his arrival, a disaster had also come to the Qin family.

The color of Qin Lianshan's face abruptly changed!

Subconsciously, Da Xi Ming stood in front of Qin Xiu in protectiveness and glared angrily toward the door. As today's main character, Da Xi Ming had obviously became infuriated by this uninvited guest.

Qin Wushuang jumped to his feet and in a moment, he arrived at the door and shouted: "Who are you, that dared to cause trouble at my mansion?"

However, there was nobody in the completely empty yard.

Just when everyone was still feeling suspicious, Qin Wushuang's eyes already stopped at the little pond in the yard. There were two jujube trees planted next to the pond.

Qin Wushuang stopped looking at that large jujube tree: "Scoundrel, since you are here, then stop hiding!"

"Hm?" Initially, Li Wuji wanted to use his Upper Sky Realm technique to show off. He did not think that Qin Wushuang had seen through his intentions at once. Thus, he could not help but feel somewhat frustrated and his anger started to surge up even more.

Originally, he had planned to play with the Qin family for some time, then to kill them off one by one to satisfy his sadistic desire. Instead, before he had a chance to play with them, someone had seen through his disguise.

In a flash, he floated to the door. His gaze stopped at Da Xi Ming and Qin Xiu and shouted while clicking his tongue: "Take off the red scarf, bride, let me take a look and see if you are pretty or not."

He spoke with such a ridiculous tongue and showed extremely impoliteness. All the guests looked at each other dumbfoundedly for they had no idea where this young man had come from. How could he have such guts to cause trouble at a Royal Mansion.

On the other hand, those Stage Nine elite warriors felt a haze of doubts and suspicions emerge. Especially the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior; inwardly, he was feeling shocked.

He realized that he could not see through this young man. He could not even determine his exact strength.

When he glanced at him, it felt as if he were peering into a deep lake, he could not see through the depths!

His instincts as an elite warrior sent fear running through his heart.

Upper Sky Realm!

Shocked, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior found that this young man was actually an Upper Sky Realm Warrior!

Without any warning, an Upper Sky Realm had suddenly appeared. And from his stance, he had obviously come to stir trouble. When an Upper Sky Realm Warrior came to cause trouble, it would not be simple as flirting with the bride!

Although the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior could not judge the other party's exact intention, he also vividly sensed a strong murderous intent. Most likely, behind this young man, he had an untold amount of experience in killing!

Without revealing any expression on his face, Qin Wushuang stepped forward and sneered: "Smart people don't talk in riddles, where are you from? Since you are here to cause trouble at the Royal Qin, who sent you?"

Li Wuji sized Qin Wushuang up with a pair of cold eyes and asked lightly: "You are Qin Wushuang?"

Li Wuji did not bother to hide his Upper Sky aura as he emitted it without a care. He continued to emit his aura in order to suppress Qin Wushuang.

On the contrary, Qin Wushuang did not make a move. Secretly, he had resisted Li Wuji's sense of suppression until it was negligible. Unlike Li Wuji, he had completely suppressed his own Upper Sky Qi and did not let Li Wuji discover the fact that he had entered the Upper Sky Realm.

He knew that surely, they would have a fight today.

This battle would be his first against an Upper Sky Realm Warrior since he had come to this world.

He had no experience and no luck. All he had was a trump card that he must keep hidden until the time was right. He could only lead Li Wuji to underestimate him, and then, he might have a higher chance of victory.

"That's me. You are here to boldly cause trouble, could it be, you are too scared to even announce your name?"

Li Wuji sneered: "You are not qualified to ask my name."

With a pair of glaring eyes, he looked around and shouted: "Today, I will only kill people of the Qin. The rest of the guests, if you don't wish to die, get lost in ten minutes and you will live. Any later than that, you can accompany the people of the Qin to die!"

"That old man in purple robes, get over here!"

His last shout was targeted toward the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior.

Although the Great Honored Warrior was restraining his fear since the other party belonged to the Upper Sky Realm, he did not show his fear when he was summoned. He walked out and shouted: "Young man, this is a Royal Mansion in the Bai Yue Country, if you wanted to cause trouble, you needed to recognize where you are!"

Li Wuji laughed: "I only came to cause trouble because I have seen it clearly. If I haven't, normal families are not even qualified for me to come. Old man, if you want to live, just crawl through my legs and you can get lost. Or else, you will be the first funerary sacrifice!"

After Li Wuji had glanced through the entire scene, he had found out that the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior held the highest position. Thus, he decided to use him to set an example. If he killed this Great Honored Warrior, surely the rest of the people would lose their will to fight!

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior sneered: "Such an arrogant tone! I know you belong to the Upper Sky Realm, however, in the Bai Yue Country, it's not impossible that someone can still hold you down!"

When he spoke these words, all the guests exclaimed in surprise.

An elite Upper Sky Realm warrior?

Those Stage Nine Genuine Force Warriors such as Xi Men Yu all turned cold and shivered inwardly. Initially, they felt somewhat depressed and felt this young man was not ordinary. Vividly, they'd held some suspicions but they could not verify them.

However, after the purple robed great Honored Warrior had reminded them, their suspicions had been confirmed.

An elite Upper Sky Realm Warrior!?

Had he come to cause trouble at the Royal Qin Mansion? If that was the case, then wouldn't the Qin be in big trouble?

When they heard the words of Upper Sky Realm Warrior, all the guests at the scene immediately had a drastic change of mood. Earlier, they had been filled with a curious desire to watch the show and no one had any plans to leave.

However, the other party belonged to the Upper Sky Realm and he had clearly said that if they didn't leave, they would die!

What to do? Waas moral integrity more important, or reputation? Everyone was watching everyone else, yet inwardly, they felt extremely hesitant. All of them hoped someone else would be the first one to stand out and leave, then everyone else could follow to run away properly.

Before an Upper Sky Realm warrior, there was no such thing as reputation.

Li Wuji sneered creepily and revealed a mouth full of white teeth as he spoke: "Old Man, since you know that I am in the Upper Sky Realm, and still held your ground, I am somewhat impressed. However, force or persuasion can never move me. Since you've got tough bones, then let me use you as an example."

After he had finished speaking, his face turned cold and moved his shoulder to attack.

In this flickering instance, suddenly, an enraged growl came from far away: "Wait!"

This sound of "wait" sounded as if it was from a hundred miles away. However, its floaty effect made one feel as if was close to the ear and unpredictable.

When the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior heard this voice, he was inwardly overjoyed. Immediately, he shouted: "Great Martial Saint!"

Li Wuji frowned and focused his gaze toward the direction of the sound. Naturally, with this voice and temperament, he could feel that it had come from an elite Upper Sky Realm Warrior.

Could it be, that one from the Martial Saint Mountain had truly made it here?

A trace of a strange smile emerged from the corner of Li Wuji's mouth. Even if that one had come from the Martial Saint Mountain, his arrival would only add more entertainment to this show.

What could that one from the Martial Saint Mountain do? With the Ji Yin Command Plate in hand, if he dared to fight back, then when his teacher came, he would wipe out the Martial Saint even if he had ten heads!

Suddenly, in the sky, a dazzling color emerged and waves of multicolored propitious vapor split at the seam. Like the lightning and wind, the figure of the Martial Saint instantly arrived inside the yard as if he had teleported out of nowhere.

Still dressed in a body of a greenish robe that he had worn at the Martial Saint Mountain, Qin Wushuang felt overjoyed when he saw him: "Martial Saint, I am pleased to greet you!"

Li Wuji laughed and sized him up with a pair of cold eyes: "You are the head of the Martial Saint Mountain in Bai Yue Country, right?"

The Martial Saint said lightly: "That's me, young man, where did you come from?"

Li Wuji sneered lightly and said with a mocking tone: "I am from the Great Luo Empire."

"So you are a guest from the Mother Country. I just don't know how a tiny Royal family in the Bai Yue Country has any business with an elite Upper Sky Realm warrior from the Mother Country? What is it that they had to send an elite warrior in the Upper Sky Realm?"

"Haha, do I need a reason? Mr. Martial Saint, you came from a thousand miles to protect this kid, right?" Li Wuji pointed at Qin Wushuang.

"This child is the rare genius of the Bai Yue Country. I do value his talent. I hope you could do me a favor and forgive him, I will surely repay you in the future!"

Li Wuji laughed: "Favor? Martial Saint, you overestimate yourself too much. Regarding this favor, even yours is worth nothing in my eyes. Why not say it more straightforwardly, today's matter, are you absolutely going to get involved?"

Since the Martial Saint was afraid of consequences since Li Wuji had come from the Mother Country, he had spoken with some courtesy. When he saw this guy was showing such arrogance and did not leave him with any respect, of course, he was furious inwardly.

"It is not an unimportant business, of course, I must get involved!"

Li Wuji nodded viciously. Then, he flicked his sleeve and an object appeared in his hand: "My teacher predicted that you would get involved. Before departing, he reminded me that if you insist on getting involved, then I should show you this Ji Yin Command Plate. If you still insist on getting involved in this matter, then in a few days, my teacher will personally come to take your head!"

Ji Yin Command plate?

Ji Yin sect?

Inwardly, the Martial Saint was shocked as the recognition of the name of the horrible sect and an extremely terrifying elite warrior emerged in his mind!

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