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When people from the Zhen Wu Holy Place moved around the secular world, the highest ranking was limited to the Elders. When one achieved the stage of an Honored Warrior, they would usually train at the Martial Saint Mountain to aim for further advancement in their martial arts.

After all, when you reached Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, your strength had reached a peak. At that point, it was uncertain whether you could break through into the Upper Sky Realm, or dwell at the Stage Nine of Genuine Force forever.

Thus, these Four Great Honored Warriors had rarely ever appeared in the human world. Outsiders would not know who they were. Although this Song Lingfeng had no chance to meet these Four Honored Warriors, he did know about them through rumors. He was especially aware that there was an existence like the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior.

When he thought here, his boldness and hot-blooded temper instantly cooled down. A wave of cold sweat emerged on his back.

With an even more stern tone, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior asked again: "Your surname was Song?"

"I am Song Lingfeng; I am Senior Concubine Xuan's…" Song Lingfeng raised his head and said. Under the dominating force from the purple-robed Honored Warrior, someone as fierce as him vividly felt fear enveloping him.

Apparently, the tone and the expression of the face of the purple-robed Honored Warrior had fully revealed his mood—

That was annoyance; he was extremely displeased!

"Ok, since your surname was Song, from today on, you will be renamed as Song Zhong [1]." The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior let go of his hand, raised it slightly and pushed Song Lingfeng a few steps away.

"Guard LI!" Purple-robed Great Honored Warrior growled.

"Here." Guard Li glanced at Song Lingfeng mockingly. He knew the Honored Warrior was genuinely mad. This matter would not end easily.

Only such an arrogant and vicious bully would do such a thing as attacking the victor of the exam. Didn't you, Song Lingfeng act so egotistical a moment ago? Didn't you claim you would let him regret being born in this world?

Let's see how you would end today's matter!

"Look after these two, do not allow any thugs to approach," The purple robed Honored Warrior ordered.


The purple-robed Honored Warrior changed his tone. He stared at Song Lingfeng and asked lightly: "Do you know who he is?" He pointed at Qin Wushuang.

"No…" Song Lingfeng was completely stunned. Regardless of which angle he had looked, this young man did not appear to be someone with a high background. Besides his demonic martial arts technique, isn't he wearing a lower class aristocratic clothing?

"Then do you know, who I am?" The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior stressed on his tone.

"Yes, you are the Great Honored Warrior from the Zhen Wu Holy Place," Song Lingfeng replied carefully.

"Good, so your eyes did not completely move to the back of your head. Today's issue started because your people bullied others, correct?"

"Honored Warrior, but he— he also destroyed my restaurant's golden signboard. It was bestowed by Senior Concubine Xuan and incredibly precious to us."

Now, Song Lingfeng could only use his last trump card. He hoped to use the face of the Emperor to pass through this obstacle temporarily.

Until now, he did not understand how did a little foreign teenager attract the guard of the Zhen Wu Holy Place over. Additionally, another greater personage had also shown up as well.

The one that had come this time was not on the same level as the guard. Instead, it was an Honored Warrior that he was not even qualified to look up.

And he was the Great Honored Warrior!

Even the Emperor needed to show some respect before the Great Honored Warrior. Not to mention him.

Why did this happen? He could not understand.

However, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior did not plan to explain anything either. He kept sneering and looked at that pile of mess before the door of the Phoenix Perch restaurant. A trace of a strange smile emerged on the corner of his mouth, and he nodded: "He destroyed your signboard?"

"Yes, great warrior, even if we had some conflicts, it's not right to destroy my signboard, right?"

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior smiled arrogantly: "Good job. If he did not destroy it, when I had arrived, I would have also destroyed it too."

When he heard these words, Song Lingfeng shivered again and said stutteringly: "Great Warrior, why? I have always obeyed the law and made money peacefully. This signboard that Senior Concubine Xuan had…"

The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior frowned deeply: "Senior Concubine Xuan?"

"Yes, Senior Concubine Xuan. She was the favorite concubine to the Emperor and my little sister."

"Really?" The Great Honored Warrior sneered again, "Because of Senior Concubine Xuan, your restaurant can hit and kill people at your will, you can take the life of a bystander randomly, and bully people, right?"

Inwardly, Song Lingfeng was shocked, and he had a bad feeling. From the tone of the Great Honored Warrior, apparently, he did not even put Senior Concubine Xuan's name in his mind.

"No… I would not dare." When he thought here, his tone became weaker.

"Would not dare? Then, you said it was wrong for him to destroy your signboard? Your subordinate used killing attacks and wanted to take his life. Is this right?"

"This…" Right now, Song Lingfeng's mood could only be described these words—Trying to cry, but failing to shed a tear.

Apparently, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior also did not want to bother explaining anymore. He glanced at the entire scene: "One sentence, the Phoenix Perch restaurant will close its business!"

"Close business?" Song Lingfeng shivered.

"You don't want to?"

Song Lingfeng cried out: "Great Honored Warrior, my entire family relies on this restaurant for survival. If we closed our business, it would be destroying our livelihood."

"Then you can continue to remain open, hopefully when Martial Saint asked about this issue, your entire family will still be alive." After he had finished, the purpled robed Great Honored Warrior flicked his sleeve, sneered and was about to leave.

The Great Martial Saint? Song Lingfeng had completely become limp. How did this matter become connected to the Great Martial Saint? He always remained in training at the Martial Saint Mountain and almost never asked about the things in the secular world. Could this young man be a relative of the Great Martial Saint?


Surely, a relative of the Great Martial Saint would not be a lower class aristocrat. How could such a thing be possible?

"Honored Warrior, please don't leave, don't go…" Song Lingfeng begged, "I will close it, I will close the business immediately! I just wish you could give me a chance to redeem myself!"

Initially, the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior had only wanted to punish Song Lingfeng a little and did not want to make him destitute and homeless. After all, nothing had happened to Qin Wushuang, and instead, he'd had the advantage.

If something happened to Qin Wushuang, then, the situation would be entirely different. On the matter of Senior Concubine Xuan, from the Great Honored Warrior's point of view, that would not even be a factor for consideration .

If he truly wanted to destroy Song Lingfeng, there was no need to even consider Senior Concubine Xuan. She was only a little concubine and had received some temporary favoritism. If he wanted to deal with her, the Great Honored Warrior could make her lose her favoritism in three days. She would get sent to the Cold Palace and never again seen the light.

Since Qin Wushuang was not hurt, he, being the Honored Warrior did not want to reveal his talent. After all, to the secular world, the strength of the Zhen Wu Holy Place was way too strong. If he made a move recklessly and broke the balance in the secular world, it would cause unease and panic.

"You want to redeem yourself?" After the purple robed great Honored Warrior stared at him for a while, he finally said.

"Please show mercy." Song Lingfeng was also a flexible guy as he begged.

"Then, close for a month. If it is going to be the same old Phoenix Perch restaurant and happened again, then you can forget about even living in the imperial capital."

When the purple robed Honored Warrior spoke to the end, his tone had noticeably become stern.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Song Lianfeng responded consecutively.

"Let's go." The purple-robed Great Honored Warrior did not look at Song Lingfeng anymore and called out to Guard Li.


Qin Wushuang smiled as he was also a little surprised. Unexpectedly, Tong Yan's word could bring the Great Honored Warrior himself. You must know, he had rarely moved in the secular world and concerned himself with these sophisticated issues.

Before Guard Li left, he did not forget to glance with scorn at Song Lingfeng. Now, Song Lingfeng was at a complete disadvantage, of course, he did not dare to complain.

Dumbstruck, he finally regained his senses after he saw the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior had left with his people. As he touched his forehead, it was covered in cold sweat.

Then, he looked at the scene and could help but feel incredibly sad and infuriated as he saw two of his most loyal guards had died. He complained about the extreme injustice: "Who is that young man!? Investigate him; we must investigate thoroughly!"

"Big…Big boss!"

From a far distance, the Ninth Manager madly ran and waved his hand to shout: "Big Boss, Mr. Fei asked me to pass down some crucial words."

Mr. Fei?

Song Lingfeng was depressed at the moment, and inwardly, he wondered what would Mr. Fei wanted to say.

The Ninth Manager walked up but did not see Qin Wushuang and the rest of people. He shouted lightly: "Where are they?"

Impatient, Song Lingfeng yelled: "What does Mr. Fei want to say?"

The Ninth Manager looked around and finally said when he saw there were no outsiders: "Mr. Fei asked me to pass this to you. From his estimation, the martial arts student exam at the Sobbing Sky Mountain should have just ended. If he is a foreign martial arts student, you must investigate whether he was one of the qualifying student and his grades…"

As if struck by electricity, Song Lingfeng's entire body became petrified. Inwardly, he called out grievances and suddenly understood everything. He muttered: "So this is why this is why…"

Suddenly, he glared: "Why didn't you come sooner?"

The Ninth Manager said with a short breath: "I've already used all my strength to run over as soon as I received Mr. Fei's instructions. I did not even stop for a moment on the road."

With nowhere to release his anger, Song Lingfeng shouted: "This issue all started because of you. If you had a better eyesight, how could it have come to this?"

The Ninth Manager felt wronged. Usually, didn't the Big Boss always instruct them that when encountering a troublemaker, they should never lose face for the restaurant and attack when needed?

Just when he wanted to say something, Song Lingfeng bellowed: "Why are you still here? Pass my orders, the Phoenix Perch restaurant will close its business for one month to reorganize."

"Close business?" The Ninth Manager immediately became stunned.

"Go!" In a towering rage, Song Lingfeng instructed again: "For those who died, we must pay double the compensation to their family and bury them respectfully! Carry out immediately! I am going to the palace and ask to see Senior Concubine Xuan!"

Vividly, the Ninth Manager realized something was wrong. However, how would he dare to question when he saw the big boss in a towering rage? Thus, he went to pass down the orders obediently.

While Qin Wushuang walked behind the purple-robed Great Honored Warrior, suddenly, he stopped his footsteps and asked Tong Yan: "Little Brother Tong, where did you move those three elder women?"

"I asked them to leave the imperial capital. Although their issue was unfortunate, for sure, they could not report it. Rather having them wasting their time, it would be best to go home."

Qin Wushuang became silent, and he was lost in his thoughts. For this matter, he always felt it was somewhat strange. As for where the problem was, he could not figure it out at this moment.

He followed behind the group with his mind occupied by thoughts, having already forgotten what had happened at the Phoenix Perch restaurant.

From his point of view, the conflict from the restaurant was only a brief interlude. However, he seemed to have missed a greater issue related to him.

Translator's Thoughts Jillian

[1] Song Zhong had the same pronunciation in Chinese which meant sending someone to death

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