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Immediately, the news of how the Phoenix Perch restaurant was going to close for reorganization exploded and spread through all the corners in the imperial capital.

Regardless of whether it was before tea time or after a meal, everyone talked mostly about the truth of how and why the restaurant had closed.

Although, there were not many witnesses at the scene, there were some.

All the different guesses were by no means an isolated case. However, most of them rejoiced in their misfortune. Why did the Phoenix Perch restaurant bother to act so superior and require one to have a high status to enter their establishment?

To those lower class aristocrats who was not qualified to spend money, inwardly, they were gleeful and wanted the restaurant to remain closed forever.

In Southcloud State City and inside the residence of the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Xi Men Yu opened his palm, and a messenger pigeon fluttered into his hand. He untied the skinny bamboo straw on the pigeon's leg and pulled out a piece of paper.

Behind him in the darkness, there stood two guard of the "Cold-Blooded Thirteen Hawks."

"Patriarch, did a letter arrive from the imperial capital?"

Xi Men Yu opened the paper in his hand and glanced through it. Suddenly, an intense light flashed across his eyes and trace of surprise could be seen in his eyes.

"Second Guard."

After a moment of silence, Xi Men Yu finally opened his mouth to speak.

That tall Second Guard walked out from the dark: "Patriarch, your orders?"

"Tomorrow, you will bring Yan'Er, that little girl to River County. As fast as possible." Xi Men Yu spoke with an extremely cautious tone.

Second Guard said cautiously: "Patriarch, you mean we are going to decline the marriage this time. Regarding how to do it specifically, I need your advice."

"Yes, decline the marriage." Xi Men Yu's tone showed no trace of hesitation as he said with a deep voice: "As for style, you don't need to keep a high profile nor an exceptionally low profile. It'd be alright to keep it moderate. You can not reduce the Venerable Da Xi family's face too much, but you must maintain the pride of a Feudal Lord. Overall, we are the ones who is going to decline the marriage, and the Venerable Da Xi family is responsible for apologizing and sending compensations. Could you grasp this extent?"

"With your guidance, surely I will not disappoint you. It's just, on the second Missy's side, I am worried she will show her princess temper."

"I will remind her. After you guys depart, you will be in charge of restraining and teaching her. You can hit and scold her. When it was needed, you can use family punishment for me. There will be no tolerance." Xi Men Yu instructed with seriousness.

"I understand." Second Guard replied respectfully.

"Ok, go now and rest early. You will leave tomorrow." Xi Men Yu send off the second guard.

Suddenly, the Great Guard who was in the dark sighed and said indistinctively: "Patriarch, could it be that exam result is already out?"

With a bleak tone, Xi Men Yu gave a long sigh. It sounded unwilling, but most of it was jealousy and admiration.

"That's right. In our Bai Yue Country, soon, there will be a new Ruler with a different surname."

"The individual victor, could it be…"

"Just as you and I had expected, it was the Eastwood Qin family," Xi Men Yu said with a cold tone.

The Great Guard muttered: "From now on, the Eastwood Qin will soar to the sky."

During this time, the River County was rather quiet because three of the most exception martial arts student had gone to participate in the exam. It had reduced a lot of the liveliness in River County. On the other hand, people had more to talk about.

It seemed the month of examinations had passed. Surely in less than a few days, the results would be sent to River County. At that time, the result from those martial arts students would be revealed.

After lunch, Da Xi Heng was playing Go with the family Elder. Suddenly, a trusted aide charged in and whispered next to his ears.

Usually, Da Xi Heng was always calm. When he heard the words from this person, he could not help but frown.

"People from the Xi Men Feudal Lord have come? The Xi Men's Second Guard has come to oversee a matter along with Missy Xi Men Yan?"

For a time, Da Xi Heng was suspicious. What was the meaning behind the Xi Men Feudal Lord's visit this time? Whether it was fortune or disaster, he had no idea.

"Patriarch, whether it be fortune or disaster, we cannot avoid it. We must face it regardless." That Elder pushed aside the board and disturbed the entire game.

Da Xi Heng nodded: "I will take a look."

"Go. I will gather all the mighty warriors of the family and treat it seriously." Before the mighty warrior from the Xi Men Feudal Lords, that Elder also did not dare to act slovenly.

Inside the hall of the Venerable Da Xi family, Da Xi Ming did not lose his politeness and greeted the guests from the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Although on the surface, he appeared calm, inwardly, he also had no idea what was going on. He did not know the meaning of the Xi Men Feudal Lord's visit.

Especially that Xi Men Yan, who looked at him from up and down without the slightest scruple. Her resentment and displease creased her brows.

Instead, one could not sense the murderous intent from the face of that Second Guard. He wore a formal expression where one could not guess what he was thinking.

After he had served tea and snacks, just as Da Xi Ming was about to speak, footsteps suddenly came from outside of the door. From its' steadiness, powerful and rhythmical, apparently, it was his father, Da Xi Heng.

Naturally, as soon as Da Xi Heng entered, he glanced around and said with a face full of smiles: "So, it is the Second Guard visiting from the Xi Men Feudal Lords. Please excuse me."

The Second guard smiled lightly. He did not get up and only nodded.

"Mr. Second Guard, Missy Xi Men, why have you come after traveling a long distance?" Da Xi Heng did not dare to act sloppy and asked with caution.

"Hm…"The Second Guard slightly creased his brows and opened his mouth to speak neither harsh nor lightly, "In the past few months, rumors kept spreading to our Southcloud State City. There were a lot of issues and made my Patriarch heartbroken."

"Oh? What do you mean?" Da Xi Heng knew what he meant but asked in a retreating way instead of advancing.

"Patriarch Da Xi, smart guys do not talk in secret words. This time, my Patriarch has sent me to dissolve the marriage agreement between our two families. Your Young Master's rumors had significantly influenced the reputation of the Xi Men Feudal Lords. And on this issue, the Venerable Da Xi family is responsible for it. Regarding how to take care of the aftermath, my Patriarch will let Patriarch Da Xi think about it carefully."

Release the marriage?

Both Da Xi Heng and Da Xi Ming was stunned. They thought that something had gone wrong with their ears.

Initially, they thought the other party had come to urge them to hurry up the marriage agreement. Unexpectedly, the other party had requested an entirely different demand.

To Da Xi Ming, it was definitely a good thing he had deeply desired. He almost wanted to shout out "Good" aloud. However, he knew that since his father was here, he would be the one to make the decision.

Da Xi Heng would have no objection to dissolving the marriage. However, he pondered more about why Patriarch Xi Men had requested to dissolve the marriage arrangement out of the blue, it would be impossible if they did not have any conditions.

It was nothing like the style of the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

Da Xi Heng said thoughtfully: "Second Guard, your Patriarch meant?"

"Patriarch's words were very clear. Dissolving the marriage is a must. And to redeem our reputation, you, the Venerable Da Xi family must respond with an appropriate attitude."

Da Xi Heng suddenly saw the light. It was a blackmail as they wanted compensation! However, Da Xi Heng would not mind these. If they could dissolve the marriage, whatever the compensation, the Venerable Da Xi family would gladly pay it. They only wanted to be done with this matter.

The Second Guard suddenly got up and said with a thick voice: "Patriarch Da Xi, I have already bought my Patriarch's words. If the Venerable Da Xi family wants to end this issue, then it would depend on your sincerity. My Patriarch will wait for your response in the Southcloud State City. Seven days, and lateness would not be tolerated!"

After he had finished instructing, the Second Guard actually did not dwell any longer and left immediately.

And that Xi Men Yan did not speak a word from the beginning to the end. Instead, she put on an annoyed face, and she looked at Da Xi Ming with face full of exasperation.

When the mighty warriors of the Venerable Da Xi family had arrived, they found out that people of the Xi Men Feudal Lords had long gone.

Da Xi Heng became silent and apparently, he was thinking about something.

Appearing and disappearing like the wind, he could not determine the truth that was contained behind this matter to have caused the Xi Men Feudal Lords suddenly showed up like this.

The Xi Men Feudal Lords took the initiative to dissolve the marriage? This approach was not their style at all. From the sound of it, Patriarch Xi Men still held a high-profile.

However, within this high profile, there was a lot of freedom of action. On the appearance, it was equivalent in the Xi Men Feudal Lords who had taken the initiative to give the Venerable Da Xi family to step down.

Now, it would be up to Da Xi Heng on how to back down. Whether it would be apologizing, compensating with gifts, these were all trivial matters. With the foundation of the Venerable Da Xi family, they had the ability to bear these costs.

As for apologizing, initially, it was not a shameful thing for a Venerable family to apologize to a Feudal Lord family. Even more, it was a matter of pride.

After all, the others Venerable family had all met with an unfortunate end when they had gotten into a conflict with a Feudal Lord. Since they could end it with just an apology, it was a victory to the Venerable family.

"Father, in this issue, could it be because of the Qin family?" Da Xi Ming asked carefully. He remembered that Qin Xiu had mentioned that when Qin Wushuang went to this exam, he had planned to meet with the Xi Men Feudal Lords.

"The Qin family? Ming'Er, although the Qin had won against the Xu family and got a Wealthy Class seat, but do you think, with their current strength, they could pose a threat to the Xi Men Feudal Lords?" Da Xi Heng countered with another question.

"Father, I think he can." Da Xi Ming was different from his father. He held a deeper admiration of Qin Wushuang.

"Ming'Er, the son of the Qin, I admit that he is demonic. However, you must know, Patriarch Xi Men is at the peak of the Stage Nine of the Genuine Force! Within Southcloud State, no powerhouses could make him change his mind… Something else is behind this matter. Regardless, I plan to go to the State city myself and see what Patriarch Xi Men…"

Before he finished this sentence, one of the trusted aides suddenly jogged in: "Patriarch, there is a messenger pigeon."

Da Xi Heng took the bamboo straw and pulled out the paper from inside. After he looked at it, he could not help but be dumbstruck. Then, he was brimming with joy.

"Father, where did the letter come from?" When Da Xi Ming saw his father's expression, he knew that for sure this letter had brought good news.

"Yang'Er, he made the cut! And, in the entire Redwood Royal Territory, he also ranked seventh! And the Redwood Royal Territory had ranked first in the group competition!" Da Xi Heng said with a rather proud tone.

Suddenly, his expression changed. With some strangeness, he laughed mockingly to himself: "Ming'Er, I take back of what I said about the Qin family. I must admit, on the judgment of this matter, my foresight is lacking."

"Father, could it be?"

"The son of the Qin had acquired six hundred points in this exam. He had far surpassed the second place. He was first place in the individual category, and the number one contributor to the team…"

With a face full of envy, Da Xi Heng gave a long sigh: "From now on, the Eastwood Qin will be bestowed the titles of King and Marquis. They will soar to the top. Ming'Er, you really do have good eyes!"

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