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The Big Boss of the Phoenix Perch Restaurant was called Song Lingfeng. Like his name that meant "sharp wind," he always acted with a forthright and tyrannical attitude.

However, it was not a brutal, tyrannical means. His actions had delicacy within the brutal part. Appearing seemingly effortless, he was indeed, a bully in the imperial capital. In the entire Bai Yue Country, less than ten people would dare to offend him.

And the people he could not offend would not be over ten people as well.

Among these ten people, of course, it didn't include people from outside of the capital.

In a quick speed, he brought his four best underlings and rushed towards the Phoenix Perch Restaurant.

Just when he turned into the Vermillion Bird street, he saw people had filled the side of the street to watch the show. Although these people did not dare to look at the show near the restaurant, it did not mean they don't have any curiosity.

In fact, such activities posed a profound attraction to these gossipers.

"Get lost!"

One of the black-robed subordinate pushed with his palm and instantly, he created a long passageway through the crowd. Those people who were crammed over there was moved by this palm attack and staggered to the side. A passageway opened up.

"Whoever dwells at this place, this guy is your example!"

When he finished, that black robed subordinate used force from his arm and squeezed with his five fingers. Instantly, he pressed one of the bystander's skull into pieces. With a cold sneer, he followed others behind the big boss.

The big boss, Song Lingfeng did not even look at what had happened as if the death of a guy was the same of stepping on an ant. It did not need his attention.

Of course, Song Lingfeng had intended it. Now, he was infuriated. How could he not get frustrated when he saw this many people surround the restaurant to watch the show concerning the Phoenix Perch restaurant?

With a leisurely expression, Qin Wushuang stood alone in the middle of the street. However, he was lifting a person in his hand as if he was lifting a dead dog. Apparently, it was the Second Manager who appeared as embarrassing as he could.

When he saw Song Lingfeng rushing over with the four best guards alongside him, inwardly, the Second Manager was overjoyed. He immediately berated Qin Wushuang: "Kid, my big boss came over himself. Your death is here!"

Qin Wushuang only smiled and did not speak. He looked coldly at that big boss who was about to arrive.

"Are you the young man that stirred up trouble at my Phoenix Perch?" Song Lingfeng waved his hand, and the four great guards spread to corners. They surrounded Qin Wushuang.

When he glanced over, he saw a pile of wood splinters laying beneath the door of the Phoenix Perch restaurant. Such a great golden signboard had been kicked into pieces completely.

Instantly, Song Lingfeng felt a wave of boiling blood surging through his body. Furious, the joints of his entire body let out a crispy "chuckling" sound like fried beans.

"You are the big boss of the restaurant?" Qin Wushuang asked with a cold smile.

"That's right!" Song Lingfeng shouted, "Kid, report your name and let's see if you are someone I can take on. If you are someone I cannot offend, then I will admit defeat to today's matter! Or else, you can only blame yourself for your miserable life."

After he had finished, he gave a sneer and looked at his four subordinate. Apparently, he called them to attack together. He could never underestimate an opponent that could catch the Second Manager alive.

Although any of the four guards was stronger than the Second Manager, Song Lingfeng's style was like this. It would be alright if he did not make a move if he did, he was going for one hundred percent success.

"Haha, my surname is Qin. I am an offspring from a little county under the Redwood Royal Territory. Mr. Song you can do whatever you want, and don't need to worry about my background."

"Such an arrogant young man. If that's the case, I will fulfill your wish." Song Lingfeng made a gesture, and the four guards took a few steps forward together. Each of them held the utmost attention to Song Lingfeng, and once Song Lingfeng gave the order, they would charge together.

"Hold on!"

At this crucial moment, a yell came from the end of the long street.

Next, an incredibly imposing sound shouted with a nearly warning tone: "Boss Song, please stop!"

Everyone looked over and saw two figures rushing over quickly from the end of the street. One of them was actually wearing the symbolic guard robes of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Five plum blossoms were embroidered on the chest. It meant that he held a high position in the Zhen Wu Holy Place.

A young man followed behind him. It was Tong Yan who had just left.

Tong Yan had hurriedly rushed to a branch of the Zhen Wu Holy Place to report this because he was worried something would happen to Qin Wushuang.

Once the Zhen Wu Holy Place had heard that trouble had come to the exam Victor, they immediately asked the higher ups. And soon, they let the highest-ranking guard save the fire with Tong Yan.

On the other hand, they also sent people to report to the higher-ups.

The Zhen Wu Holy Place held a strict ranking system. Under the Martial Saint, it was the Four Great Honored Warrior; then it was the twelve Elders. Beneath the Elders, there were the guards. In total, there were thirty-two guards in the Zhen Wu Holy Place. They also held a respectable status.

Although Song Lingfeng was tyrannical, he still showed some respect to the people of the Zhen Wu Holy Place. However, deep in his heart, he did not put this guard too much in the eye.

"So you are a guard from the Zhen Wu Holy Place, may I ask your surname?" Song Lingfeng was somewhat cautious and asked with a deep voice.

"Li." That guards only replied lightly, "Boss Song, could you do me a favor. Let me take this young man, how about it?"

"Take him?" Song Lingfeng's expression became cold. Then, he turned to point to that pile of crumbs, "This young man destroyed my restaurant's signboard. How could you take him with just one word?"

"Then what does Boss Song want to do?" That guard frowned as he understood how Song Lingfeng's tone showed no intention of letting it go. It was alright if he only showed disrespect to himself alone.

However, since he was wearing the guard robe of the Zhen Wu Holy Place, he represented the Zhen Wu Holy Place. This Song Lingfeng genuinely did not know how to step back.

A signboard? Could a signboard be bigger than the name of the Zhen Wu Holy Place?

"How about it?" Apparently, Song Lingfeng was flustered and exasperated, "Even if he had to die ten times, it would be hard to relieve my hatred. Mr. Guard, is this guy a relative of yours?"

Guard Li shook his head: "No."

"An old friend?"


Song Lingfeng nodded and said with a harsh tone: "Since he was neither your friend nor your family, please do me a favor. Don't interrupt on this business."

When Guard Li heard his tone, anger also emerged from his heart. Inwardly, he thought it was not appropriate to speak things too straightforwardly. Unexpected, this Song was acting like a tyrant. He did not even show any face to me. Could it be, he genuinely felt he could do whatever he wanted because he had a sister being the senior concubine in the palace?

"Boss Song, are you sure you want to refuse me?" Guard Li slowly said and added on, "You will not regret?"

Song Lingfeng kept sneering: "Regret? Now, I only want this kid to regret of born into this world!"

Guard Li sneered, and a trace of a mocking smile emerged from the corner of his mouth. Since you failed to appreciate my kindness, then don't blame me for not giving you a heads up.

If something would happen to this martial arts student, not to mention if you were a little brother of a senior concubine, even if you were the brother of the Emperor, you would not get off easily!

"Ok, Boss Song, I just hope in turn, you won't regret being born into this world yourself!" Guard Li did not show any courtesy.

Since he had achieved such a level of superior social status, he would not need to be afraid of the consequences when facing these powerhouses.

"Hahaha, Guard Li, if you genuinely think that having a guard seat could scare me off, then this is too big of a joke."

Then, his expression dropped and shouted: "Move!"

The four great guards had waited for action after accumulating power. They only waited for Song Lingfeng's command. Four bodies moved together and almost at the same time, they rushed towards Qin Wushuang.

Without evading or dodging, a trace of cold smile hung on the corner of Qin Wushuang's mouth. Until now, although he had beat a group of people, he had not killed a single individual.

It seemed there was no need to continue to hold such reservations. To these vicious bullies who was used to bullying others, the more you held back, the more likely you would only get an even more arrogant humiliation in return.

Since this was the case, then I must give you a memorable life lesson.

When he thought here, Qin Wushuang's body did not retreat but moved forward. Like an arrow that had been released from a bow, his whole body charged toward that guard on the east side.

This charge appeared reckless and sudden. However, the strange thing was, Qin Wushuang's charge did not show any signs of attack.

However, the other party charged with his fists and aimed toward his face.

With his charge, Qin Wushuang had shaken off the remaining three guards from the other directions. Soon, he appeared to be in the attack zone of that guard from the east side.

Suddenly, a red light flashed from Qin Wushuang's face. A breath of Genuine Qi surged up from his chest, and he raised his arm naturally. As if going through moving clouds and flowing water, he sent out a palm attack with a poetic and relaxed emotion.

It appeared casual like picking a flower with a smile, or as if he had broken a willow to give it to a friend—

However, under the activation of the , such seemingly casual movement instantly turned into a dangerous killing move.

The palm contained coercive power as if the swelling wind turned into a deathly hurricane and as if flickering fire changed into raging flames.

As the earth-shattering palm force was sent out, the all around parasol leaves swirled in the air by this force. A stream of air danced randomly.

Although that guard was a mighty warrior close to Stage Eight of the Genuine Force, he suddenly felt as if someone had thrown him into a dangerous and dark abyss. Instantly, something had rose up in his chest, and his breathing turned urgent.

Next, deathly power penetrated his entire body like a surging wave and went through all his fatal points!



Directly after taking Qin Wushuang's violent palm, the body of that guard flew a dozen meters away. He had been struck heavily onto a huge parasol tree next to the door of the restaurant and incurred a loud bang!

Next, with a "Ka-Cha," that parasol tree collapsed as it could not withstand such powerful impact and splattered into the ground raising up a cloud of dust.

After he had killed one person, Qin Wushuang's blood also surged furiously. He would no longer restrain himself. Turning around, and struck directly toward the head of another guard.

The return attack of this fist was sudden, and it was coupled with Qin Wushuang's super speed. Initially, that guard was charging from behind and did not expect that Qin Wushuang could beat his comrade in such a short time and still have the luxury to return a fist attack to him.

Since he could not retreat, this fist had directly hit his head.


As if the brain had suddenly been reduced in half, it deflated instantly.

A fatal fist attack.

While his body remained in midair, he had already died under Qin Wushuang's fist. In the next moment, the body finally collapsed with a boom as the momentum carrying the corpse dissipated.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Wushuang had consecutively killed two people. His powerful momentum and strength had even made that observing Guard Li dumbfounded.

He had also heard the name of Qin Wushuang. He knew he had powerful methods. Unexpectedly, his strength was powerful to this extent!

He also asked himself were it him, it would be impossible to kill these two guards this easily. These two guards were clearly mighty warriors close to Stage Eight of the Genuine Force.

Terrified, the remaining two guards looked at each other when they saw their comrades had been killed so easily. With a flash, a weapon appeared on each of their hand.

Song Lingfeng also drew a sharp breath after witnessing what had just happened in the span of a few breaths. He had killed many people during his lifetime. However, even he could not help but feel that he was inferior while the other party had killed cleanly with each deadly attack.

His hand went to his waist and pulled out two short rods. The two ends combined and turned into a short spear. He shook his hand showed some spear techniques. With a loud whistle, he signaled that he himself was going to attack.

Song Lingfeng's strength was at Stage Eight of the Genuine Force. It was very impressive. Especially this spear technique that was extremely powerful, which he had inherited from the family.

Naturally, one should not overlook him since he had decided to attack. Each spear attack was vicious and like a venomous snake spitting out its tongue that kept pricking towards Qin Wushuang's fatal body parts.

Inwardly, Guard Li cried foul when he saw that Song Lingfeng did not bother with his face and had joined the attack. After all, this Song Lingfeng was an ambitious and ruthless character. Although he had not reached Stage Nine of the Genuine Force, most likely this genius young man could not take it when he used his full strength.

However, if something happened to this young man, the higher-ups would surely blame him. By that time, Song Lingfeng would become destitute and homeless. Most likely, he would also get involved since he could not escape the crime of standing by.

When he thought here, he became extremely anxious and shouted: "Song Lingfeng, you must stop now! If you hurt a hair on this young man's head, I promise, you will become destitute and homeless for sure. Perhaps, even nine generations of your family will be killed!"

"Humph, killing nine generations of my family? Just you?" Now, Song Lingfeng had become angry to the extreme and could not listen to any form of persuasion.

His signboard had been destroyed, two of his most capable subordinates have been killed, and everything had turned his eyes red with wrath.


"Kill him!"

Song Lingfeng kept roaring, and his spear shot out like raindrops in a storm. Each time when he moved to stab Qin Wushuang, he would curse.

Suddenly, another long hiss came from the side of the street: "Guard Li, hurry and stop him!"

Guard Li was stunned and called out: "Great Honored Warrior!"

Without thinking, he equipped his gauntlet and directly grabbed Song Lingfeng's short spear: "Song, hurry and stop? The Great Honored Warrior has arrived!"

The head of the spear in Song Lingfeng's hand evaded Guard Li's palm and moved to pierce Qin Wushuang again.

Suddenly, he felt something heavy drop on his hand. Next, someone had already grabbed his short spear, and with a flash, a purple-robed elder appeared. His long whiskers moved along with the wind and his face seemed god-like. He was glaring at him: "Your surname is Song?"

Song Lingfeng pulled with force, but it did not move at all. Now, he knew he met a strong figure. Suddenly, he remembered a name and as he recalled Guard Li's shouts of "Great Honored Warrior," his entire body trembled. Instantly, a trace of restrained fear flow from his eyes.

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