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Even the bystanders who watched the show from afar became dumbstruck.

This scene was extremely hard to believe.

The fact was, the Phoenix Perch Restaurant had always been proud of this signboard. It had been bestowed to them by Lady Xuan, who was the favorite senior concubine of Bai Yue Country's Emperor.

And the secret big boss behind the Phoenix Perch restaurant was also Senior Concubine Xuan's relative. He was also, after all, a relative of the Royal family.

To put it precisely, the big boss of the Phoenix Perch restaurant was the uncle of the current Emperor. Although he did not come from the same mother of Senior Concubine Xuan, the people of this world valued family connections with great importance. They all held a strong belief in clansman relationships.

Thus, if the big boss's face got hit, then it was equivalent to hitting the face of Senior Concubine Xuan.

Those bystanders who knew the background of the Phoenix Perch restaurant all shook their heads inwardly: "This young teenager had good moves. However, he acted too hastily. This time, even if he did not die, he will no longer be able to move around in the Bai Yue Country."

After a short daze, the Second Manager regained his sense. Under extreme anger, he started to laugh crazily: "Kid, do you know what you have done?"

"Didn't you guys say this signboard was fantastic? You think you can use this sign board to kill people at random? I wanted to see how hard your board was! It can actually get used as a law?"

"The law?" The second Manager sneered, "Soon, you will know how naïve you are."

Then, the expression on his face changed, and he shouted: "Those unrelated people, scatter away if you don't want to lose your life! Or else, don't blame me that you had died an unjustified death when you arrive at the underworld!"

After he finished, he sucked his lips and sends out a sharp whistle.

In the next moment, a group of combat dressed archers instantly emerged from the second, third and fourth-floor corridors of the Phoenix Perch restaurant. Each of them held a sharp bow and aimed at their target, Qin Wushuang.

Furious, Second Manager said: "Shoot, shoot! Shoot him to death!"

With the orders given, the archers pulled back their arms. Four layers of arrows rained down like locusts while forming a three-dimensional attack circle.

Pu, Pu, Pu!

These archers had all received strong training. When they shot continuously, their speed was overwhelming.

Although such dense arrow attack appeared to be making a big fuss over a minor issue when dealing with a young teenager, the Second Manager had no choice.

Even if he had shot this young man into a hedgehog, it would not reimburse the restaurant's loss.

The signboard, their golden signboard, had been destroyed!

What would it matter even if their golden signboard could be restored? The face and the dignity lost by the Phoenix Perch restaurant would never be replaced.

Under everyone's eyes, the golden signboard had been shattered into splinters.

Most likely in the next few years, this shame would become the biggest joke during imperial people's leisure time. In particular among their circles, it would become the joke to talk about among his peers.

Thus, his only choice was to destroy the person who had to destroy the signboard at any cost. Then, he would need to think about how to face big boss's storm-like wrath.

"Shoot, shoot again!" The Second Manager roared hysterically.

Only, although those arrows traveled fast through the air, Qin Wushuang appeared like a trail of smoke. Those arrows appeared to head toward him, however, when they arrived close to him, they could never hit the target by a few centimeters.

"Humph, you are showing off such level of archers?" Inwardly, Qin Wushuang was full of scorn. Even my Qin manor's "Flying Feather" team could achieve such level after a few months of specialized training.

Naturally, it was not enough to hurt Qin Wushuang.

That Second Manager almost could not believe his eyes when he saw Qin Wushuang's body traveling leisurely through the forest of arrows. This young man, could he be an demon?

The fact was, his group of archers was once imperial guards for the Royal family. Although they had retired many years ago, and their strength had subsided to some extent, they had been the elite. And yet, the group attack from the forty-five archers could not hurt even a young man?

The Second Manager asked himself inwardly, as a Stage Seven Warrior of the Genuine Force, most likely he would not perform freely if he were to face this rain of arrows.

With one careless mistake, perhaps, he would even die at the scene while holding a grudge.

"It seems, I must ask the big boss for advice…" When he thought about the ruthless methods from the big boss, this Second Manager could not help but tremble. This time, he would be the first one to be held accountable over the signboard of the restaurant being destroyed. Even the thought of the punishment form the big boss could make one shiver.

"Ninth, go and ask the big boss, hurry!"

At this moment, the big boss was treating one of the most prominent state officials of the Bai Yue Country in an elegant yard corner.

"Mr. Fei, for our collaboration, I will take this drink first." One of the tall and sturdy body, with a rather soft feature middle-aged man raised his cup and said.

"Haha, let's drink." The other person was dressed in government official clothing and gave off a strict imposing manner.

The two raised their cups, smiled and drank it all.

"Mr. Song, I have a low tolerance to alcohol. This is it for the drinks. I will think of a way for your matters. Overall, your business will only grow bigger."

"Haha, this is all thanks to Mr. Fei's care."

Just when the two was drinking to their fill, a wave of hurried footsteps came from outside the door. Next, it was a quick knock. Of course, the big boss knew it was his trusted subordinate from the sound of the footsteps.

He frowned slightly. During this meeting, he should not have come to disturb him.

On the contrary, Mr. Fei was considerate as he smiled: "Mr. Song if something is going on, why not let him come in. I don't have that many rules on this aspect."

The big boss nodded: "This way, please excuse me."

Then, he cleared his throat: "Come in."

The door was opened, and indeed, it was his trusted aide who came in. He immediately said: "Boss, Ninth Manager asked to see you."

"Ninth? What business does he have? Doesn't he know I am treating a VIP guest?"

"I already told him that, but he said it was an emergency and he must see you."

The big boss fell silent. Under normal circumstances, he had the Second Manager overseeing the Phoenix Perch restaurant. There was almost never anything that he could not take care of himself. And inside this imperial capital circle, those who knew the background of the restaurant would more or less give him some respect. Since the Phoenix restaurant had opened, there was nothing that the Second Manager could not take care of.

"Let him come in."

That subordinate nodded and walked out quickly. Soon, the Ninth Manager entered while jogging. When he saw the VIP guest, he did not bother to bow but said with anger: "Big Boss, something bad happened at the Phoenix. The Second Manager is not holding up. He asked me to ask you to come."

"Even he could not handle it? Who are those people?" The big boss was slightly surprised. However, he still maintained his stance.

"It's…It's two young men. One of them have already escaped. The remaining one is super powerful, he…he…" The Ninth Manager hesitated and did not dare to speak.

"What?" The big boss did not speak loudly, but it was filled with awe. He glared, and that Ninth Manager shivered.

"He kicked our golden signboard into pieces."

"What?" The big boss thought he had heard it wrong. With a sound of breaking, he squeezed the alcohol cup in his hand into pieces as it dropped to the ground in fragments.

"The signboard? That signboard bestowed by Senior Concubine Xuan?" The big boss still found it hard to believe.

"That's the one." The Ninth Manager almost nodded his head into his knee. He could not imagine the big boss's face.

"Bastard!" If he didn't have the VIP guest here, most likely the big boss would have already flip the table and punched him.

"Young man? Where did he come? Is he a relative of the Royal family?" The big boss took a deep breath and told him to calm down. He could not make himself as a joke before the VIP guest.

"No…No. He came from outside."

"From outside?" The big boss muttered, "Since when had young people from the outside become this arrogant? Does he dare to create trouble in the imperial capital? Could he be an offspring of the Royal family?"

Even if he were a Royal offspring, the big boss would not swallow this shame. Although the royal families were relatives of the Emperor, they were people that had their own land. Perhaps, someone of them might not be as close to the Emperor as him.

"No royal family." With a sound as small as a mosquito, the Ninth Manager spoke in a voice that people had to listen very carefully to hear, "From their clothing, one of them was a Venerable offspring, the other one seemed like a lower class aristocrats."

"Venerable? And offspring of a lower class aristocrat?" The big boss laughed out of anger, "Are you sure you didn't get it wrong?"

"No mistake. Unless they had deliberately lowered their status to wear those clothing, or else, I would have never made such mistake."

The big boss stood up and said furiously: "I am going to take a look. Which family did they come from, did they grow three heads and six arms?"

"Mr. Fei, I am sorry about today. I will surely visit your residence and repay this."

That Mr. Fei also stood up: "Mr. Song, there is no need. Business is important, I understand."

"Ok, Ninth, send Mr. Fei back to his residence for me. I will bring people to the restaurant!"

As he finished speaking, he cupped his hand towards that Mr. Fei and walked outside.

"Mr. Fei, please." The Ninth Manager did not dare to act sloppy and said respectfully.

That Mr. Fei nodded and walked to the outside. He exited the door and got on a big palanquin. Just as the Ninth Manager was about to call out to go, that Mr. Fei suddenly opened his mouth: "Hold up."

The Ninth Manager instantly went up: "Mr.Fei, do you need anything else?"

Mr. Fei suddenly asked: "Nine Manager, did you just say, it was two young men from outside the city that had caused the trouble at the Phoenix?"

"Yes. They seemed to have just graduated from the martial arts academy." When the Ninth Manager spoke about this thing, he still felt frustrated. The hatred in his words could be heard through his gritted teeth.

Mr. Fei revealed a thoughtful look and mused to himself: "It's not a coincidence, right? Could they have come to the imperial capital?"

"Mr. Fei, what is not a coincidence? Who came to the capital?"

Mr. Fei suddenly spoke in a hurried tone: "Ninth Manager, I don't need you to send me off. Go to the Phoenix Perch restaurant quickly. You must catch up to Mr. Song and tell him to pay particular attention to one thing."

"What thing?"

"This time, the Zhen Wu Holy Place had hosted a martial arts student exam at the Sobbing Sky Mountain Range. Perhaps, these foreign martial arts students were the ones that had made the cut! If that's the case, Mr. Song must treat this matter very carefully. If life and death were involved, it's not easy to end it. Even if he needed to make a move, he must investigate thoroughly whether they were the qualifying marital arts students and their grades…"

The Ninth Manager's face froze, and he seemed to understand. Suddenly, he remembered a rumor that the Zhen Wu Holy Place had valued this exam with high importance. Even that great Martial Saint had asked about it a few times.

And that young man had shown rather unusual moves. If he were truly martial arts students from the exams, his grade would not be average. If anything had happened to such a figure, one could imagine the reaction from the Zhen Wu Holy Place…

When he thought here, the expression on Ninth Manager's face turned extremely gloomy. He immediately called out to take off. Inwardly, he prayed that he would arrive sooner. And he prayed that the big boss had not made a move yet!

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