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When he saw the martial arts students swarming over like bees, that official waved this announcement sheet in his hand and shouted loudly: "Do not push, this is the exam result for the High Deep Royal Territory! It only has the top thirty qualified candidates. Those who did not make the cut, you will know if you compare it with your result. You all know your results, right?"

Regardless of the number of jade plates and the points acquired, each martial arts students knew it by heart. When they heard that only the result of the High Deep Royal Territory had come out, the martial arts students from the other three territories all revealed a sad expression and shrank back.

"Why did it come out first for High Deep?" The martial arts students from the other three Territories all guessed and felt a sense of unease.

"Could it be, High Deep is the number one?"

"No way? They are not that exceptional and cannot compare to us from the Purple Flame Royal Territory. If you must say, only the Redwood Royal Territory can compete with us. Whatever High Deep's score is, I will not accept this fact if they won!"

"Haha, don't be in a rush. That master from the Zhen Wu Holy Place did not say that High Deep is the first in the team competition."

Although it was only a qualifying list for the High Deep Royal Territory, the foreign martial arts students still walked over to take a look. They wanted to see the grading segment for the top thirty. Thus, they could compare it and know better.

Both Qin Wushuang and Da Xi Yang did not join the crowd. Since they had Yun Qingyan, it would be hard for all the gossips from the world to escape from their ears. She had already scrambled over like a wave of smoke.

Although her grade was not good, she paid a lot of attention to group honor.

Even though Xi Men Xing also wanted to catch the activities, in the end, he could not cast off his pride. After all, he was an offspring of a Feudal Lord family. He could not give others a feeling of immaturity.

Fortunately, he had errand boys to read the announcement for him.

After a moment, a martial arts student from the Southcloud State City ran over and called out excitingly: "Young Master Xing, the highest point from High Deep is two hundred and fourteen points. The second place is only one hundred and forty eighty points. That is four points less than you!"

When he heard this, Xi Men Xing's felt relieved. Although their number one led many points ahead of him, he did not feel down. After all, offspring of the Royal families from High Deep had some advantage.

With his grade, he already felt very satisfied since it surpassed the second place examinee of High Deep Royal Territory.

At this time, Yun Qingyan also jogged over happily. Her face was full of smiles: "I thought the first one that came out was a group number one? Guess what?"


"Haha, the first one that came out is the last place! They are the bottom among the four Royal Territories." While Yun Qingyan laughed, she said, "Four martial arts students from the High Deep Royal crossed areas. One of them crossed twice. In the final thirty spots, the lowest had a little over forty points."

"Only over forty points?" One of the martial arts students was beaming with joy, "Since I have fifty-six points, is it hopeful to make the cut?"

The other state city martial arts students had only gotten over thirty points. He knew he had no hope to make the cut and felt very aggrieved as he said jealously, "That is High Deep Royal Territory! The last place. Our Redwood Royal Territory will win for sure, we will rank first. Don't even think about the top thirty if your points did not reach sixty!"

'Haha, Young Master De, you are jealous! Such naked jealousy!"

"Pah, I am jealous of you? Young Master Xing had one hundred and fifty-two points. I should pick someone else if I am jealous." That martial art student spoke stubbornly.

Just as these two were blabbering, Yun Qingyan walked next to Qin Wushuang and rolled her eyes. She pretended to be angry: "Qin Wushuang, just how many points have you earned. Just tell me."

In fact, Da Xi Yang was also curious on this point. From the way he had predicted, it won't be low. However, whether he could surpass offspring from the Royal families, he still had his doubt.

Qin Wushuang knew Yun Qingyan's curiosity, yet he did not plan to tell her. This girl had a big mouth. Once she learned of it, most likely, everyone else would learn of it in less than fifteen minutes, .

Before the results came out, Qin Wushuang did not want to get treated as a bullsh** artist. After all, when you spoke about six hundred points, it sounded terrifying.

Martial arts students from the High Deep Royal Territory were either happy or depressed. Those who made the cut was overjoyed and those who didn't appeared differently. Some had red eyes, some cried silently, some covered their heads and some cursed their bad luck.

Of course, the host of the Zhen Wu Holy Place would not let everyone wait too long. Soon, another official came out and carried another sheet.

"Martial arts students from the Blue Moon Royal Territory, your results are here. The same old rule, it only has the grades of the thirty who made the cut and their corresponding grades. Those who did not make the cut, check the list against your scores. If there is a mistake, contact us as soon as possible!"

Those who were from the Blue Moon Royal Territory quickly went over when they heard his words. On the other hand, that high pointer martial arts students inwardly felt waves of disappointment.

To those high pointers, they were not too worried about making the cut. They cared more about whether they could get number one team ranking.

Corresponding to the rules from the Zhen Wu Holy Place. Apparently, it came out from least to greatest.

In other words, the earlier the result, the lower the ranking of the team. Thus, when the second representative came out, the other high pointers of the other three Territories was unwilling to have their names get called.

However, strength was everything.

Among the four Royal Territories, both High Deep and Blue Moon were weaker territories. And Redwood and Purple Flame Royal Territories were much stronger.

It had always been such the norm in the Bai Yue Country and was fully demonstrated in the exam results.

As usual, Yun Qingyan served as a messenger for everyone. Four martial arts students from the Blue Moon had also crossed. At the same time, one of them also crossed twice.

However, their highest score was four points higher than the High Deep Royal Territory. It had reached two hundred and eighteen points!

The second place also reached one hundred and fifty-six points. It had even surpassed Xi Men Xing's one hundred and fifty-two points.

When Xi Men Xing heard this grade, inwardly, he did not felt very well. However, after a moment, he felt relieved. In Bai Yue Country, some powerhouses were still powerful than his Xi Men Feudal Lords.

"Presently, the highest score across the competition is two hundred and eighteen points. That top pointer from the High Deep Royal Territory has lost the qualification for individual number one."

"I know, but I think that this highest scorer from the Blue Moon is also no good. Yesterday, didn't that one from the Redwood Royal Territory also said his points would be over two hundred? Just how much over two hundred would it be?"

"Theoretically, it won't be over two hundred and forty. Or else, he would have crossed again." When calculating others' result, Yun Qingyan cared for little details.

As the results kept coming out, everyone's mood had visibly perked up.

Earlier, there was still some disharmony within the Redwood Royal Territory. Now, it was completely gone as if everyone had reached a mutual understanding of joined opposition of the same adversary.

The most significant highlight was coming.

Would the team number one be Redwood or Purple Flame?

The next result sheet would soon reveal the answer.

The sheet that came out next would be number two. And the one that did not come out would be number one!

Apparently, martial arts students from the Purple Flame also noticed this point. Everyone stood in a formation voluntarily to wait for the third appearance of the Zhen Wu Holy Place official.

With this appearance, the truth would come to light as to which group would get number one.

Martial arts students from the other two Territories had also sensed this state of mutual hostility and paid extra attention. Even though, they had lost the top spot of the team competition.

It was apparent that everyone wanted to know after this many years of competition between the four Royal Territories, which one would be the strongest. This exam would be a good testing ground, and it would also quieten down a lot of dispute.

"It's here!" One of the keen-eyed martial arts students suddenly yelled.

This yelling had instantly grabbed many martial arts student's weak hearts. All eyes turned to look at that official. To put it precisely, they were looking toward that result sheet in his hand.

It was a sheet that could settle the winner and loser.

Apparently, people of the Zhen Wu Holy Place excelled in keeping the suspense and stirring up the atmosphere.

He stood high on the stage, smiled and was not in a hurry to speak. After he glanced around, he finally smiled and said: "Surely, everyone is concerned about the sheet in my hand, right?"

"Yes!" A roaring reply.

"Then, you know that once this sheet comes out, you will understand which Territory gets first place?"


"Good!" That official waved his arm and smiled leisurely. He glanced at the Purple Flame, then, he looked to the other the side at the Redwood Royal Territory.

The hearts of these two places' martial arts students had been completely stirred. All of them held their breath and waited for him to announce the results.

"Everyone, the sheet in my hand—Is the qualifying list for the Purple Flame Royal Territory!" That official raised his hand and bellowed.

"Roar!" A reverberating, boiling and high-spirited cheering came from the Redwood Royal Territory.

"Oh!" Gloomy, disappointed, dejected whispers and sigh came from the Purple Flame Royal Territory.

Such result had instantly put the martial arts students from the two places into polar opposite moods.

Even Qin Wushuang, who had always remained calm in the face of anything could not help but be swept up by this fervent atmosphere. This was the feeling of a team pride. Although it sounded a little childish, at least, such hot-blood, sense of belonging and team outlook had surpassed the environment he had from his former world. Of course, he felt gratified.

You could say that the people of this world loved killing, violence, and conflicts.

However, it was their rule of survival, and nobody could change it with their power alone.

However, they also had their strengths such as their loyalty to families, to hometowns and Territories…

As it passed down, when they encountered foreign country, surely it would be an acknowledgment to the entire country.

To a country, such acknowledgment and sense belonging was incredibly precious.

Indeed, the first place from the Purple Flame had surpassed the highest scorer from the previous Territory. It had reached two hundred and twenty-six points! It had exceeded the first place from the Blue Moon by a full eight points!

The side of the Redwood Royal Territory boiled up. They welcomed two simultaneous happy events at the same time!

Since the first place belonged to the Redwood Royal Territory, people next to the young nobleman, Young Master Chong, from the Redwood Royal Territory had spread the news that his points were two hundred and thirty-six!

It was the highest score that surpassed the previous three Territories for sure!

The number one individual would undoubtedly belong to the young nobleman!

Those martial arts students next to the young nobleman had already begun celebrating. Indeed, it was two simultaneous happy events at the same time!

Only Yun Qingyan still muttered to herself as she refused to comply. Suddenly, she looked at Qin Wushuang and only saw a usual calm, smiling face. It seemed as if everything before him had nothing to do with him.

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