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On their way back, Wu Yan & company took their time. They could hear almost wherever there go, the whispers and rumors spreading around the pedestrians.

Pedestrians’ small talk? Nobody would take note of such a thing yea? Not in this case though.

What they’re discussing pertains to the treasure map and the party search 3 days later.

It only took so long until the situation has progressed to this stage huh?

Locking his brows in a raised manner and hearing the oncoming discussions he had his thoughts on the matter as well.

It has been only 30 minutes or so, and within this so small time frame the information has diffused to this stage where every corner of the supply town is gossiping about it, isn’t this spread a little too fast?

It seems the auction firm had some play in this, perhaps they arranged personnel to spread it even further.

This additional clue did nothing to calm the furrow on his head, he simply could not figure out why they are doing this.

Do they really need to take it so far? Are they not afraid of being nailed for possessing such an item? Or could it be that they don’t enough supers on hand? Or maybe… another as yet to know objective?…

What he can say for sure is that the auction firms aren’t retard or selfless saint, giving out the treasure map for free. He cannot believe that the auction firm is doing this for charity, what with the treasure that got a tier 9 into being kill on the line here, why would they possibly want to risk sharing this kind of thing with others.

There has to be something they’re missing at the moment. The mass distribution of information, the apparent dauntless attitude. Maybe it’s as Hinagiku said, they have enough margin to spare for any unexpected situation, in other words trump cards, or even that they have a tier 8 backing them.

He rubbed his forehead in frustration and silently laughed sardonically.

It seems like I’m not the brainy faction, competing on IQ and strategical thinking is not my forte…

With no reliable plan on hand, the thing he could do now is improvise as the situation unfolds. He refuse to believe that with all the System’s glory and his fuck ton of points that he would be screwed over so hard his anus hurt for weeks.

Plus, he’s not going at it alone…

Looking at Hinagiku and Mikoto who’s happily window shopping in front of him he subconsciously relaxed his frown.

He laughed and shook his head to throw the annoying thoughts away before quickly making haste to catch up.

That’s right, I’m not alone!


Inside a slightly larger than norm inn…

This inn has quite the reputation in the supply town for being top of the clas in scale, in decor, and in service. Basically the most all rounded inn in the supply town!

It’s also the most expensive inside the supply town.

Hence, only nobles, their disciples, or famous people with background come to this place, your run off the mill warriors and magician wished they could stay here but they don’t dare approach. If they stayed, their hard earned gold from hunting in the giant beast forest would be all wasted on this luxury.

Take for example a suite with one living room and 2 rooms, it would cost 10 golds to stay a night.

But, in any world, there’s no lack of people with the dough, like a certain nouveau riche who paid for it like it’s nothing.

Pushing open the main door to the living room Wu Yan & company made their way inside. He’s grinning in amusement at the two girls who can’t stop talking about what good things they saw and what beautiful clothes they saw.

He sat his ass down on the sofa.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, I have decided to poke my nose in on this search for the treasure.”

Hearing him, the two stopped their discussion before sitting down to either side of him.

Mikoto tidied her skirt. Although she has obtained a new guard (new safety shorts), she’s still her girl and she can’t act so brazenly, not with this lewd bastard by his side. His shamelessness knows no bound.

“Even if you didn’t say anything, I would have suggested the same.”

She swiped her bangs with one hand and one could see for an instant there’s some spark going biribiri.

She would normally do this when she’s excited, and excited she is.

“Well look at you…”

Observing her antics, how can he not be familiar with what her inner monologue is about, besides retorting inside ‘how expected of the adrenalin seeking, violent railgun’, he said nothing else.

“Aren’t you afraid of new danger? You ought to know that the hostiles we encounter this time would be far from the likes of the monster cave, the boss monster from before is only a chuuni snake monster with a level 60. This time is different, excluding the unknown danger lurking at the place, the people that comes along might turn into enemies at any time, a lot of them would be a tier 7 level 60!”

“Isn’t that more fun?”

She showed a cocksure smirk.

“If there’s more people to beat up, that means more experience points and I think this might be just the thing I need now. I can definitely do it! Going up to level 70!

level  70 huh? Looks like she hasn’t forgotten her main objective of raising her strength, probably for the sake of the SISTERS…

“That’s good but I’m just worried that given a lot of people is going be there it would be chaotic and we might be ganged up on or being conned into something.”

He’s not trying to hurt her zest, he knows that the people he should be wary of the most is the ones from the auction firm and the other people coming along on this journey as well. Surely they would all be tempted by ‘treasure’, and soon lose their rationality at its prospects. Greed is the root of all evil you see…

“Well.. that’s…”

Wu Yan himself understand the most likely to occur problems, as a lv5 and boasting such mental capacities how would railgun not understand it herself. It’s just that her usual antics got to better of rational self.

“Should we make some provisions?”

Lightning started flashing and her eyes started shining when she said this.

“I want to.”

A bit upset he continued.

“The thing is we don’t know what’s the true objective of the auction firm and we also don’t know who’s coming along on this trip, how do we plan in such a context?”

“Are we just going to give up here?”

said Hinagiku with a sleepy, yawning, Lirin who’s constantly rubbing her tired eyes in her arms.

“I already said we are going to mess up some shit of course we can’t just give up and since we don’t have any solid plan let’s just see what we can do with our resources on hand. At this point victory goes to the dauntless!”

Under the expecting gaze of the two girls he declared it. He felt like a boss at the moment, of course, that’s what he felt not what others think…

Whether or not his words were boss like is up to debate but god damn his words can sure turn the two girls on, their passion that is… especially these 2 hero like girls.

The girls exchanged glance and grinned, well it looks like his words managed to strike a chord with them after all..


Seeing that the two girls are getting a bit too riled up for their own good, he changed his tone to get their attention.

“We can’t just rush in without a safeguard, we don’t know what might happen but based on previous conjectures, there’s a very high possibility of a tier 8!”

The two girls frowned when they heard this, Hinagiku then continued.

“That’s right, our strongest fighting power is Mikoto at tier 7 peak, if she were to go up against a tier 8 then it would be very dangerous!”

“Don’t worry, we aren’t without trump cards!”

Mikoto touched a potion bottle inside her cloth, that’s the Resplendent Breath he gave her long before.

Hinagiku also recalled she had a bottle of it as well, the two instantly had a morale boost.

“Yes I know we have a few tricks up our sleeve but I’m afraid that’s not going to cut it, this operation would last more than 3 hours that’s for sure…”

He rubbed his chin as he gestured to them.

“Then should we buy a few more Resplendent Breath?”

Lirin already entered dreamland so she’s not that restrained in her choice of words anymore.

“No! It’s quite simple really, they have tier 8, why not we fight fire with fire, we get a tier 8 as well!”

“Get a tier 8?”

The 2 were bewildered.

“That’s right!”

He beamed.

“Summoning points! If we don’t use it now when do we use it?!”

(Tl: next summon’s clue, kuudere and she likes watermelon. Try not to cheat :3)

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