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(Tl: more like harem +1)

“Oh yeah, there’s summoning!”

Mikoto slapped her hands together while being enthusiastic.

They just got a minor fortune of Summoning points, if they used it to summon a tier 8, then their repertoires would increase and they could do away with a few minor issue here and there.

But the lassie missed a minor detail in the heat of the moment, she forgot what a summoning entails, if she recalled then she wouldn’t be such a happy camper. Why? Because to summon is synonymous with expanding his crystal palace…

Hinagiku nodded her head eagerly while chuckling.

“I almost forgot about the 200’000 Summoning points, we should have enough to summon a tier 8 comrade yes?”

Oh look, Hinagiku didn’t notice that this would mean a +1 to love rivals as well…

“Yeap, we have enough!”

He breathe out a sigh of relief deep inside seeing as the two didn’t go ballistic on him, then he began to wonder, why was he so afraid anyway?

The answer is that a certain douchebag have a preconceived notion that summoning is meant to be used for expanding his crystal palace and that the two pre existing summons didn’t notice anything out of the odinary. Otherwise even if he did, he would be in stitches, not figuratively of course…

“When Mikoto was summoned, the amount was about 70’000, at the time she’s pretty much tier 7 peak at level 68, now we have 200’000, go figure.”

He’s starting to feel the hype now.


A bit upset she lifted her head to protest.

“The System must have made some kind of error how can I be so cheap! You lucky asshole exploiting the System inefficiency like that!”

He don’t what to say to her. 70’000, that’s pretty much all he had at the time… and she calls it cheap…

Also, he could see Kaichou-sama barely restraining her lip jerk, if one observe even closer one might even notice a few tell tale signs of blackening, he instantly shrunk his head in response.

Oh god, please don’t go dark saber Hinagiku on me…

Lest a bloodbath happens he quickly put a stop to the blabber mouth.

“Mikoto 70’000 is not a small figure, you should know I threw in most of my reserve at the time just to summon you, this time it’s just lucky that we found the crystal, if not then let’s not even discuss about 200’000 we wouldn’t even have 70’000 on hand…”

She closed her yapper while waving her hand.

“Fine, I don’t particularly mind it anyway…”

You claimed nonchalance but your reaction before determined that to be a lie. Even in my death I will make sure on my tombstone it reads ‘I didn’t accept her bullshit as a play on my senses.’

Hinagiku did a breathing routine and calmed down before pointing out to him in a rather distracted manner.

“Yan, if 70’000 could summon a tier 8 approx Mikoto, then with 200’000 it should be enough to summon a tier 9 no?”

She startled herself at the implications of the latter half of her speech.

Wu Yan’s no better, he beamed in respond.

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t know!”

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t let go of the matter from before or maybe because he’s too unreliable, nobody knows but Kaichou-sama is not amused when she said this, her tone raised a few pitches.

Like a spineless coward he adjusted his ass and dodged her glare.

“Well about that, I have the next nominee in mind already so I didn’t consider the 200’000 as the main parameter for making a decision, in other words I’m not sure whether or not we cans ummon a tier 9.”

“Then why don’t you ask the System?”

She rolled her eyes reflexively, this sleak bastard was so reliable in the youkai cave why so spineless now?

“Erm.. I don’t think there’s a need for that…”

A protest so weak even a breeze could blow it away came from his mouth.

“I’ve already decided on who to summon and a tier 8 should be enough to deal with this matter so we don’t need to consider another candidate at the moment…or that’s what I think…”

This is one of the no zuo no die moment and yet he went ahead and done fuck it up. He has no choice, if he really asked the System and a positive response came then he would have no option other than to summon a tier 9. But he’s sooo dead set on this one, he must summon it.

Sure this girl didn’t need 200’000 and by extension her strength pales in comparison to one of such caliber. However, strength and whatnot can go screw itself when compared to the summon’s character.

So why beat around the bush? Well, as said this is a no zuo no die moment and he is in for it now… if he said it, it would surely hasten his inevitable demise…

Oh good god, Hinagiku has a very dangerous squint to her eyes right now, she’s staring at him with a very doubtful attitude.

“I say, it’s just asking the System why are you so prejudiced against the idea? Tier 8 is enough probably but isn’t a tier 9 more reassuring? Our moveset could be more diverse if we had a tier 9 yes? Why are you so opposed to it? Could it be that…”

While saying this, Hinagiku strecthed out one of her hand and ‘smack’ it landed on his shoulder lightly, with a beautiful countenance and a sweet tone she interrogated him.

“You have something else that you’re not sharing with us at the moment, a hidden agenda so to speak?”

His body flinched in terror the moment her hand touched his shoulder, when she showed that dazzling smile that’s when he’s starting to piss his pants. Only he would know the true nature that hides behind the dazzling smile, it’s like the attractive allure of a demon. He really looked that suspicious what with the avoidance of eye contact and fidgety appearance, it seemed like he’s guilty of something.

“It’s just that.. It’s my humblest opinion that we shouldn’t use power and strength to judge a summon nominee. The individual would be our comrade after that is it not, if we just use strength as a criterion to weed out samples then it would make us very tunneled vision you see..”

Like a master of sophistry he said that like the truth is standing behind him.

“That so?”

Mikoto also started doubting him for having other motives, based on his appearance and speech patterns, this is very suspicious.


Never has he felt such great pressure what with facing against two chicks that could very well turn into tigresses on him.

Holy shit do they really expect him to tell that who he’s about to summon is a chick who has a rocking body, docile and obedient a majority of the time, soft and tender to the touch, who could turn into an enemy’s worst nightmare at a switch of mode. Her airheadedness is through the roof and probably is very easy to push down on bed at any moment, a being that would call him master in a soft and mellow voice, the embodiment of an otaku’s dream, the legendary goddess of all otaku males?

If he really said it out loud, forget tigress the two girls would go Asura modo on him.

“I have a hunch that you’re hiding something here…”

The two girls shot a glare at him, they can’t find anything to argue against in his seemingly reasonable words. But it’s fishy as hell that’s for sure.

“Maa, don’t say that, she’s going to be a comrade that fights side by side with us through good times and bad times, although we haven’t summoned her yet what you’re saying right now is very rude.”

He had a serious face as he said this, but how much of him is actually serious that will have to be discussed the next time.

“You have a point…”

After hearing him the two girls did feel they were being a bit rude. However, they just couldn’t curb the feeling that something is off here, when he said through good times and bad times they felt like they’re missing something very crucial here.

Seeing as the two are stumped by him he tried to hurry the whole thing along before they catch up to him.

“Alright, I will begin the summoning soon, you girls should hit the sack, or do you want to stay and watch the peep show?”

“What do you mean by peep show? Can’t you use a more colloquial phrase like watch the show?”

Although one must say he sure can divert a subject, he has already moved shit pass the radar without the two even noticing it.

With a few dry laughs he relaxed when he saw the two girls didn’t have any notion of pursuing the subject.

But they still might catch up to him if he let the opportunity slip, to prevent any unexpected circumstances from cockblocking him he pulled out the list without even mentioning what he’s doing. With godly speed he quickly found the target of summon…

 A character from sora no otoshimono, self proclaimed entertainment super versatile angel, her true nature is Strategic Angeloid Type α, a strategical weapon, nicknamed sky queen; Summoning points 100’000.

That’s right! Ikaros!

The dream of otaku males! Savage and soft at times, one that could be poked and touched, a goddess of otakus that could be pushed down and raised! Ikaros!

With much heavy breathing he clicked summon in a timeframe of less than 0.01 second…

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