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“Beep, detecting a significant amount of life force unit, preliminary calculations state that it’s worth 200’000 Summoning points, exchange for points?”

If System sounded like a cold heartless bitch before, the voice that rang out 3 times now is no different than that of the beautiful call of nature.

The emotionless voice keep repeating itself without the slightest hint of being annoyed but it still could not return him back to his senses.

The way he looks now would be more perfect if his eyes started rolling over and revealing his white (Tl: ever seen a broken man’s eyes?). It’s obvious this ‘meat pie’ made him come to a vacant state, he’s lost all advance cognitive function now.

Oh what’s the big deal it’s just 200k you say? Well, ignoring hot chicks for the moment, yes yes that’s what he’s after, granted but still what’s more important is that…

Mikoto cost 70’000 at first, and she’s 68 at the time, although she’s 69 now, a peak tier 7 at the verge of transcending to tier 8.

Now suppose we summon a shoujo with 200’000, what then? What does this 200’000 Summoning points girl mean in terms of OPness?

He already has a candidate for his summon next, she didn’t need 200’000 but she needs more than Mikoto that’s for sure.

In other words, she > Mikoto. (Tl: in terms of strength of course, but i put it like this because I like her, bite me kuuderes best waifus!)

Stronger than Mikoto, then that means she’s a tier 8 at the very least!

The original plan he had was something along the lines of going out and do some more mercenary quest and then go Arsene Lupin on some monster nest to get the required points.

Looks like a change in plan is in order because he absolute has the points for her now.

100’000 gold for such an amount of Summoning points, suppose that there’s another same crystal up for grabs, he wouldn’t even hesitate trading his entire fortune for it!

And so, after awhile of getting lost in Wu Yan land, he regained his executive functions, but not without a sudden sense of excitement and zing. As if he didn’t see the judging and befuddled eyes of the 3 girls close to him, he danced. It is a dance as weird as it irritates audience, the 3 girls have never seen this kind of grotesque dance. And yet, he danced on.


Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin exchanged glance, you look at me I look at you, they didn’t know what to say at this point.

“Is this guy alright in the head?”

Twas Hinagiku, pondering over whether it was the correct choice to leave behind her parents and friends for the sake of being together with him.

Mikoto covered her eyes with her hands. That’s right, she can’t watch this anymore.

So embarrassing…. it’s luck there’s no one here to witness this.

“I would think he has lost his mind from brain development but sadly this guy got his ability from me so no such luck.”


Lirin is grinning at his retarded dance steps, one wouldn’t think anything is wrong with her, if not for the fact that she has sweat coming down the side of her head.

Perhaps finally feeling that all eyes is on him, not kind to say the least by the way, his wicked moves stopped slowly under the 3 pair of gorgeous eyes.


Harrumping he turned stern trying to play it off with a beaming face.

“Now if you will let me explain the logic behind my motor movement a brief while ago, there’s a perfectly understandable motive…”

“Nope! We don’t understand it at all!”

Not even thinking, Hinagiku and Mikoto shot him down mercilessly.

Nice try, if they claimed they understood then wouldn’t that imply that their IQ is on the level of this simplistic lifeform?

He can’t retort to that, still not giving upt hough, he tried excusing himself in a small timid voice.

“Er.. I was a bit too over the moon, I believe if you were in my shoes you would have done the same…”

“Nope! We definitely absolutely wouldn’t act like you (brother)!”

Lirin jumped on the bandwagon and threw a TM38 at him as well.

He looked miserable, not even with that thick face of his that can withstand the attack of a legendary grade armament could he salvage his honor.

“Pfff… ahaha…”

The girls laughed at his poor appearance, they can’t help it the fool had it coming. And so their laugh chimed in the air, at this point Wu Yan didn’t care anymore, because he knows, the corner of his lips is beyond his control.

“Ok that’s about enough of laughing at you…”

Just when he’s planning on running out of here in desperation, Hinagiku stopped first and turned stern. It would be much more convincing if she had properly concealed the hint of amusement still lurking behind her eyes.

“Nn, let’s get to the real deal, Yan!”

Rubbing her slightly aching stomach, Mikoto’s not as kind as Hinagiku, she slid in another round of laughter before stopping.

“The real deal?”

Seriously thinking about getting an ability that can cancel out all noise, he flinched when he heard her, he can’t quite catch up with her.

“What real deal?”

He whispered.

“Don’t tell me you have seriously gone cuckoo?”

Hinagiku shot a judging look at him while sighing helplessly.

Wryly laughing he quickly recalled some stuff before hesitatingly asking.

“About the map from before?”

Hinagiku kept her eyes on him, her stare is piercing into him and making him feel all anxious. Mikoto? She’s busy laughing her ass off at his expense.

Sighing again she vexatiously pointed it out.

“I think you really do have some screws loose now, I already said real deal and you still can’t think it through?”

He awkwardly scratched his cheeks.

“Hmm.. I think this treasure map…”

“It’s not about the treasure map!”

He almost kneeled his head down for Kaichou-sama. Judging from the trio’s laughter, he came close enough. In a doggy position with four limbs on the ground.

It feels like… Kaichou-sama really is taking me for a fool..

Slowly rising up again he shot a glance at her.

“Who would have thought that even Hinagiku would do this to me…”

“Er, it just happened…”

Hinagiku let out an awkward and apologetic chuckle.

“Fine, Ol’ great Kaichou-sama please bestow wisdom upon this lowly one, what do you mean by the real deal?”

He raised his hand in submission, the sense of defeat is strong in this one.

A great otaku like me that has been through every kind of shitstorm and surprise buttsecks, to be nailed twice by two girls in a day, and of all girls, it’s Kaichou-sama and Railgun. What a disgrace!

“Of course I’m talking about why you were acting the way you did…”

Recalling the weird dance, she can’t help questioning him in a puzzled tone.

“What could have made you so… er… happy..”


Primed by Kaichou-sama, he suddenly recalled what he was thinking about before this as he lifted the pure white crystal. Hearing the notification sound that repeated itself for the N th time, he can say for sure that all this is real!

Licking his lips he guffawed before continuing.

“Well, that’s because you girls don’t know what a bounty this crystal is!”

“Oh yea, the crystal.”

Mikoto fiddled with the crystal before turning her head over to Wu Yan.

“Judging from your apperance this crystal must be worth a ton of Summoning points yes?”

“Haha, close but no cookie, it’s not qualified by just a ton!”

Dramatically presenting the white crystal he grinned.

“This thing here is worth a whooping 200’000 Summoning points!”


Now they finally understood why the guy was such a happy camper, 200’000 pts, if it were them they would probably have been happy as well, well maybe not to the extent of behaving like him…

Nodding furiously he sold the crystal.

“Ding! 200’000 Summoning points!”

Satisfied with selling it, he finally calmed down the unreal feeling inside him and clapped his hand before continuing.

“now that the auction is over, let’s go back to our inn..”

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded as they walked out of the VIP room..

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