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Walking out of the reception room, Hinagiku and Mikoto were still led around by Lirin who acted like she’s the adult here. They dashed around in this wide firm like a few lively sprites leaving mirages here and there as well as bell-like laughs.

This place didn’t have any beautiful clothing or accessories but there were crystals that looked shiny like gemstones and some medicinal herbs looked really odd, the 3 were very amused by all of this as they immersed themselves completely without restraint.

They don’t know just how animated they look, Wu Yan who’s taking in this sight can’t help but grin at this.

“alright, we’re leaving!”

He didn’t want to disturb what they were doing at the moment but honestly, a girl’s energy in this kind of situation knows no limit, if he didn’t put a stop to them he’s pretty sure they would need to stay a night at this place. That’s why he steadfastly ending their farce.

“Hmm? Done with loot selling?”

Hinagiku pulled Lirin over, Mikoto also made her way to his side still all smiley, clearly she hasn’t had enough yet.

“Yeap, all done!”

He squatted down and tidied up Lirin’s hair which were a bit moist with sweat.

“Then where are we heading to after this?”

Mikoto still had her eyes on one of the glass display, not even hiding her intention at all.

Observing her antic he shrugged her off while bitterly laughing.

“Maa, I know you girls still want to stroll around a bit more but I can only say I’m sorry since we have yet to book a room in an inn. You should know there’s almost no free room by nighttime so we might have to sleep outdoors you know?”

“Booked full every night?”

Poking her chin with her slender finger she looked a bit perplexed about the situation.

They came her just a few hours ago. The streets were littered with people but she could see most of them were locals judging by their clothes which seemed to be mostly stay-at-home clothes.

Locals should have houses right? They wouldn’t need to stay at an inn isn’t it?

So why would the inns be overbooked?

Perhaps she too still wants to continue window shopping, she wrinkled her nose at the weird situation.

Mikoto is also curious as to why they would be overbooked, Lirin just went along with the flow. The three kept their eyes on him, it’s like they’re silently suggesting that if he doesn’t explain himself then they wouldn’t let this go no matter what.

Speechless, he felt very pensive at the girls…

Shopaholic element, almost any girl would have it on them, even the two tomboyish tsundere girls can’t escape the custom.


“You’re missing something…”

rubbing Lirin’s head, he ignored her conflicting expression that had displeasure and comfort mixed in as he continued explaining.

“Supply town during the day only have locals who’s not cultivators going in and out, but this is a supply town near the giant beast forest, the only place in Silvaria that has endless demonic beast spawning,  how could they just only be normal people?!”

Picking up the hint they opened their eyes wide in realization.

Clever girls, they instantly understood why the inns would be full by nighttime. He could tell from their face, so he chuckled.

“That’s right, during the day, a majority of warriors and magicians or anyone with a little bit of competence in them would go hunting or harvesting for herbs inside Giant Beast Forest!”

“Come night time, those closer to the supply town or those who were done with their undertaking would return. Normally people wouldn’t want to sleep out there in the wild yeah? Thus, during the night most of the inn would be fully booked!”

“I see…”

She nodded a fe wtimes and gave him a radiant smile so charming it shot through his heart.

Resisting the urge to play with her cheeks he used breathing technique to calm himself down while forcing a smile.

“Maa, I still remember when I didn’t thought about this when I first came here, suffice to say I won’t be repeating the same tragedy again so let’s go find an inn shall we?”

He’s not shitting you, during his short stint as a mercenary because he’s too busy slacking off sometimes he would wander here and there until the sun has set. By then whenever he searched for an inn he would always arrive at the tragic end of gazing at the beautiful night sky. Outside.

Sure it sounds romantic to wander around the street late in the night with Kaichou-sama and Mikoto perhaps something lovely might even happen but recalling the gruesome experience he went through after assisting them with their bodily hygiene purposes a chill went up his spine and he abandoned the despicably tempting thought.

“So it’s like that…”

She’s dejectedly retracted her sight when she understood his argument.

He could see the disappointment in her eyes, he winked at her with a smile.

“Don’t give me that sad abandoned puppy face, it’s now close to sunset, after we book our rooms there’s an even more fun stuff waiting!”

“Even more fun stuff?”

Mikoto, Hinagiku and Lirin ticked, Lirin grabbed Wu Yan’s hand while throwing him a very expecting look while sweetly purring.

“Big brother, what fun things are we talking about? Come on, tell me pwease…”

Once she heard the word fun she immediately pasted herself onto Wu Yan. He glanced at Hinagiku and Mikoto, crap, they had the same curious and eager eyes. He retorted at them.

“Urgh fine, it feels like the fun stuff is more important then where we are going to sleep…”

The 3 scratched their cheeks awkwardly and beamed at him, probably a sign of admitting their own fault. They immediately looked at Wu Yan with puppy eyes again, he rolled his eyes so hard his eyes almost turned into a dead fish’s eyes.

“We are going to the auction tonight.”

Giving them the last of his white eye he could manage to muster up as he said so.


When Lirin heard him she excitedly jumped up, she then elatedly pestered him.

“An auction! Big brother, is it the one with an old man standing on a stage holding a wooden hammer while shouting going once? that kind of thing?”


Wu Yan is stumped for words, he looked at the jumping loli with 囧 in his pupils. It’s an understatement to say he’s shocked at this, he’s rustled by this, Hinagiku and Mikoto were startled by his reaction before they broke out in snickers.

“What’s the matter? Did Lirin say something wrong?”

The two were laughing so hard they started holding their stomach, hard pressed he’s at a loss of what to do. Meanwhile, Lirin tilted her head with a bunch of question mark floating around her as she stick out her tongue.

Harrumphing Hinagiku walked to Lirin’s front and squatted down. She looked serious on the face but her eyes said she’s still very humored, she rubbed Lirin’s head while giggling.

“Little Lirin,an auction is where a lot of people gather together to bid for something, the auctioneer does not have to be an old uncle, it could be a beautiful big sister standing there as well. Also the auctioneer needs to shout the price for three times not just one time before they can end the deal with a smack of the hammer…”


Not sure if she gets it but Lirin sternly nodded her head while hurraying.

“Are we going there tonight to buy something?”

“Not necessarily buying.”

Mikoto stopped her giggling and looked at Lirin.

“But it’s going to be super exciting over there!”


Practically boiling with buzz she turned and hurrahed.

“brother brother, please take me, i want to go, i want to go, I want to go to that lively place!”

“Okay, jeez I understand!”

He had a moment of silence for those poor auctioneer uncles for about a second before holding Lirin’s hand and walking towards the exit.

“Let’s go, first, to find an inn!”

The four made their way out of the firm and towards an inn…

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