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Time flied as Wu Yan sipped tea and the man worked through the mountain of inventories. Can’t help it, there’s just too much stuff to go through, it’s low quality but it still require quite the amount of time to go through.

Maa, he’s not in any hurry, he reckons that the girls are still happily doing their thing…

“Esteemed client!”

At one point the man finally sifted through the loot, he wiped off the sweat on his forehead as he came to his side while lowering his body and reporting his result.

“The appraisal is done, your materials and magic crystal total up to 199’500 gold, if it’s your wish we can even round it up to 200’000 gold! Would you like that?”

“200’000 hmm?…”

The price is not that different from the market quote he read before, it had a premium above bid price if anything.

“Very well, let’s settle it like that!”

The man laughed and bowed out before coming back again with a golden card in his hand. He offered it with both hand to Wu Yan.

Glancing over the 200’000 number on the card he nodded in satisfaction as he stored it away in his ring.

200k gold, it would be absurd to plop down the entire amount in front of him, screw 200k just 100’000 would make a small mountain of gold, not everyone had spatial items like Wu Yan, that’s why there exist bank like institutions on Silvaria as well, rather than bank they’re more like gold stashes really. (Tl: bank in mandarin as you might know is 银行, with a silver character, he replaced the silver with gold to make it 金行, bad joke that cannot be translated across language.)

This golden card is like a credit card (raw said credit card, but it functions more like a debit card), holding it is equal to holding a ton of gold, it’s definitely a lighter solution to pay bills, just let the guy swipe some point and voila you’re done. It even comes with a line showing how much is in it, in a way it could qqualify as a small magic.

He has never seen golden card before but this kind of institution he has heard before. That’s why nothing awkward like gawking at golden card happened, god it would so embarrassing if people mistook him as a person from the boonies, heck even people from the boonies has heard of golden card…

Finally done with the disposal of loot he pondered before asking the man.

“Oh yes, do you deal in armaments as well?”

He has risen a lot in level since ‘Hayate the Combat Buter’ instance dungeon, the level 20 something him could not compare to the him at the end before transitioning back to this world. And by extension he outgrew his equipment and thus bought two C grade equips and this made his D grade Kusanagi Sword obsolete…

He planned on handing it over to Hinagiku, but who would have thought she already had Shirosakura which had the same grade. (Tl: well, this shed a bit of light on the origin of Shirosakura, it’s not given to her by Wu Yan)

Since then Kusanagi Sword has been resting in his space ring, he planned on keeping it as a memorabilia since this thing is his first equipment signalling that his life would change forever from that point on.

He had a change of mind when he realized there are other things that had memorable characteristic which outweighed a D grade equip like Kusanagi Sword. Example? How about the two safety shorts from before…

Therefore, he wants to sell off Kusanagi Sword!

Nonchalantly dropping such line unaware that this caused the man to almost drop his jaw to the ground. The guy could not handle the situation as he looked choked for words and he kept stuttering as well.

“Est.. Esteemed client… you.. you plan to sell armaments?”

Like an insensitive guy he sighed inwardly, he knew they were rare, what he didn’t know is the extent, and he never could understand, not with his system that could buy any equipment of any grade as long as he had the points.

It can’t help non? He can’t just let it lie there forever and Hinagiku’s not a nitoryu, Mikoto doesn’t want it either…

In the whole wide world of Silvaria, he’s probably the only one with such first world-esque problem…

D grade, that’s Mainstream Armament.

One that only tier 5 could reasonably be expected to wield.

And he’s dissing about how cheep the thing is…

Probably if those tier 5 supers heard him they would cough up blood at their weapon being tagged with #shiet…

“What? You guys don’t have the capacity?”

He grinned at the man.

The shrewd man flinched and lowered his head while breathing out before bitterly laughing.

“Esteemed client, our firm has dealt with armaments before but those were dealt with by auctioning, if one were to use the medium by which normal equipment are dealt with then it would be inappropriate given the nature of the item you see…”

He could somehow guess it’s something like this so he just nodded, that was just him asking tongue in cheek.

Seeing as he doesn’t particularly mind the man clenched his teeth and tried negotiating with him.

“How’s this? You let our firm be the middle man and we will deal with all the auction procedures, after that we will only take 5 % as procedural fees, what do you think?”

“How’s my hairy dick! 5% m8? You be shitting me…

Taking a glimpse at the guy’s expression he shrugged. Although 5% seems a bit high, but the benefit of maximizing value of item in auction should justify the cost…

“Your firm also do auctions?”

He asked after thinking for a bit.

“No! We don’t have any auctions…”

“In this small supply town there’s only one auction house. The thing is that our firm has ties with the auction house, every firm in this town should have some tie with them actually, because it’s through this way that we both could get a win-win, they deal with the stuff that would be too big for us to chew and get some benefit out of it and we are able to give our clients better prices that reflect their true value.”

Now that he’s more aware, he could care less about the firm, as long as he gets what he want the situation could settle itself another way.

He flipped his hand and a sheathed Kusanagi Sword appeared in his hand, he played with it a bit before placing it on the table and gesturing for the man to check it out.

“This is the aforementioned armament? Looks like a sword but it’s on the smaller side of the specturm…”

The guy picked it up with two hands and examined it with caution like he’s handling his own baby or something.

He partly drew the sword and squinted his eyes while inspecting it closely, he probed around like a shifty eyed person.

Done with that he could only awkwardly scratch his head and chuckle as he continued.

“Terribly sorry, but this one has never seen such an armament and therefore could not appraise its grade, since you brought it, I trust there is no fraud element here.”

He passed another card to him.

“There will be an auction tonight, your armament should appear there tonight, this card will let you in so you can watch the proceeding, if you see anything you like, feel free to go after it!”

“Oh?” He has heard of auctioning, the shady business, but he’s never seen it for real much less take part in one before. He can’t help getting a bit excited as he received the card and stored it away.

“Alright, I will participate in it tonight!”

“After the auction is over, this lowly one will go find you in your room to hand over the net amount.”

He’s still a bit hung on the fact that he had spatial item on him, he didn’t know what type it was but he for one appreciate the aesthetic of a spatial item.

He nodded and walked out under the admiring gaze of the shred man…

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